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Who gives directions when everyone has a mapping smartphone?

I remember random people stopping me on the street to ask where somewhere was. I kind of miss that. It was a way we maintained positive interactions in our society. Two people, being polite, and going away happy.

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I remember those days, I had a Rand McNally Road Atlas and used it to find address. Now a smartphone is great for getting around town but I've had it happen in the market, I ask where something was and the store employee said isle 6 on right hand side. When going rock draling we all use driver-passenger when giving directions, some people don't know left from right but understand driver-passenger.

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It also was a more trustworthy way of getting an idea of directions. Have you ever ended up in the middle of a backwoods gravel trail with fields surrounded by heavy forest at 1AM from following the GPS? I sure have. It's the breeches-shitting opposite of fun.

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Well, when your blinkers are fucked up you're technically supposed to put your arm out the window and signal the direction you're going. At least that's what I remember from the driving test I took almost at 17. Maybe it ties directly with that?

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I've heard it in the market, where's the salt. In isle 6 on the left hand side. So not just driving

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Well, yeah. We hear it everywhere now. I was just bringing up the potential that it came from using the arms while signaling in a car initially. Sometimes phrases used with one action carry over into other actions. It could also just be that we use our hands to figure out left from right?

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It very well could be, with planes we use port and starboard. Maybe I should use port and starboard when giving directions or when saying turn left use my right arm and point right. Just to confuse people

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No, no, your other left.— I think that hand is used in parts of the US but not in others. It's like the expression, "Do you want to go with?" or, "Can I go with?" It's common in some areas but unheard of in others.

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It's like the expression, "Do you want to go with?" or, "Can I go with?" It's common in some areas but unheard of in others.

I haven’t heard this too much irl; it seems like a British-inspired affectation. Idk though, might also be partly generational.

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Do you ever watch Rick & Morty? They say it really often. And it seems to be creeping into other entertainment. Just a guess but I think it may be a Chicago, Midwest thing. Growing up in the South, I never heard it. You seem new. Bienvinidos

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Also, I'm pretty sure it doesn't come from UK. It's more like a New England/tri-state/midwest thang. What's an intellectual like you doin' in a place like this? 😬

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Agreed. I don't recall hearing anybody using this phrasing this in the UK, and I'm so British that I've already reported your post to the authorities as hate speech.

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This must be a regional thing. People here usually just say take a left/right.

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Might be, I've even heard people on TV say it.

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Bumpkins gonna bumpkin. They probably pronounce the h in vehicle too.