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The site is under attack by paid employees of a social media influencing organization. They're trying to disrupt the site, and demoralize the users into going away by inspring "screw this, too much bullshit, I'm outta here" attitudes. They get training and everything. The hard left got a ton of cash dumped on it in 2020 and this is the result. Their day job is figuring out ways to fuck up our nice site.

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dj was not one of them. He and I had been having good exchanges for a long time. One of the users closest to my wavelength

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This. They did it to Voat and even amplified the nonstop frontpage posts with such clever titles as "NIGGERS NIGGERS NIGGERS!" which helped drive more normal people away.

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First of all, yawn

Second of all (and I'm not doubting you here because it sounds reasonable), do we atleast have a "base case" or possible example company that could be doing this. Like, any company, anywhere in the world known to do this for sure.

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Oh thats unfortunate. Lets fix it by some public trials and dethrowning the head admin /s

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Trolls are trying to hijack this site by stirring lots of pointless drama, is what is happening

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dj was mostly innocent. one bad judgement call at the wrong time.

If you actually cared, you'd be HONEST about how much theameliamay fucked up when she started attacking us, instead of defending her.

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Hello fellow conclave member.

I'm on the same boat wondering what all the faggot metadrama is about. Can I get a little more of a break down please.

Is it really just 'trolls', and how do you compare it to other attacks on the site.

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The drama is enough to embarrass Shakespeare.

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I think because not many of us post often you really notice when someone is gone and people are actually making friends and shit.

I mean a big site like reddit can kick out a fifth of its members and half of those still on don't even notice.

The site has been under attack and it's been hard to work out who is a sock of who. Then at the same time people have been upset with the mods and arguing with them so it's hard to know which thing people have been banned for or if it might even be a mistake.

That's my reading of it any way.

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Accurate reading.

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Jason is really upset by the banning of diogenesjr. I find it quite... Heartwarming? to see that people are making friends this close on the internet.

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I am upset. I know him and others as much as anyone can on a virtual anon forum, some even more so. But this is bigger than DioJr or even me.

It's not rocket surgery and I really don't know why M7 is so resistant to either coming up with improvement solutions himself or asking for ideas. I'm not even asking for extra privileges when we have subs to organize in and a community of volunteers to assist. We could simply make a "manual" of procedures to follow and/or a log of events on a SaidIt wiki.

PLUS it helps unburden M7.

It's baffling.

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Good point: the fact that an established member gets banned in this still relatively small community makes it extra regrettable.

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i think diogenes junior got caught in cross fire after posting a slightly shit stirring post

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Why was the diogenesjunior banned?

No idea, and maybe only M7 knows for sure. Someone on a different post said diogenesjunior was usually okay, but would "sometimes make posts that would get other users banned", whatever that means.

Jason is pretty invested in saidit, and was/is friends with diogenesjunior.

The front page trolls have something to do with an 'iron left' sub getting removed from s/all, banned, or both. Maybe the sub owner too? I think that's the guy who now makes multiple accounts everyday to foment unrest and get back at M7.

Something like that.

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but would "sometimes make posts that would get other users banned", whatever that means.

He was a pot stirring dude, I said that in other words. He did, like nobody was looking at PedoGuy and the seventh riech here before he mentioned it. He wrote good stuff, but it seemed pretty obvious to me he wanted to remove elements here. I'm not sure he was wrong. I wouldn't have banned him for it, but frankly I'm glad that ain't my problem to deal with.

Edit: i do think he should be allowed back, just to be clear.

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Thanks Node.

In addition, I'd say in this post it's summarized well too...

/u/SaidOverRed : "What are the concerns, exactly? [...] A lack of a si[t]ewide (non-sub) banlist?"

/u/Optimus85 : "A more transparent approach to banning and more openness to feedback. Nothing unreasonable."

Also, without clear distinctions M7 seems to be conflating me and DioJr and the trolls (LXXX/IronLeft and others) as if we were all a united front, while ignoring and/or refusing to address the common issues that he could remedy completely for me and many others, maybe also for DioJr, and in part for those with their other ridiculous "demands".

cc /u/johnnybravo - Fun TV show!

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Not to be a dick (or appear stupid) but that's a really bad summary. Like, can you retry in say, 2 sentences?

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Please implement a more transparent approach to banning and more openness to feedback, magnora7.

Please be clear not to lump JasonCarswell and/or diogenesjunior in with the asstrolls who also want transparent banning among their other stupid demands, magnora7 .

Feel free to share your own improved revision.

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I have been on this site for some time, and can say honestly that whatever diogenes did he wasn't in with the current troll ironleft posts on the front page. I can name some of the major users of saidit and don't believe they are trolling. Am searching for why exactly diogenes was banned, moderation logs maybe?

edit: nvm if jason doesn't know yet I stand no chance.

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Your support is greatly appreciated.

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it's fake drama to try to get more to join the site, make it look like it's not dead

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It's actually the opposite, the fake drama is to turn people away. But that just shows me that if someone gets a salary to spam this site, then this is is really valuable.

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it's like reverse psychology i notice they do this on new subs on reddit a lot

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Well shills on reddit do something called content sliding, where they post useless articles to bury the good ones.

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yes that happens here too definitely, most posts on saidit are from bots

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I check it daily and basically some idiot had a crush on ameliamay, so they spammed this place fora week straight to get her attention.

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It was u/bobbobbybob, made a mess then went away

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Lets be careful fren

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Zionists control the US. Jesus is thr only answer. EVERY ISM IS A CORPORATION.

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LOL. You drunk?

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No, don't drink... just have to remind people.

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Shucks, I was just going to re-read Green Eggs and Ham.

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Trannies are seething

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They are either seething or groooming, and sometimes killing themselves