aznidentity mod behavior exposed #177: Feces-tasting arcPOOCEL again claims currycels are "aSiAN goD DAmmiTt" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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CEO's of the Two Largest companies in the US (and the World) - one is Indian, the other East Asian (self.aznidentity)

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[–]Kpop_Love_Forever [score hidden] 11 minutes ago can't you indians go to your own space? Jeez always trying to use the asian label when it suits you

Monthly Free-for-All (self.aznidentity)

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[–]JerryH_KneePads 2 points 3 days ago I have to give it up to the MODs here. They are quick and fair. I do love reading these clownish fuckers. I

Now the poocel has his shill f&gg0ts claiming the aiNCELs mods are "FaIr" after one user was banned for shitting on a pinkcel. Everything the aiNCEL f&g mods touch turns to shit. The sub is more fucking low quality than it has ever been, judging by the wasteland known as ai's frontpage.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #176: aiNCELs officially cuckasoid-identity, user BANNED for calling out pinkcel troll by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | June 09, 2024OC self.AsianMasculinity

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[–]CommitteeNo1010 2 points 14 minutes ago Just got banned from aznidentity for replying to this white larper with: “LOL imagine complaining on this sub when you’ve got a laundry list of issues to figure out in ur own life” Sus as hell they hid the mods list too

No surprise the shit-muncher head poocel protects his fellow cuckasoids. Only a retard would think aiNCELs is still "Pro-AsiANn" and "aCtiVisTt".

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #99: Cringe as fuck cuck f&gg0t SimpNEunuch1 confirmed crap-taster by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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The enormous gulf in the UK between how East Asians and South Asians are viewed, treated, and integrated into society.OC self.AsianMasculinity

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[–]GinNTonic1 -5 points 3 hours ago Well first of all, have you been around South Asians? They don't act like little bitches. They actually stick up for each other.

Exactly why f&gs like the one above are fucking cancer cells to any "asIaN" subreddit. Gotta shill for all the things that are anti-AM while ch1mping at AMXF/Lu-criticism/anti-xm posts.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #98: R/ am stooge f&gg0ts INCELnem and CUCKnilla still smelling arcPOOCEL's feces by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | June 09, 2024OC self.AsianMasculinity

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[–]ChefCurryGAWD 3 points 4 hours ago The mods on this sub won't approve my thread, I wonder if it's because they are butthurt I told them most people don't care about Indians on here. I PM'd them to ask them what the issue was, all ignored.

Exactly why cuck fggits should never be a part of a mod board. Fucktards are always the root cause of the sjwism, Lu-chasing, and pro-xm subversion.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #97: Ceaseless owlshitstaincockroachfggitcel retard diarrhea STILL allowed by the crap-tasting Hong KUCKER f&gg0ts by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Asian Male attempts to rekindle a relationship with an Asian female on a “dating” show OC self.AsianMasculinity

submitted 1 day ago by Hunting-4-Answers

[–]taco_smasher69 43 points 23 hours ago I couldnt watch the entire thing because I already know this story. Every AF seems to think she’s a 10 because she’s got tons of men chasing after her. In reality AF are being pursued because they are viewed by other races an easy lay. if the AM grew a spine and chased after XFs he would have much more success in his love life if you’re an AM and can’t spot the red flags from a mile away in 2024 you deserve your fate.

[–]owlficus -17 points 15 hours ago This idea that “other guys go for AFs because they think they’re an easy lay” keeps getting repeated by ppl, but it’s wrong. Most men think AFs are only open to date AMs- even white men who have been successful with AFs (even in Asia) have been rejected more often than not and are successful only because they play the nbrs game. They know this and are persistent, not because they think AFs are easier, but because they are immensely driven by their sexual fetish and know they can find one if they keep at it. “The easy lay” theory is poorly thought out. Men chase after the booty they want, not the booty they think is easy. Consider yourselves- most of you can prob hook up with some type of woman if you chased after them, that you let’s say have no real attraction/desire for- but would you? The guys going after AFs have an Asian fetish- it’s simple as that. They’re not going for AFs because they don’t have the fetish and just want an easy lay. The reason why some of you have internalized this is because you don’t want to face that these guys are succeeding in getting what they want while you’re left behind- and so your defense mechanism twists it into something more palatable: that “sure these guys get AFs but hey they don’t really want them (who wants AFs anyway?) they just want easy sex.” The “easy lay” argument is comfort, because 1. it diminishes the guys’ success and 2. It devalues AFs

[–]ragna_bloodedge 9 points 10 hours ago

Aren't you Indian? Shut the hell up. How would you even know what happens? I have seen this shit first hand. You probably fetishize east/south east Asian women yourself, given your propensity to defend them.

Most men think AFs are only open to date AMs- even white men who have been successful with AFs (even in Asia) have been rejected more often than not

Projecting? You clearly have no idea of what you are talking about you fucking wierdo .WM fetish/preference is prevalent among a sizeable portion of Asian women even in Asia.

[–]owlficus -2 points 5 hours ago You are so blinded by your hate of AFs you miss the most basic arguments: you don’t like/aren’t attracted to AFs right? Ask yourself why you don’t go to Asia/SEA for the easy lay despite this

Any AMs here who have dated a "basic white girl"? OC self.AsianMasculinity

submitted 2 days ago by Familiar-Pipe-8286

[–]owlficus -7 points 2 days ago The only AFs who will give you the side eye for dating WFs are those who like AMs (if you’re good looking) or those who really hate AMs (but in this case they will hate you for dating anyone attractive not just WFs). The typical AF in WMAF could care less, and you would even validate her choice for white being right. which only solidifies her own choices. AMWF ultimately validates white supremacy (it’s apparent in your own comment where you put white women on a pedestal), which ultimately benefits white men

[–]cerwisc 0 points 14 hours ago I’ve been reading your comments and you are a very strange poster on this sub. But as an AFWM, I would validate your comment. If I am being honest, I don’t like to think that I am swayed by other people’s judgements. Despite that, I do feel a sense of relief when I see more AMXF and especially AMWF, as then I feel like I stick out less, especially at social gatherings, and especially as the ratio is closed. It is hard to go to a party with only AMAF with my partner so typically I will go alone.

No surprise pmaf LU KKKUNTs approve of these cockless simp cancer f&gg0ts. They are always the fucking downfall of any "AsiAN" subreddit.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #175: Another lie from arcPOOCEL, "reddiT aDmiNS BaNnEd thE ConTriBuTOrS, NoT Me" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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The Golden Mean and How to Choose a Job as an Asian-American (self.aznidentity)

submitted 5 days ago by archelogy

[–]Irr3sponsibl3 4 points 2 days ago What’s scary about this community is the lack of engagement on posts about real shit like career and education compared to ragebait and venting posts. Many people here don’t have a lot of life experience and don’t know how to fix that. Your career is so important. It’s what you do with most of your life! It more than anything determines your ability to live. Being able to land a good job is extremely hard. And like what was hinted in this post, being able to network with people of your race is one of the few things that can help you bypass the additional obstacles our society places on us because of our race. But a network requires ethnically aware Asians who are worth a goddamn, who don’t have time to worry about what a self-hating Asian woman says on social media because they’re too busy strategizing

[–]archelogy[S] [score hidden] 19 hours ago Keep in mind that Reddit admins banned most of our highly productive commenters over the last X years. This explains the current dynamics on the sub.

