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A crossbow. Guns are for most parts illegal in my country, since i am no hunter or something like that. Crossbows are strictly regulated.

But since i got a workshop the first thing i'd have built in case of extended riots or in case the police loses control in my region is a set of crossbows.

I got some nice ideas in my head for building bolts for different applications which may or may not be of pure defensive nature.

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But what if everything is legal?

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I'd stick to the crossbow. Ammo is reusable, mechanics are quite simple, it is robust and silent. What more do you need ?

I don't expect to be attacked by an army. If anybody even finds my locations.

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There is a great German channel with home made repeater crossbows..
He also has an auto-fire crossbow. :-)

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Seems quite sophisticated to me. And somewhat like too much off the shelf for my taste.

Mine would be "simpler", way uglier (that is a given) and heavier but with more stopping power and more interesting and longer bolts. To fire ropes or dew e.g. or even some other stuff in a worst case scenario. Also i prefer metal as a material since i'm into welding lately.

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    No. But since i already had a slingshot and a bow i'm up to something new. Darryl never really used explosives, did he ?

    Key to innovation is combining concepts, imho.

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    "Darryl never really used explosives, did he ?

    Key to innovation is combining concepts, imho." This made me laugh. Are you thinking long-distance dynamite?

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    Do your ideas come mostly from Green Arrow comic books?

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    I only heard of him. I was never that into comics sadly. But in card games, pen and paper roleplaying and like "real" books in my youth and adolescence.

    Like i am till today.

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    The biggest thing I can get. People are crazy here. Any recommendations, home defence use for a women?

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    A pistol or a shotgun for close encounters. If you're defending at range, an AR-15

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    This one is great for at an office or school.

    In this video he explains a lot of his "toys" (in Germany most of his products are considered toys.

    But if you need that little bit more...
    With this one, you will be sure that they will do their proper social distancing.

    (Edit: corrected the links.)

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    None. I use psychic powers to ensure no violence can ever happen to me. I control the occult planes that relate to my life and as such I control events.

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    I too have such a power. It's just I call it "living in the suburbs in a civilised country."

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    But mine is REAL. So much so that a hitman sent on me went back without so much as lifting a finger against me after being alone in a room with me. It's what Jesus promised, and it works.

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    Wouldn't they just send a psychic hitman, then? Edit: I'm not making fun. This is a serious question

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    The true psychic powers come from the Universal Absolute and as such, are life-affirming only. Using an extension of the Universal Absolute in a life-negating manner would be the same thing as destroying the universe, as it would be the inversion of principles that are inherently good. They cannot be changed, subverted or misused.

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    hm, I see. So, these groups may have psychic bodyguards, but no hitmen? I don't see anything wrong with having an extra pair of eyes on you.... It just seems to me that the Powers That Shouldn't Be would be interested in ALL avenues of control and power. I am ignorant on such matters... my main interest has been in philosophy and understanding my human experience...

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    Everything is interconnected. "Psychic bodyguards" couldn't exist: if somebody is impure, they are a possible target of violence, NO MATTER WHAT. In other words, they could be all around whomever they are guarding, and THEY are protected, doesn't mean that guy in the middle doesn't take a bullet to the head. Also, somebody who is immune to violence would not work for somebody who isn't, especially not in the capacity of protecting him, since that would also constitute an inversion of principles: greater cannot be dominated by lesser, and perfection cannot be dominated AT ALL.

    Truly understanding the human experience leads unerringly to the blueprint to implementing personal perfection in one's being and the development of these characteristics. But philosophy is not the key: it uses concepts. Concepts are not real, they are imaginary. They depend on the human belief in them in order to claim some sort of value. What I speak of is of Absolute Reality, and has nothing to do with the imaginary.

