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Maybe take a step back from the site for a while. Taking it way too seriously. Just post links and write comments. Or maybe take up posting on another site?

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You know that I don't respect your opinion shill, so fuck off.

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I'm giving you a 7-day suspension from saidit because you need to calm down. You're constantly attacking other users on a daily basis now, attacking this site on a daily basis for weeks, and attacking me endlessly for almost a month now. I don't want to ban you from the site but you're repeatedly dragging the quality of discussion down the pyramid of debate, as you've done again here in this comment.

Because of your repeated dragging of the quality of saidit in a downward direction, I'm giving you a 7-day suspension. After 7 days I will un-suspend you.

I am giving you this temporary ban as an extra leniency instead of a full ban because of the fact you've contributed to saidit in the past and have been a long time member, and I do appreciate and recognize this. But I'm not going to stand idly by while you break the rules again and again, and then act like I'm the bad guy. And then also act like a jerk to so many of saidit's users on such a regular basis, repeatedly calling people names and dragging down the quality of discussion as per the pyramid of debate in such a large fraction of your comments as you have done again here. Furthermore, many of your posts appear to be astroturfed to the front page with fake votes which is also against site rules.

After 7 days your suspension will be lifted, and hopefully you will cool down. Thank you.

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I'd like to appeal for leniency to commute his sentence to a 2 day ban, he is a solid contributor and then you have something for his next temp ban.

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He's already getting leniency by getting a temp ban instead of a full ban because he has been a contributor, and I said that. It's still going to be 7 days.

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I understand where you're coming from. It's just lonely when you can't be on your favorite forum and talk to your forum friends. Two days seems pretty bad to me.

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I understand, and I'm sorry it has to be like this. There is no ideal solution, I wish he hadn't been breaking rules so regularly and openly and without apology because he has been here a while and it's sad to see him act like that over and over toward a community he supposedly respects. I've given him more warnings than I can remember. It's frustrating to see this project I've worked on for free for 3 years undermined repeatedly by someone who is constantly breaking rules and then demanding special exemptions, and then attacking users regularly in a way that definitely does not respect the pyramid of debate.

It's just 7 days to let him cool off.

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His father just passed like a week and a half ago dude.. Not in the best way either.. it was on the front page. He said he wasn’t on good terms with his father, but still, you know that stings and leaves a lot of “what if’s” or “could have beens”

Thanks for not banning him entirely. I somehow missed that his father has died recently. That has got to be rough. And yes, he's been obsessing on you and your 'authority' over him a bit too much lately, maybe because of his loss.

Your frustration with his behavior is understandable, and hopefully the timeout will let him reassess his priorities. I ask that you not hold those troll upvotes against him, as they're just hijacking him to cause problems. And while the mental health issues Jason has mentioned shouldn't be a free pass to keep breaking the rules, it would suck if he had to be 'amputated in order to save saidit'. Do you think you could send him a sort of 'message of peace and appreciation' in 7 days to help him refocus on the positives of saidit?

Just a request, and obviously do what you think you need to do. I guess I just sympathise with the guy and hope he can make peace with you.

Okay, now I'm going to go off and be gruff and stuff.

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It's frustrating to see this project I've worked on for free for 3 years undermined repeatedly by someone who is constantly breaking rules

we've all worked on this project. We've all been building it. Recently it took a very dark turn towards content censorship and aggressive administration. JC is a dick, and pushes way too hard for me to unblock him for more than a day at a time, but you might need to take a breath and listen to what he is saying.

what kind of site do you want? because at the moment you are heading straight towards reddit, full sail.

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You know that I don't respect your opinion shill, so fuck off.

The pyramid of debate still means something to the site. Simply attacking people like this doesn't do anything for discussions. I'm surprised this hasn't happened sooner.

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It's just a website. If you want friends go start a chat server and add all of them to it. All the man does is spew anger, day after day. I've been called names so many times despite it being an explicit violation of the Pyramid of Debate. I report his comments but nothing ever happens.

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go start a chat server and add all of them to it.

I think all of his friends are here though. He just needs to chill the fuck out.

I've been called names

He's done that to me too and I'd call him a friend. I figured he was drinking and pissy, it happens.

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I was just about to note that every time I ever see one of his posts, he's seething with anger at someone. Everyone who opposes him is a confirmed shill, a confirmed liar, etc.

He is way, way, way too into this site. My theory is that this is some kind of self-therapy where he takes out all his aggressions from his real life and pours them out onto everyone else. It drives away new users and new users are what Saidit needs most of all if it is to become a real reddit replacement.

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JasonCarswell is a super-poster. An empty void of advertisements is more likely to drive users away.

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We already get plenty of posts. The site won't miss one user. Especially one who makes it his mission in life to make everyone else miserable with his constant abuse and whiny complaints.