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Just make s/Vent yourself. I had intentions of making one in 2019 but never got around to doing it.

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Great idea for a sub but I'm already the mod of two subs that I neglected since the start. (Un)ironically, the latest sub I created was about finding mods.

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Eh, I just made it anyway.

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Yes, I clicked on your link and there was nothing there. I guess, that's the right palce for me to start.

There's just so much and I have to gather my thoughts to makea comprehensive post, without auto correct. Thanks for helping me out on this one. I'm frustrated with him to the point of considering ending our relationship. An outlet on here is a good idea.

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Yea I just made it, I don't know if anyone else is gonna make posts on there but I was intending on making one for some time. Saidit might not be the best place to rant about personal issues though just fyi, not everyone here is that receptive. It's kind of why I hesitated on creating a place for things like that to begin with. But at least the option is there. I hope you and your husband work things out, the relationship must be pretty strained if you're considering cutting ties.

Though I don't agree with Reddit and it's policies, I usually create an alt, make a rant, and then just dump the account when I'm done.

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You're right and I thank you for your advice. I sometimes forget that SaidIt/ the intrnet can be a toxic and unforgiven place.

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You can head over to s/repealthe19th, but you'll most likely be a case study.

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Thanks but why? I'm not one of the Karens and I have legit concerns killing him or call it quits once and for all with my man.

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I think this is a joke ?

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u/ash is a joke

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Hear, hear somebody got a boner for me.

Now for real, are you my first internet stalker? Wouldn't have noticed you if it wouldn't be for your name (I dig planes) and you randomly turning up in my posts trying to talk shit to me. You even inserted yourself into conversations I had with another Saiditer-you don't like. So what's up, baby boy? Hungry for that sweet pussy juice attention? Hoping for those titty pics?

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Thank you for your suggestions, Jason. Unfortunately they don't seem to be the right ones for me but I gave you a laugh-upvote for your SaidItKarma. Always sad to see the good ones feeding the trolls, or your heros unironically becoming the villains.

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Trying to help.

If you are you referring to my engagement with socks today, I take it you think I'm taking it too far? You may be correct. Or my efforts won't go to waste. I try not to do things by accident.

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Personally I found your words were in proportion to the insult. Somebody writing lie after lie after lie as if they were arguments is absolutely infuriating, although not technically "dragging down the PoD", the result is the same, and worse. I would have gotten hissing mad too. But that's because we care about having actual discussions. "Some people" show up here but really couldn't care less about anything productive.

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You can leave him, simp, or argue. You just have the 3 options.

Are you just wanting to talk about it? If that's the case, just write out everything and people will probably respond.

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i just want it off my chest but saidit doesn't seems to be the right place. Btw. I'm not a simp (or a guy/virgin) and don't go for money but brain and culture first.

There's lots I want to talk about; his lies, the age difference (he's 56 and thinks that Relic Hunter is a entertaining action series), his Qanon conspiracy leaning politics, not spending enough time with me, using my house as his man cave and meeting his friends every fucking weekend at my place (come sunday and my place is always trashed because non of his friends want to visit his forsaken place in fucking nowhere).

You see, I'm loaded and pissed. Ready to explode. He better not call me now.

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age difference

I don't know large the gap is.

conspiracy leaning politics

Conspiracies are interesting, at least. I read medical journals for fun, so I'm not a good gauge of what entertainment is for old people.

using my house as a man cave; my place is always trashed

Tell his shitty friends to clean up after themselves or meet somewhere else. Who raised these rude ass people?

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If you're not happy just leave him and stop whining?

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Not everything is just black or white. We do have good times and things I really appreciate about him, (intelligence, his love for me, cultured, making me laugh).

Our relationship is more complex than you can see from just one post. I rather try to fix it than just leaving him. You are right as well some things can't be fixed (he doesn't want to have kids, his insecurity, jealousy). And here we go, I'm on it again.

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Oh, insecurity and jealousy? My favs!

I had a kid with a woman like that. Took 4 years before I realized how badly I was wasting my time. Nothing you ever do or say will ever, ever, be enough to overcome their insecurity.

You will have conversations in your head, you will find new and improved ways of saying things, you will search for, even fantasize about, ways of proving your love, devotion, loyalty, how serious you are - none of it means shit to an insecure person.

