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The trick is to have your own personal code and stick to it.

And to develop that code you need to think about what you would do in a morally difficult situation before you get there.

So you need to think about things like "what would you do it your demographic became widely discriminated against?" even if it seems completely unlikely to happen.

Another one which has come up recently is "what would you do if there was a food shortage or a run on the shops?" We had just a hint of lockdown last year and a minority of people went crazy and emptied the supermarkets. A sensible person would already have considered that scenario and added it to their moral code.

There are many such things we should all consider.

It's easy to be good in good times, that's never when personal morality is really important.

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But the issue with this is that, while you're entirely correct - I am speaking of the larger application. In my eyes there is no use in "being an island" as they say in a world that is collapsing. What I am speaking of is an entire redirection of the way we function as people but it seems impossible. You could never reverse any of the things that are now only allowed but ENCOURAGED now because you'd be called a dictator or a fascist.

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They've locked down the whole world. They get called fascist but they don't care. A lot of these things only effect good people who decide to care.

Society does often become morally stricter, it didn't just move one way. Look at MeToo, other than the actually criminal stuff most of that was acceptable behaviour 20 years ago, now it's not. Peadophile, again was seen as far less of a big deal than it is now. Hurting people's feelings is becoming close to being against the law in many countries.

I think mostly the movement we have seen is away from condemning things which are damaging for society and towards condemning things which are damaging for individuals. If you can make an argument there are victims being harmed then you can roll back almost any freedom. For instance the right for women to talk about their health and bodies is disappearing purely because a small group find it triggering and threaten suicide. Even when it's nonsense it works.

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I am speaking of the larger application. In my eyes there is no use in "being an island" as they say in a world that is collapsing.

Well perhaps you're attitude will change once that collapse gets much closer to home? It's true the entire global empire, which you can plausibly view it as since we all work together on many levels, not the least of which is financial, it's true it's collapsing but that is not anything that hasn't happened before. When the collapse comes it will simply be another in long long list of collapses of complex civilizations, beginning with ancient Egypt all the way up to the collapse of the Maya the Aztec civilizations that were destroyed by the Spanish. We trace our civilized roots back to the Portuguese and Spanish by the way, they were the first of what you could call the western christian empires, a group of empires, one after the other, that are all of the same basic civilization. That is why the Spanish are with us today, and why their nation and customs are basically the same as those in America or Canada.

It's important to make a distinction between Civilizations and Empires. There can be many short lived empires throughout the course of a Civilization's rein, Spain, Britain and America for example. We are rapidly approaching the end of the American empire and that is why you see all the madness. The transition from Empire to Empire is nearly always accompanied by violent upheavals and all out wars. When the civilization as a whole collapses that's another matter all together, it will be total Mad Max, IE: No civilization. There are no fixed to this progression down either, we just have to live through the consequences like the Roman's did, like the Mayan's did.

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Okay, I'll bite. Finally made time to read your novella. I'm not on board with your NAZI shit, but I will take your opinion, and your speech, and give thought.

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Stfu. Sjdubs should be lined up against a wall:

1: dick superglued to belly button 2: shot in balls with frozen paintball

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I disagree with you on some thi g you post, jet, but I will say that you are consistent and truthful. Gj.

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    Absolutely. And Short post here:

    I think anyone supporting the BLM protests who also criticises the Trumpfs for protesting is an anti-democracy idiot.

    THIS is not an insurection!

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    I'll just leave this here..

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    Almost exactly my beliefs about jews, so if that makes me an antisemite, whatever can one call a jew that hates whites? Bigot? Racist? 'NO! NO!' squeals the leftist-libtard 'HE'S ENLIGHTENED!!!' Welcome to commie-clownworld.

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    A society needs 3 legs to stand. Morality/religion is one. Fatherhood is another. Then private property.

    Take away any of those 3, the society will fall.

    We're (well, you're) falling.

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    Fatherhood? A great deal of men are obsessed with internet porn at the moment, paying for only fans, or tr 00 ning out. Fatherhood and the responsibilities implied are NOT on their list of priorities.

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    Like I said, the West is collapsing...

    Fatherhood is essential for civilization, but it's not entirely natural per se. It needs a strong cultural support, which it no longer has in the West. Instead we worship motherhood, which is entirely natural and needs no extra support, while we actually degenerate fatherhood - and then wonder why men are less interested in it?

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      The God of the Jews, Muslims and Christians are all the God of Abraham, and while I have my beliefs, any of these 3 religions if followed my the vast majority of Americans would lead to a happier and more content society.

      The Christian God is Jesus Christ. The Muslims don't see him as divine, but they revere Him at least. But the Jews say He is spending eternity boiling in human feces and ejaculate. And He told the Pharasaic Jews that they were literally the children of the Devil. The Jew demon Yahweh is a false god and Western society is ruled by his false doctrines. You can't have a society of all Jews, it just doesn't happen. Judaism relies on the exploitation of Gentile labor. Even Israel has a sizeable minority of disenfranchised Arabs and Africans.

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      I think a large problem for this country (and yes, I can call myself a hypocrite here) has to do with digital/media addiction. I'm more of the forum-addict here, and I prefer conversations online vs in person. It leads to a depersonalization of others which is probably poisonous to humans in terms of human behavior/relationships.

      I'm thinking in the biggest culprits include social media, gaming and porn. Example... People are now addicted to 24/7 internet porn where they weren't 20 years ago. Nobody wants to admit to this, but it changes people's personalities/desires/impulses and takes up a lot of their "mental space", impacts how they view other people and relationships, how they view sexual consent laws.

