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Given that they aren't retarded, they won't. Usually they're too hungry for cross-site (you)s to not start mentioning Twitter handles and similar, on which they practice zero opsec.

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In my experience (2 of em) people seeking attention on the internet are truly disturbing/disturbed individuals and need mental help. Some guy on an obscure imageboard i haunt uploaded a video of him raping a cat, but forgot to remove the exif data, giving away his location. He also posted a pic of himself, people put two and two together and it was plastered all over the board. He's still a meme on the ib. And he's been seen on a dozen different websites since then. Dude self doxed his phone number recently too because people were posting pictures of his sister and links to her insta. Telling people to "call him and we'll settle this"

Then there was reddit user tobiassurvived. Active participant on AHS reporting every post on a now banned sub (iirc it was r slash soyboys). Poor guy wasn't even 18, ginger, and likely bullied. Identified as non binary because of course he did. He posted his pic on reddit and r/soyboys picked it up. Of course he was made fun of. He deleted his account, made a new one, and like a retard, let everyone know that that's his new account which means the 'harassment' continued. Last I saw him was when someone linked to a 4chan /pol/ post where he posted a pic of his anus, and later his face. I don't know what good could come out of that. keep in mind this guy is like 14.

Granted this is a small sample size but i highly doubt that anyone who links to their other accounts on any website is mentally sound. They wouldn't bother if they had anything going on in real life

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That's why it's a good idea to burn an account every year or so.

Or just post small bits of disinfo from time to time. Comment once that you're from yada yada then next time you're from bumfuck elsewhere. Or just don't give out any easily identifiable info.

Anonymity on the internet is easy if you just don't tell people who you are and don't use the same username across all platforms.

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My reddit accounts don't last a month so that's no concern. i was just interested in

Anonymity on the internet is easy if you just don't tell people who you are and don't use the same username across all platforms.

I mean there's nothing more to it than this. Unless the website uses some sort of very shady tracking you can't get doxed unless you dox your own self lmao, curious how people make fools of themselves

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That's because everyone wants to be a Somebody on the internet. Anonymity doesn't gain as many attention bux.

Once I started looking at life through the lens of, "How do I garner as much attention as possible?" everything started to make a lot more sense.

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post small bits of disinfo

It's called salting your data and it should be taught in schools. The fact that it is not is just another example of how the education system does not care about kids. They see the students as clay to be molded to thier own desires and benefit.

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They use I-Phones. Was one of my first lessons when i was in hacker school.

Nothing easier to hack than bunch of engineers.

Mabye not so easy, you still need some math.

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You mean, the people getting doxed get doxed because they use iphones? This seems interesting, do elaborate

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Since i worship satan. You shouldn't follow. You couldn't decide when i was ironic and when not.

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I, uh, that's nice.

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The first point to note, if you want to get doxxed on the internet, is that presenting a persona that people would want to dox is fairly critical.

Act bizarrely, make outlandish claims, or try to piss people off. Your success rate will be much higher.

(yes, I see this is a month old, but am clicking 'context' from s/all/comments.)

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I think I've pissed off a guy just a few days ago lol. Dude was seething, our conversation lasted like 20-30 posts before I left and others argued in my place. But still not enough incentive. Good, I think.

One thing I make a point of, is to not let people know that just one person is behind different persona. If I, in different threads, behave in distinct ways, I do not do anything that will let people know I'm the same guy. If 2 personas are famous for posting specific pictures, I don't post them in the same thread. That way, they can't weave a necklace. The people I've seen get doxed always left a trail. Maybe namefagging, maybe signed off their posts like a retard, maybe upload a very specific set of pictures.

I'm not very good at acting like a retard despite being retarded. If I were, maybe someone would want to dox me.

But one thing's certain, these jokers provide a lot of entertainment and drama.