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Its the highest legal standard i know of, so it seems like an appropriate metric.

Also, I have a relative preparing for a custody battle. Since he had a bad experience with an affordable lawyer, he's determined to self represent. I figure anything that might impress the court would work in his favor.

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Tell him that maybe if he was the type of person listened to his lawyer and not assume he knows better than the expert and didn't believe trying to impose the force of his ego on the court is going to work in his favour ... he probably wouldn't be having a custody battle to begin with.

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A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.

Your friend is a fool if he thinks he's going to come close to winning against a skilled attorney. It's like watching a lion toy with a mouse.

That said....

Many law schools are posting their lectures online, especially with the plandemic.

Public (and some private) schools allow you to do what's called "audit" or attend without registering.

From there a library card would be all you need to study up. I am willing to bet there are more than a dozen test prep books available for checkout.

I would start there before buying anything.

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Your friend is a fool

Yeah, maybe. He refuses to get a 9-5 job, which I think would solve a lot of his problems here. It'd simultaneously demonstrate stability as well as allow him to afford a lawyer. If he worked a 40 hour week like the rest of us and still couldn't afford a lawyer, I'd be more inclined to chip in on fees. Otherwise a very good, principled man.

against a skilled attorney.

Not so sure on this one. I don't know enough specifics, but I know she can't afford an expensive attorney either. What they're getting away with is precedent and it being a "mother state", as opposed to Texas (where he grew up) where it's 50/50 pretty much no matter what.

Anyway, I plan on sending a book or two, and he's already said he's been to the library, so maybe I can rest with a clear conscience. Really good kid. Deserves more time with his Dad.

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Mom will win IF the child is with Mom more time. If the child is with HIM more time before court, he has a chance at winning. Courts don't like to disrupt a child's pattern.

That said, get away from this drama. It's painful stuff and rarely ends up helping anyone. You sound like a kind soul, someone who hasn't been burned too many times so take my advice. Let their drama be their drama. Keep out of it.