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Indian Guy's Interracial marriage was going viral all over IG a few weeks ago.OC self.AsianMasculinity

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[–]MoonV29 1 point an hour ago I want to hear these South Asian Masc men opinions about honor killings and rapes and also about the news on how some villages in India doesn’t have new born girl babies for awhile now.

[–]Expensive-Law-9830 1 point 34 minutes ago Here is the thing with Indians: Either Indians spam any AMWF with hate, and consider themselves white... ...or they try to associate themselves with what 99% of the world considers as Asians (except for the Brits) just to sweep up all the positive stereotypes and work in the last decades that Asian men have been doing to uplift themselves to somehow balance out all the negative ones that Indian dudes are rightfully so have put on themselves. Actual Asians do not want to be associated with Indian stereotypes however. Meanwhile I see nepotism in Silicon Valley only with other Indians, but not with 'Asians'. Yeah you only want the benefits but not the heavy lifting

Only under eunuch f&gg0t "moDeraTION" are cuckasoid poocels "AsIANs ToO".