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LOL. I was with Voat before it was Voat. In the beginning it was cool, but now it is fucking garbage. The place is full of morons. My God, they do not know how stupid they are.

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Its for glowies to astroturf

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Personally, I don't hate voat. I do think it screwed itself by focusing overwhelmingly on negativity and politics, leading to a community that is somewhat unpleasant to be in even when you agree with the politics of the site, and boring after a while because there's more to life than politics. Voat has zero chance at this point to be even close to a viable alternative to Reddit for those reasons. You could spend a lot of time talking about politics on Reddit, but you could also look at some cute cats or book discussions or porn or amateur photography afterwards. Voat lacks that kind of reach. All that said, there's of course the fact that the site focuses entirely on a specific kind of politics that is heavy on assumptions and guesses and baseless theories and very light on evidence and reason. Which is fine and should have a place in any community. But when that's +90% of the community, it's bad times.

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This. I gave Voat a shot for a while. Was the same thing, over and over.

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I can imagine voat is repetitive, but can you give examples of baseless theories?

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I don't hate it, I love it. But I worry it's a honeypot for those of us who know the truth.

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Is this what s/askSaidIt is for, to ask leading questions?

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/s/AskSaidItLeadingQuestions just doesn't sound as cool.

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i hate how it has downvotes and how toxic it is. not to mention how it's literally just reddit but right wing. i think genuinely it's worse than reddit because of the sheer amount of retardation on that site.

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From what I've seen on Voat, the racism is way through the roof.

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It is a containment site with free speech

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it's full of retards which isn't its fault really, it's a fine idea that can't work as long as main stream sites keep kicking out their retards towards it. also it has all the same problems that reddit has, brigading and obsession with identities and paucity of self awareness