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"In a cult there’s a guy at the top who knows it’s all bullshit. In a religion that guy has been dead a long time." – George Carlin

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I miss George Carlin.

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I don't. He was funny but towards the end of his life he became a straight up misanthrope. He hated us because we weren't good enough for his world. And instead of being the change he wanted to see, he just spewed hate about it.

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He didn't have vision for the humanity, he just enjoyed the ride.

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Haven't heard that one before, that's great.

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Oh man. I award you the entire Internet for that comment. If only I could.

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I was at a bar the other night. I know, surprise, surprise.

But this chick is there more drunk than me asking about cults. She’s insisting I was raised in a cult so I relent and agree. So she asks which cult. I answer truthfully.


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Most people care more about trash than climate but somehow get grouped the same thing.

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Don't they have to have a charismatic leader to be a cult? Their leader is an asshole who slaps people around. I think they're a real estate investing fraud scheme.

Anyway, maybe Mormonism.

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Cult is a weird word for a definition:

But yeah, most Mormon communities are cults to me.

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    No, why?

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      Ah well, I did listen to the 6-part podcast series of The Last Podcast On The Left the last couple of weeks about Mormonism and although they have different branches with different beliefs and calling each-other 'worse than heresy' the main points of a cult are still checked. But that's the most deepest dive I've ever done into it.

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        It certainly beats Scientology and the Mormon story is somehow more believable, no sarcasm.

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          Jehovah's Witnesses

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            Yes Jehovah’s Witnesses are a cult and if your friend joins they will stop being with you or around u till u join them ! I was In for 20 years left 4 years ago so I don’t advise it at all !

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              I wouldn’t mind at all :) and if it’s already hard to talk about it , it only gets worse , unless your married they will keep advising her to not be with you or she can’t be a baptized JW , idk if it’s your friend or GF but yeah it’s club and your either in or not a part of they’re personal lives , my own family doesn’t speak with me since I left , I just turned 30 and it’s not the easier thing to deal with but I like to think for myself and not what a group tells me to think , and once your in that’s how they keep u in , bc if you leave your shunned by everyone you’ve ever known , for sure if your born into it

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                Got cha that’s cool , and yea I’m sure it has ! Wish her the best lol just don’t waste years in it and find out it’s all bs when your old lol If you have wanna know more about them check out jw ! Wonderful website helped me wake up and to see all the FACTS ! They say god doesn’t changed yet they change rules and call it new light lol like an elder one of the leaders I know who kicked me out for smoking pot lol has been a elder for 30 years who’s ruined who knows how many likes by disfellowshiping members who’ve sinned just came out he’s been buying prostitutes and cheating on his wife the whole time lol but yet he’s got light from god lol and worthy to be a leader of the sheep lol they kicked him out to know so that’s the only plus but still things like that , and Aton of child abuse reports that they don’t report to anyone except headquarters bc it’ll make gods name * Jehovah * look bad

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                It surprises me that in this day and age, that people still join up to religions like the JWs. 5mins on the internet should raise enough reasons to question it more.

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                  Wow yeah they got her already indoctrinated pretty much , and yea as young as 8 btw I knew a girl that got baptized at 8!!! I was 12 myself and 30 now and didn’t even realize at 12 I signed up for life to never question anything for myself ,it’s just really sad , and yes most are born into it or they come to u when your the most broken in your life like losing a husband or wife etc and ask would u like to see and be with them again ?! Ok well show you how ! And then there you go

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                  Hey there - I was in from around six or seven years old until about six years ago.

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                  Good I’m glad you got out also ! Idk how old u are now , but it gets easier with time right ?! :)

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                  Just hit my 40s bro, plenty of life left to make the most of, w00t. Glad you are out mate, nice to come across a fellow ex-JW on here.

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                  Absolutely you too!! I know the struggle 100% !!! I like the positive attitude !!

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                  Also I’m pretty much apostate and proud of it lol

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                  Oh well in that case I will be sure to avoid your bad association so that you don't drag me into your child eating ways MUA HAA HAAAAA

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                  Omg lol that is to funny !!!

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                  Nazis exterminated those just like they did Jews and Poles. Something forgotten today. Nobody's calling for Jehovah's witnesses sympathy.

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                  Judaism or Zionism?

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                  Zionism, but Judaism as a gateway to Zionism, which is a form of radical Judaism.

                  Not every Jewish person is a radical or a Zionist, that'd be stupid. The world isn't black and white (not saying you or anyone claimed they were, just pointing this out).

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                  That’s why I asked the question.

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                  If the Truth is found in text, ritual, or revelation by another: It's a cult.

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                  Aren't they all? I'm pretty sure the only difference between a religion and a cult is its size and social stigma. Besides that, they're both just groups of people that believe in unprovable nonsense.

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                  Like scientists?

