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Sadly yes. I don't discuss politics, but some loved ones insist I declare my preference. "If you're not for us, you're against us" is so tiring, when all I want is a beer.

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They said it was divisive bullshit when George W. Bush said it. Now they're saying it.

It's like it's ok when they do it but wrong when anyone else does it. This is pre-Enlightenment thinking.

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People who do that are low quality and you are better off with them out of your life. Surround yourself with intelligent people. I disagree politically with a lot of friends, and we get into it and call each other names, then we have another beer and get over it.

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I'd be interested in a thread about people who made friends despite the political divide. Either about finding more people who agree with you, or how to find people who don't care that much about politics or are centrist.

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Just one woman I was friends with for several years. She lost her shit over Trump getting elected. I'm not a Trump fan myself but she couldn't stop ranting about it, and we stopped talking because I didn't hate him enough for her tastes. I still think that's a shit reason to toss a friend away but it worked for the best in the end.

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Yup. My political beliefs are all over the sprectum and in today's climate it's "If you disagree with me your a Commie/Nazi". The 2016 election killed my friendships with a lot of people, they either fucked off or I told them to fuck off when they turned into an insufferable cock goblin. I've lost touch with some folks during the lock down but I think, or at least hope, I've lost all the petty/brainwashed fucks in my life. I won't cut off a friend or family member over(most) political beliefs, I will for shitty/cultish behavior inspired by their beliefs. EDIT: Insomnia

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This is the 200 IQ move right here.

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My family has been liberal for generations. My grandfather used to say "conservative times are hard times".

Thankfully we're all reasonable people and at the moment we're all voting conservative next election.

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Not lately but I remember years ago during W Bush I was saying the war with Iraq was just about oil and not WMDs and I had some friends supporting the war cuz go america and they got furious with me. We were still friends but when it turned out I was proven right they kind of stopped talking to me out of shame. We also just lost touch which is natural but I think politics played a part.

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The invasion of Iraq wasn't about oil. China ended up with most of it IIRC. It was about destroying a threat to Israel. Israel was literally the only one who benefited - everyone else lost.

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I was saying the war with Iraq was just about oil and not WMDs

I'm pretty sure you were both incorrect..

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What makes you have any faith in the ramblings of a guy sitting in a cave? These guys don't have intell, they are talking out of their ass.

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What makes you have any faith in the ramblings of a guy sitting in a cave? These guys don't have intell, they are talking out of their ass.

Who? The Israelis? I think you're mistaken.

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Osama bin laden

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That guy was a Patsy. Her had nothing to do with 9/11.

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Nearly all. My own family would rather coddle and excuse violent Black criminals than speak with their evil brother who would criticize them. They are insane.

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yes, but I didn't tell them why, I don't see them point of telling them the reason, it won't work. You have to give them small nudges day by day it takes many years to get through to people

I find it more useful to go online and wake people up there

just slowly don't talk family and some family are just annoying to far left, and after trump got elected they got worse.

hard to talk to family when most just watch tv all day and they're really brainwashed

can't talk to them about anything interesting

it's not their fault, they are victims of the cabal brainwashing

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No, because intelligence runs in my family.

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Never ever had that problem.

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Some people really will drop others over politics, but they don't make good friends.

However, I think a lot of friendships that "end" over politics actually "end" because one person won't STFU when the other person clearly doesn't want to hear about your political beliefs for the 100th time--or even worse, both are doing this to each other. Like, I can get very animated about politics. Sometimes I realize I'm just annoying certain people. Biting your tongue is hard but it can improve a lot of relationships. My friends know what I believe but we mostly just talk about other things.

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This is spot on. When I said I'd cut people off in my post, it wasn't over politics really. The best way I can put it, is that they believe they've morally ascended so to speak. It's not enough we agree to disagree, I am beneath them as a person for my beliefs.

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Cut them off, yes. Over politics, no.

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I just know my audience and don't get rabidly political. Some people know I'm far-right, some just think I'm conservative or don't know. I haven't had anyone disown me yet. The militant lefty types tend to reveal who they are pretty quickly and you just know better not to bring that stuff up