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Younger generation of ABCs making being asian their entire personality. (self.aznidentity)

submitted 22 hours ago by triangletiramisu

[–]triangletiramisu[S] [score hidden] 14 hours ago I would like to explain what i meant further as it seems some people have gotten the wrong idea. She is allowed to be proud of her heritage, i’ve always taught her to be. never once have i told her that being asian is not okay or wrong or something she should be ashamed of because i was once a self hating asian. My post is not about WMAF relationships or anything related to that. As an Asian woman dating a white man, I say do what you want. I have explained stuff in more detail in the comments but i’ll reiterate/go into more detail here: 1) my sister has cut off her white friends (we are the only asians in our area) and now doesn’t come out of her room because her asian friends are all online on discord. To make things worse they all think like her and convince her that no white person could ever understand her and that cutting off all her IRL friends was the correct thing to do. 2) I understand being proud of your heritage because i am but being asian should not ever be someone’s whole personality. imagine if someone’s whole personality was being white? wouldn’t you guys find that weird? 3) my parents are also concerned about her obsession of being asian. 4) my sister is 14 and she is still growing but that doesn’t mean that this behaviour isn’t unhealthy. 5) my sister herself shits on people online for making being asian their whole personality and doesn’t seem to see it in herself. she is aware that this is bad but yet doesn’t seem to get it.

[–]HillarysCell-mate [score hidden] 9 hours ago locked comment Lmao you’re in a wmaf relationship? That explains everything you don’t gotta say anything else. I think you still have some self hate to work out sis. Your sister is proud of who she is and her race. I know it’s hard for you to imagine how anyone could love being Asian but she’s happy embracing it like many of us do. Asian kids know it’s cool to be Asian and there is a whole ass culture built up from shared experiences and interests that exists because we want to to share it with other Asian folk. Just because you don’t see the value in someone having a sense of belonging to your group of people doesn’t mean no one else does.

[–]triangletiramisu[S] [score hidden] 8 hours ago locked comment I am proud of being asian, dating a white man doesn’t make me any less proud of being asian. Claiming WMAF relationships are based on those things overlooks basic human behavior. Attraction grows within social circles, and growing up in the West means that it’s natural to form relationships, with those we befriend. All this comment did was demonstrate your lack of understanding of the agency of human emotions. My sister not leaving her room for days, lying about her interests and only talking to her Asian friends online is not healthy. Project your insecurities elsewhere.

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