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i have been a programmer for almost forty years, but i suck as a network or admin person... having said that, i want to recommend:

1) stop using hosting services.

you gotta do the hosting yourself.. when you use these hosting services, they always want to control things, they want to stick their noses up in your business.

you gotta put the server somewhere where there is a high speed connection and run it.

and you need to be able to switch connectivity providers like you are flipping a light switch.


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I agree!

We ALL should have a home server, just like any other home appliance or device, as big or small as you like, as lucrative or not as you like, with content control or not as you like.

Fuck the corporate clouds.

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sometimes, you can rent a tiny office in an executive suite that will have a very nice high speed connection that could properly host this saidit site and do it well.

it could possibly be done for as low as five hundred per month, and you would have an office space also!

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I might use that down the road.

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or, on the other end of the spectrum... you could just cram one of those thin servers up behind one of the vending machines down at the truck stop.. maybe toss a few bucks to the lot lizard hookers to kinda keep an eye on things while you are out smokin crack or whatever.

[–][deleted] 2 insightful - 3 fun2 insightful - 2 fun3 insightful - 3 fun -  (0 children) . You realize the simple fact that Latin never actually had a question mark, don't you?

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    Do not trust - they hijacked my account and refuse to let me re-register

    Frustrated at the censorship on Wordpress, I decided to log into and to start using my account there more actively. I had already registered with months ago but had never wanted to use my account there until recently.

    I tried logging into my using my alias and password but to my surprise I got this error: (BTW, this page doe snot appear to load if you try to visit it in stealthmode)

    Needless to say I immediately requested a password reset confirmation e-mail, and according to one should've been sent to my e-mail address...

    ... only, this reset e-mail was never actually sent to me. I waited literally for hours and nothing arrived. I tried many times over and no reset e-mail was sent to me.

    I then tried to re-register at under a new alias, but lo behold, now refused to allow me to re-register under a new account. I literally couldn't even click on the button to register the new account.

    Again, I had never used for anything at all prior to this moment. I never posted anything whatsoever and I never read any posts there whatsoever. I have no idea why they have decided to hijack my account in such a deceptive manner. They won't even just let me access my account just to delete it in order to protest. Is this a way for them to boost their user base while denying users the actual service promised?

    Moral of the story: do not trust this service that purports to be an alternative to other platforms. They will hijack your account for no reason and despite you not using it, lie about sending you a password reset when they refuse to grant you access, and refuse to allow you to re-register to complain or to just ask about what the hell is happening. I looked at their Help Desk page and there was no e-mail address there you can write to with questions. How typical.

    Also, Tim Pool if you're reading this, I only registered with because you said they were trustworthy.

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    The linked page was almost all blank - perhaps a Brave default. Your experience trying to find an answer sounds like mine with Discord.

    Here's an idea:

    We could create new accounts and trade accounts with passwords, then repassword them for ourselves - and perhaps organize all this in a limited invite-only private sub.

    I was deleted from Quora years ago and I think they blocked my IP from starting a new one. Around the new year I discovered they deleted my Discord account, which I might be able to start anew if I cared to - or I might also be blocked. I'm still unsure why I was blocked from either.

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    Did you happen to save this list? Have linked to it before but now it's gone :(

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    I don't recall what the list was. If I was on my game then I might have linked it here:


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    I was deleted from Quora years ago and I think they blocked my IP from starting a new one.

    Wasn't Quora part of Google? I can't help you with that because I don't even have a Google account. I had one about a decade ago and deleted it. Now Google demands that I give them my smartphone number in order to create a new account (just to log into Youtube/Gmail/The other Google services), which I am definitely not going to do because I don't want to be digitally dog-collared 24/7 to Google tracking my physical movements. I can plainly tell Google are logging every click (regardless of me making an account or not) from the kinds of recommends I am getting in the Youtube sidebar. I would like to keep my physical whereabouts to myself. I always hated smartphones anyways, I try to avoid using them as much as possible.

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    Did you happen to save this list? Have linked to it before but now it's gone :(

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    Nope, sorry, I didn't save it.

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    Nicely done. I'd call this list dope if i was allowed to do so. Shit. I am. :)

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    Did you happen to save this list? Have linked to it before but now it's gone :(

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    Great list! I've got some checking out to do.

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      I'm still confused about the meaning of "check instances", I think. Each site/tool appears to have listed features, but "check instances" is meant to mean "you should check various instances, because content varies a lot"?

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      I always recommend pleroma instead of mastodon. mastodon instances are the kinds of places where the word "stupid" is an ableist slur. mastodon instances block other instances way too much. they're somehow worse than twitter. pleroma instances tend to be way more permissive.

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      Please feel free to add the list to these lists:


      Include all the notes and commentary you feel helpful.

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        Please don't delete anything however please feel free to add comments like that to warn people as you see fit (and please provide supporting links). Inclusive lists are even better when adding warnings to potential options. That wiki is open to be edited. If there are enough "cautionary" alternatives then we may need to separate the "legit" from the "snoop/sheep dogs".

        One of these days I'm going to mirror those lists on and - and add more advanced tables to better sort/rate things.

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          It's great feedback - and that's why I'm inviting you (and everyone) to contribute with additive info!

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          maybe if anyone used saidit anymore we could

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          We will do this. Just give /u/d3rr and the other admins some time to wake up. :)

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          have you looked at ?

          my reason for googling rackspace+porn is that if they host porn, they probably host anything.

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          Aww. Someone wants their homework done for them.

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          This actually is reverse psychology. Look at /s/DigitalAikido before you do expose your age again.

          Another difference between us two is: I am possibly able to strong-arm you on 70 % of general knowledge. Of course you are invited to make me budge in my actual topics. I am fair. While you simulate wittiness. In a joke you screwed up.