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Patriarchy and gender disappointment - have you or do you think you'll experience it?OC self.AsianMasculinity

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[–]Th3G0ldStandard 13 points 1 day ago All of what you’re saying has been very much sensationalized by the West and diaspora Asians. China’s gender ratio is 104:100 men to women, which is exactly the same gender ratio as the Bay Area in California. And for another, China and Chinese culture hasn’t been patriarchal since the Cultural Revolution over 60 years ago. One of the main initiatives of the Cultural Revolution was to destroy Confucianism. One of Mao Zedong’s famous mantra’s was “women hold up half the sky”. Since then China has become arguably more egalitarian and progressive than even the West when it comes to gender roles in relationships and in the household. Think of the modern Chinese family and it’s the mom that holds the authority in the household. It’s a stereotype now of “tiger Chinese mom” and “soft Chinese dad”. It’s also common that Chinese men hand over their entire paychecks to their wives to handle the finances. It’s common that Chinese men give their gfs and wives princess treatment and shower them with expensive gifts. It’s common Chinese men are personal handbag carriers for their gfs/wives. And in Chinese society they achieved more women than ever in the workforce. China also has the most number of self made female billionaires in the world. This idea that Chinese culture doesn’t value women is archaic and a projection. Communism was what changed China when it came to gender roles. It’s quite the opposite of what’s being told by things like the Joy Luck Club. The modern Chinese man even has a reputation in non Chinese Asian countries of being good husbands/bfs. And this is due to how Chinese culture is now programmed to be more egalitarian and progressive.

[–]Hana4723 -3 points 1 day ago I think you have to take into consideration personal anecdotal experience. I do agree that times and attitude changes allot but still there are extreme traditional Asian families. From my personal experience I have met Asian families where they wanted a son but they didn't dislike having a daughter. I think the reason why they wanted a son was to past on the legacy . I think with the older generation they might spoil the son but the expectation from the son is higher compare to the girls at least from my anecdotal experience. But overall I think attitudes are changing allot. Place like South Korea and Japan with the low birth just want any babies nowadays.

[–]lavenderfrappe[S] 1 point 4 hours ago The whole "legacy" thing is valid especially when families only have one male child. Even in North America and Western cultures the kids will take on the father's name by default. I'm seeing more extreme traditional families where patriarchy is very apparent in my friends who are children of 1.5gens from mainland China. But again, this is just my observation

[–]Hana4723 1 point an hour ago not sure why I got down voted. As asian men we have to also look at the warts on all.

[–]DesperateMulberry545 2 points 17 hours ago you really can't use your anecdotal experience to conclude the big picture because official stats from China say in 2023 more girls were born than boys so...

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