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Once I saw a spinning wheel with symbols on it composed of smaller wheels spinning in opposite directions when I closed my eyes. Maybe 5 circular wheels in all forming one big wheel. It was after physical exertion so I think I knocked some spinal fluid loose or something and had an LSD flashback. I was otherwise sober or maybe a little high on pot. It lasted 2 or 3 minutes.

I have caught glimpses of this wheel previously once or twice on hallucinogens but this time it was complete and clear, at least if I closed my eyes. This is the only thing I have ever potentially hallucinated, I've never seen anything else fantastic while on drugs.

So I guess I've chalked it up to mundane LSD side effects but who knows what was happening. I certainly don't have enough knowledge of symbology to imagine something like this and I don't think it came from a movie I've seen but who knows.

It's been 15 years since I've touched a hallucinogen but yeah it was pretty interesting. It feels more mythological than paranormal but hey you got an answer to this nice post.

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Great reply. I do have to wonder what that was. I've heard of similar visions of turning wheels within wheels before. Thanks for the reply.

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“so i think i knocked some spinal fluid loose or something” I’m going to use this line