Definitely wasn't shit-sniffer with his 24/7 censorship, mass-bans, essay requirements, and thought-policing.

aznidentity goes full leftard #5: SimpKUCKFGGT43 claims he is "lEfT of LiBTard" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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"The Sympathizer" was not bad. My takes from the movie. (self.aznidentity)

submitted 1 day ago by GinNTonic1

[–]Siakim43 [score hidden] 8 hours ago I actually really like Viet and his works. I read four of his books and have seen him speak. To his defense, he's called out the hypocrisy of White liberalism perfectly in his writing. The sequel - The Committed - has a lot of commentary on decolonization and that aforementioned White liberal hypocrisy. I actually like it better than Sympathizer. And I think a lot of the themes in his works align closely with a good amount of the themes this sub discusses. For example, it was him who put me on to Frantz Fanon. We all know the TV execs like to defang or change works so that they're more palatable for the broader, whiter audience. I haven't watched Sympathizer yet but I'm hoping this wasn't the case. In the book, Viet directly calls out white media's bullshit with the villainization of Asian men and creating the white male savior - like Miss Saigon... I'm hoping the scene wasn't cut out or altered to make it more palatable for White audiences (like how much of Eddie Huang's book was Disneyfied in FOB's TV rendition). But to your point: I've seen many cases where we look for White affirmation for our success, whether it's perpetuating lies that they're the saviors - or that the problems we face are internal, within our community, and absolve the white hegemony. (The movie American Fiction, btw, really touches on this.) I don't think Viet is part of this cohort as he's been critical of Western imperialism and colonization as the reasons some of us (in this example, the Vietnamese) have the problems and psychology that we do. BTW I'd probably be categorized as a "flaming liberal" by a lot of folks - I personally don't think I am (I'm left of liberal, if I were on that simple 2-dimensional scale) - but stripping the silly duality of American politics out of Asian issues, I think you'll see a lot of us are on the same team.

The f&gg0t who claims "MUH Lu" is "CosMic ANd GoDlY" folks. Fucking worthless eunuch and sjw little shit that arcPOOCEL wants every AM to be.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #96: owlshitstaincockroachfggitcel's tiring as fuck autism allowed on r/ "am" because the two stooge f&gg0ts would never ban fellow simps by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Any AMs here who have dated a "basic white girl"?OC self.AsianMasculinity

submitted 17 hours ago by Familiar-Pipe-8286

[–]owlficus 0 points 3 hours ago The only AFs who will give you the side eye for dating WFs are those who like AMs (if you’re good looking) or those who really hate AMs (but in this case they will hate you for dating anyone attractive not just WFs). The typical AF in WMAF could care less, and you would even validate her choice for white being right. which only solidifies her own choices. AMWF ultimately validates white supremacy (it’s apparent in your own comment where you put white women on a pedestal), which ultimately benefits white men

[–]asianmovement -4 points 4 hours ago fun to play with, not fun for the long term. Would not want a life without Asian food and general basic ness.

Just shows the state of aiNCELs when these two f&gg0ts are prowling around r/ 'am'. "MUH QuaLiTy" and "mASs CensoRSHip" has only led to a low-quality fucking dead sub.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #174: Absolutely ZERO FUCKING PURPOSE to schizo LU BITCH AlasKKKUNT91's "ExiSTeNCe" other than "aSiANs REEEE reEEER REeere REee" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Something that came to my mind recently by Disastrous_Fold_18 in aznidentity

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 12 hours ago NOPE. Asian only internalize racism bc east asian culture was ruined by crap like the diabetic overweight loser known as confuscious and the asian tendency to obey and worship authority rather than rebel. If u don't rebel, u internalize aka self blame. Many other cultures are openly rebellious and externalize rather than internalize. To internalize is to obey authority. If u naturally reb u don't give a $hit what authority Aka whyte cukture thinks and thus you never internalize all that crap.

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 13 hours ago Is this post A JOKE? Men are taught to act like MEN BY MEN, aka their fathers. Mothers can't teach their son to be men, to the extent that a father can. Too many asian men are narrow minded and leave the raising of the kids up to the women, who obviously have no idea who to raise sons. Being a tiger mom doesn't translate to raising a son well, btw. It's in asian culture to not worry about too many outside stuff outside of paying bills, studying, etc. Hell, most east asian can't even gossip correctly enough to spread good info and instead rely on useless widely avalible info. There's tons of hidden info u only get from socialization btw. Boys learn assertiveness and aggression, strategy, and dating from their dad's. At least, that's how most races do it.

Whenever there is an opportunity to ch1mp at Asians, the down syndrome KKKUNT logs in.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #95: Schizoid 'username521993' actually another burner account of 128KKKUNTLU by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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On apps why do barely any Asian women like me OC self.AsianMasculinity

submitted 1 day ago by Professional_Dot_945

[–]GtaTran 63 points 1 day ago If you not aware, lately there is a trends of Asian Female identity crisis where they either “no Asian guy dating policy” or “Asian guy remind them of their brother or father”. In my opinion, if u found an attractive girls just go for it, don’t limit yourself to only Asian girl since they don’t appreciate us.

[–]username521993 1 point 13 hours ago Or some AFs have an "Asian only" policy (although it's a "Chinese only" policy for me)... I'm not sure why you insist AFs don't appreciate AM when plenty of AMAF couples exist. It's as if you want to keep denying reality just to enforce your view of the world.

[–]GtaTran 4 points 11 hours ago If AFs appreciate AM then why these things existing? “No dating Asian guy policy” or “I don’t want to date Asian guy because he look and remind me of my dad or brother” . I have no problem with dating Asian female but I just told him don’t limit himself to only Asian female when dude have others opportunities ahead.

[–]username521993 1 point 7 hours ago

If AFs appreciate AM then why these things existing?

Because everyone is different? Notice my use of the word "some". Just like how some AM prefer AF and how other AM prefer XF. Remember this: AMAF cannot exist without an AM AND an AF. So saying all AF have a "no Asian" or "all AM look like my dad/brother" policy is nonsensical.

[–]GtaTran 2 points 5 hours ago When did I say all AF have no Asian guy Dating policy? Do u have a reading comprehension problem or you just made up to support your statement. I just literally list the example of what these Lu said and everyone agree and acknowledge what these girls said. I didn’t add that up.

Who else ch1mps out at Lu-criticism/AMXF (specifically on aiNCELs and r/ am) and deletes shit after getting owned?

