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Just realize that the internet now has the most youngest people the internet has ever had. These youtubers you mention are famous in the 8-14 year old demographic. That's literally their audience, and how they got the views that gave them ad revenue. So much of the internet is being re-organized around the behavior of children, because they are easy to influence and a child's pageload looks just the same to the advertising agencies as any other internet traffic.

But I think we're seeing this trend peak, but it's still got some mileage left in it.

Then add on top of that all the propaganda, and special interest groups, and astroturfing... and you get the internet we see today.

But for us people who remember how the internet used to be 10 years ago or more... it leaves a sour taste.

That's part of why saidit exists. Trying to re-establish some maturity, logic, and sensibility in to internet culture again. Instead of letting it all get overwhelmed by literal childish nonsense.

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True words. Maybe only tangentially related, but I'm also a big hater of how everything these days seems to be designed for touchscreen devices. There are large blobs for buttons, shit called 'hamburger menu' (it was made for mobile devices where you have to make every fraction of an inch count... Not large desktop screens with a very high precision pointing device), JavaScript everywhere. I get that a considerable % of people use touchscreen devices on the internet, but when I actually visit most websites like this they ask to download their crappy app so what's the point anyway.

Here is a link I found explaining these things much better than I ever could.

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JavaScript everywhere

This shit is so annoying. Twitter, a website that loads posts with (at most) 280 characters, takes a good few seconds to load. All while spiking CPU usage. Same for youtube comments.

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Another reason I'm glad saidit doesn't have ads, it cuts the pageload times in half

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Yo, OP finna boutta get dabbed on.

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bruhhh CTFU

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Oh god. The flashbacks to that movie. We're almost living it. The collapse of public education is leading us there.

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The public education isnt failing, it is being subverted by egaltarian communist values.

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History. English. Math. Science. Everything else in public schools should be an optional class incapable of damaging your grade.

There's no logical reason for a mandatory Pottery Class that could lower my grade based on the opinions of an "Art" teacher on whether or not they liked my artistic design.

History is barely taught in schools. I've learned more history from wikipedia than 10 years of school.

English is a joke. My high school was full of people who considered Dr. Seuss a literary genius because it lacked big words. You might think, oh, foreign exchange students must have been having trouble then. NO! The kids raised in other countries would show up with fluent English better than the natives, plus their own language. Somehow their English lessons are better than ours. What's even worse is that past middle school the teachers run out of stuff to teach, so the class turns into "Book appreciation class" where they spoon feed the class a few "School Approved" books to read out loud. That's how I found out half my class couldn't read. When the teacher picked a kid to read from the book and stuttered through it so hard I thought they were joking. Then comes the "Describe how the character felt" essays that the "teacher" would dock points at random. The damn multiple choice tests were even worse. "The the main character a)Mad b)Angry or c)Irritated" How the tf is useful?

Math class wasn't all that bad most of the time. The poor teachers I had honestly wanted to help. One of mine even took time out of class to explain how debit cards work. A classroom full of teenagers with debt and we never knew how bad it all was. Wasn't part of the textbook, but it should have been. Combined with being half asleep it's amazing anybody can pass that class. There's no reason why students need to get up that early for school.

Science was a coin flip. Sometimes you get a teacher who knows shit. Other times you get one without a spine that will never correct someone talking about magical crystals out of fear that doing so could result in them losing their job. To think, that for speaking about science, the thing they have multiple degrees in, and educating a student, what they are supposed to be paid to do, they could get fired. And we all sit back and let that happen.

Colleges overprice everything because there's no way to stop them.

Private schools are a double edged sword. 90% of them controlled by different religions who don't really care about education, only money and politics.

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One thing, i think metalworking, wood working, mechanics, sewing, cooking, and home budgeting should all be mandatory as well.

When I learned that some schools don't even have those classes but they are pushing to teach the 37 genders, it deeply saddens me.

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While I agree with you that all of those are important, I think mechanics and farming would be the nost useful. The amount of people who can't change a tire is proof that knowledge of cars should be taught in public schools. Driving is basically a requirement in modern life. You have to go out of your way to avoid it. Even I had to bite the bullet and get a car. Why is it normal in our society to expect the parents to take time out of their day to teach a child how to drive? I've known people with two working parents. They didn't have time to teach them. If something is required to become a productive citizen it should be taught in schools. Tax money is going somewhere. Might as well get some use out of it.

