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So never reply or vote on their stuff and they will make less money!

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YUP! If you think they are JIDF shills don't reply back, period. Even if you're tempted to.

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Or up or down vote (or funny vote). Just ignore completely; don’t waste any of your attention or energy them.

Simply do not engage period.

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    lol! Look at the QUANTITY of fucking work you have to do to pull down that money. Shit, your fingers would be worn to nubs! ;)

    Only a government agency hiring a ton of grunt employees would be that cheap. For actual Wag the Dog kinds of intelligence work, you DON'T do fucking quantity, you just get results, or get reassigned to something else.

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    zero evidence of authenticity

    It also has zero evidence of inauthenticity.

    An intelligent person would conclude it's fake. A bigoted person would conclude it's real. Which are you? Are you driven by intelligence or by bigotry?

    A skeptical person might conclude it could be fake or real.

    A bigoted person would conclude it's real. Which are you? Are you driven by intelligence or by bigotry?

    So you defend all things Jewish automatically and unskeptically?

    Are you driven to judge and demonize by fear of being labelled "anti-Semitic" or for blind love of authoritarian propaganda brainwashing?

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      You were once 2 weeks old, and they should be regarded with skepticism, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's wrong.

      It's very clearly fake

      How? Proof?

      I expect bullshit like this from /u/Jesus

      The only bullshit I might ever see from Jesus would be if he were trying to convince me God was real. The teachings of Christ are mostly great, even if he may have been a myth.

      I stand 99% behind /u/Jesus on his anti-Zionist crusade. If I read all his deep dives into the uppermost levers of power I might remove that remaining shred of skepticism. Admittedly some of the content has anti-Jew bias, but that's understandable if you actually know what's going on. Personally I don't like it but I understand it. For better or worse, innocent or not, complicit or not, religious or not, tribalist or not, Jews are the human shields and supremacist exceptions that protect the evil Zionists and their corporations - the 2 greatest threats to humanity. If you really understood their Machiavellian crap you wouldn't be defending them.

      Prove it's fake and I'll stand behind you on outing the fake document, but I'll never unlearn the profound existential problem of globalist Zionism and their corporatocracy.

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        So, it could be authentic...

        an evil Zionist I would create this document and leak it exactly like it has been because it does a great job convincing anti-Zionist to just shut up and not engage for fear of paying a shill six cents.

        So, this is a more plausible narrative you're making here? Also, you're a Trump supporter, so clearly you respect Israel the terrorist state. No? Might this be why you went on the offensive?

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        You're building a strawman.

        I am anti-Zionist and anti-corporatocracy.

        Regardless, prove it's a fake or your points are moot.

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        I'm totally down to calling the JDF and JIDF terrorist organizations whilst also debunking the post. If it is fake and there is proof it is fake, then I will take it down. But we already know Zionists have various troll departments where they pay people to spread pro-Israel propaganda and DevOp perception management.

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          Yeah but you immediately went to "it's fake" and then spewed derogatory bullcrap.

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            rant about jews, niggers, and faggots

            Clearly /u/AXXA is a Jewish supremacist bigot.

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            MIGA MAGA supporter uses the word bigot.

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            Can we start flagging them / flare or something?

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            I WISH there were ways to metatag users, topics, subs, and opinions (votes).

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            Maybe gold stars..

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            Also judging by that last section "payout calculation of a top user" JIDF is a MLM scam.

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            This includes down and “funny” votes on SaidIt too - just ignore, it’s as simple as that.

            You don’t talk to ants, do you? So why even give someone you suspect or know to be a shill any form of your attention?

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            It looks like a forum like saidit wouldn't be cost effective.

            They should hit reddit or twitter or facebook.

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            Yeah, for bulk shill work, you hit the twitter, facebook, whatever your target audiences are gawking at.