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #173: tosFGGITKUCK claims aiNCEL mod "TranSpareNcy" exists by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Monthly Free-for-All (self.aznidentity)

submitted 4 days ago by AutoModerator

[–]toskaqe [score hidden] 3 hours ago How do people feel about the troll mocking posts? There have been 1, 2, 3, posts in that vein so far in case you haven't seen them. They don't get many views because people tend to mass downvote. Why approve them? My reasoning: useful in aligning users' exposure to trolls, but better than brigading or screenshot ragebait. These idiots come to AI and serve themselves up on a platter all on their own, so might as well take advantage of the opportunity everyone should become familiar with how to deal with racists, hecklers, trolls it's a controlled environment because the OP is banned to prevent them from actually doing any damage they reveal how fast redditors with relatively normal profiles suddenly go mask off, unprompted Mod transparency and also a useful future reference to counter gaslighting or skeptics Don't interrupt an enemy when they are making a total ass of themselves

24/7 censorship. Lu and xm infestation. Pro-POOCEL agenda. (((Westoid politics))) shilling. Don't ever take anything these "mOd" f&gg0ts say seriously.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #94: The pathetic Lu chase "mUsT NeVeR EnD" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Most Gen Z AFs Prefer AM OC self.AsianMasculinity

submitted 4 hours ago by Teddde

Anecdotal, but as a 22 y/o AM who just graduated college, 80% of AFs prefer AMs, almost no AFs exclusively date WM. This is unrelated to AMWF and WMAF. Wanted to highlight something that could be seen as progress. Also, random tiktoks I saw in the span of 30 min today (somewhat relevant) (feed is admittedly probably biased)

[–]pyromancer1234 38 points 3 hours ago I'm skeptical of those numbers, but even if they're real, AM should never forget the total abdication that AF are capable of. If AF are finally self-conscious about dating WM, it's only because they're being policed for their gutter reputation just a generation (and all generations) ago.

[–]Zealousideal-Ad6165 12 points 2 hours ago That's not been my experience, Lol. Just the other day I was walking past an attractive young AF. As soon as she made eye contact with me her face turned sour(!!) and she immediately looked away, rofl

[–]jedibunny 10 points 2 hours ago Don't get swayed brothers. We should never forget. Doesn't mean we have to be bitter about their past and present actions, but we mustn't forget. We should continue to move on, yes, to non-asian women (especially BW, they are getting even finer and more reciprocal these days too). You guys seen Tyla? Dear Lord 😩

[–]Insular-Nocturnal 9 points an hour ago Yeah I don't care about this statistic either, AFs are only responding now because we're more visible to other women

[–]jedibunny 5 points an hour ago Exactly. Like ok good for them that they're being more open (to their own lol if that's even true) but at the end of the day idgaf. Non-asian women are the way forward for us. This is a fact 💯 and a great solution to a lot of our problems

The simp cancer cells keep crawling in all thanks to eunuch cuck "management".

aznidentity Lu-chase #32: Yet another schizo aiNCEL LU 'username521993' demands users "STfU" about Lu-criticism by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Please Stop Perpetuating the Stereotype that Asian Women Hate Asian Men and Love White Men (self.aznidentity)

submitted 1 day ago by username521993

[–]EddgieC [score hidden] 58 minutes ago This is hilarious. By your own admission you wouldn't date other asians so why try to convince AM's to not reject AF's like you? You don't support AMAFs

[–]AdCute6661 [score hidden] 2 hours ago Asian man here, if you have trouble dating an asian woman that sounds like a YOU problem and not a statistical problem. Also, if you’re killing yourself and are so distracted by who another person dates that’s a sign of something deeper troubling you. Life is so much more than breeding. And to be clear I feel a way when I see an AF with a WM too but then I realize my world is so much bigger than this pathetic annoyance and wish them the best. Lastly, there are so many beautiful women in the US. It’s laughable to be so stuck on this topic.

[–]Hunting-4-Answers [score hidden] 1 hour ago You go girl! Don’t forget to offer your gf’s boyfriend a towel to wipe himself off when he’s done.

[–]AdCute6661 [score hidden] 1 hour ago 🤣 nice the self hate is palpable. Praying for you homie.

[–]simpleseeker [score hidden] 4 hours ago I think it’s only the incels that are complaining. The same people who are complaining that AFs who are dating WMs are celebrating when AMs are dating WFs. To me, that's horrible. They want to make it a race relation or community issue when it's just them.

[–]Far-Shame88 [score hidden] 3 hours ago I think it’s only the white incels who fetishize AFs who make comments like this 🤷‍♂️ Also, notice how these people are never complaining when AFs attack AMXF, only when AMs criticize WMAF

[–]Hunting-4-Answers [score hidden] 4 hours ago That’s a cheap method of defense. Don’t agree with someone’s point? Accuse them of being an incel Ignore the reality that a good number here actually have a gf or are married. Ignore the reality that while you call AMs incels, there are AFs ironically dating WMs who were actually incels. Ignore the reality that there is a whole movement of “passport bros” (a thinly veiled pseudonym for incels) that consist of WM and BM incels who travel specifically to Asia because they want submissive women with less economic power to do their bidding. Along with AFs that all of us meet, there are hours worth of footage of AFs talking about how they don’t date AMs. It’s not AMs saying this type of rhetoric. Stop the gaslighting.

[–]ElimDegens [score hidden] 4 hours ago Really says something that you need to compile a list of certain AF figures to show the case, it suggests that just looking around them that this would not be the case Also I find it funny how people here some time ago would try to show Grace Park from Brooklyn 9-9 or whatever as a case of one of these "famous AF with an AM, yet they have such a good marriage that there aren't any pictures of them together lmao

[–]cerwisc [score hidden] 8 hours ago As a fellow Asian women, I think you got taken in by bait. It is even more disappointing when I see AM write off AF completely because "they hate Asian men In my experience, these guys are really really rare and generally this is just convenient self-justification because they only wanna date non-Asian girls anyways. The loudest cry comes from inside the closet lol. Don’t always trust that what you see online (or don’t see) is accurately reflected in reality.

[–]Far-Shame88[score hidden] 9 hours ago It’s statistically true Maybe instead of bashing AM for calling out the problem you Lus should stop being Lus and develop some in group bias Haven’t you already done enough harm to AM, now we’re not even allowed to talk? Where’s that aggression when you facing foreigners huh? Only ever aggressive towards your own race of men

[–]username521993[S] [score hidden] 9 hours ago Maybe instead of bashing AM for calling out the problem you Lus should stop being Lus and develop some in group bias Who tf are you calling a Lu? I am an American-born Chinese woman who ONLY dates and will ONLY marry a Chinese man. All of my friends are East Asian - men included. This is exactly the point of my post; STOP ASSUMING ALL AF ARE LUS. Holy hell.

[–]Fit-Zone-6030 [score hidden] 9 hours ago Why you getting so butthurt towards other Asians? The Lu image that Asian women have is WIDELY known in America. It is even viewed as the norm by non-Asians. Like you can’t tell me you haven’t seen non-Asians perpetuating the Lu stereotype. The oxford study memes were literally popularized by non-Asians. It’s time to smell the coffee as they say.

