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    it's now intentionally being silence white women

    In all honesty, even though I'm an advocate for reasonable discourse regardless of race or political ideology, white women DO need to shut the fuck up. I'm talking about far left white women who try to act like they're oppressed, disadvantaged, and can somehow relate their struggle to that of black people. White women are the most protected class in society. They have all of the advantages of being white but none of the accountability of being male. They may have to worry about sexual misconduct (although nowadays that can encompass whatever makes them feel mildly uncomfortable) but that's about it.

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    Everyone living under the industrial umbrella of the GovCorp is being suppressed and oppressed in some way, sometimes minor, sometimes major.

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    (pondering icon). Why is there no male equivalent?

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    My take is that the "Karen" meme is ultimately negative and feels very forced. Maybe it started organically, but since then it has been twisted for sinister political ends.

    Here is the original KnowYourMeme article about the "Karen" meme. Note that there are zero political references. The gist of it is that "Karen" was originally just a joke, a meme character who was always asking to see the manager. She was never depicted as evil, just an annoying fictional trope similar to the hyperactive "Kyle" character.

    Compare this with the current Wikipedia article, which by contrast is absolutely insane. It's clear that "Karen" just being a meme wasn't enough. It had to be repurposed, racialized, and used as a tool (and slur) against women who question forced rules; anything from mandatory mask-wearing policies to so-called "progressive" politics.

    Originally, "Karen" was just a meme. After it was repurposed by political agents, now there are actual laws dedicated to identifying and punishing "Karens". It's crazy.

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    Agreed. sigh

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    This is the reason why i look into discussions at least five times. Thanks, guys.

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    Good question. Define one on urbandictionary and try it out. Maybe it works out.

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    Because men don't usually tend to act like the kind of entitled asshole a Karen is.

    Since I'm not a native english speaker I could be wrong, but it seems to me that a "douchebag" may be the male simile to a Karen.

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    I was on board with it at first but people are too quick to call someone a Karen and it has gotten old. Also it sucks for anyone named Karen.

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    It's unfair to people named Karen. That being said, the one Karen in my family is quiet the boomer.

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    Screw you Karen.

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    Damn, you were faster. I approve this. No: even more, i'd sign it, if i could.

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    I'm generally in favor of it, we needed a slur for people who can't mind their own fucking business. At the very least it poses what I think is one of the great unasked questions... what is my responsibility to people I share an environment with? Is it right that people should be able to dictate my actions by their flimsily-held opinions? Or do they need to go fuck themselves? I think we're not so clear on that, and things would be better if we were. And it applies to both sides, across many issues.

    This isn't even about masks for me, I'll wear a mask if the science says it helps, and it's the best information we have, I don't give a fuck what the political dichotomy says about it.

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    Unfortunately since the slur was a female name misogynists ran with it and ruined the joke. Now any non-poor woman with an opinion is a Karen. We do need something to call the selfish entitled pricks that won't wear masks and treat customer service people like garbage, but we don't need another excuse to dogpile on women.

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    Sure we do. Women are the most privileged people in society. We also need a small-dick-driving-a-powerful-car equivalent for women. If you don't agree, then you're not really a feminist.

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    My daughter is named Karen. My ex named her, I was too out of it to care. But she is stigmatized by the name, and considering changing it. Some meme's hurt.

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    You know what also hurts? Being a poor woman repeatedly terrorized all through life by wealthy white women who think they run the show and are highly verbally abusive. You guys are all so concerned with stopping this Karen meme but you won't discuss the real problem, that there is a phenomenon of wealthy white women who are narcissistic af and think they can stomp around this planet doling out demands and screaming at people and not having to deal with the consequences due to the real phenomenon of a pussy pass.

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    No disagreement there. I am also a poor woman. The soccer moms are also militant.

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    :::::: White Middle aged privileged women... hmmmmmmmm, who would have started this meme?

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    Who was the first Karen and was her name actually Karen?

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    The meme alone is a generalization fallacy.