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It's JavaScript code. Do not run it!

'wxoxrixdi5x08x4x@0xppxpp.xcxoxm'.replaceAll('x', '') returns That's the attacker's email address — looks like a scam address to me. They probably obfuscated it so they wouldn't get reported to their email provider, and so you wouldn't immediately recognize it as an email address.

d.getElementsByName('email')[0].value sets your email address to the email above, but doesn't actually change it.

d.getElementsByTagName('form')[1].submit() submits the form to change your email. I don't think that actually works, BTW, so if you did run the code: you're probably safe. (But still make sure your email hasn't been changed!) That page didn't use POST when I set my email address, so I think it just uses JavaScript.

location.href=""; Just redirects you to the home page.

Even if the code did work: this is a terrible way to hack into someone's account, since I don't know anyone who would actually paste a block of code into their console... you'd have to be a literal rock to fall for it.

But if yall get so'm like this again: send me the code and I'll figure out what it does no matter how hard they try to obfuscate it.