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Tractor Supply Company is one. Good for pet supplies and outdoor stuff even if you aren't a farmer. Also one of the only companies out there that has white people in their commercials that aren't denigrated as cucked, stupid, criminal, etc.

None of the firearms manufacturers have released a cucky statement to my knowledge.

In essence - these companies know that their market is 99% white.

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TSC is full of Chinese made crap though, but I may make a point of shopping there anyway now.

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china hates black people

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Black people strange

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Yeah but China considers themselves superior to everyone that's not Chinese. I will agree they look down on Blacks more than Whites though.

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It's a very weird stance to take, but in the near future I might start preferring Chinese companies to American ones, based purely on their stances on social issues. Most "American" companies manufacture their stuff in China anyway, so really you're just paying extra for a brand that virtue-signals against you.

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They, the media and the movement have sown the narrative if you are not for them you are against black lives.

Your silence is your implicitness in being against black lives and a far right white supremacist.

How do you fight that as a public company with shareholders? You don't.

You issue a BLM buddy statement and tuck yourself in at night because as a corporate drone you were always a tool anyway.

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The issue with this is that pandering for profits is exactly what is destroying this country. If we’re gonna change the country it starts with those who have power-corporations-have to stop being afraid of pissing of the consumer mob.

These people don’t care about being a healthy consumer. A small bottle of arrowhead water just went from 99 cents to $1.79. That’s almost double. Most consumers won’t notice and will continue to buy arrowhead. I however am now boycotting the company. Not for social points but because this is illegitimate business practice.

I’m also boycotting YouTube for censorship and passing on the Apple Tax(YouTube music) to consumers which increases the price of the service 33%. I’ve had enough with submitting to greedy corporations and am in the process of creating a website that exposes greed in the consumer market in order to organize boycotts for change.

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To their credit, BLM has made almost exactly the same criticism of the companies they feel are "co-opting" their movement.

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The company I work for put out a company-wide email supporting BLM. I emailed back pointing out that corporate pandering is a major part of the reason. I expect to be let go some time in the very near future.

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See if you can get John McWhorter to speak at your next diversity training day.

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Definitely a very risky move. I respect your acting on principle.

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I wouldn't jeopardize your job over this. If no one's mind will be changed by you making a stand, it's better to quietly make money off the company and use it for yourself and your family.

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Has Chik-Fil-A cracked yet? Probably.

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Yeah they cracked. Put out a letter saying they support the movement and the ceo put out a personal message saying all her black friends are sick of being tired because they are oppressed.

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I hate this fucking garbage about oppression

Nobody is oppressing you
Except you and your nigger buddies.

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I feel like if i were black i would be even more anti SJW than i currently am. I would be disgusted by so many people trying really hard to always paint me as a victim. Unfortunately for some reason it seems like it's rare for blacks to reject that shit.

Like this post for example:

The "white privilege" one sticks out to me. Even if it's fact that there is white privilege, what does it say about you to whine about it even a little? That you're a pussy, whiny, self-pitying bitch. Like it really just makes you look so bad as a fucking man. Just seems like blacks being victims is a pretty self-fulfilling prophecy at this point when you compare them to asians. The victimhood mentality isn't doing them any favors.

But you gotta wonder how it might have even more to do with white liberals who seem to feel tremendously insecure on behalf of black people. Soft bigotry of low-expectations i suppose is what it is. They think so low of black people so they treat them like babies.

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Even if it's fact that there is white privilege, what does it say about you to whine about it even a little?

I was born poor white trash and my mom is a stereotypical obese welfare queen. My dream growing up was to have a home that I wouldn't be embarrassed to death to bring a friend over to visit. I would have loved to have just a small bit of that "white privilege" in my life.

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Oh man, tell me about it. My mom was Queen Hoarder who Oprah couldn't even have handled. My dad pulled me aside and said, "You know you can't have friends over, right?"

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I used to go to school just to find a clean bathroom. Weekends and summer were difficult for me.

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Man, I thought paint peeling in the shower was bad.

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May I introduce you to Mr. John McWhorter, professor at Columbia University.

How Ant-Racism Hurst Black People

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There’s actually a lot of good research to show in academia how lower expectations hurt black students. We see a tendency for black students to receive less critical feedback than their white peers, depriving them of opportunities for improvement. These progressives are scared to appear racist because they and the institution are racist.

I think it was a Thomas Sowell who talked about how affirmative action places black students in colleges where they are destined to fail. While they’d do fine in regular colleges, just like their white peers, they struggle to keep up when put into top colleges. The same would happen dropped the average white student into a top flight college. Most students would fail, regardless of ethnicity.