[–]My-Own-Way [score hidden] 13 hours ago On one hand, we’re perpetuating the stereotype, on the other, it is just facts. Until the statistics say otherwise, AW are already doing a darn good job at perpetuating their own stereotype. Let me also remind you that AM weren’t the ones throwing AW under the bus to begin with, it was and has always been AW enabling racism against AM/Asians by proudly throwing AM/Asians under the bus for WM validation. Why censor AM for defending ourselves against the lies and blames from AW about us. It is what it is at this point, fix AW’s white worship first.

[–]username521993[S] [score hidden] 9 hours ago

Why censor AM for defending ourselves against the lies and blames from AW about us

You can argue that I am doing the same. I really hate seeing this whole "I don't date AF because they are all white-worshipping and hate AM" mindset that is very prevalent in these threads. Perhaps this is why I rather be with Chinese from the motherland instead of Asian Americans despite being American-born myself.

[–]NotHapaning [score hidden] 9 hours ago You're not doing it in asianamerican or other AF circles. You're choosing to police us here. The "I don't date AF because they are all white-worshipping and hate AM" mindset came about as a defense because of the tendency for "vocal" AFs to trash AM because of various reasons that follow bullshit stereotypes that make AM look like shit/controlling'weak or 'they look like my brother/uncle/father'. (I'm using "VOCAL" here because AF like to say not all of us are like that, but only the vocal ones. "The vocal ones are the minority!" is what I always hear. Except this minority has an effect that overshadows the quiet majority and also makes them look complacent and compliant.) The AM's mindset is reactionary. The WMAF's mindset, that espoused all the ramblings and excuses why anyone else is better than an AM, is not. AM is self-defense; the pro-WMAF mindset was the first stone cast. And here you are trying to paint the party exercising self-defense as the main aggressor. late edit - I found out why I cannot reply to comments on this thread anymore. OP (username521993) blocked me. Last I checked, OP has not responded to any of my comments and have only responded to posts that agree with "her" even in the slightest degree. As I suspected with many new users/alts that come here with similar takes, they're not here in good-faith.

As always, thirsting after "mUh lADEEeEeee" is the true "ACtiViSM" on worthless r/ aiNCELs.

aznidentity Lu-chase #31: Just wouldn't be r/ aiNCELs without simp cockroach f&gg0ts screeching at Lu-criticism by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Asian Men & Women Need Each Other (self.aznidentity)

submitted 19 hours ago by poete_idris

Saying this as a Black man

[–]BringBackRoundhouse [score hidden] 10 hours ago Incels will always blame women for their problems no matter the race. Misogyny is also a problem in a lot of Asian cultures since they are usually highly patriarchal. So you get a unique blend of incel that feels entitled to dictate who Asian Women should date without any introspection. Asians I know aren’t this socially inept. There’s always one in every group though but they’re always the idiots of the group. They find each other online though so it seems like there are more of them, but they’re usually just a vocal minority. I appreciate this post though! Asians definitely need to come together and just ignore the toxic vocal minority.

[–]Hunting-4-Answers [score hidden] 5 hours ago Right. I know a lot of Asian families in which the father had to provide all the income to pay the bills and put all his daughters through college. Misogyny. I know other families where the wife is happily being the bread winner while the father is a househusband who takes care of the daughters. Misogyny. How many female presidents has the U.S. had? I can’t recall a single one. Asia has had several Asian female presidents. Misogyny. The Bible teaches that women should remain silent. If women have their period, they are unclean and should be isolated away from the tribe. If a woman is raped and isn’t heard crying for help, she should be put to death. If a woman is raped, but the rapist pays the woman’s father, then the rapist can marry the victim and everything is fine. When Lot, the most righteous man in Sodom and Gomorrah was approached by the local rapists and asked to let his male guests be raped, Lot offered to have his daughters be raped instead. When he and his daughters escaped the city, they could’ve gone to another town, but instead Lot chose to bring his daughters to a cave and have drunk sex with them. Should we pin the label “misogyny” on the race of people who wrote the Bible or would that not fit your narrative of labeling Asian men as misogynists?

[–]illuminatedtraveller [score hidden] 5 hours ago Agreed! Incels talk loud and hard. I was blasted by a couple of them on here for saying that there are still plenty of AW who like AM (??? a perfectly normal and neutral comment???) that somehow still got their backs up.

[–]pyromancer1234 [score hidden] 11 hours ago I agree. Now when will Asian women decide to love Asian men? When will Asian women stop directing WMAF films? When will Asian women stop exclusively colonizing themselves with WM? The ball is in their court, bro. We AM have been ridiculously lenient when it comes to keeping the door open. A door that is invisible to AF. Black gendered infighting is more counterbalanced and not on the same level as Asian infighting. WM and AF destroyed Asian America. AAM and AAF are not a community anymore, if they ever were in the first place. Ship has sailed.

[–]fiftythreezero [score hidden] 8 hours ago So for you, what marks the point when AW accept the open door? Asian women are statistically the #1 choosers of Asian Men. They don’t “exclusively colonize themselves with WM”. Directors of major movies I won’t even address because it’s such a miniscule portion of our population. AW who pursue the arts are just more likely to like WM anyway, it’s bias, topic for another time. I have an AM boyfriend. Most of my AW friends are also dating AM. My social circle is mostly Asian and healthy. The Asian men in my life are literally not even aware of Asian infighting because they’re not chronically online like me, but according to you the Asian American community is destroyed? Social circles like mine are not unique either. Do I think there are a lot of AW that are disrespectful to AM and white-worship to the point that makes me gag? Yes, there are soo many, too many. However, just like you think the door is invisible to AW, I think a big proportion of AW is invisible to you too. Rhetoric like yours is simply untrue, divisive, and not helpful. AMAW is thriving and should be uplifted, instead of being written off.

[–]pyromancer1234 [score hidden] 6 hours ago Hmm. Maybe when I stop seeing WMAF on every street corner, every restaurant, every wedding. Or when I see hard statistics that AF no longer date out twice as much as AM. AF may choose AM the most, but they choose AM the least by far when compared to other women choosing men of their own race. You can start by listening to AM when they speak about AM issues instead of shouting them down. Maybe the AM in your life don't bring up their issues because they know you'll be hostile to them. Like you are now.

[–]fiftythreezero [score hidden] 6 hours ago It’s hilarious you think I am shouting you down when I was not any more hostile in my response than in your original comment. In fact, don’t you think you used more generalizing antagonistic statements like “AW exclusively get colonized by WM” where I did not generalize AM once in mine? What was hostile, the fact that I called your comments divisive and unhelpful? Maybe take your own advice. And no, I was the one who brought up these issues to Asian men in my life where they looked at me like I’m crazy and race-obsessed. I’m not that statistically illiterate to come to that conclusion based on no men bringing it up to me. Also, by saying that I am not discounting these issues exist just because my friends are doing very well for themselves but it’s a far cry from your dramatic statement of the community is doomed and the ship has sailed. You ask me to listen to you as a starting point, but where would we even go from your pov if you say it’s hopeless? I’m telling you that it’s not.