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    Your explanation for why there could be no psychic bodyguards makes sense to me, especially with my current understanding of life-affirmation and life-negation. Especially that last bit, how what is greater cannot be dominated by what is lesser. That has been my personal experience in this world. However, I'm not sure I agree with your view of imagination. Imagination is more than just "mental image-ing" and conceptualizing, but this comes from a few select experiences of mine. Like, I have been in a flow-state and have utilized the tool of imagination, and it was rejuvenating. I was immediately made aware of the interconnectedness of reality. From that state, I first came to use the phrases life-affirming and life-negating. It's a tool, like logic, reason, and all other sensory data manifested as "feeling". The problem with it, and you said it yourself so astutely... it is NOT Absolute Reality. I have met many who think that it is... I DO believe that it is an integral part of the human experience, like a maze you must traverse before coming to the hill or clearing or grove at the end. Most do not even attempt to traverse it, and very few ever seem to come out with a firm grip on the ABSOLUTE. You do understand the problem with philosophy and conceptual actualization... it leaves much unsaid and it leaves even more untouched by the mind. It does not "connect" everything that is truly connected. I don't mean to say that I understand this human experience, just because I have been seeking to. I'm well on my way to understanding parts of it, but I am no guru or master. In fact, I have had more of an interest in philosophy primarily because some (SOME) of the philosophers spent their entire lives seeking insight in this regard. I do not take their words as absolute truth, but I do find them interesting to sit with and converse with. I have definitely grown as a person by studying philosophy, and I have learned that it has some of the most dangerous pitfalls out there.

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    I think there is a subtlety that has led to confusion as to what I was asserting:

    Concepts are ONLY imaginary, and as such have absolutely no bearing on reality, other than their sometimes 3-dimensional-ness. As such, concepts and imagination can be successfully used in engineering, for example, because the physical plane is also 3D. And that has led many to assume that concepts are inherently useful, while in fact they are ONLY useful in such instances of inferring how matter will behave.

    However, not all mind phenomena are of the realm of imagination. Consciousness is able to be anywhere, anytime. This is an unalienable fact of consciousness. Most of the time, ours is fixed behind our eyes, between our ears, but that is just a (very important) characteristic of the human body.

    The problem with consciousness is that because most people have adopted concepts as having informational value, their consciousness mostly or only refers to concepts, when in fact they are of extremely limited use. But once freed from the shackles of the concept-based mind experience, consciousness can do other things.

    The most revelatory experience is when one has fully nullified the hold that concept as as general category has on their mind, and the consciousness is able to meld DIRECTLY with the Objective Reality of the Universe. This (obviously?) allows innate knowledge of anything, even the most unknowable of unthinkable facts.

    Maybe we should continue this discussion in s/consciousness ?

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    I put up a post with some more of my thoughts on that sub, and I mentioned you in the OP. I love the new dimensions you are bringing to the table... I know very few people who have the ideas you are presenting to me, and I'd love to hear more about them.

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    Fun idea.
    Let me first assume that these witnesses and demonstrations are true..

    There was a psychic hitman on TV, from Russia.
    And he demonstrated that he could change the heart-beat of a person on distance.
    The CIA also trained this stuff, more for killing, and Uri Geller has talked a bit about it.
    He also told that the military really wanted to do this stuff, but the psychics never liked it (as far we know).

    It was popular for a while, and now we only hear from people that do psychic stuff as kids at certain secret facilities..

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    See mine is better because no hitman gets sent in the first place.

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    No, but Antifa just might visit your neighborhood someday.

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    Samurai hentai sword and pepper pray 🤪

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    Probably none for a while; just because all guns are legal, doesn't mean I will suddenly have money to pay for them or time to practice.

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    I would get a sniper rifle that shoots through walls.
    And a silent auto-fire submachine gun. The russian Special Ops have such guns.
    Or this one

    Nice for shooting close up combined with night vision goggles of course.
    There is also this silenced sniper
    or this one
    Long distance sniper

    And of course I need a tank to do my shopping.

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    I'll challenge your claim of a "silent" submachine gun existing. No guns are silent.

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    I tried to find the video, but the Russian version had sub-sonic ammo (a lot weaker),
    so it would sound like plops instead of bangs.
    But as soon the ammo is not sub-sonic, there is no way to stop this sound.

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    That is why bolts are better. F = m*a. There is the sound barrier in common air. But i never heard of a mass barrier in this context.

    I have bolthead-designs that literally would screw you.

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    Sounds great to call out "Screw them!"