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Let's hope he is doing well.

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Spock is always recognized, Even when he ain't.

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Decentralize or die, time to start moving while you still can. Setup a Matrix room first.

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Thanks for input.

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    Probably because the feds wanted an easier time identifying crazy users.

    The fact 7 didn't leave so much as a goodbye note just screams "Feds Я Us" and that him leaving the site was part of a deal.

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    Speaking of which, we haven’t received a canary post/update since magnora’s disappearance, have we?

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    Nope, good catch. And I sure as heck don't feel comfortable doing that with m7 being MIA. The site and servers and admins past and present are not compromised to my knowledge, but it's not like they'd send me a bouquet of flowers to announce it if they were. I don't have the security skills to do server audits either.

    But I'm hoping m7 is just burned out or taking a break for personal/family reasons. And this site and many others have been compromised from the get-go in a certain sense, by using Cloudflare.

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    Are there any measures we can take when it comes to paying for Saidit ourselves somehow? I don't want to make it sound like Magnora won't come back but we gotta have some kind of emergency plan...

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    The Patreon is still active, which I assume m7 is currently using to pay for saidit.

    As far as an emergency plan, I don't know. If the server blipped out I don't know if it would be ethical or desirable for me to personally re-start it from a backup somewhere else. That would kinda be like me stealing m7's "saidit". I am into releasing an archive of public saidit data though.

    Myself and several users here are interested in starting up some new decentralized Lemmy sites to fill this void: /s/cassy

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    Spock spoke.

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    I'll give it to you guys straight. It's mostly boring as shit though :D

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    Maybe don't do frontend then ? Maybe do Haskell, Elixir or vim, or stuff i do then ? :) :) :)

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    Hhaha that's right, sucks to the frontend.

    Since you're technical, I'll mention that a huge factor with this codebase and me suggesting Lemmy, is that this reddit code is old as shit. It's still python 2 and requires all sorts of specific versions of stuff that only exists for Ubuntu 14. Upgrading it all is doable, but it's a burly project and I sure as heck don't want to tackle it by myself. I wouldn't want to write anything from scratch either, but the guy just pulled it off in lovely old PHP. The lemmy backend is done in Rust.

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    Their stock (NET) has been doing really good, they were the only suggestion in Motley Fool's Foolfest seminar I thought was a particularly good buy.

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    Nope. None that I'm aware of. I think it's safe to assume that this website has been compromised.

    How much money does it take to run this site vs. how much money do we as users pay to this site...

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    There was discussion back when voat died Putt suicided voat. m7 dropped some details if anyone wants to check his comments from Dec./Jan.

    He essentially said his costs were a fraction of voats, and far less than I want to say based on memory alone. Voat was 'renting' some kind of software that cost a fortune, while m7 coded around all the expensive stuff.

    Point being, m7 has claimed saidit is very cheap to run.

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    Yep, still true. This site has never cost more than about $90/mo. to run.

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    Was thinking I remembered him saying around $80, but that seemed absurdly low for this type of site. Still does, actually.

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    It's a benefit of using 10 year old code that has been heavily optimized. There are drawbacks though as well. Also Cloudflare takes a lot of load off of web sites that use it.

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    What does that mean?

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    /u/Magnora7 used to give monthly canary posts, the last was post/Canary 19 (4 months ago):

    "We have had 0 (zero) gag orders, National Security requests, FISA orders, injunctions, super-injunctions, publication bans, nor any free-speech prohibiting sanction against d3rr or magnora7, nor against any other contributor to saidit, nor against saidit, nor against any signed-in user of saidit, nor against any guest user of saidit.

    We have not been contacted by the NSA, nor by the FBI, nor by the CIA, nor by the DOJ, nor by the FCC, nor by any other three-letter governmental agency, nor by any US governmental agency at all regarding saidit. We have not been contacted by local, county, state, or federal police regarding saidit. We have not been contacted by any lawyers or other law enforcement regarding saidit. We have not had any censorship problems with the associated ISP at the location we currently are hosted. We have not been contacted by any foreign agencies or foreign governments regarding saidit. We have not been contacted by any representative of the EU, nor by any representative from any country within the EU, nor Russia, nor China, nor Israel, nor the UK, nor Canada, nor Switzerland nor any North or South American country, nor any European, African or Asian countries."

    The Canary posts were meant to let users know what was going on - the fact that Magnora was so anal about these Canary posts and did them for 19 months in a row, and just stopped and disappeared, is so suspect. When the Canary posts stop.. That means something happened. That's what Canaries were used for in coal mines:

    I've said this numerous times, but this situation reminds me a lot of Voat's (Voat wasn't the site you now know.. Once it was a lot like SaidIt, and had two chill owners, Put and Atko. Atko quit during the beginning of Voat, when an "Angel Investor" who refused to be name, which was essentially George Soros & co., came aboard). Atko wouldn't be straightforward with us, but he did say goodbye and did basically let us know this was the end of Voat as we knew it.