They are the problem, not you. Don't waste years realizing that. Yes, yes you'll be proving them right by leaving. That's not a reason to stay, and yeah, as you get older you realize life IS pretty black and white.

We can all have shit days, and you can't be happy every single day - but if you know your relationship is making you unhappy, and you don't have kids or other reasons to keep trying? Keep trying anyway, for a while.

No change?

Then stop trying.

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You're so spot on with your analysis! I want to say more but he'll be back soon. I caught him going through my browser history in the past- let's not start to talk about E-Mail-Gate. (tldr; Told my fwb that we can't have sexual relations anymore, and that I have met my current partner. Told him that he's not my type but that I'm happy with him, and my former fwb wished me luck. My man read the mail and gave me hell for weeks for being honest!! (shady stuff just going into my emails!). He also hit me now 3 times. And I'm too open and make myself vulnerable on social , and on here.

I'Ve been always truthful about my past and relationshisps. I must sound like a jerk but I'm the best woman he could ever get. Laughing at the troll trying to piss me off. His friends tried get it on with me, he looks like the stereotypical buerocrat, I'm his opposite, younger, wild, doing things with him he would never have done without me! A great cook! The best massages and bj's!, Always trying to support him!

I love your post, is the fact that he's the bad guy in this story. Even, you as stranger can recognize people with mental problems. I don't care if you are woman or a man, you just described my situation to the T. Your Ex, was GAS Lighting and mentally abusing you. I wanna say more but he's back now (my whole post tookme at least 9 minutes to type out) and now he's hereNeed to lock out now

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I'm a man :)

Yes, it was abuse. Ironically feminists pushed for mental abuse to be included in 'domestic violence' and rapidly backtracked later...

And yes, had some physical abuse too. Ended up sleeping in the spare room after a threat to pour boiling water in my mouth to stop me snoring. I also consider it abuse, if not kidnapping, that she said if I left I wouldn't see my daughter. She did indeed block access but my baby is a grown woman now and we talk nearly every day on Whatsapp, and you know what? Nothing much has changed with the ex!

Over the last few weeks we've been talking, as we both view the plandemic as a farce and we are both very wary and aware of the serious risks with the vaccines. So for the first time in 20 years or so we have also been chatting on whatsapp - until the other day. Won't bore you with the details but she basically implied I was lying about something, something easily proven and which I already proved to our daughter 3 or 4 years ago and I'm sure they must have talked about. I found myself thinking through how best to try and prove it true, how I would present it... and stopped.

Nope. Not playing that game with that bitch no more, so just sent a thumbs up and haven't replied since. I don't need that shit in my life

Nor do you. x

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Your situation is ugly and you should be very careful dealing with this unstable person. She already managed to keep you away from your daughter in the past. I'm glad your ex didn't prevent you from having a relationship with your daughter today. She believes you, you proved her some years ago! Why would you risk it inviting Crazy back to your life? You already know that she's messing with you starting with yourself: I found myself thinking through how best to try and prove it true, how I would present it. !Brainwashed! That's so much better: I found myself thinking through how best to try and prove it true, how I would present it... and stopped. Nope. Not playing that game with that bitch no more.

You see, so much better!

Why going back to that? You sorted it out with your daughter. Do you consider going back to her, after she doesn't hold any power over you anymore? Stockholm? There's much more at hand I don't know about and it's not really my business asking you.

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Well as said I just sent a thumbs up and quit talking to her. She's got the hint and after sending me a pic about some honey she will give our daughter she's stopped too.

I also realized, if I'm brutally honest with myself, that part of my willingness to talk to her was the fun of rubbing her nose in the fact I've been very happily married for 16 years to a sweet Asian babe, having moved to Asia, where i'm living my dreams. I have the fully tricked-out 4x4 truck and the jungles and terrain to explore I've always dreamed of, the dirt bike, the sporty Subaru and now the sailing yacht I've been after for more years than I remember, all parked in the garden of the lovely detached house in a nice area, where I make my living as a part-time writer with zero debt beyond the mortgage, which is ridiculously low.

In short, I've made my wildest dreams come true. In the meantime my ex is still living in the same council-house, still doing the same bar work and still single as we both head into our mid 50s. The only thing we still have in common is our daughter, disgust as the covid farce and 'hesitancy' over mRNA 'vaccines'.