[–]illuminatedtraveller [score hidden] 5 hours ago The rhetoric on this sub from the incredibly hostile AM will have you believe that no AW are ever with AM, but I also see this every day off the internet. Like you, I also grew up in the US in a predominantly white society, but the WMAW dynamic is still the minority among the AW I know. And the AM I know irl are balanced individuals not as filled with hate and hopelessness as what I've personally encountered in this sub. They do exceedingly well for themselves. It's sad that the aznidentity sub has become such a doomsayer of Asian relationships.

[–]hahew56766[score hidden] 16 hours ago AMs are victims of emasculation perpetrated by WM and AF. I refuse to accept any attempts to draw equivalence between AM and AF. AM gave too many chances to AF, but they refuse to address their white worshipping and self hatred, including shitting on AM using stereotypes started by WM

[–]tchunk [score hidden] 17 hours ago The problem is that AMs are worse off on the social ladder than both BMs and BWs. We would embrace solidarity with AFs but they as a whole aren't that keen to support us. They are happy with their status.

[–]1191100 [score hidden] 16 hours ago Please go learn about anti-blackness, because this is not true.

[–]Th3G0ldStandard [score hidden] 11 hours ago Go learn about the 1000 yr history of Orientalism and the inception of the Western Imperialism of Asia. Go learn about xenophobia and sinophobia towards Asians. Asians through China are the NUMBER ONE opposition of the Western world. We are the enemy due to geopolitics and we always have. Because we challenge their hegemony and are leading the way for a multipolar world. There is a concerted effort in trying to stop the inevitable. There’s literally $500mill-$1billion a year of government budget that goes towards anti-Chinese propaganda(that in turn trickles down to anti-Asian hate/violence). Congress even publicly announced this.

Once again the only "ActivISM" the f&gg0t aiNCELs do is chase "mUh HoLY LAdEeeE". More blk gaslighters allowed right in because R/ aiNCELs is anything but "PrO-AsiAn".

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #93: pmaf porn enthusiast throwcockroachfuckingfggit still allowed on r/ am cause the Hong KUCKers need cuck "OpIniON" on the sub by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Any Asian Americans out there who grew up in rural areas in the US? by TumbleweedNo4588 in AsianMasculinity

[–]throwmiamivelvet 1 point 3 hours ago I used to live in all white communities with a population less than 80,000. I'm just going to focus on dating prospects in my comments. If you are good looking AM with style that blends in with the demographics and are looking to date similarly good looking WF, your best chances are in these regions. People there rarely encounter Asian men, so they are not jaded by Asian stereotypes of typical nerdy skinny-fat introverted asians. The top 5-10% Asian men will excel and find much better quality WF than if they are in the California where WF there bump into shitty quality AM all the time. FYI, I am not top 5-10%, but I saw them in my region being able to meet WF that you can only get if you sexpat in Eastern Europe. Tall good looking athletic Asian guys are no different than their white counterparts in these all white regions. They do very well. The problem is, people often inflate their looks stats, and it is common for AM here to say they are "above average" or "good looking". So, when they do field report of how shitty life is in these rural areas, it is not without a grain of salt. Despite all the /r/ AM propoganda, average or below average Asian men in America largely depend on Asian women to date, sorry to say. So, their dating prospects is tied to the percentage of Asian women in the region. Therefore, they would do horribly in these white regions. TLDR: it depends how truly good looking you are

The more sinister kind of "white worship" in Asian men which never gets talked about. by KarmaSutra24 in AsianMasculinity

[–]throwmiamivelvet 1 point 3 hours ago I never saw any Asian guys on this sub denouncing other Asian men who date good looking white women. Perhaps this is your projection, OP? However, I did see people constantly promoting promoting XF female. I am not sure if this is sour grape, or them trying to help out other Asian men by encouraging them not to limit their preference due to race.

Western hypocrisy of "Chinese eats cats and dogs" by instantiate_class in AsianMasculinity

[–]throwmiamivelvet 1 point 3 hours ago I don't really care what other people eat as long as it's not an endangered species or spreading viruses. Eating animals traditionally labeled as pets should not be a issue with anyone. I have friends who have pet pigs, are we supposed to accommodate him by not eating pork? Why is it a hypocritical to say that Asians eat dogs if white also eat dogs? Another whataboutsm argument here?

Western hypocrisy of "Chinese eats cats and dogs" by instantiate_class in AsianMasculinity

[–]throwmiamivelvet 1 point 3 hours ago This guy knows what he is talking about

What's your experience in the Midwest? New to WI by cmakec in AsianMasculinity

[–]throwmiamivelvet 0 points 4 hours ago Camera hate your gut because you do have a gut, therefore you are not even close to. 7/10. You are best case an average 5/10. I would work on your diet and improve your looks to blend in. The typical kpop look with permed hair and makeup may not work as well as a well adjusted abc with Americanized fashion. 21 year old male are the most competitive demographic when it comes to dating. You can see if there is a kpop store in Milwaukee where you can do your PUA on a niche market, but be careful of underage girls. Edit: you are in luck. Looks like there is one in Milwaukee burbs: I think the best advice is online dating to get your foot in the door.

[–]throwmiamivelvet 2 points 4 hours ago Why does it matter what the percentage of Asian is? Less Asians means people there are less jaded when they see another Asian guy because of nerdy and unattractive stereotypes. Or are you suggesting that OP should stick with Asian girls because he is Asian?

A sub run by castrated fucktard eunuchs will always be infested with subversives.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #172: ANOTHER pmaf KKKUNT LU allowed in by tosWORTHLESSFGGITKUCK cause "SaVe EM ALLsS" is all aiNCELs amounts to now by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Younger generation of ABCs making being asian their entire personality. (self.aznidentity)

submitted 22 hours ago by triangletiramisu

[–]triangletiramisu[S] [score hidden] 14 hours ago I would like to explain what i meant further as it seems some people have gotten the wrong idea. She is allowed to be proud of her heritage, i’ve always taught her to be. never once have i told her that being asian is not okay or wrong or something she should be ashamed of because i was once a self hating asian. My post is not about WMAF relationships or anything related to that. As an Asian woman dating a white man, I say do what you want. I have explained stuff in more detail in the comments but i’ll reiterate/go into more detail here: 1) my sister has cut off her white friends (we are the only asians in our area) and now doesn’t come out of her room because her asian friends are all online on discord. To make things worse they all think like her and convince her that no white person could ever understand her and that cutting off all her IRL friends was the correct thing to do. 2) I understand being proud of your heritage because i am but being asian should not ever be someone’s whole personality. imagine if someone’s whole personality was being white? wouldn’t you guys find that weird? 3) my parents are also concerned about her obsession of being asian. 4) my sister is 14 and she is still growing but that doesn’t mean that this behaviour isn’t unhealthy. 5) my sister herself shits on people online for making being asian their whole personality and doesn’t seem to see it in herself. she is aware that this is bad but yet doesn’t seem to get it.