    There's a lot of similarities here on SaidIt; imho, SaidIt is compromised. I wouldn't share anything here that you wouldn't want public, but you guys should know basic internet opsec.

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    Yes, very odd that he stopped doing them but he also stopped posting too. He basically dissapeared.

    We need to stop being victims, and start being fixers was one of his last posts and he seemed like he wanted to take a break from the Internet... I don't blame him. In fact, he seemed a little down the last tine he commented. So, I do not think he was paid to leave the site. But it is quite weird that he left without telling others he was taking a break and now we have all these pro-israeli trolls here.

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    Pro-Israel trolls actually get paid (a pittance - on average) by the Israeli government, and will be around until the DOTR. If you spend any time around jewish supremacy, you'll likely run across their recruitment efforts.

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    m7 either sold the website and left without even saying goodbye or he has been arrested and the feds have control of this site.

    otherwise, he would at least stop in and say that he is okay and say hello to everybody..

    either way, he is a weirdo, good riddance.

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    Looking at his last posts, basically focused on online infiltraition and being depressed with the way the internet was going.

    Apparently not, I haven't seen anything from him in months. Maybe he just got sick of the internet, it is pretty bad these days

    Google’s Jigsaw unit sponsors a RAND report that recommends infiltrating and subverting online conspiracy groups from within while planting authoritative messaging wherever possible.

    One of the many programs that are messing up this forum, along with many other programs like this across the globe (like China's 50 cent party, or the JIDF) designed to disrupt any mid-scale to large-scale internet forums where discussions are happening they want to censor.

    The internet is becoming a very disgusting and disturbing place because of the actions of groups like this. They're deliberately destroying our worldwide communications, in order to control people. They should feel ashamed but they're clearly not.

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    To me, all of this just confirms saidit has been infiltrated somehow and is a honey pot even more. I’ve read magnora’s last page of comments and posts and it doesn’t feel right. It feels like something changed for him.

    Yes, magnora did also stop posting all together. But he didn’t even let d3rr know what was up. And I was one of the users magnora trusted, and overnight he became very suspicious of me as he felt the site had been infiltrated long ago and certain old users could be whatever he thought they were.

    During one of our last real exchanges however, he mentioned family undergoing surgery (I won’t say more), but yes, he does have stuff going on irl too.

    Four months though without hearing from him.. period? Not even hitting d3rr up? This is more than a break. Four months is more than a break.

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    Potential reasons for m7 taking a long break include:

    • The fallout from bringing on a tranny as admin.

    • Said fallout exacerbated by being unreachable during the Texas ice storm.

    • His mom having surgery in the early spring.

    • u/d3rr actually doing a fantastic job in his absence.

    Banning all those legitimate users at TAM's instigation had to have caused him some reflection on where his 'antiextremes/saidit' dream went wrong.

    Running a site like this is a thankless job, as many of us say, and when you add family issues and personal disenchantment, the temptation to just walk away could be pretty attractive.

    and overnight he became very suspicious of me as he felt the site had been infiltrated long ago and certain old users could be whatever he thought they were.

    I got that too. There were some pointed comments that seemed pointed at me, even as one of the first users back when it was

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    NOTHING is confirmed so far. So maybe take your collusions somewhere else?

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    Eli, I may be no one to you (and for sure would never speak on magnora’s behalf simply out of respect), but magnora and I were friendly with each other. I’m talking from my personal experience with magnora, as well giving my personal opinion. I’m not insulting him at all, or saying anything is “confirmed”; I stated something was suspect (which it is..), I pointed it out, and simply gave and stated my personal opinion.

    Nothing I said was negative, or hateful towards magnora. I considered him a friend (and still do). Do you notice how you’re the only person giving me flack for my opinion? Why do I have to take my opinion (“collusion” lol?) elsewhere, this was the very place to share it. I’m friendly with d3rr as well, and he even responded to my comment saying I was right by catching that, and explained why he didn’t want to do it.

    Finally, I thought you and I were chill too lol.. I don’t know where this hostility is coming from tbh.

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    I'm sorry. Gotta carry a lot of stones in my new backpack around right now. I can lash out very fiercely but nonetheless subtely. I really am sorry. And not "so chill" right now.

    You didn't deserve this outlash of me, thats for sure. Sometimes i can't help myself but to swing a real long (invisible) whip directly to people's ears. It bangs, i know. That is why i am sorry.

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    The fact 7 didn't leave so much as a goodbye note just screams "Feds Я Us"

    maybe he has been arrested and the authorities have taken over this site. maybe feds are sitting in m7's home and have taken over his computer.

    this is entirely possible, it would explain why he just disappeared.

    this forum should be considered to be compromised and every user should be suspected of being an agent for interpol.

