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Sounds like a good idea to me. I think what we're seeing right now is a lot of refugees from reddit who are pissed off at their new policies, which ties in to politics/differences from saidit etc. I think (hope) things will settle down a bit in a couple of weeks when the refugees calm down and just resume what they were doing on reddit before they were pushed out.

Personally, I like music and music production. What do you like/want to talk about?

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I read a lot. I do some writing.. I like history, but I don't really want to politicize it. s/books had several things about the Jewish conspiracy. Kinda a hard pass for me.

I'm going to start scanning AskReddit and either rewording the questions or using them to inspire my own.

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The right wingers (from the centre to afar) were generally not welcome in subreddits, so they have been dwelling in these so called free speech alternatives quietly longer than most of us (most of whom migrated post Reddit purge), so some of the content might be a bit intense for the regular crowd. I have observed a few as well. Good on them, as long as they are not inciting or mobilising for violence.

You can contribute your own content to these subs and balance them a little perhaps. After all, we share and build the community.

Also, I greatly appreciate the lack of downvotes in Saidit

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You can contribute your own content to these subs and balance them a little perhaps. After all, we share and build the community.

Yeah, I'll try to be the change I want to see in the SaidIt. Just trying to light the fire for others as well. Every pleasant discussion, word game, or cat meme actually strengthens the place by making it more of a home.

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Also, I greatly appreciate the lack of downvotes in Saidit

Isn't it a breath of fresh air? No one is getting instantly buried and shamed, even when everyone else doesn't agree with them. It's so great.

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Wanna post on s/books together? Although because most of the posts there are blegh it's not clear what the "culture" of any posts made there should ideally be. I suppose we could make it up as we go...?

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Sure. Although I might be on a bit of a lull, because I've been ironically enough reading a bunch of books about fascism and reactionaries lately. I don't really want to give any fuel.

But I'll check it and read what you write at least.

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I welcome the fresh content you bring, for now I think as the above commenter said it's an influx of people riding the ban wave from Reddit and that's what a lot of the posts are going to be about.

It's going to take some time to get to any form of new normal. And keep in mind the people from reddit (myself included) were banned for political opinions or alleged hate speech.

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Seems like being angry at reddit on reddit is all I've been doing for the last 3 years.

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Haha same! Reddit pisses me off yet I still use it anyway.

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Yo, I’m new here! I’ve noticed there’s a weird push by some posters trying to move things more towards Voat but I’m hoping that that does settle down too. One thing I think would be nice is to see more subs population for things like movies and conics (personally) and the more our hobby subs develop, the more chance there’ll be to see things become more about peace and love

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I think both s/movies and s/comics exist already, so head over and be the change you wanna see!

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I like reading (Fantasy mainly), IT stuff, web design, music (Metal), Vinyls etc. I would love a Fantasy sub, if there isn't one already. Though I've not actually checked.

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Easiest way to check is just doing s/fantasy and seeing if it leads anywhere... I think I might have seen an s/sciencefiction while browsing for promising options...

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Give it time. Reddit will be a pretty hard topic to avoid for a while and once that settles down, there’s still COVID and the election. Little by little, things will hopefully even out as more people migrate over.

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Oh man, you're right. I forgot how much the election just sucked the oxygen out of EVERYTHING in 2016. It was awful. I vowed I'd never do it again.

But I really do feel for people who got screwed out of a public space. I'm here in a kind of solidarity. But, no, I'm not even going to vote.

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As someone not from America, how the fuck do you guys handle a 3 year election campaign?

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Well, it's one of those things that has grown and grown . . . like a cancer. Our "lower-chamber" of Congress, the House of Representatives puts everyone up for re-election every 2 years, and so it is already the case that they are in permanent election mode and therefore can't get anything done. I was alive for the "24 Hour News Cycle" to be new enough that people commented on it, rather than assumed it as a given. And anti-social media has really thrown gasoline on our fire here.

It's a terrible thing, and I wish more people would just wake up to it and opt out of the hysteria. But that means giving up the axes they are grinding, too. Or at least putting them done so explore other beauties and to love those around them. Holiday meals should not have to be ruined just because we have a dysfunctional political system. And too many families have now split their meals on political lines, which should not be seen as a win.

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It's easy, we just assume our politicians are having lunches with lobbyists and working on their re-elections 24/7.