      There was a time I wanted to have a long term relationship with a guy, but he became OBSESSED with internet porn to the point where I couldn't stand to be with him any longer. There is only so much physical sexual violence and coersion one can take before one has to check out. We're talking hours and hours in his "den" while life still went on. Felt like I was single (and yes, I take care of my body, so it wasn't an issue that I stopped taking care of myself). If I confronted him about it, he refused to listen to me, like a knee-jerk addict. This is a super common pattern among women I've talked to... the men go down this porn/dating app rabbit hole, become completely disinterested in terms of being responsible partners/fathers, refuse to acknowledge any issues. These are often women who include conservative "obedient" types who adhere to religious beliefs. Nothing they could do or try swayed their partner away from their addiction. If you're with a man like this, you're better off single.

      Give a man like this religion, he still won't dump the porn addiction, because most churches will tell them "it's not your fault". Men aren't expected to adhere to sexual morality even in most major abrahamic religions, but women are. With internet porn/dating apps, infidelity along with the associated STDs/unplanned extra marital pregnancies are now epidemic or even "normalized". There's no reason for a woman, even if she wants the traditional family, to start a relationship as she has no idea what kind of nightmare she's in for. Herpes, aids are forever, anal prolapse is dangerous, and no one wants to be choked to death by "surprise" while having sex.

      My ex was raised hardcore Catholic, but he wasn't immune to the sexual degeneracy. And now, I see how lucky I was, because at least HE didn't decide to t r 0 0 n out, which is becoming more and more popular and pushed by mass media/tech.

      I can see a lot of women get totally consumed by social media, and some dive into internet shopping addiction, some get addicted to porn and dating apps, so I'm not claiming it's only a one way street. Children are also addicted, and exposed to a shit ton of propaganda that no one seems to be stopping.

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      Men aren't expected to adhere to sexual morality even in most major abrahamic religions

      Abrahamic being Islam and Judaism? I mean, they both tolerate sex with kids and male sexual promiscuity seems tame in comparison.

      On the other hand, most Christians, Hindus and Buddhists seem to place some virtue on disciplining one's sexual behavior.

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      I reckon christianity as also being abrahamic...

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      Is it?....Is it really?

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      Enjoy the decline. I'm getting into bitcoin scams because why the fuck not.

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      I dumped about $10K into Theta. Up so far but may have been a waste. Who knows.

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      Of all the replies to this bullshi, somehow yours is the most lucid. Now does that mean that I'm insane as them,or the fact that... IM DINE TYPING. HAHA

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      That's a lot to unwrap.

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      If you want to live in a god centric country, go ahead and move to a country with Sharia Law. I ain't stopping you.

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      The problem isn't at "the core of the human being", although religion has worked at keeping this drive to evil at bay for centuries.

      What is it then?

      Demons. Yes, evil spirits that influence, control and infuse thought into each and every one of us. I am being serious. In another language, I have written quite a bit on the topic, including how religion used to warn people about "thoughts from Satan" or in say, Buddhism, "the 3 (or 5 depending on the version) poisons of the soul" which all point to the same thing: thoughts can be unbelievably shitty, even among beings of awesome quality. And if you let them, they will influence you to the point of defining your very life.

      The world is splitting into two different types of people: the degenerates that obey demonic influence, that is, act as their thoughts dictate, and those who don't and maintain wholesome behavior no matter what influences the culture, environment, media, etc. are trying to exert on their behavior.

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      While the entire notion of "human rights" can be argued about - Are they real? Inalienable?

      As long as perfect brainwashing technology doesn't exist, human rights are real and inalienable.

      There is no possibility of a common ground.

      Any group of people can be divided with a conflict. Any two groups of people can be combined with a conflict. Is there a way to do this without a war? I don't know, but dividing is easier than uniting.

      The notion of us truly being equal cannot happen and since the victims are the new victors - they are dictating our societal fate.

      Gays are a good enemy, since you can't win. As long as you have children, some of them will be gays. The good thing is, this isn't a conflict between gayness and straightness, it is a conflict between a small group of mortal fallible humans and everyone else.

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      toxic is right.

      I think our path is to find our way back to god. The toxic horror of the godless society is a clear guide that they are lost.

      until I became their target

      realising that our childhood beliefs were all a lie, part of a process designed to disinherit us is galling

      I don't know if there are easy answers. Whenever I think I understand, i remember how limited my information is. Not knowing what is true makes it ahrd to come to any conclusions regarding the bigger picture.

      I do know that at my darkest, having fallen to the depths of hell, having met lucifer, having spent years waking up from dreams of abuse by demons, i found Faith, i found the words of Jesus and I found the salvation that his sacrifice brought us all, if we accept it.

      Now i'm just trying to find the best path forward, every now and again wondering if active resistance is the path i'm supposed to take. After all, it was the state that lied to me about nearly everything else that taught me that violence is bad.

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      That's some deep line of thought. Maybe our societies have grown too large. Technology was supposed to bring us closer, but I think it may have consolidated individual societies into one large, hard to manage one. There is little accountability these days, especially when people have a way to exist without contributing to society. It has become so easy to be persuaded into this type of lifestyle by the government.

      Look to your own (family, friends, local community) and practice the moral code you speak of. Be kind and understanding to others short of the point of enabling bad habits.

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      Racists are always around.