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Although if you can move the wound closer together it'll heal nicer. Steri-strips or super glue, too late for stiches if it's been more than 24hrs.

I got that wound at a poker match, looks like yours. u/Jasoncarswell

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Not as lickable. Plus cat scratches?

I've got a good one to show, if you care. I'll need to drop trousers to photograph it.

It's on my knee, pervs. I tell the ladies it's a bullet wound. The truth is boring.

Hairy White Guys Club.

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Plus cat scratches?

Yeah he's getting better though, it's just a few scratches by accident.

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I dipped my fingers into it and painted my face with blood. I thought it might help intimidate opponents but I finished out of the money. Wife did better. She won 3rd place.