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Just block socks and actuallynot and its pretty okay

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I tried this, and it really works!

Not just socks, but other trolls. Some trolls here I think operate multiple accounts and antagonize each other in a a bad drama. Block them all, the add nothing but frustration.

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all of this blocking nonsense is how infantile children behave..

how many times do we hear preschool children say "i am not talking to her/him any more"!!!

it is the same old song and dance.

and then there is the "let me tell you how many groups of people that i hate"!!!

again, preschool.

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That's one way to look at it, but when reading people like "socks" comments here and concluding they are being fully disingenuous why should I have my time wasted by that? If you think they are being genuine and saying what they really think, then it would make sense to read them. If you think everyone on the internet is genuine, then that already seems impossibly unrealistic. I maintain that blocking socks has been quite a benefit to my experience here, and I further maintain that I've missed out on nothing, no great insights, no good arguments, no consistency in ideas only consistency in partisanship.

But, I also think your example is weak. I don't think I've ever heard a preschool child say that. Most of us are here because Reddit said that to us. I would not call that preschool behavior. I see it as part of the way consent is manufactured, and the way bad ideas are protected from scrutiny. It's more about misuse of authority. What I'm doing is simply seeing those who truly waste my time, and I make the right choice.

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works for me.

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sock blocker.

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If you block people, you will grant them the freedom to wage one sided arguments behind your back. This will be at your expense.

Ĥ̅͛ǝ̮̺͕̲̰llo ʍoɹlp' I,m Qnǝsʇᴉouɐqlǝ.̬̘̟ͅ

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Who has the energy to engage with them, not me.

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Keep throwing emojis at them, that really seems to aggravate everybody.

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    Stirring the pot by being obnoxious and inconsiderate is not a virtue. I prefer those who stir the pot by expressing unpopular opinions. JasonCarswell is in the former category which is why he is 1 of 3 people who I have blocked.

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    You blocked me because you're intolerant of uncomfortable truths.

    If I am actually "obnoxious and inconsiderate" or even one who "stirs the pot" then I'd like to hear from others about it too. Then I may consider improving my virtuosity.

    Being active on SaidIt with firm beliefs (aka agenda) that corrupt banksters, exploitative corporations, government mafias, legacy media propaganda, surveillance technocracy, and Zionist globalism are all pure evil against freedom does not make me a pot stirrer. Calling out bullshit or bullshitters with obvious anti-freedom agendas doesn't either.

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    I'm sorry if you took that negatively. It was meant to be a compliment. Without the "pot stirrers" this place would get stale and people, including myself, may drop out.

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    Don't sweat it. I was just doubling down / justifying my stance on kerfuffles. I don't regret my activity on SaidIt but know of a few times some better choices and smoother communications would have helped - and some were doomed before starting.

    One person's pot stirring is another's shit disturbing and another person's freedom fighting.

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    The more exposed you are, the more reaction you'll receive from both sides.

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    i have sat in group meetings where schizo people could come together and speak on more of an adult like level than this group in this forum.

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    I nominate myself as lead pot stirrer.

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    i have always had an admiration for your gentle nature with people, but this post of yours has caused me to question the depth of your ability to work a crowd.

    i wonder if "stir the pot" is really a good choice of words here.

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    It's the perfect choice of words ...

    ... because that's what he's doing.

    Fun to see who takes the bait.

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    the titanic is sinking and so many are running around on the decks insulting each other.

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    Why can't we insult each other?

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    you can, but i wont join in.

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    Yeah. This did not go in the direction I thought it would. It was a poor choice of words on my end. Let's try this again.

    And, yes, I can't work a crowd, especially if I don't really know the crowd. My mistake. I guess I was the one who stirred the pot yesterday.

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    my ideas are rarely the best, but it is my opinion that you might have asked something that would cause people to "want" to move in a positive direction, such as:

    who has made the more positive contributions to this forum community?

    thank you.

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    To stir the pot means to make unnecessary trouble, to agitate, to provoke. Someone who will stir the pot will often cause squabbles between others involved in an endeavor. He may stir the pot to destroy a project, to cause the project to turn out in his favor, or simply because he enjoys making trouble.

    ENFPs do sometimes stir the pot, simply for the fun of seeing how things turn out. They like to really shake things up since they become bored so easily. ... ENFPs don't intend to really hurt anyone, they just want to shake things up a bit and put a little more spice into a situation.