Farming is another thing that gets overlooked. Not everybody is going to live in a big city. America still has lots of open land for sale. People can save a lot of money growing food in their backyard.

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I agree. While high minded pursuits like English lit are important, it's equally important to have at least a basic understanding of how the fundamentals behind our world work.

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Also writing and learning grammar, vocabulary, and language expressions is also very important although I assume that goes inside the english catagory correct? I also think we should be taught different kinds of politics and philosophy in school instead of the history classes. Also it would be important to teach them how their local, state, and federal governments work. Tbh most of history classes are just propaganda, the only thing they teach you about the KKK, Nazis, and Confederates in school that they were big meanie racists that killed millions for no reason. As for science honestly most things taught in science is kind of useless like theories about things that can never be proven. I think we should just drop tectonic plate, and evolution and creationism theory anyways. The only sciences that really matter are biology, anatomy, and the scientific experiments.

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teach them how their local, state, and federal governments work.

A class about how government functions would be awesome, although I have serious doubts such a thing would be possible to do in an unbiased manner. First time someone's son or daughter comes home telling their parents how they have switched parties people will start raising hell. College can't even do it without picking a side. There would be boycott on public schools if it was tried at a younger target audience.

As for the science argument, I believe in anything that yields repeatable results. Earth is round. Gravity exists. The idea of evolution gets tossed around because the archaeological record of bones seem to indicate beneficial mutations are passed onto the next generation. There's no other way to currently explain it. It shows a possible solution to the mystery. There's enough facts stacked to support it that it's practically become a fact. My issue with the creationism theory is that it fails to ask any questions, answer any questions, and from a scientific standpoint anything that asks nothing and offers nothing is nothing.

biology, anatomy,

The amount of people who have no idea how their own bodies work on a rudimentary level is deeply disturbing. The sex education in schools a joke. It tells as little as possible to the point of being almost useless. Fuck equal baby. No shit. Why an adult feels the need to deprive their children of this valuable information is beyond me. At the very least an anatomy textbook should be given to public high schools. It might even decrease teen pregnancy numbers.

scientific experiments.

Weirdest thing about science class: Knowing the scientific method was never on a test at my school.

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It wasn't until college that I realized that science and math are backwards: if the experiment gives different results than the math, then the math is wrong, not reality.

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You are spreading conservative propaganda, stop.

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Why both conservatives and progressives parties are owned by jews pal. I would prefer to call myself a traditionalist rather than a cuckservative. Cuckservatives do nil at conserving anything and are more so the party that everyone votes when the progressives push their egaltarian one world one race agenda too hard. Even then in a few years cuckservatives will start adopting progressive values and being against the new agenda that progressives have whether it be adding pedophilia, necrophilia, and zoophiloa to lgbtqpipoc+. Sadly there are no popular traditionalist parties because non of them get funded by jews or corporations so they never see the spotlight.

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It's a lot worse that a few commies. lol

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egaltarian communist values

This is like criticizing north korea for being a democratic republic lmao. Nothing neolibs believe is egalitarian or communist. Or "progressive". Words don't just mean whatever tf you want them too they have actual definitions lol. Straight up mentally retarded identity politics have no bearing on reality

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Almost? The number 4 show today in Canada on Netflix is "the floor is lava."

"Ow my balls" starts next week?

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I had to Google this and I thought you were kidding. I’m laughing in public like a maniac. It is honestly to the point of “ow! My balls”.

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we live in a crazy world. That seems to foreshadow the horrid future. In comedy form!

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h3h3 spoke to this exact topic and he said something to the tune of "If you're left with no explanation as to why a video is popular, there is just one final explanation: kids."

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So I ask - Do you ever feel isolated or alone because of your interests vs. what is pushed in the popular main stream?

Not in any negative sense, but I'm pretty individualistic by nature. I do realize that what I like and will even tolerate is outside of most people's range.

Yet that content that explodes is the guy doing the commentary saying "bruh that paint job fire doe! Fuck I crashed bruh loloolol! bruh I drive like a boomer dooo!". I can't make this up.

