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what a sausage fest.

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I'll be honest, I was shocked by how many women use this site according to the survey. It was 66-34 for me, when I was expecting more like 80-20

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I think women prefer facebook or some shit. Not sure why.

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My town has a facebook group. All the admins are women and every time I see a conversation that looks mildly interesting, I scroll down to see admins have disabled comments.

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instant / constant validation, perhaps. You're not gonna get that here, or not as much as facebook, instagram, et al.

this site is for discussions, and people can disagree with you if you post an opinion; it's not a 'safe space' made for women where contrasting opinions will be immediately silenced by white knight moderators.

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Hm, right... So women are more dominated by the emotions, and as such like the super-insta-gratify of FB and other candy social media.

This place is more rigorous, colder, more intellectual, and that's why I like it.

Yep, it's clear now. Thanks.

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I think we just like it because we can see pictures of loved ones or new babies and pets, maybe I'm projecting. Wouldn't instagram be better for instant gratification?

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I doubt that I'm some odd exception to womanhood in that photos of loved ones, new babies, and pets are rather boring to me. I've hidden nearly every photo that is like that on Facebook, so my Newsfeed is entirely posts about birds, moths, butterflies, and comics. And people who post bullshit regularly just get blocked.

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You're not, it's also great to maintain a look of normalcy since if you don't have one people assume there's something off.

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you're welcome!

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lol good to know this place plans on being just as sexist as reddit! amazing....

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pointing out differences between genders is not sexist.

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agreed. but what differences do you see? i guess i've only become interested in this gender identity stuff recently and started to lean more gender critical. that is what led me to saidit (via reddit). i suppose i am having some internal conflict about the way i want to live my life as a woman.

if you don't feel like chatting about this i understand but you seem to have some interesting ideas on the topic and i am finding few spaces to engage in these topics. FWIW, i guess i can tell you a little about myself... i earned my PhD a couple years ago and work in academia now. but i also got unexpectedly pregnant with my first child just a months after completing that degree. i've seen how despite my best efforts, having my baby has led to my career stalling much more than my husband's. i've always been very career-minded (in an ideological "i want to make a difference" kind of way). there still seems to be this inequity with parenting, even with a really great/active parent as a husband (like mine). i see it with almost every working mother i know IRL. i'm not sure how much of this is driven by unfair, sexist expectations for mothers (run the household, be the default parent)...and how much of it is driven by my own innate, biological (?) orientation/desire to be a good mother, build my family (i.e. have more children), run the household, etc.

edit- i just realized that i thought you were a user on here who had made a different post about these specific issues. regardless, i'm down for discussion about these topics w/ anyone.

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watch out for dazedandsubdued, she'll talk your ear off.

see, listening to a woman is tedious.

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Women are more interested in people and men are more interested in things. Things are not exclusively physical objects, they are also ideas. Men are interested in conversations on the nature of things. Women are interested in what other people are doing, who they are, reputations, relationships, and status.

Facebook is not a place to have conversations about things, the format does not promote that. It is a platform to create a digital identity, to promote your status, to show off your relationships, and to build a persona with memes. Men are just not that interested in going through people's profiles.

Not that men don't want to have status, but for men that means doing things that take a while like getting a better job, bigger house, etc. Those things are pretty static. Where as a woman's status is based more on fleeting things like how active she was recently with other people. How attractive she is right now. The status of people she is currently interacting with. All things that need constant updating.

So a man is more likely to create a profile and not update it for years, and certainly not bother staying current on other people's feeds. Women are always trying to update their profiles and comparing themselves to others.

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these are some pretty broad generalizations. many women i know IRL and online are very much interested in "ideas," if by ideas you mean social, political, and otherwise theoretical/sociological debate and analysis. many men i know are not that interested in ideas and indeed seem quite interested in other people's status, comparing themselves to others, their physical attractiveness. i'm a woman who i guess is interested in both, but spend very little time on platforms like instagram and facebook because they interest me far less than platforms such as this one where political and social issues can be discussed openly.

i am not into name-calling or writing anyone off for having differing opinions than mine, but it does seem like you are making some sexist assumptions about women and i wonder if you have considered than women are just as varied in terms of their interests as men?

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I am merely explaining the fact that sites like these are dominated by male participation and sites like facebook are dominated by female participation. You are arguing that because you are different than the average than the average must not exist, that is illogical. I'm sure nearly all women are interested in things to some degree; however, the reality remains that most women are MORE interested in people than they are interested in things. This has been proven with scientific studies, it is not something I extrapolated myself. I am simply applying known scientifically proven facts to the question of why we see these differences in platform preference between genders.

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You know, if I had real friends perhaps I'd have used Facebook too... Well I use WhatsApp which is also zuckked.

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Yeah the only real friends I've ever had can't use computers or smartphones. 4 paws and a giant heart will do that to ya.

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I actually laughed reading this. I thought it would be dad at the end, but it was heartwarming :) have one up-fun(?)

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Because if you just want to socialize with your relatives facebook is the place to do it.

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The Karens become busybodies more often than most.
Since male Karens are far more rare (they generally fall into different negative stereotypes), this is the result.

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Which ones of you raging homosexuals voted you're a female? We know there aren't no girls here.

in case a girl is reading this

*puts on glasses*

*does karate chops*

*combs hair*

Whoa mama!!

Hey baby, wanna go on a date with this burning hunk of love? Name's Johnny... Johnny Bravo!

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I'm shocked that it is as many women here. I think my guess would have been 85/15 or some shit like that.

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I think the recent influx is from GC.

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Very nice of them to check s/all and actually participate, then.

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what is GC

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Gay club

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stop lying. We no you arent a girl

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You're right. I'm a woman. Thank you.

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[citation needed]

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There are more than normal because of the GC thing. This is a hive of female villainy.

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Wheres the comedy option for G.I.R.L. = Guy In Real Life?

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Hey, this is the easiest poll-maker I've ever used. Let's test it with a red pill...

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I love how you can choose both options :D

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I think it's usually neither. Many groups do… things, whether it be the rich and powerful, governments, organisations, or even just an unorganized group of individuals.

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Anyone voting for female is breaking rule 37, there are no girls on the internet.

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The real question is am I the only mashed up taffy knocking about on here? Any other proper Welsh butty boys in the house?

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I identify as a Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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Why can't i vote both ?