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Reddit is done at this point. There has never been a hard right meme sub ever since zoomerright was taken down. It's especially useless to try after the June 29th content policy update, they now are allowed to simply ban any sub they want without needing a reason.

If you're looking for a similar place, is pretty similar although I wouldn't advise going there as it seems like a massive honeypot.

You could go to and they'll generally allow you to make the same types of posts that were on zoomerright and the two main predecessors (PissEarthBegins and CringeAnarchy), although that isn't the main focus of the site (it's anti-degeneracy and pro self-improvement, there's way less focus on race).

There's that one website that almost no one knows about,, but it's basically just a super obscure version of voat.

You could also recreate zoomerright on saidit, then advertise it on, then those who are simply looking for a right wing meme sub can have a sub dedicated to that one purpose. Note that if you choose this option, you'll need to disable the posts from reaching s/all, as only subs that uphold the pyramid of debate and its principles are allowed to be seen by everyone. Meme subs inherently don't produce constructive conversations.

Whatever you do, don't even click on reddit ever again, boycotting so that they lose out on revenue is the best course of action.

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I'm don't know what "zoomerright" means, but I find anti-left jokes on r/Bbutforreddit, r/4chan and I just found r/offensivememesboi2.