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I followed Katie Hopkins into Parler after her account of 1.1 Mil followers was 'permanently' suspended this time. Yes, Parler is not as open as Twitter and it kind of feels like the circulation of information is guarded by high walls and away from the visiting public. I registered, quite a few big name conservatives are there. Katie has been posting as usual as she would on Twitter.

Overall, I like the community, however their website and app can be pretty jittery and hoping they will polish it with increasing popularity. Recommended. Gab is another option with smoother interface and similar user-base.

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I have an account on gab but got bored after a few days because the site is dead, also theres a lot of idiots on that site complaining about jews last time i was on there. (and this was after the Gab mass shooter incident) Im all for free speech but the irrational jew bashing makes the site look like trash, i havent been on there for several months so dont know if any changes were made

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If you hate jew bashing, Saidit isn't the place for you. Every time jews are brought up, its in hateful rhetoric and conspiracy theories. I don't know why thats the case.

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Saidit doesn't seem any worse than reddit does as far as that goes...

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I see. Well, the the right thinkers are deplatformed on most mainstream social media. So they find their safe space in these free speech platforms. I haven't come across any though.

I am sure they are a minority of people, I'd just ignore them.