            For precision work, to find out if the people out to get you, or whoever, are actual violent nut jobs, that's more along the lines of going where the nutters are, getting into their happy little community, and finding out who's just a tourist, who's there to kill time, talk shit, and more middle aged dad mofos who feel they've become just a plastic cookie cutter SOB who like to rant and rave, piss and moan.

            Then you got the actual dangerous sons of bitches. Which has its own hierarchy. People who'll do petty vandalism, phone or online harassment, make wise cracks to some minority they see in the wal-mart/whatever. Then the ones who will do things like gunshots in the middle of the night, shooting a road flare into a barn, or do road rage type menacing, etc. The criminal justice system churns through those guys pretty well.

            More serious danger, there's about 5 levels above the chuckleheads, they're the people capable of actual planning, and serious crimes, who may actually murder someone, or do serious violence. Confusing the issue, you've got various fixers, cannon fodder, and hangers on around the core psychopaths.

            For all that shit, you go into whatever online or IRL rathole those people hang out in. I could tell you some wild stories about the various "racial pride" groups, bikers, militia nuts, hard right wing loonies, and beyond just the boring hobbyist doofs being drunk and weird, the scary crazy people. :D

            Good news/bad news, I can actually get on the level of some of those scary crazy people. One guy who got a 30 year trip to club fed used to chuckle and say I was the craziest mofo he ever met. lol! Hopefully it was just some level of my mind going crazy as a defensive measure, rather than turning into something like those people.

            And that last bit, is the true danger of gathering intelligence, and getting some kind of influence and connections to whatever group of interest. After all, Hitler was originally working for German Intelligence gathering info/influence on the group he eventually headed. And we all know how that ended up. Or more recently, the history of Los Zetas in Mexico, from fighting drug dealing criminals, to becoming some of the most dangerous drug dealing criminals. ;)

            So, yeah.. If you have people doing that, you need some level of supervision to make sure they're not getting nutty, and likely to go off the deep end. And don't turn into Ben Shapiro, Alex Jones, or Chris Cantwell (a.k.a. the Crying Nazi). Funny story, I actually knew the crying nazi before he became the crying nazi, back when he was a nutter libertarian podcaster trying to find a following. And of course, he was getting paid as a snitch/informant, in addition to various wallet padding scams I won't get into(think OK Cupid for gay nazis). He's also a case study of what happens when you forget to tap the fucking brakes now and again.

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              JIDF are terrorists and I look forward to seeing them kicked out of America completely. All US Israel lobbies are illegal. I will not stand for their behavior any longer. This document being authentic is immaterial.

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                Okay you're right. But it's already a bad idea to waste your time with shills, so the possibility of fucking an Israeli shill over for an extra 6 cents is just icing on the cake.

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                You can't ignore it to fight the people behind the propaganda. (((They))) control all the banks, media, and other corporations, including the government, military, big pharma, food supply, food distribution, etc.

                Over the coming years as food production is subverted and global starvation prevails, perhaps you'll think back to this and wonder if the Zionist powers that be engineered this whole depopulation eugenics thing, aka, /s/Agenda21_Agenda2030.

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                Maybe we can create a shadow version of saidit or raidt, just to collect these bonuses.
                And with that we can pay for a independent server.

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                Ahhh, that would be funny. We should.

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                All talk but no action.

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                Unfortunately I don't have much money except from farming and with covid, my money has dried up. But I do think the best thing would be to back up saidit completely. I don't know where magnora7 is, which is weird, and you make great contributions. It's also weird when you comment about backing up saidit or decentralizing it, though I think too much decentralization might be a bad thing, nobody comments back.

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                It's also weird when you comment about backing up saidit or decentralizing it, though I think too much decentralization might be a bad thing, nobody comments back.

                d3rr has backups, and there are other ways via RSS, API, etc.

                A federation would share the database and userbase. Lack of comments is not a problem with good content.

                Whatever your circumstance, wherever you are, whatever your budget, it's not hard to find old personal computers and parts, even for free.

