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No lol.

It was only a few months ago that the latest batch of refugees were calling us racist antisemites who hate Jews because we discuss Zionism, even making posts on /s/all about it and how the site and those topics should “change/be forbidden or SaidIt will never attract a mainstream audience”.

Why doesn’t Voat and Reddit have a debate lol? I think you should post this on Reddit, if someone bites it’d be incredibly entertaining.

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Well it was a genuine questions, as I'm not on here often :)

Cheers for the reassurance!

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No worries, I hope I didn't come off as a dick, I didn't mean 2 lol. The last part of my comment was directed @ OP, not you!

The Pyramid of Debate prevents reeeeing or the type of mental gymnastics that result in 2+2=5 from flying on SaidIt. And the lack of a down-vote button prevents censorship via those who love using & abusing it for that purpose.