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Can we get a recap on whatever this is about

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IMO, in the SaidIt Protest Guidelines comments, the best summary:

    " What are the concerns, exactly? "

    " A more transparent approach to banning and more openness to feedback. Nothing unreasonable. "

This is what I'm asking for - not demanding. I am not tied to anyone else, nor associated with the other protests. Though we have a couple issues in common, there is much else we don't share.

Perpetually STABs are at work on SaidIt, obviously and covertly. My protests are designed to 1) build support and awareness for fair, open, and accountable management, 2) ask M7 to evolve and prepare for the future which will be worse, and to 3) contrast my own authentic protest against manufactured nonsense the STABs offer (like BLM who riot yet demand nothing practical) so that not all protests will be lumped together and dismissed as muckraking.

The 88/LXXX/MoronLeft Commie-Nazis are breaking site rules, sockpuppetting, and making unrealistic impossible demands to reward their asstrollery. Do not feed the trolls by engaging their obvious comments under this post and elsewhere. M7 is right not to negotiate with those cyber-terrorists. The STABs actual objective is to disrupt SaidIt's important truth-seeking.

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    Just take the L buddy

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    m7 banned a well established, intelligent and funny user for no apparent good reason. He appeared to misread a post that was pretty funny and rage banned /u/diogenesjunior for it, refusing to entertain the idea that he might have fucked up, the way he fucked up when he went full rage on /s/ironleft, too