[–]HillarysCell-mate [score hidden] 9 hours ago locked comment Lmao you’re in a wmaf relationship? That explains everything you don’t gotta say anything else. I think you still have some self hate to work out sis. Your sister is proud of who she is and her race. I know it’s hard for you to imagine how anyone could love being Asian but she’s happy embracing it like many of us do. Asian kids know it’s cool to be Asian and there is a whole ass culture built up from shared experiences and interests that exists because we want to to share it with other Asian folk. Just because you don’t see the value in someone having a sense of belonging to your group of people doesn’t mean no one else does.

[–]triangletiramisu[S] [score hidden] 8 hours ago locked comment I am proud of being asian, dating a white man doesn’t make me any less proud of being asian. Claiming WMAF relationships are based on those things overlooks basic human behavior. Attraction grows within social circles, and growing up in the West means that it’s natural to form relationships, with those we befriend. All this comment did was demonstrate your lack of understanding of the agency of human emotions. My sister not leaving her room for days, lying about her interests and only talking to her Asian friends online is not healthy. Project your insecurities elsewhere.

The FOURTH ONE that waste of air tosFUCKINGF&GG0TKUCK allowed in. Thirsting after "mUh lU laDEeE" will always be the true aiNCELs "aCtivISM".

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #92: pmaf porn collector allowed to spew his diarrhea cause r/ am is run by the three cuckold stooges of a POOCEL by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Misrepresentation of this subreddit OC

submitted 5 hours ago by Extension-Line-9380

[–]upanddownallaround -4 points 48 minutes ago Lol that's not really a misrepresentation of this subreddit. It's pretty accurate. Been on this sub for over a decade and I rarely see discussions about actual Asian masculinity issues. You could rename this sub "WMAF" because that's 90% what this sub talks about and focuses on. It all always comes back to that. Hating white men. Hating Asian women. Shining spotlights on random online racist comment sections from random racist losers. Obsessed with race and getting with any non-Asian woman, but especially with white women. Obsessed with every single media depiction that lacks Asian men while raging at every single WMAF depiction. It should be better, but how many times you gotta complain about this shit over and over. I've seen it literally a 1,000 times here. What's the fucking point! The obsession is clearly not good for mental health. Posting some miserable comment on Reddit ain't going to change it. It's not healthy. The fact that so many people here get so upset about this stuff is sad, man. Like you said, this post is from months ago. Who the fuck cares. Ignore it and move on. It's always all the same complaining comments and the same unproductive rants. This is really just a space for venting. Definitely don't do a good job shedding that incel reputation and it shows. There are actual substantive nuanced comments every now and then but it gets drowned out every time by the same hate and anger. I've expressed this sentiment multiple times before, but whatever. Downvote away. Not checking replies.

[–]Extension-Line-9380[S] 5 points 23 minutes ago One of your points is that we “cherry pick” out all the extreme bad takes on Asian men and only focus on that but the thing is, that post I showed is doing the exact same thing of cherry picking the instances of extremism on here and painting out everyone on here to be like that. The truth is there is a far greater number of Asian women and white men hating on Asian men than there is the opposite. Obvs fighting hate with hate is far from the solution but you gotta consider the statistics here mate.

R/ "am", the so-called "PrO-AM" subreddit that includes street-shitting cuckasoids, Lus, and various other subverters.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #91: Of course a subversive LU 'leesolovely' pushes the "POOs aRE aSIANnS ToO" bullshit by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Unity Makes Us Stronger - No More Division PleaseOC self.AsianMasculinity

submitted 1 day ago by leesolovely

From the point of view of an AF. It is essential to avoid fostering divisions among Asians, whether from East, South, or Southeast Asia.

[–]tryingnew757 5 points 10 hours ago The primary betrayers are AFs tho. You should post this in /asiantwox

[–]ice_cream_socks 3 points 11 hours ago Unity around what? Acceptance than af just date wm over 50%, implicitly saying that wm are just inherently better than am? Will there be unity around af never dating wm again because they don't want to contribute to the implication that wm are inherently better than am in msm?

[–]averageuser95 1 point 20 hours ago Unity Makes Us Stronger Disagree. What do Indians bring to the table other than negative stereotypes?

The biggest fucking mistake of these so-called "PrO-AsIAnN" subs was thinking cuckasoids are "AsiANn TOO".

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #90: Stupid f&gg0t blazingCUCK16 tries to rationalize including poos as "AsiANs" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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[–]blazingblue16[S] -3 points 13 hours ago It's completely baffling to me that a group of people who hate being treated as all Asians are the same will continue to pigeonhole themselves to the definitions of their Western-influenced linguistics and history. They will also bring up irrelevant points such as Russia is also in Asia. Do Russians with genuine concern about Asian identity come here to claim that they are Asian? No, they care about Russian and Soviet identity. It's disingenuous (red herring fallacy) to insinuate that Russians are part of this discussion. "Asians are only defined by Europe and the Americas!" Congratulations, you can't think beyond false dichotomies and ignorant narratives to pigeonhole Asian people. This ignorance is the same train of thought that segregates minorities in Western societies to begin with. They are so mad about people spreading hate towards their perceived group of people that they perpetuate the same hate towards other groups of people. Mind-bogglingly hypocritical. Thank you Tremaparagon for your input. I appreciate your nuance.

[–]Solstice2020 3 points 2 hours ago

It's completely baffling to me that a group of people who hate being treated as all Asians are the same will continue to pigeonhole themselves to the definitions of their Western-influenced linguistics and history.

No, YOU are the one doing this. You are following the US Census' irrational categorization (based on convenience) to a tee. Yes, East and South Asia are lumped together. But Russia is not, though part of the continent. Pakistanis are Asians but their Iranian neighbors are a different race, though they can look identical. Iranians are Middle Eastern which are lumped together with Caucasians. If you want to defy the West, why don't you ask people in Asia what they think? Ask someone in India and Japan if they see each other as the same race. Screw the US government.

[–]blazingblue16[S] -3 points 2 hours ago

When did I say Indians are the same as East Asians? You are straight-up using a strawman, which is illogical and bullshit. Indians are very commonly referred to as South Asians. The subreddit in its creation intended to be a space for Asian men to have their own space outside of other men's spaces that are predominately Caucasian.

Screw the US government

I agree in the sentiment. I dgaf about US-only interpretations.

[–]Solstice2020 2 points 1 hour ago Okay...., you are not going by the US Census. Just as long as the word "Asian" is in the descriptor, then that is all that matter. Race and culture doesn't matter. Just the word "Asian." Is this rational?

[–]blazingblue16[S] -2 points 1 hour ago Dude. How obtuse can you be? I am a founding co-creator of this subreddit for over 10 years. If I thought Asian culture didn't matter then would I have spent all of this time making sure the sub stays alive? Although regarding race, it is in my opinion based on science that the topic of race is a bullshit tactic used to segregate people and perpetuate racism. We are Homo Sapiens; a species of mammals. We can interbreed with any "race" of humans. The concept of race itself is racist.

"STFU AbOuT MUh POos rEEEEEEEEEEEeee". Exactly why cuck and simp fucking cancer cell f&gs should NEVER BE FUCKING ALLOWED NEAR A MOD SEAT. You end up with the anti-Asian shitstain sub aiNCELs claiming to be "Pro-AsiAN" and pro-xm r/ "am".