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                  satanism in its many different forms: baal worship, baphomet worship, moloch worship, mammon worship, thelema, luciferianism, the law of one, sufism, kabbalah, rosicrucians, masons, hermeticism, idolatries etc

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                  While I might agree that these labels have groups that fulfill my 'cult checklist', calling them 'satanism' is just Church indoctrination.

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                  They use all the symbolism. They deserve the name if it fits.

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                  "The symbolism" aka anything not Church sanctioned.

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                  You don't get it. You think satanism is a banal thing and that only religious nuts don't see it. YOU have been indoctrinated without knowing it. Invisible indoctrination is much more powerful than the visible one in churches.

                  I'm not religious but if I were, I would say something like "I will pray for your soul."

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                  You make a lot of assumptions about me, the Church, and why I object to the categorization of all those labels under 'satanism' buddy.

                  But if you insist: How is the Church not 'invisibly indoctrinating' their followers since the early Church fathers with lies about the teachings of the prophet Jesus in such a fashion that even luciferianism comes closer when it comes to the inner journey, self liberation, not worshiping but having a guide, and truth seeking?

                  Or how about hermeticism, what's wrong with that all of a sudden?

                  Though maybe you can start by enlightening me what you mean with satanism in the first place and how I'm, according to you, indoctrinated by it.

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                  The Church is guilty of very VISIBLE indoctrination. Not invisible. I mean, the freaking priest tells you basically "do as I say or you will go to hell, believe what I say or you will go to hell" and so on. It's pretty visible.

                  Nothing's wrong with hermeticism, where did I write that?

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                  Can you explain what Invisible indoctrination is according to you? You present an example of a blatant lie (just read the bible), I presented the corruption nof the Church you can't uncover when you read the bible.

                  Nothing's wrong with hermeticism, where did I write that?

                  If you read the comments to which I replied in the first place you can read what is lumped under satanism and that's what started my replies, that's what set you off accusing me. Talking of which you've yet to explain any of it:

                  Though maybe you can start by enlightening me what you mean with satanism in the first place and how I'm, according to you, indoctrinated by it.

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                  To me, anything is a cult that:

                  • Claims to have secret inner teachings or interpretations but you have to pay more and more $$ to get them

                  • Claims to have unique teachings direct from some ethereal source

                  • Makes you continually recruit others (though some cults don't do this, many do)

                  • Isolates you from your family and friends

                  • Cuts you off from the whole group if you disagree/have questions/leave

                  • Engages in punishment or physical, psychological, spiritual abuse

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                  That's pretty edgy, attacking Scientology.

                  By which I mean it's been done a million times and has nothing to offer to the conversation.

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                  It’s pretty tiresome at this point. And I live in Scientology land and see them every day. All these leftist attacks on religion are trite at this point.

                  I’m not a member of any religious organization but I’m also not a member of any ANTI religious organization.

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                  Came here to say this.

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                  I don't see what the big deal is in slandering alternative belief systems as cults. It's okay that larger institutions fundamentally engage in similar behavior? I understand that bad actors in "cults" have harmed members in the past, yet larger/accepted institutions have done similar. People choose to be in a cult, and if that makes them happy then should be none of our concern.

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                  Well. Yeah. And all organized religions are sects and cults. So-called "religion" is supposed to be JUST "a way to inner connection with the divine". I think it's safe to say that ALL organized religions have greatly overstepped that definition, with the goal of earthly power.

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                  Yes Jehovah’s Witnesses are a cult and if your friend joins they will stop being with you or around u till u join them ! I was In for 20 years left 4 years ago

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                  I bet you saved a fortune not celebrating holidays... I dig that part.

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                  Why have religion if you can’t have holidays?

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                  Hahaha yea I did !

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                  They stole their mind clearing technique from Charles Berner, who is actually brilliant.

                  I don’t have a problem with them or any other religion. The distinction between a cult and a religion is silly.

                  Full disclosure: I’ve been in plenty of cults. You have more fun as a follower but make more money as a leader.

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                  Any religion that isn't yet considered large enough to be considered a religion.

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                  I could be waaaayy off base here, but I recently had a Sudden Clarity Clarence moment.

                  I suspect Scientology is an alternative Hollywood cult for people who aren't jewish.

                  I don't know if it is ally or enemy of the jew, but that was my thought.

                  Any care to comment or refute?

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                  Black pill theory.

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                  is it a religion even tho it is based on science

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                  Socialism. The misguided belief that you're doing good by having the government steal from others. Edit: 4 months later. Holy shit, did I say that. Genius.

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                  All of them. Just because it became widely accepted, does not mean it stopped being a cult.

                  I wish magic and invisible people existed and watched out for us. I do. If magic was a thing I'd be the kind of Wizard you see painted on the side of Van's in the 70's.

                  But magic doesn't exist. There are no invisible people looking out for you - and believing so just turns the entire planet into a superstitious insane asylum floating in space, where the lunatics run the place and the sane people cower in fear.