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The FAQ has some information:

Commenting - issues, tips, tricks, Markdown code formatting guide:

You can find and share info in:

I've made notes at the top of and all the way through the CSS on thesse subs that may help:

1) "Ergonomix" - Designed for maximum readability and efficient practicality with a modicum of design aesthetics. Applied to over 20 subsaidits. Starts with installation directions (may be incomplete). This CSS is 99.98% complete /s/DecentralizeAllThings/about/stylesheet/

2) "SimpleTweaks" - Designed as a minimalist copy+paste CSS theme to enhance SaidIt's default CSS. This simple CSS is also perfect for novice CSS designers to learn on, build on, and customize.

3) "SaidItron" A duo-tone theme initially for WikiSpooks designed to be easily customized in under a half hour for a palette gradient between two colors. Not finished. Currently the code a mess. Starts with my CSS To Do List.

Also, FYI:
I suppose for the "Ergonomix" CSS I could make a zip bundle of the images to upload with the text code to copy-paste.

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Yeah. I gotta get into that again. Big thanks.

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Did you still want me to do something for you? Free at my leisure, or for rewards by your schedule. I still don't know enough about what and how much you want and/or how you'd finance it.

Email transfers are easiest, Bitcoin is easy but I haven't used it for over a year and I'd need to let it update for a week or few, I can finish setting up a Patreon page, and there are other options I should start too, like SubscribeStar. There's also and and /u/Robin or /u/magnora7 could easily verify if/when you donate to them for me, in a private message if you prefer.

I LOLed the other day reading your request for Vishu as just last week I drew this: /s/didit/comments/69gw/the_seductive_goddess_of_ephemeral_consumerism_a/

It's much easier to just "borrow" existing online images to utilize and tweak if necessary to build banners and graphics. However, I can do custom work for you if you prefer. I would prefer to open source share that work into the public commons, but I would understand if you don't want that. (I still have much I have never shared online, not to mention opened to copyleft. Not that it really matters as giant corporations with teams of lawyers don't care about copyrights, and most of the little guys who steal aren't making bank that should be shared with the creator.) If you want something really unique you could ask me to illustrate it (ie. like that sketch or other things in my gallery) or design it (in Illustrator/Photoshop) or to get really fancy and animate it and/or make a painting that I could send you to keep (I won't share your address nor whatever arrangements you might figure out to maintain anonymity if you so wish).

Based on that paragraph you wrote I have some ideas you may like, log, or dismiss. If DigitalAikido is your main jam you might want to imply the other subs in the banner - ie. Vishnu with 6 arms not 4, each with their own colour (but avoiding the gay-corrupted rainbow). (I love this image, I made it my default media player blank screen, but it wouldn't make for a good banner.) NumberTheory with a crown icon made out of numbers would be an interesting challenge. GraphTheory sounds like I could just use so many high tech clip art images. Without any direction from you or any initial starting concept I would develop the Knots banner organically simply be seeking out images online and working with whatever interesting stuff comes up.

I have to more concepts to throw at you that are bigger than each individual sub - and that is a cross-sub theme. For example, each banner could use the same font, include a logo, be symmetrical (math inspired), and/or have some design element(s) common to all. Another variation would be to create a large collage-like image that could have printed like a poster or photo, which is not the ideal shape for a banner - however, image it would also be intentionally designed to be "cut" into strips that would then serve as banners. If you were to want future subs to be included then they could be included in the design or extend the design afterwards, potentially with some limitations to affecting the entire composition.

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Seal code from red it

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Do i really look like a front-end guy ? I haven't used ctrl-u since about 22 years now... I mainly do non-sql-databases when i'm even ever coding something nearly web-related.

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    Cautiousness in love, more than any other kind of caution, is likely to be the death knell for a happy life.

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