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #89: r/ am is POOCEL CENTRAL indefinitely by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Asian Masculinity is for ALL Asian Males self.AsianMasculinity

submitted 3 hours ago by blazingblue16 [Moderator - speaking officially.] - announcement

I've been a mod for this subreddit since its inception. That's over 10 years. Yes, there have been offshoots for more specific Asian topics and opposing subreddits. Why? Because being Asian means being part of a population size of BILLIONS. Not everyone is going to get along or have the same opinions. As a member of this subreddit, you are a GUEST. I do not care if you are East, South or whatever. As long as you are Asian and a man you can come and discuss. However, you do not make the rules. This subreddit was designed for specifically Asian male topics because the other male spaces were filled with racist nonsense. So do NOT come here and spew more racist nonsense towards other Asian Males. Nowhere does it state that our subreddit is East only. Go look in the mirror and hopefully, you'll realize how HYPOCRITICAL you are.

[–]blueboymad 46 points 2 hours ago It is interesting that all the majority yellow subreddits are for everyone, but all the south/west asian subreddits are only for them 🤔. Regardless, what the mod says makes sense, at least until there is a possible time where new mods are selected. But even then, why does that mean that criticism towards certain Asians is muted? That’s some boba liberal attitude in my opinion. Yellow men should absolutely be allowed to criticize poor behavior in other Asian communities

[–]MellontikosOutopia 5 points 32 minutes ago Unlike in real life, we can't just vote these mods out. So anyone who is unaligned with the mods' vision for the community is toast which is why I left r aznidentity. The most we can do is just speak through downvotes.

[–]blazingblue16[S] -2 points 2 hours ago You sure can. However, this space was always for all Asians. If you spew dumb rhetoric you can gtfo.

[–]blueboymad 4 points 2 hours ago Hmm who gets to control that? Will mods get to decide everything no matter how much we disagree? Maybe we should have a more representative process regarding whether it’s ok to speak out for yellow men even when the racists are fellow “Asians”.

[–]blazingblue16[S] -7 points 2 hours ago The mods do. This is a subreddit, not a government.

[–]blueboymad 9 points 2 hours ago Who are the mods? What if one day they decide to become boba libs? Is there any recourse or accountability for that? I don’t really think 10 people should get to decide what 60,000 people want. Otherwise you’re doing the same thing that boba libs do to the Asian community

[–]blazingblue16[S] -1 points 2 hours ago It's a forum dude. The sub can disappear and it would not matter. Go touch grass.

[–]blueboymad 8 points 2 hours ago Maybe you should make a pinned post about how you don’t care about this subreddit lol. That’s not a flex bro. Bragging about how you don’t care about one of the few spaces where yellow (and non yellow) asian men can actually communicate and support each other. If you care so little maybe I can help mod!

[–]blazingblue16[S] 1 point 1 hour ago I literally dedicated hours of my life for free for years. What have you done?

[–]blueboymad 6 points 1 hour ago So do you care or not? Also Whatever happened to touching grass? If we’re judging commitment by how much you’re online then honestly a lot of people here qualify. But you shouldn’t brag about your commitment if your work consists of suppressing legitimate views and analyses by yellow men

[–]blazingblue16[S] 1 point 1 hour ago What suppression? You're still talking. The subreddit gets millions of page views a month. People can talk. That doesn't mean people will not get moderated.

[–]Igennem[Moderator - speaking officially.] -5 points 1 hour ago Criticize if you want, but we've had to take down a number of comments and threads that went way past "criticism" and into outright racism. Generalizations, stereotypes, racial slurs. Sometimes upvoted. You don't see it because the mods are doing work in the background to maintain the standards that have allowed this community to be a welcoming and attractive place thereby grow into being one of the largest Asian diaspora subreddits despite catering to only half of all Asians. If you think you can do better, you're welcome to make your own community and try. Dozens of others have, only this and AI have seen any real success.

[–]blueboymad 12 points 1 hour ago Awesome dude. Maybe think to yourself why only certain kinds of Asian communities are allowed to be successful

[–]Igennem 3 points 1 hour ago There's Reddit site level suppression for some subreddits. I've seen it applied to communities I've participated in (and even modded) and know the signs. Those aren't the reason that other communities haven't been successful. None of the others came anywhere close to big enough to be on admins' radar. It's that they didn't set ground rules, let toxicity fester, failed to invest in creating a community that people actually wanted to contribute to and discuss in.

[–]blazingblue16[S] -3 points 1 hour ago Thank you Igennem. Your mod time spent is highly appreciated.

[–]Bouncecat -3 points 1 hour ago Thank you for this. There was a lot of anti black racism that made me extremely wary of this community for a while.

[–]TheIronSheikh00 8 points 2 hours ago If this is re: So Cal Asians etc. you'll have to be more specific b/c no one is going to get innuendos.

[–]Igennem 0 points 1 hour ago No, it was another thread where people were being outright racist towards South Asians.

[–]blueboymad -3 points 1 hour ago Proof?

[–]Igennem 5 points 54 minutes ago

I want to hear these South Asian Masc men opinions about honor killings and rapes and also about the news on how some villages in India doesn’t have new born girl babies for awhile now. Indians are like shitty white males, just shittier even in real life. Holy fuck are they insecure Your daddy groped some random women in the streets too? Pa***ts coping hard about their incel problem 😂

That's just a handful of the upvoted ones in what should have been a chill thread about an attractive AM and his girlfriend from a day ago. I banned almost a dozen users. So much trash and racism that the thread that there wasn't anything worth keeping.

[–]MellontikosOutopia 1 point 10 minutes ago And here I award blazingblue16 the Honorary Indian status (or plot twist, maybe you ARE an Indian? Hmm). Now you're qualified to mod both this sub and the South Asian offshoot. :D

The three poocel blowing stooge fucking f&gg0ts. This is why simp and cucked worthless f&gg0ts should NEVER BE ALLOWED ON A MOD BOARD. These cancer cells are always the main cause of subverters, xm, Lus, and simps flowing into a sub. Absolutely fucking useless other than suppressing actual Asians with "mUH CensorSHIP". Including cuckasoid POOCELs as "aSiANs ToO" was a mistake that should never be fucking repeated.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #88: No limit to owlcockroachfggitcel's retardation by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Asian men are now the first choice of Asian being the second choice everytimeOC self.AsianMasculinity

submitted 17 days ago by accountistempo

[–]owlficus -2 points 15 days ago Again: 46%, when AMs are only 3% of the population, is an incredibly high nbr

[–]NoStunGaming 2 points 1 day ago Well one, that's a marriage statistic that doesn't account for dating, and two, that 3% figure isn't relevant when you consider the fact that most Asians tend to live in places with more more Asians. We live in cities where we are 20-60% of the population, so it's not like AFs aren't around AMs to choose from. Date and hookup with AFs, I don't care, I just wouldn't procreate with one.

