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hola to an Asian (self.aznidentity)

submitted 1 day ago by lust4life1108

[–]Hunting-4-Answers 28 points 1 day ago Seriously? My post about the racism behind excluding an Asian husband from a Mother’s Day commercial which has a full Asian wife and a full Asian daughter snuggled up with a WM husband gets deleted and called off topic. I then get banned for it. But this post is worthy? This is not a diss at the OP. My Asian friends and I say Hola to each other once in a while for fun. It’s like saying que pasa. Or ciao. Just say something like Bon Jour next time. But to clarify, did the kid answer your questions about him playing? Was he trying to have a conversation with you or was his only goal to say Hola?

[–]My-Own-Way 8 points 1 day ago Mods, why was his post even deleted? Explain, please?

[–]Hunting-4-Answers [score hidden] 10 hours ago Lol, “low effort”. Yes, it was sarcastic, but used with the purpose as a starter to delve into a deeper discussion which I usually do with my posts. Check out the other Asian sub where I posted it. And who cares if the video I was critiquing was from 2022. It was related to Mother’s Day which was only a few days away at the time and the commercial was in heavy rotation.

[–]My-Own-Way [score hidden] 5 hours ago I saw your post the other day while scrolling and I, initially, didn’t think it was against the rules, but I haven’t had the time to read much into any posts lately. For better or for worse, the mods are looking to grow this subreddit by cracking down on a lot of posts that once were allowed to be posted on here.

[–]toskaqe 4 points 1 day ago I wasn't the one who removed it, but I can tell you it was a short sarcastic rant toward a video from 2022, with no cta, low effort and more suitable for the FFA, as per rule 9. That was May 6. His ban was unrelated. It was a 1 day timeout on May 13 as a warning for leaving a troll baiting parent comment in this thread unprovoked. I'll let you be the judge:

How does that WM see a playground as something that’s not for little girls? Is it because the area doesn’t look like his bedroom or torture basement?

And finally, today. More false accusations for attention? Look, if you want drama or controversy, it better be the good fight. But some users just want to bait yt lurkers into typing because they know they can safely escalate, play vigilante, get upvotes, and force mod action. But for what? Derailing threads for no gain is what I'd consider self sabotaging and frankly, anti-asian. Not to mention what a huge PITA it is for mods when some troll loses it and spams 50 comments/reports overnight to clean up the next day. We get enough trolls, thank you. Take that crap to other subs if you're feeling brave. Don't hostage the mods into fighting your battles for you.

Fucking xmaf porn-collecting f&gg0t who clicks [remove] on reddit EVERY SINGLE DAY claims "I diDn'T REmOVe It". Only jenkem-huffers would believe aiNCELs still has "FrEE ThouGHT".