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Atheist US Jews who do a ton of Judaism shit regardless seem to go by ethnicity. It really gets your noggin joggin.

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You want to know if you're still Jewish?

What kind of interest rate will you give me on a 15k personal loan?

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I'd take a life insurance policy out on you instead.

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We really should have life insurance on each other. I mean the wife and I, not you and I. Unless you're sickly, then hit me up.

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I would go by their own rules.

So either you are Jewish through your mother or you are a convert.

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Why? Does it really make sense that an ethnicity/nationality lets people join but doesn't let people leave?

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Jesus was a jew. I make a point of reminding my bible thumping SIL of this every Christmas.

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the khazars ruined what was a based religion

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How so? His mom was a Canaanite, of Canaanite parent immigrants. The only reason she's called "Jewish" is because she lived in the Galilee, a JEWISH territory, where the law was the JEWISH law. She was as Jewish as those Arabic speaking negroes in Norway who set whole streetfuls of cars on fire just for fun, are "Norwegian".

What about God? As the son of God, how could he ever possibly be Jewish? Are you saying God is a Jew? That would be a very Jewish thing to say...

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Jews are their own separate race.

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then why are there white jews and brown jews and black jews?

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Because they are identified neither by their color, nor by their language, nor even really by their religion, but by their demon-possessed, evil ways.

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Who cares. Just be your own person. Do what is right. Speak up for what is right. I have plenty of problems with organized Jewry and those Jews that treat it like some kind of mafia or ethnic version of the freemasons, but I could care less if someone has Jewish ancestry so long as they are willing to ditch the victim cult and join the rest of humanity instead of continually trying to subvert and divide it.

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💯 ditch the Zionism my Jew bros

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Zionism is not the problem. Zionism is just Jewish nationalism. So which part do you oppose, Jewish or nationalism?

The source of the problem is Judaism. The core religion of an ethnicity shapes that ethnicity including secular members who absorb their values from others in the group. To understand Judaism, watch this video or read this book.

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thanks schmidt. lots to think about.

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Zionism is just Jewish nationalism

So you support Jewish nationalism but oppose white nationalism?

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I didn't oppose 'Jewish' or 'Nationalist' or 'Jewish Nationalism' until I learned all three work in coordination to undermine White Nationalism.

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So you oppose nationalism now? Zionism does not oppose White Nationalism, Judaism and liberalism/globalism do.

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So you oppose nationalism now?

That's actually a good question. I'd have to think about that. I don't think the people that control Israel really believe in nationalism in the way I believe in nationalism.

Zionism does not oppose White Nationalism

Then they shouldn't have allowed their intelligence agencies to infiltrate, subvert and manipulate white nations.

Judaism and liberalism/globalism do.

Zionism, Judaism, liberalism and 'globbalists' are all essentially in collaboration. They work together to manifest the visions of a few very very wealth banking families that desire a global slave state.

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Zionism does not oppose White Nationalism

Then they shouldn't have allowed their intelligent agencies to infiltrate, subvert and manipulate white nations.

You miss the point. Jews would infiltrate, subvert and manipulate white nations whether they are Zionists or not. Zionism has nothing to do with it.

Zionism, Judaism, liberalism and 'globbalists' are all essentially in collaboration. They work together to manifest the visions of a few very very wealth banking families that desire a global slave state.

Yes, but... Again Zionism isn't the issue. Jews do this based on Judaism. There are a few Zionists who are influenced European thinking who aren't like this, for example Yoram Hazony.

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Many people care. Labels are useful when sensibly defined.

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The percentage of people who care is miniscule. Even among the so called alt right, there are very few people that would not welcome someone with Jewish ancestry who actively speaks out against Jewish power, as evidenced by Eric Zemmour and Ron Unz's popularity in those circles. Zemmour never actually names Jews, but he does speak out against propaganda and pressure tactics widely acknowledged as being part of a Jewish campaign to ethnically cleanse whites from their European homelands. Unz on the other hand will openly name them.

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one drop rule

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Great, where's my free citizenship and cushy Israeli benefits package.

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You can't go to israel I guess, I don't really care about that, just go somewhere.

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Of course Jews are a race. You can spot them by their racial features.

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Thankfully most Muslims aren't this stupid.

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Confidently saying the dumbest things. If Jews weren't also a race the whole Hitler situation would not make sense. You look at a trans you know he's a trans by his features, you look at a Jew you can tell by his big nose and beady eyes. They look a particular way, just look at Adam Sandler - textbook Jew. Only a complete moron would deny that Jews are a race.

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Using another example, the French are not a race even if there is a French race. So for example, someone of French descent who grew up in America and is culturally American is racially French but is not French but rather American. And someone of some other descent who grew up in France and is culturally French is French but is not racially French. The examples I gave in my initial post should have made this distinction clear. So being racially Jewish isn't the same as being a Jew.

Most Muslims understand this because of the many converts from Judaism to Islam. For example Abdullah ibn Salam and Muhammad's wife Safiyya bint Huyayy. These people not only left Judaism but also left the Jewish community and became members of the Muslim community. So even though they were still racially Jewish, they were no longer Jews.

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He is a wahabist, its useless talking sense to him

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You are right.

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Jew has two meanings one refers to a believer of Judaism and the other refers to the race. Nationality isn't a race and you can't tell someone is French by merely looking at them. If you believe the Jews are not a race despite their obvious distinct looks (unless mixed) then you might as well believe trans women are women. According to your logic all the much less than 6 million Jews could have avoided dying if they only said "I give up I'm a Christian now". We know Hitler targeted them based on race. This is just common sense.

A Jew who converts to Islam is a Muslim, and is now our brother/sister, but as a race they are Banu Israel. The tribe of Israel. You don't change your race.

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My answer is that Jews are an ethnicity, not a race. One can become a Jew through conversion, and one can leave the Jews by rejecting their ethnicity.