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The whole thing was a psyop. All the way from Trump coming down the escalator. (I voted for him twice) every single bit of this has been theater. I didn't see it going in... But looking back it is so incredibly obvious. Yet fewer asking the questions you are. Won't even tolerate a discussion about it. We say the left is brainwashed. The right is too. Doesn't matter that they hold different points of view... Neither will tolerate the others point of view and both are wrong. It works perfectly for the people that are pulling the strings.

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I have NEVER seen both sides this brainwashed so bad! In the 80s Regan era too much didn't happen yet to fully knock the USA down despite Carter's shit yet now more prophecies and things have passed since then it makes the preachers not so crazy after all. The USA really is on it's last legs. Either will BE the Antichrist or be knocked out of the way and play zero role when the system rolls in.

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Any alt news sites willing to discuss it or are they all controlled too? They all seem to use Disquis a VERY left wing platform which should've been instant red flags for me.