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I'm still trying to figure out how to find subs. I know they're there but I'm literally typing in search and hoping

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Same as you did on that shit hole website you left, browse all.

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All is just showing me a list of top posts across all the subs. That's not an organised way to find useful communities that match my interests. It's also heavily individual subs, for example right now /s/MeanwhileOnReddit/ is dominating the /s/all list. Not useful at all.

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You can mute subs you know you'll never be interested in. And then browse by new, or insightful, or top, or fun.

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s/discoversaidit, but it's not very active. Best thing to do is just type in your favourite subs from reddit. Enjoy them if they exist, create them if they don't!

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Someone needs to fix the front page!

Three day old links? Get your shit together Saidit. The refugees are here. If they don't find a working site, THEY WILL LEAVE!

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I see one 2 day old post that got a ton of votes. We just sped up the algo like 3 days ago.

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Holy shit... Someone complains and they actually got an answer!? Is that even possible? Surely its illegal right?

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Maybe do a weekly thread to recommend subs.

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That's why I wish someone would post a list of the subs that reddit banned recently, so I know what to search for here.

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The best way is to keep clicking "ALL" at the top, then "New", "Insightful", "Fun", "Popular" and subscribe to the subs that have content that interests you.

Also, Friending the people who post stuff that you find interesting is great, you can also click "FRIENDS" at the top and get a sort of sub-digest of your friends' contributions. It's a great way to keep up with what's going on.

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I think that's a really good idea.

Does anyone know how those 30 subs are determined? Is it just the 30 most active? I was kind of put off by some of the content I was for some reason automatically subscribed to. I can imagine that drives some new users away. Perhaps the auto-subs should be less controversial?

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the "default subs" are hand picked by admins

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    Subscribed ' should be an empty object...Why would anybody want to be automatically subbed to anything... I mean, there are subs in there that make no sense for everyone like s/policeMisconduct or s/programmerhumor...The only police misconduct in my country is that they don't treat criminals more harshly and the only programmer humor I know is Why did a programmer quit his job; Because he didn't get arrays.

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    Arrays huh? That's pretty good

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    /r/all isn't actually /r/all either. Seems the busiest subs don't follow the rules and have self-censored.

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    it's curation of content...I had a few comments about that exchanged with owners b4. Admins should never limit exposure to content that follows rules. That's real free speech, real exchange of ideas ,when everyone can pick for themselves out of things genuinely most popular...But

    i don't wanna bother the admins with this shit no more. If they feel like curating, they feel like curating

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    They can go to if they just want free speech.

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    I look at it like the mods of these subs have opted out free speech and the exchange of ideas, in favor of a safe space. I think we'd all prefer if they weren't ban happy redditors. The power mod issue is one of the main reddit problems. Maybe there are better ways to tackle it.

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    I actually agree with the system they have. I don't want 'all' to be full of toxic communities that ban any newcomer for (often unknowingly) challenging their narrative. If I see a topic on all that interests me I'd like to contribute even if it goes against the grain of that sub, simple as. The alternative is a front page in which half the discussions are off limits to me, and I have to start filtering them like on reddit. My only problem is that the self-censoring makes discovery of niche subs more difficult.

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    I find myself posting links to inappropriate default groups so my post gets seen, instead of the group I really want to post to. I think other people do the same.

    If we defaulted to being subbed to all groups, then it would encourage small communities to form.

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    u/magnora7, give us your thoughts, what do you think? Really the exposure of newish subs is quite limited this way. Especially for people who are not experienced reddittors...They might just understand the concepts of new and "hot" posts... How would they know that they are subbed to only a few subs overall until they spent a lot of time on Saidit...

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    The welcome message that new users get in their inbox explains this

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    Well fck, I tried :D

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    The interesting subs are hard to find, and when you do find one you can't be sure it wasn't created and abandoned a year ago.

    I started one /s/opinionpieces and it is growing very slowly. I think it will be years before it has a good base of users. Unless you use /all all the time (most people don't) you're just gonna have a hard time.

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    Been meaning to ask: any good subs I should check out that aren't auto-subs?

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    According to your username:


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    Noice! :)

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    Maybe the best thing for you would be to push ALL in top left and then the subs that you don't wanna scroll over you mute...Like Ice_Poseidon2, you don't wanna be exposed to that degeneracy. I muted them myself but just as I thought I was out, they pull you right back in.

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    Okay now I HAVE to check Ice_Poseidon2 out...

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    30? I was subbed to 600+ subs that i now have to manually unsub

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    I pretty much unsubscribed to everything when I first joined, and subscribed to what I cared for afterwards.

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    When I first joined the subscribed' section included ALL the subs...I think Magnora is a practical guy, he'll do what's best when it's time. He might be doing a little bit of 3d chess by schmoozing the Reddit refugees with all blue pill content and then it's our job to proper overdose them when they are situated lol

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    IIRC, most of the issues we had were fixed. I recall spending 10 minutes clicking all of the unsubscribe buttons. XD

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      Hi. Click then and sub this one s/DogsNfrens, I will be posting loads of animal related content, rescues and so on

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      Related question, but is frontpage in slide for saidit the same as /all ?