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    sitting in m7's home

    With all of the admin powers they wouldn't need to be physically at their home to run an account.

    suspected of being an agent for interpol.

    wtf happened to get the intention of interpol? lmao

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    That's illogical. Even my hard drive is encrypted like shit. If he had strong passwords, he couldn't even hand them over. Because i sure as hell can't and i operate only two devices.

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    he couldn't even hand them over.

    Unless these are massive server size computers not worth the gas money to move, there would still be very little reason to not bring the device containing the passwords to a more secure location instead of occupying this dudes house for several months.

    (I'm assuming you're talking about the type of passwords stuck to a physical device)

    Most people faced with bs charges are going to be forced to cooperate and the silence we've received is definitely a canary in the coal mine.

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    And some don't bend over. I assume magnora7 to be "my" kind of guy.

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    Which would definitely explain the lack of activity on the site. Door kicked in. Panic button pressed. Couldn't give the password to even himself now if he wanted to.

    That would be the best case scenario... although you would think that such a thing would also shut down saidit in a way to prevent it from going back online.

    This is all assuming 7 is some magnificent admin with paranoia bordering on precognition.

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    Your arguments ... make sense.

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    considering that there are countless subs(some private) that dont show up under /new or /all or whatever... i am suggesting that the common saidit user really has no idea what the fk is really really going on here..

    but the feds, especially the international feds, they are skilled at making a case out of thin air... they can arrest you for blinking, if they really want to.

    and hey, even if m7 showed back up here... how the fk would i even know that it is really him... how would anybody know?

    our whitehouse is under the control of most likely chinese military.. hint: they stole the election.. dont you think that they will have a very serious interest in ALL SOCIAL MEDIA?

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    under the control of most likely chinese military..

    Partial control. If it was complete Taiwan would be a non-issue right now. The chinese need more than the dems to gain complete control. If a false flag happens where "Taiwan randomly attack chinese fishing ship! Now there's war!" then I'd be more willing to think the chinese aren't afraid of the u.s.

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    Illogical. Discarded.

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      lol! It's dead EASY identifying crazy users, personality disorders, and a million other things. Word frequency, mis-spellings, mis-keyings, can indicate intoxication, brain damage, epilepsy, dementia, lots of cool things.

      I think that's really interesting. I've noticed even humans can detect a lot of things without consciously even thinking about it from writing alone, especially with enough samples like in a forum.

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      There was a study a while back where participants were shown a very short video clip (1-3 seconds) of a speaker, and were tasked with creating a personality analysis. The study reported they were very successful in extracting massive amounts of personality data from just seconds of exposure.

      That seems to validate the legitimacy of 'first impressions' being lasting and accurate.

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      I agree 100%.

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        Seems the most likely, based on the info we have.

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        No ban waves either.

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        Ok. Maybe i didn't make myself clear here, i want the grand magnora7 back. The one that mostly posts in maps and history. The one i debate, but even THEN he has a smart return concluding a new insight for me. Not the fake shit "Toys Are Us" and company are arguing about. THE one and only magnora7.

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        she is taking too much hormone therapy to make her transgendered conversion. her boobs are sagging.. she got her penis cut off. she has a butt plug jammed up her ass.. she is in bad shape and needs our prayers.

        she would enjoy if you call her by her new name: champagne69

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        I'm worried about him even if I didn't agree with some of his policies. Now that you guys mention it, the theories do explain things and I hope he is just taking a long break.

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        Yeah, dear creator, please come back.

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          he is on the dope.

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            i have smoked a shit ton of weed and have taken a few recreational drugs.. had a half dozen one or two inch lines of cocaine.. taken a few xanax.. a couple of valiums.. dropped acid a few times where i was a kid.. shot up mdma when i was a teen.. shot meth five or six times about 34 years ago, that is a very bad drug....

            i was high, for a moment.

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              /u/iloveyounowfuckofff is just another disgruntled transgender.

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                thank you for straightening me out on that.

                you so nice.

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                  wait... you are the bigot racist that was "unhappy" that i have found love with my milk cow..

                  fucking haterz.

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                  Where is he?

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                  Tel Aviv

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                  Thats in Isreal, ain't it ?

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                  I think so yeah, where else would it be, not in Africa.

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                  I don't know who Aviv is. What would I tell him?

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                  Yeah I appreciate his insight. He must be occupied for this is a researchers dream opportunity. There is so much happening it's numbing.

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                  If you and i could ever find a way. It could be very productive for this forum.

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                  Okay and then?

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                  Probably a National Security Letter.

                  Time to decentralize or die saidit!

         or something else . Do you have a Matrix(element app) room?