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I disagree sir, Reddit is no echo chamber. It is a an Orwellian dystopia, in fact it is what the characters from Brave New World would use as an example of a dystopia. What I mean is China number one. Hong Kong rogue province, please no cancel me.

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I just can't even use reddit to look at dumb shit anymore. It's so obviously a propaganda website now. Election season ramps up and suddenly r/politics is all I see on the front page with everything screeching about an impeachment which, given that it hasn't happened for the past three years, probably means that it won't happen this year either and all of this is just agitprop.

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They had us in the first half not gonna lie... Welcome btw.

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Despite my distaste for the alt-right, because there are normal people within the ranks of this ideology, for the most part, it is fronted by Jewish Zionists and National Bolshevik Duginists. The Alt-Right is the New Left, according to Richard Spencer and his marxist wife.

But I'm all than willing to allow, not that I have the power not to, the alt-right to post in their subs.

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Also, where's the downvote button so I can silence those who have the wrong opinion! /s

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HAHAHAHA, that was a great intro!

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Reddit is kind of a sad thing. There are these little bright spots that flicker through, like some of the art subs, tech's a shame that they have to be covered with the shit that is the rest of the site.

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I'm a Yang supporter, but I completely agree with you... Not all of the "lefties" are pro censorship/Anti-Gun crazies.

Yang2020 ;)

Though to be fair, I did vote trump last year... So, Maybe I'm not a leftie, maybe I'm just a libertarian... @_@

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Reddit is as much leftist as it is right wing.

Why do people choose to ignore that PC\family friendly=ads=money?