                If you can get on SaidIt then you at least have Internet and electricity sometimes.

                If everyone creates their own home junior-server out of old PCs to co-host a new decentralized forum then we'll have a strong federation.

                Some of us can even host strong-servers that can be the backbone of the network with faster connections, archiving, other platforms, and other features.

                Obviously some have zero admin skills and some are experts. We need to not only accommodate all 1) plug-n-play, 2) basic beginner, 3) advanced, and 4) expert users, but we'll also need to find ways to maintain anonymity for those who want it. We will need tutorials. I'm not I.T. but trying to get a forum and wiki up for projects, including tutorials and so much more, globally and locally.

                There's soooooo much more to this movement than just all the technical geeky stuff too. Sharing awareness, public relations, branding, accounting, management, writing and proofing, etc etc etc.

                There really is no excuse to not be a part of this effort.

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                I'm under the zero admin skills. How would one go about hosting a server?

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                1. Rent a VPS

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                Magnora always said he wanted a sister site lol!

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                A fool on a fool's errand. Time to migrate to Lenny. He's all talk but no action regarding decentralization, development, etc.

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                "We" = who?

                I've been trying. Others have been talking about trying but not doing. 2.5+ months and "we" still don't have a fucking decentralized forum up, shitty as it may be out of the box, or not. Who can tell since it's not up.

                You want a decentralized federated forum, raise me some money to pay a real I.T. guy and to buy some gear. I'll bring all the receipts you want to prove I'm not scamming. I can't even get community pledges, much less collect.

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                Hey, that pays better than the job I have now. JIDF can afford it with all those US billions flowing in. Hey JIDF, make us an offer and maybe we'll work for you. You should give non-Jews better pay though.

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                Now that magnora granted us w/ the block feature and knowing the shills are out in full force, this is a feature worth having to cut off their funding.

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                How is it possible for u/socks and u/actuallynot to live on such meager scraps? Poor shills.

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                Fuck off, Bob. (Why is it that you NEVER have anything to contribute? Read a fucking book.)

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                  There it is: nothing. Poor Bob. What do you call a person in a swimming pool who has no arms and no legs?

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                  Let me help put another .06¢ in your poor little shill bank account. Both your reddit and saidit accounts are rife with the telltale signs. You front like you are truly concerned about engaging in "discussion" yet all you ever do is dismiss all views that clash with the msm/cia talking points that you parrot and claim as your own. There is no "contribution" when dealing with scum like you. You are a shill, and should therefore be derided, brow beaten, insulted and run off the fucking boards.

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                  He also blathers on about the 99%.

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                  All you have to do, Bob, is select my username and read the posts, rather than make up a baseless opinion. This is merely a longer version of your usual insults. Bring someting original to Saidit, Bob, and stop being a useless shithead.

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                  You are hard up for cash aren't you? Here's another .06¢ for you, you worthless fucking sack of protoplasm.

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                  Reported for dragging down the good name of shills everywhere.
                  You bring shame to your profession and/or professed causes.

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                  Says the shill. You're an embarrassment to your family. Get a fucking job. At least that way you'll see how the 99% have to live, and have to deal with the 1% that people like you are propping up with your anti-democratic shilling. Go to hell.

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                  Oh no! The mighty socks has struck me to my quick. I think I must now die from... shill shame?

                  My family sucks ass and are more of a shame than I admittedly am. I admit that I was once duped by Big Pharma and my blind faith in scientism which cost me much, and nearly cost my life, and whom you support unquestioningly, shill.

                  Wait, I'm certainly not wealthy so if I'm in the 1% then we've solved unemployment?

                  What about the shame that shilling brings your family? How come we know so little about your personal life shill?

                  What am I saying that's allegedly so "anti-democratic", shill?

                  As a shill, we know you're full of shit, but I didn't know you were overflowing with it creating all new shit. Perhaps you might reconsider shilling for manure and fertilizer corporations instead of Big Pharma, shill.

