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Free as in liberty or free as in beer? It's not free as in liberty because institutional interests seek to control the flow of information. It's not free as in beer because infrastructure costs money.

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Funny thing is that the telecoms get the government to build the infrastructure for them, but then get to control it.

But if a city tries to build that same infrastructure for public access the telecoms sue, and win.

And even funnier is you never heard about that because the same people who own the telecoms own the TV stations.

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Peer to peer on a mesh network will set us all free.

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feel free to foot the hardware, code maintenance, and uptime costs

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With mesh and P2P one is literally doing the first and third. You obviously doesn't understand what it is. And yes, I already got the hardware and pay for electricity - Are you used to being around people that consider money a problem? Like kids. Are you a kid? Are you 14 years old and commenting on stuff you don't understand?

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I'm actually 9 and I'm telling mom on you

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Even then you still need the devices which sme has to manufacture which need resources that cost something.

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Because someone has to pay for all the equipment.

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all the series of tubes?

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Regular TV channels were free, got paid for though by advertisements you'd watch.

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Because you never bothered to make friends with your neighbours.

Community breakdown.

Which then means you can't take a sneaky pic of their password when they're not looking.

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The Internet is free if you are willing to pay for it

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You always had to pay for it before free state sponsored wi-fi came along..... Unless you mean the lack of freedom of expression and extreme regulation with oversight in a lot of websites now. Why is that?

1) Everybody else was always watching TV until the mid 2010's from what I remember and the people who occupied the main internet were always full of outside the box type people and were young males and free thinkers, very creative, the only reason why a normie went on the internet was emailing or social media usage or dating, that was it.

2) The US 2016 Presidential Elections changed the game.

3) When the demography usage started to change on social media trying to appeal to corporate advertisements, mums, old people, kids and so on, that's where the money is and where the censorship is going to appeal to them.

4) They're trying to make the internet into the TV again from what I understand.