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I was in the holding cell of an Alabama prison for a few hours. I was hitchhiking and the driver was drunk and we got picked up by highway patrol. Everyone should see a prison once. It's like in the movies, not appealing.

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Dude it fucking sucks. Don't go. Avoid arrest. I did a week and a half in county once, a metro county. Nothing criminal, it was traffic and a long story, but it don't matter what you go in for, you're in there. Interesting shit to say the least. And don't be a pussy, go with the hard r.

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A lot of people just go to jail for stupid shit like red-light running (I was one of them), or driving under the influence (I was another one of them), or even selling weed (I was yet another one of them). So let's focus on all the things we can learn from having been in jail for a few years before we start talking about how much we love our friend's momma.Jail is known for its strict rules and regimented schedules. I need to visit website in order to get help in my essay. It's also known for being extremely boring because it's mainly 24 hour-a-day lockdown with no TV, internet access, phone calls, or other distractions. That doesn't mean there