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White after labor day is a major faux pas in Dixie.

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But it's rather gauche of whitie to wear white after Labor Day, unless of course he dons a capirote

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This guy semana santas. Socks confirmed Opus Dei.

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More evidence that AmericanMuskrat is yet another disruptive poster not seeking to have a productive argument.

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I was just thinking we were an example of people who don't get along but who don't have to engage in childish fighting all the time.

Way to fuck that up dude.

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Gosh, more evidence.

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Saidit should have more posts like his, which would lighten the mood and bring people back to Saidit. He also actively tries to avoid drama on Saidit. By contrast, everything you post is about hatred, much of which blankets the front pages of subs. You, my friend, are the face of Saidit on some days, a kind of Saidit prophylactic, which keeps us safe from people who don't like so much hatred in their lives.

Now, answer the survey: "Ban all talk of wearing white after labor day, anti-white rhetoric or just sensible fashion advice?"

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I do have a "nemesis" on reddit. I considered her a friend and she flipped on me one day over a pretty innocuous conversation. Bipolar. Really smart woman though, over the years we've been fighting I have come to find arguing with her an excellent release. I like to point out her boyfriend killed himself just to get away from her, she likes to try to throw things I write about back at me like that'd bother me.

She got me banned from my favorite sub, and since I was the topmost contributor, ruined it in the process. She's kind of a pariah now.

She was talking about killing herself because no guy wants her, although she is hot as fuck, even the dude she was fucking for cocaine dumped her and she's back with her meth addict "internet boyfriend." He joins in too in the fights but he's kinda dumb, I just keep him blocked and ignore him.

I told her if she dies I win. I think her hate for me will keep her alive.

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You're full of surprises.

At least you've had a interesting nemesis. My nemisis is a broken record.

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I started going on forums when I was 14. That's 27 years. I'm kinda proud only one woman hates me.

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But yeah, shame Jason isn't a hot chick with really clever insults. It's always better with a woman.

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LOL it's the shill dogpiling! Your group makes up most of my replies these days. Must be an indication I'm doing something right.

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Who's a good boy!

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The non sequitur response, a classic of the refusal to address the point.

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I converted your usual dragging down the POD to a complement (which was obviously exceedingly generous).