    You didn't use a poor choice of words. It's just that opinions of the meaning of "stir the pot" have been skewed towards negative meanings. Don't take unfounded opinions all that seriously, although it's good to be aware they exist, in the same way you'd want to be aware if, for example, most of your society begin believing they should wear masks for no legitimate reason they can articulate.

    Try this more accurate definition, and check out the short article.

    Deliberately provocative, yes, but not necessarily maliciously. Picture a pot of soup. A lot of ingredients have settled to the bottom, out of sight, until stirred. Metaphorically, a lot of issues/resentments/obligations can drop out of sight when nobody mentions them. One can “stir the pot” to bring issues to the surface, sometimes with malice, but sometimes merely to create awareness and [a]ffect change.

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    I think there's nothing wrong with the question re. stir the pot, per my earlier note, and the new question is also a good approach.

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    I nominate, /u/Airbus320.

    He reads a lot of Saidit, and instead of posting an argument and evidence, he'll merely post another person's username (to call their attention to the post), along with an insult, or will post one word, or a short phrase, or an emoji (he loves emojis). At best, these and other very brief interactions engage others at Saidit, by creating discussions and aguments. But in most cases the intention is to draw the discussion down the POD, to create discord, as if he's playing a computer game. See that his most recent comments are 'Nigger', 'Stfu', 'Never come back!', 'Go hide in a corner then' and similar posts of hatred. If anyone stirs the pot, especially while not contributing anything meaningful, it's Airbus. That said, when Airbus has posted user's names, this sometimes helped develop the discussion, which is more helpful than some other Saiditors have been. We don't need more of Airbus's hatred, but it is helpful at Saidit to "stir the pot".

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    "Drag the discussion down.....waaaa.....waaaa.....waaaa!" Cry more pos shill.

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    Well, I’m just glad that Donald Trump is an American hero and patriot!

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    Zionist American = oxymoron.

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    It’s subtle humor, an example of ‘stirring the pot’.

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    when the economies have changed, and there is no food in your pot, there will be a new joke in the streets..

    it goes like this: stir your pot.

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    i was a trump supporter, but i am not so sure any more.. when trump had the election taken from him, what prevented mr trump from continuing to represent those 80 million voters? nothing. but he disappeared when he didnt get to sit in the oval office any more.

    a leader of eighty million people actually has as much or more power as a private citizen than he does as the sitting president.

    think about it.

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    Trump is a Zionist limited hangout.

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    really? i am sure that you can explain that to me. i am all ears.

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    Trump and his family have been connected to criminals, the deep state, and Zionists for a long time.

    A few years ago I transcribed this (with a couple corrections):,_Episode_047,_Proper_Transcription It's a terrific series, but for brevity you may wish to skip to 1:08:30.

    That's hardly the only evidence.

    It's literally impossible to be a large landlord or land developer in New York without having criminal connections to make things happen.

    Trump is VERY friendly with Israel and their leaders, Ashkenazi Jews, Russian leaders (not the fake Russiagate, there is a deeper one), and globalist oligarchs.

    In 2020 Trump did absolutely NOTHING effective to stop the riots.

    In 2020 Trump did absolutely NOTHING effective to stop the COVID hysteria.

    In 2020 Trump did absolutely NOTHING effective to call out the impeachment absurdity.

    In 2020 Trump did absolutely NOTHING effective to expose the rigged elections.

    In 2020 Trump did absolutely NOTHING effective to correct the Jan 6 bullshit.

    In 2020 Trump did absolutely NOTHING effective since leaving office on any matter.

    Trump did absolutely NOTHING effective on ANY of the really big issues that affect common normal people's lives in a good way while in office.

    The guy is an actor and he played a role.

    Sure he's better than Killary or Burden or a piece of shit. That's not hard to do.

    If Trump and Biden are actually the best options we have for leaders then humanity is in deep deep deep shit. Fortunately it's easy to see the entire authority thing is a bullshit scam for the ignorant distracted masses.

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    It's literally impossible to be a large landlord or land developer in New York without having criminal connections to make things happen.

    it is impossible to be homeless and not have criminal connections...

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    They make everything criminal now. Even being homeless is a crime.

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    yeah why is he wasting his time with celebrity boxing matches on 9/11

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    When i stir the pot you couldn't know it.

    That tactics are hidden is a part of my core.

    You just are and will be an observer at your best.