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                  Gigs up, shill. Take your big nose and go back to Israel

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                  WHo the heck would use that as his username. According to shills, I beleive I'm Jesus Christ in teh flesh because I use His name as my ID for social media, in that case Chon must be the actual identity of this sexual act.

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                  Good question, lol. I don't like being called a shill (much less from Israel!), so I had the great fortune to find that definition for chon. I don't know of other definitions, but there must be a better one than this!

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                  It's curious because Righteous Bob who also calls you a shill, who was banned awhile back, was protecting Chabad and is a Trump supporter, the most pro-israel president to ever exist. I notice this same shill tactic on Bitchute a few months back where JIDF shills will call you a Zionist Jew when they don't like what you are posting about Israel or Zionism. Reverse Psycology is what they do. I did this by posting many links to David Ray Griffin and 9/11 truth information (not to be confused with Truther Inc., which is controlled by John Gold and Bermas, pro-Zionist gatekeepers) and lo and behold I was called a "Jew" and a "nigger" and a "lover of Israel."

                  Imagine that.. that you know your state and ideology is so degenerate, contrived and disgusting that you have to whitewash your opposition by calling them what you are. LOL.

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                  Exactly this. Bob is back however, and I doubt he's a shill (I genuinely think he's not that smart). He seems to be super-MAGA. And he'd like to see me skinned alive, I am sure.

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                  socks posts many anti-Israel posts questioning Zionism, Bob, who in the past covered for the 'good' Chabad, does not and spews ad hominems.

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                  Q: What do you call condom-shaped cum rags?

                  A: Socks.

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                    Whip it out, shill-lover.

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                      Arkansas, we have a problem.

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                      Why is it that you NEVER have anything to contribute? Read a fucking book

                      There's a very real possibility that he's a shill, tbh.

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                      IDK - seems he has a IQ of 30 (not that I have anything against people with IQs of 30, but some of them probably shouldn't be hired as shills)

                      [–]ActuallyNot 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

                      On the other hand, avoiding rational arguments and taking the discussion to "them" vs "us" is how you propagate indefensibly wrong ideas through social media.

                      Are all his positions pro-Putin?

                      He's certainly pushing for political instability in the US. Is he anti-climate change, (particularly pro fossil fuels, so also anti renewable energy), anti-Ukraine, pro-war in the middle east and anti-NATO?

                      [–]socks 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

                      It's not just Bob - there are several on Saidit who - for whatever reason - agree with right-wing politics, as well as misinformation and disinformation spread by right-wing groups, particularly focusing on anti-vax, anti-voting, anti-democracy, anti-regulation, anti-people of color, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-Biden, pro-Putin, pro-small government, pro-libertarian, &c, and many of them also genuinely believe that this actually is in support of the 99% (which it certainly isn't). And this is one of the reasons I visit Saidit, to see this and to see if I can understand it. There are so many propaganda websites that it's difficult to keep track of them, but here on Saidit, I keep a list at /s/ShitpostNews.

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                      wait, that's for real? No way! Lmao

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                      Close enough, but that's just low level, low effort shill work. You'd have to have a shit ton of canned responses on macro keys, and have pez dispensers full of adderall to make a living wage.

                      If we're being real here, medical transcription, and medical coding pays better than that shit by like DOUBLE.

                      But look at the workforce. You got a bunch of kids fresh out of the IDF, no longer able to go out and sell that Dead Sea Skin Goop, they wanna make money, and set aside a nest egg, get out of their fucking parents house, so there you have it, a ready made hustle to generate some cash.

                      If it was anyone with any sort of talent, skip tracing, tracking down disability fraudsters, digging through someones social media to see if someone on probation was back to slinging dope, trying to fuck kids, or whatever. That's a whole ton more money. Also likely to make someone nuts, because you get into the lives of low lifes, you're likely to have nightmares for a long time. Get twitchy, even get PTSD.