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where did everyone get this idea that we need to have people vote on posts?

If i post something where i am looking for information about how to rebuild a transmission for a tractor, and people downvote it... what the fuck good is that?

voting on posts or comments is really most useful for sites like reddit that like to squelch certain types of conversations.

when the majority of people design some thing, they simply make alterations to that which is already in existence.

To make something original requires a creative intelligence, which the majority of people do not possess.

good luck with your reddit clone.

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where did everyone get this idea that we need to have people vote on posts?

It was supposed to create a system where the users votes create a list of the best posts but we can see by what happened at reddit how easily that system is corrupted.

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my question was intended to be of a rhetorical flavor, i was not really looking for a response. Not intending to be rude, of course. Voting up or down of posts was a bad idea from the beginning. Voting serves those that want to censor topics. There are other options, and only those that are creative will seek out and implement these new methods.

The current social media models will be phased out.

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Downvotes don't have to be used to hide things the mob disagrees with, and to throttle or ban users. It used to be common and useful to sort posts or comments by "controversial" on Reddit precisely because it gives you information Saidit doesn't use. But the site doesn't have to use it like Reddit and Voat did. It can just be displayed.

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The one constant in this world is change. The current social media model will be phased out.

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Most social media only allows users to "like", similar to Saidit.

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Voting up or down of posts was a bad idea from the beginning.

IMO, it's not entirely bad. It's bad because they can cancel each other out and affect the ranking. On YouTube you can see the ratio of up to down votes without cancelling out.

There are other options, and only those that are creative will seek out and implement these new methods.

I think they have been suppressing better options and deeper metadata for us (with the excuse we're too stupid, lazy, etc) and keeping all their fancy data analysis for their surveillance state.

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I have been involved in computing for forty years, and back in the day we used to just use a search function.. we didn't care who voted for anything..

The MSM would be unable to control the narrative without up and down voting.

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    You have been brainwashed to defend this.

    MSM would suffocate without downvotes.

    They need you to defend this.

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      If no one votes, it means either no one saw it or no one liked it. That's a huge difference.

      Downvotes are a clear indication that it is not liked - and that it was seen.

      There is great utility in downvotes, especially if they don't subtract from upvotes.

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      What is the difference? Where is this documented? (CSS)

      The difference is what saidit looks like now vs. it can look like this: I guess it's a weird question, the saidit look is the default. You can change it all you want later.

      I like

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      I like the current SaidIt look better.

      [–]humancorpse 5 insightful - 3 fun5 insightful - 2 fun6 insightful - 3 fun -  (1 child) domain was registered on 10-08-2021(yesterday). The site is now offline.

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      Great work comrade

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      I wouldn't allow /u/fschmidt to look at the code.

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      The code has been open this whole time, but yeah schmidt will not be seeing anything sensitive to saidit like user info and ips and passwords. No saidit data will be shared.

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      Handle with caution.

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      Perhaps have multiple different upvote (and maybe downvote) types and allow individual guilds to decide which is appropriate for them to enable based on what kind of discussion guildowners want? Though that might make it feel too much like a crappy social media site with reactions and add difficulty in merging guilds into a coherently ranked front page. Maybe more appropriate for a federated approach than a single website. Otherwise I think the 2-upvote system is more interesting and useful, though there's more of a demand for and expectation of the traditional up-down system.

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      Make the 2 upvotes 1 point each and keep the totals separate, please. (ie. YouTube separates their up/down totals for a more informative ratio score.)

      People would then have 4 scores: insightful posts, fun posts, insightful comments, fun comments.

      There would be no reason to give inaccurate boosts with "extra points" and the totals would be more meaningful. And you could sort between insightful and fun content. You can already sort between insightful and fun content. is your other site. Why not

      If you unblock me you could read this, as well as all responses to this.

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      i laughed

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      Dag nabbit.

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      And you could sort between insightful and fun content.

      SaidIt has this, don't make me show you the links

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      Do we realy want another reddit though? full with all those same whiny idiots will no doubt create new anti-white againsthatesubreddits groups and so on and on. If they want to live in an echo chamber let them.

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      Why would these people leave Reddit? We need another Reddit for those that Reddit bans.

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      Like this site?

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      No, this site has less free speech than early Reddit had. And this site doesn't allow mods to moderate.

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      Oh realy? free speech about which topics does it censor?

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      I will need you to be more specific

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      It will not be another heavily censored Reddit.

      It could like the old Wild West Internet and a Voat-like free speech place that may or may not be heavily blocked, just as /u/fschmidt has done to me here.

      I REALLY hope they work on the VERY incomplete block feature that SaidIt currently has to improve it into something I can actually endorse and maybe even use.

      IF /u/fschmidt and his team can improve the SaidIt-code (with /u/d3rr's oversight) there is hope for and their (or whatever they end up calling it) - and others.

      This is exciting, but honestly, I'd rather see them decentralize (ie. with Lemmy) to join the Federation which has split into the "Sheeple" and "Deplorables". IMO we need to spread way out not just a little. Decentralizing would of course be much easier to do if developers made DIY Docker/Lemmy very easy to install for everyone, not just for advanced/expert techies.