When I browse for interesting/funny things on youtube, a tremendous amount of time I end up closiing the video immediately because the guy ends up pissing me off in under a second. Usually with some "zany" greeting or the like.

"Reaction videos" are a blight on humanity too.

Edit: I'll add, for all the horseshit on youtube, there's some great stuff.

Townsends is a good example. He has a 'gimmick' I guess, but he's tremendously soft-spoken and interesting, and seems to honestly enjoy not just "making content for youtube" but doing the very thing he likes, which happens to be figuring out what someone in the 1800s ate a bar or the like.

The Coding Train is run by a guy who I thought was a flat out flaming homosexual (he is not, even if he's a leftist SJW sort), and - while he definitely has a, uh, quirky personality, it's mostly an expression of his apparent legitimate love for what he covers.

I suppose the thing to keep in mind is a lot of people are idiots or children and so long as both are numerous, count on shit content being made.

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Good reply mate. I agree.

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"Some act like they're 15 when they're 30."

Which is a big red flag.

That's what DJs in the 1960s used to do and we all know how that worked out.

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I totally agree. I know that such content is meant to appeal to the lowest common denominator, but you don't have to be a genius with super niche interests to find any other interesting content beyond it, so I don't understand why it's THAT prevalent.

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Sorry, I don’t understand this comment. Could you reword it?

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I'll try, no guarantees though.

  1. The content you don't like is designed to appeal to the majority of audience, and the easy to please audience.

  2. It is absolutely not the case that you need to be ultra intelligent to consume content other (and maybe better) than those videos made for audience mentioned in (1). Even the people mentioned in (1) can look beyond the content mentioned in (1).

  3. Even so, low effort children-aimed content is very prevalent. The op does not understand why it is so despite (2).

Sorry if I mucked it up even more.

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This is true and my apologies if I once again misread the point, but what I have seen is that the niche content that made youtube what it once was is being smothered all together. It's like a giant television network now and that saddens me. There really aren't that many places to go. Yeah, bitchute is great but a massive share of the videos are political and it seems to be buggy when uploading.

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This is correct, thanks! I couldn't put those thoughts into words too well

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I am also confused

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I made some slight changes but the guy below got it right

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I've never understood the Karen meme. It is pretty annoying. Yes, there are obnoxious customers, but it's finally devolved into 'i don't like this person so they are a Karen lmao' it's also living longer than I expected it to.

Besides if you do have a problem, why give shit to the poor guy behind the counter when he can't even fix it? (I don't know how it works in your country but where I live, there are few things that the worker can do.) Politely ask for the manager and talk to him or her about the problem you have.

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Yeah I wish there was more furry content on youtube.

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It's more confusion when I watch these channels and have a hard time comprehending how this is the leading and hot content.

(1) Parents giving their kids their phones/computers to watch videos when they at home bored or in the store/doctor office etc.

(2) Schools letting kids go online, but with limited access to sites, leaving youtube as one of their only entertainment options during lunch in the computer lab.

(3) Parents giving kids access to technological freedom (phones, computers, consoles, etc) at earlier ages. (E.G. In my mother's time, a computer was not something you even touched until adulthood. In my time, I got to play supervised little kid games earlier on around 7. Later at 13-ish I was aloud to go online and browse freely. Now in the present, in my friends' kids' time, they are given smartphones, video game consoles with browser access, and gaming build computers to use freely at ages as young as under 10.)

(4) Kids, at various ages, using other kids' technology (Phones, computers, consoles) and having internet freedom when at friends' houses.

(5) Kids...

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"hey yo dog it's ya boi" -- the whitest whitey to ever white a white

YouTube can be strange.

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What entertains people?

I guess people who have very low self-esteem are attracted by those who display a fake super self-esteem persona. And there are a lot of people with super low self-esteem especially among the young.

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Sturgeon's Law: "80% of everything is crap."

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OP, you just sound young. You'll get used to it and get better at finding the "four leaf clovers" after a while.

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I’m not young. I just never paid attention to it. I think differently than most people. So when I was watching these videos I couldn’t really understand the allure. If anything it’s because I’m older and I’m not young.