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It only happens when a Republican wins. When a Democrat wins all the Republicans go back to their normal lives. But when a Republican wins it's time to destroy everything and then cry until Republicans rebuild it.

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You still have this national tour to decide who from the party will be nominated.

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I agree with you, for saidit to grow into a proper reddit alternative we need to have more than wacky politics (which is fine and should be allowed) and endless talk about how shit reddit has become.

In order to meliorate this problem we can't just complain to others about how their not doing it we have to be proactive. How about making new subs and posting in them? I have personally made a number of subs and am waiting for users to populate them, occasionally I post to an empty crowd but I can only hope that one day it will be populated.

I made:


All of which are neither politics/conspiracy or reddit critique.

Lets make it how we want it to be.

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RIP to Mr. Swartz. What a great soul he was.

I'll also check out s/Chess. I mostly like solving chess puzzles. I don't think I'll ever have the motivation to get into opening theory enough to be much good.

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when you want to recover ecology of a mountain, first you plant certain types of trees that live for ten or twenty years that are easy to survive on next to nothing, and then you bring in more diverse species of plants. i think something similar applies to smaller forums like saidit.

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Well said.

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  1. What is your name?

  2. What is your quest?

  3. What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

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What kind of swallow?

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The pornhub kind.

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What would you like to talk about? I know a teeny, tiny amount about a huge range of things, making me all but useless in general... Like a character in a video game where you put 1 in every skill, but you need 5 in anything to even use it.

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Well, I'm going to head to sleep. But, yeah, I'll start trying to get some conversation going. I'm really just trying to light a fire under people to get things other than politics going.

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Have a good sleep! Can you please sleep facing the window? It makes it easier for me to creep out of the cupboard and get a snack. Thanks!

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The fact that we're all refugees from censorship creates this, likes addicts discussing addiction in rehab, or prisoners discussing the reasons they ended up in jail. It'll probably pass if there is a stable enough userbase.

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Well said u/EATADICK. Well said. . .

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I am not a normal human. I am a meat popsicle.

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You can consider creating interesting topical subs (with wikis) for people to discover as SaidIt grows - and for yourself collect your interests in your own custom "playlists" with personal multisubs. There's MUCH more potential to SaidIt than just the front page.

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You could start a sub for that... maybe /s/noredditsaiditorpolitics... just spit balling here.

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Most def: This is a really nice THESIS. Approved.

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I agree. We need some people to be top contributors of a sub of their choice and try to post at least 3 posts a day there. So, when users find this sub, they will see a lot of posts and they will be more likely to contribute to the discussion, which helps Saidit thrive.

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That would be a good strategy, for sure.

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It would be great if some of the hobby related subs started getting some activity. Pretty much all the better than reddit sites like saidit still have nothing going on for non-politics and non-reddit content.

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yeah, it's dominating every sub right now. there are plenty of rooms for those things already. we don't have to talk about it here too.

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Well stop posting about it and start posting the type of content you want to see.

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I am. You can both advertise your intention to do something and then do that thing.

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But any mention of Reddit gets you instantly to front page and that's all that most people care about. This site has just become a place to bash Reddit. Even with muted subs one can still see that this site has just become a dumping ground for pissed of redditors who only want to talk about how bad Reddit is. It's boring.

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Hopefully it can improve and get more interesting.

I guess it is up to us to try.

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That does seem to be the narrative here.

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Reddit can suck my huevos, ese

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Reddit es pura mierda, si. . . Claro! Pero, porque no discutir otras cosas tambien?

Sorry, not going to look for Spanish keys to make all of that accurate.

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Reddit es muy homo, comprende?

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I've got a question, is there a good place here to find others who build model or full sized boats? I'm brand new due to the reddit purge so I don't know my way around.

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s/boats exits, but it doesn't look very active.

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What gender male or female is the narrator of tale tale heart and why do you think so ?

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I go with male mainly because Poe was male.

That's a good thought-provoking question, though. It'd be a good attention getter to a part of a lesson or something.

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My English class was true crime themed and one of the discussions was why do we automatically assume that the narrator in take take heart is male.

Most did say because poe was Male but my professor tried to dig deeper.

We even got into questioning what makes people mad .

Like how the narrator says their not mad in the is the narrator mad or is it just an attempt to think there mad so they can away with a murder . Kind of thing.

Our class had a lot of sweet debates about such things . It was really fun to think about said things.