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Yeah, I was just watching a Sowell interview. Fascinating because not only is he black but also a reformed Marxist. Truly brilliant man. Tons of insights.

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interesting talk

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Love that, thank you! Matches up pretty nicely to my recent unpopular opinion post.

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My issue with it is that there doesn’t seem to be any companies that aren’t scared of public backlash for speaking out against this nonsense. I’m fairly certain not even a majority of these companies actually support BLM. They are placing profits above rationality and contributing to the issue.

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Dollar Shave Club just did you one better.

They didn't just step on their dick.

They stepped on their dick while it was half way through their GI tract.

Lemmi get you a quote from Jeremy Hamblys video



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Dollar Shave Club has been "woke" for awhile, so this isn't much change.

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They are placing profits above rationality and contributing to the issue.


You don't have to say anything, you just have to walk on.

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this is the equivalent of a cop telling you they're just trying to help

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They cracked long ago after the founder stepped down. They've been slowly adding in more woke people to run the company.

They still virtue signal to their original base though because they cite the "Well we're stroll closed on Sunday" mantra.. That's how they get a lot of mileage now.

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How much you want to bet the food goes SUPER downhill in the two years. I mean, it's already gone way down hill since I was kid eating them at the Echelon Mall when my mom found two for one coupons in the paper.

Imagine your idea of "going out to eat" as a kid being when your mom finds coupons in the paper for Chick-fil-a. Wow, I must be black! Actually, most of my black friends have always told me I was pretty much more black than them.

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Companies that lose their founders always seem to go this route.

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They bent the knee.

You’d think they would have learnt something from the earlier leftist mob attack and the popular support that arose in response to this. They certainly shouldn’t expect queues of conservatives and centrists next time the mob comes for them.

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Wow, I had thought it was just generic support but criticizing people by race is pretty bad. And then literally bowing down and shining the guy's shoes while promoting a "sense of shame" for things he's never done...

Guess I won't be supporting them again.

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What's freaking me out is not the tweets but when they black out the entire page with BLM in H1supercharged font ...

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Anyone have a list of companies who aren't bowing to the Coco Flu Hoax?

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I've heard of several but I can't recall them at the moment.

Here's the thing: BLM is criticizing the companies that ARE bowing for being fake and surface and co-opting their movement. It's only white suburban moms for BBC (WMB) that get fooled by this shit.

I overheard one two days ago excitedly squealing about de-funding the police and how The Revolution(TM) had finally begun. This woman lives in a beautiful large home in a tony part of town with three kids and a husband. Babe, you don't want the revolution because it's coming to your door first.

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Don't you love it that our bourgeois think they are the proletariat; and that they are endorsing an ideology that would utterly disenfranchise and dispossess them? Just goes to show the power of marketing.

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I think we (leftist children) are often raised to romanticize "The Revolution" a la that movie "Children of the Revolution." Some of us just fail to grow up and appreciate what we actually have in life and where it's come from.

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Doesn't BLM favor destruction of Israel? How's that going to work?

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It doesn’t matter what side you join. Thou art d00m’d regardless, if you murder innocents.

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There will have to be some pragmatism. The alternative is to boycott damn near every major company. Although both Spotify and Apple Music virtue signalled, I cancelled the latter, switching instead to the former, because Spotify didn’t break the product in the name of political activism. With Spotify I can simply ignore the virtue signalling while still getting what I pay for.

I will avoid companies where they cross the line and/or there’s a reasonable alternative. Proctor and Gamble was a no-brainier to drop after the Gillette fiasco. I can get my razors and soap from companies that don’t hate me.

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The alternative is to boycott damn near every major company.

Personally, I'm not even against this. I feel like people make this out as harder than it would have to be. There's plenty of alternatives out there. We just need to get people around to discuss them.

Still, you're right that being pragmatic is good. I think a lot of people see companies that post a black square on Twitter as identical to companies that donate millions to far-left political causes. There's obviously different levels, and we should be boycotting the worst offenders.

Good on you for boycotting Procter & Gamble, btw.

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Cheers. Just had to add Pepsi and Unilever over the Facebook bullshit. PayPal is more difficult to drop until I can persuade done creators to have an alternative. I already dropped Patreon ages ago for being censorious swine.

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I think companies like PayPal are questionable, because if they let you give more money to creators than they actually charge, I'm tentatively okay with that.

We should get more people on SaidIt to join the boycott. What do you think?

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Definitely, and encourage creators to join payment methods that aren’t engaging in left wing identitarianism. I’ve been able to continue supporting creators who setup at SubscribeStar.