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The following facts hurt people's feelings:

Martha P Johnson wasn't trans and didn't throw the first brick. The USA didn't invent the gay liberation movement.

White transwomen have the lowest murder rate in the world out of any demographic.

The vast majority of murdered transwomen were not murdered in hate crimes.

Intersex people are still classified as either male or female. They're is no such thing as an intersex person that is both.

Men are significantly more likely to be raped by another man than they are to be falsely accused of rape by a woman.

The vast majority of men don't seek custody of their own kids. Over 90% of custody agreements are made outside of the court. 75% of men who seek custody will get it.

If you've only ever been with men your whole life and suddenly your spouse transitions, you're not suddenly a lesbian.

The majority of pressure new moms get to be perfect are from other women.

The majority of LGBT spaces are filled with bored straight chicks that see as us as a cool fashion accessory to pat themselves on the back. Pink haired straight white chicks are more rabid and vicious towards lesbians over our sexual boundaries than transwomen.

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The USA didn't invent the gay liberation movement.

Where did it come from?

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Every country had their own gay rights movements throughout history.