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Why does Western Born Asian (Any ethnicities originated from Asia) humour tend to have a lot of self-humiliation and tolerant of all kind of discriminatory things? {Description} by SelectionStraight239 in aznidentity

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 2 hours ago Sel deprecating humor is internalization. And it.doenst twork in america. Asians internalize but other races externalize. Externalizing means... Other races blame society while asians blame themselves. Externalizr helps the race that does this, but it doesn't help society. Internalizing helps society but doesn't help the race. In San Francisco, when asians commit crimes, other asians openly call for them to be punished. When non asian poc commit crimes, their group calls foe their frontal facial photo be shown (to avoid further discrimination against said group). Overall, the winners are those that externalize. Internalize also self blame and self hate and the women of that race, if attractive enough will rush to marry outside of the race. As the race is not strong tribally and the women emotionally peace out of that race. This is subconscious, and the verbalized reasons can include looking like my brother, height, and a bunch of stuff that's more service level. There are plenty of minorities that rebel and actively encourage inmarriage bc they have a strong tribe which starts with externalizing. An extreme example is the gypsies and orthodox Jewish ppl.btw. East Asians lack the strategy needed to succeed in america overall.

The very reason why aiNCELs was not "Pro-AsiAN" and never fucking will be.