The only thing missing from my life was my daughter, but I never quite trying and 6 years ago managed to get in touch, when she turned 18. She's even more beautiful that her mother (was. Ha!) and smart, with a little encouragement and some daddy help she got into university and grabbed a degree in design. Right now she's talking to me almost every day as she goes through decisions etc. She apologized the other say and said she uses me like a 'Dear diary' that answers with good advice.

Answered with 'No worries' but can't even express how happy that made me, and was glad she couldn't see my tears. :)

But yeah you're right, continuing to talk with the mother is not a healthy place - and the nose rubbing has been done, so no need to continue lol


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I'm not in a good place right now but will come back to you. I enjoy your point of view and would like to give you my take, from my female perspective. The last days/weekend were hell and I think that it's unfair responding to you when I'm not well. With all the things going on here, my relationship drama, me having a meltdown, I'm happy to have found find a saidit friend.

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Your story is so wholesome.

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I'm gonna take that in good faith and so thank you.


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Hey, at least you didn't start out by saying, "femanon here". First, instead of ranting how about if you grow up and realize that you're possessive, controlling and in a relationship that doesn't work. I'm sure the reason why your "significant other" is working hard to avoid you is that it seems to me that you put constant and excessive demands on them for attention and everything else and when you don't get it you throw a fit. Nobody wants to be in a relationship like that and, since it's obvious to me that you're totally self-absorbed, selfish and motivated by insecurities I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if your "significant other" got up one day (probably soon) and, having had a belly full of you, simply walked away from you forever and I wouldn't blame him if he did.

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Your whole post is so wrong about me or my relationship. I've been warned that this might not be the proper place to have a adult conversation without implying that I must be a "femanon here". What even is that? I'm doing my own thing, a member on saidit since a year or two, immigrated from Voat (2017-2019 R.I.P. I have nothing to do with the fem, XX terf crowd. I only started to casualy lurk and agree with them regarding trans madness on rdt. I'm not part of any groups but my own army.

I was making this post to find people with similiar experiences and not my first internet troll stalker and you-who got it so wrong to the universe and back.

My boyfriend loves me, his friends like me. They all love to hang around me and my place because I am chill. Sounds like bragging, probably is but still the truth. They don't even go to his place and rather stay at mine.

I don't ask him for much and he knows how lucky he is to have me. He is not the only one to know the facts. He can pull off shit without me being bothered, unlike his exes or the moody bitches of his best friends.

We are both busy during the week, only having breakfast in the morning and maybe 2-3 hours in the evening before he falls asleep during a movie. I rather spend the weekend buying a new bed, fixing our shower curtains, spending the whole weekend in bed with him or do other things together as a couple. I don't want another weekend with him "chilling with the booois!" and cleaning up after them on Sundays/Mondays.

You missed my point. He loves me for being me and not giving a shit. My neighbourhood is very convenient for him. He's loves my places and using it as a club for his friends. He knows that none of his friends wants to visit him in the land of the death. I live next to 2 of his best friends and everyone else, have a pc and playstation, got pubs, clubs, 24hour corner shops, dealers in my area, and always a well cooked warm meal ready (his friends girls can't and won't cook) and a bed to crash on.

He knows what he's got in me. He sees that other men are hitting on me (two of them his friends, let's talk about Bros before Hoes. I was the only sincere person and told him about his bros hitting on me behind his back. Another story)

You got almost everything wrong in your biased relationship analysis. He needs me more that I need him. He earns more but is more dependent on me than vice versa. I'm very independent, always doing my own things, he is insecure and lying. The first time about his . I could leave him now and he would be the one coming back.

You are painting me as the devil for wanting to spend more time with my partner alone without his friends at the weekends. We can't get shit done because it's either full house or he's not at home, I'm not always with them. You don't know nothing about us, and how he can basically do whatever he wants to do. I believe in independent partnerships, meaning: I'm not wasting my time on jealousy, games or drama. You cheat or lie on me, you know what's going to happen. I'm leaving. No drama, just moving on.

I'm undecided if I'm going to delete or move this post. It doesn't seem to be the right place and I'm already done and made my decision.

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Enough larping coomer

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Oh, wow. You actually are a freaking troll. Sigh.

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