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I'm a refugee also; and while the two weeks (and one week after for any other subs one might want to create) seems like an eternity, I see it as a (forced) chance to get to know everyone and to get to know the culture here. I would hate to just recreate reddit on this reddit clone.

The refugees and the early adoptees here are all here because Reddit has been pushing people away for a long time, left, right, weird, a-little-too-normie, everyone. Maybe we should find common ground and stuff before disappearing into our sub-enclaves. (edited to add: but if we could get out of that long wait, that would be cool too)

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I agree, it would just be nice to catch some of the coming wave. A lot of people will be visiting but won't stay is a community of interest doesn't yet exist, especially some of the smaller hobby subreddits. I just want to create some medical subs for shits and giggles. Those were not even banned.

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here is a big list of some subs that have already been created, if it helps at all

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Excellent point. There are a lot of subs here already, that's kinda cool. I agree the two weeks thing is rough, especially in light of the massive immigration thing.

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Admins /u/magnora7 /u/d3rr I feel this may be a somewhat important issue to allow existing communities to remain cohesive. /s/ice_poseidon2 talked about how it was important to their community to be able to regroup quickly when they were banned, and I assume this is true for other communities as well.

The most polite people are simply going to follow the rules without bothering anyone with asking, so if you are open to making exceptions to the wait limit due to the mass ban, I would encourage you to make a public post about it so polite people are able to regroup their communities too.

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Na I am just going to wait. The subs I want to create were not banned on the parent site, it would just be nice to have an alternative without moderation. Luckily there is no mass influx of users from those subs so there is no rush for me to create. Thank you for your suggestion though

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Fair enough. I guess I wasn't just thinking of your situation though. Though I'm not sure if stranded communities are actually having problems getting a sub set up.

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No it was a good suggestion though. I thought about doing that or asking someone to set up a sub before deciding to wait.

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Maybe a friendly saiditter will create a sub for you if you don't mind losing the "created by" credit.

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Ya, I was thinking about doing that. I don't care about the credit and wouldn't even touch it in terms of moderation. The parent subs on reddit I wan't to recreate are not even banned so there is not an urgent need for me to create one.

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Yeah I think this is important. There is another community on SaidIt that seemed to think being able to regroup quickly was important to retaining members.

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People lose interest quickly, but also I am not a user of this website so what can ya do you know?

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My account is 2 weeks old, but I cant see how to make a new sub.

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The main page has a "create new sub" button (on the bottom in mobile and on the side in desktop)

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I see it. I have to switch to desktop view on my phone.

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I'd rather have the anti-semitism of small-dick virgins than the Orwellian censorship of fascist faggots.