[–]owlficus 0 points 19 hours ago Ignoring that you’re making numbers up (pretty much everywhere Asians are- except Hawaii- there are still more white ppl, man your head is really twisted: You’re so scared of having an Asian daughter that you don’t want to have Asian kids? Let alone that you don’t know if you’ll have a daughter or a son- one of the root issues of all our problems is our low population percentage to begin with. Also I fully believe that if an AF is self hating, this is the result of bad/insufficient parenting, or a brother she thinks is wierd/does not like. Now, I am not given credence to the “reminds me of my brother” bs, but if he’s a really goofy or whatever guy, that’s going to leave an impression, at least subconsciously. The low population means that every AM in her life leaves an impression, with her brother being one of the closest ones. Now, the bad parenting part: By this I mean every Asian parent should make it an explicit point to teach their kids to be proud of their culture- expose them to Asian media, take trips to exciting Asian cities. Do that and their kids will not be self hating, it’s as simple as that. They might wind up dating white ppl, just because of population sizes, but it won’t be out of excluding Asian men or hating being Asian.

[–]NoStunGaming 2 points 16 hours ago Get back to me after you understand that I am not flippy_disk I'll wait

[–]owlficus 0 points 16 hours ago You need to understand I didn’t say you were him- even tho you both made the same bizarre self hating conclusion of not wanting asian kids. I have seen this sentiment among many twisted, and yes incelly, Asians (who hate being born Asian and blame their predicament solely on that). You’re not special

[–]NoStunGaming 2 points 15 hours ago I made 2 points, you made at least 3 unrelated points. You are strawmanning me, and I'm not in the mood to explain how it's impossible to have a conversation with someone that does that.

F&gg0ts like owlcel are always allowed in thanks to worthless as fuck cuckold mods.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #171: No purpose to schizo LU BITCH AlasKKKUNT91's "exIsTencE" other than "AsiANs rEEEEEEEEEe rEeeeeeeeeeee" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Help my sister might be a self hating Asian by Adventurous-Turn-591 in aznidentity

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 14 hours ago I have another view on this. Growing up with non asian POC and almost POC made me realize that most races externalize rather than internalize. A non asian person would view racism directed towards them as that persons fault, and not their own fault for having asian features. It's universal amongst asians, particularly women, to blame themsleves rather than society for racism directed at their asian features. Asians seem to be the most obsessed with obedience to authority, and in general women of all races are taught to be more obedient to authority than men. Clearly she grew up where obedience was emphasized, and rebellion was looked down upon. So her brain was already trained to self hate the moment a racist made fun of her asian features (which is prolly what happened), instead of just hating xyz racist. Also, asians seem to simply lack visceral anger. I've seen non asian POC charge at racists without regards to anything else, the result being mostly the racists double think messing with another person of that race. Asian passivity and lack of anger emboldened racists. Just a part of asian culture that benefits those around Asians, but not the asians themselves. Much like most of asian culture tbh. Made to benefit everybody around asian but the asians themselves.

Holy fuck this mental retard. "Asians REsPonsiBlE FoR EvErYtHiNG REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeEEEEEeeeEeeeee". Literally the only thing going in this LU bitch's "liFE".

PSA: KUCKCOCKROACHform's burner account 'hodornuts' FINALLY BANNED, good riddance by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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hodornuts: suspended

banned This account has been suspended

F&gg0t better rest in cow piss.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #87: R/ am still poocel-central thanks to shit-sniffers INCELnem and CUCKnilla by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Indian Guy's Interracial marriage was going viral all over IG a few weeks ago.OC self.AsianMasculinity

submitted 9 hours ago by KarmaSutra24

[–]MoonV29 1 point an hour ago I want to hear these South Asian Masc men opinions about honor killings and rapes and also about the news on how some villages in India doesn’t have new born girl babies for awhile now.

[–]Expensive-Law-9830 1 point 34 minutes ago Here is the thing with Indians: Either Indians spam any AMWF with hate, and consider themselves white... ...or they try to associate themselves with what 99% of the world considers as Asians (except for the Brits) just to sweep up all the positive stereotypes and work in the last decades that Asian men have been doing to uplift themselves to somehow balance out all the negative ones that Indian dudes are rightfully so have put on themselves. Actual Asians do not want to be associated with Indian stereotypes however. Meanwhile I see nepotism in Silicon Valley only with other Indians, but not with 'Asians'. Yeah you only want the benefits but not the heavy lifting

Only under eunuch f&gg0t "moDeraTION" are cuckasoid poocels "AsIANs ToO".

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #86: No surprise rang-chasing fggt CUCKnilla spergs at any criticism of "muH laDeeEss" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | May 19, 2024OC self.AsianMasculinity

submitted 5 days ago by AutoModerator

[–]benilla 0 points 12 hours ago Why are half the posts in this weekly thread about AF?

Exactly why simp f&gg0ts are the cancer cells of Asian subs. "YoU CAN't EVER CrIticIZe MuH GodLy LadEEee rEEEEEee".

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #170: Any excuse to censor shit on aiNCELS by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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hola to an Asian (self.aznidentity)

submitted 1 day ago by lust4life1108

[–]Hunting-4-Answers 28 points 1 day ago Seriously? My post about the racism behind excluding an Asian husband from a Mother’s Day commercial which has a full Asian wife and a full Asian daughter snuggled up with a WM husband gets deleted and called off topic. I then get banned for it. But this post is worthy? This is not a diss at the OP. My Asian friends and I say Hola to each other once in a while for fun. It’s like saying que pasa. Or ciao. Just say something like Bon Jour next time. But to clarify, did the kid answer your questions about him playing? Was he trying to have a conversation with you or was his only goal to say Hola?

[–]My-Own-Way 8 points 1 day ago Mods, why was his post even deleted? Explain, please?

[–]Hunting-4-Answers [score hidden] 10 hours ago Lol, “low effort”. Yes, it was sarcastic, but used with the purpose as a starter to delve into a deeper discussion which I usually do with my posts. Check out the other Asian sub where I posted it. And who cares if the video I was critiquing was from 2022. It was related to Mother’s Day which was only a few days away at the time and the commercial was in heavy rotation.

[–]My-Own-Way [score hidden] 5 hours ago I saw your post the other day while scrolling and I, initially, didn’t think it was against the rules, but I haven’t had the time to read much into any posts lately. For better or for worse, the mods are looking to grow this subreddit by cracking down on a lot of posts that once were allowed to be posted on here.

[–]toskaqe 4 points 1 day ago I wasn't the one who removed it, but I can tell you it was a short sarcastic rant toward a video from 2022, with no cta, low effort and more suitable for the FFA, as per rule 9. That was May 6. His ban was unrelated. It was a 1 day timeout on May 13 as a warning for leaving a troll baiting parent comment in this thread unprovoked. I'll let you be the judge:

How does that WM see a playground as something that’s not for little girls? Is it because the area doesn’t look like his bedroom or torture basement?

And finally, today. More false accusations for attention? Look, if you want drama or controversy, it better be the good fight. But some users just want to bait yt lurkers into typing because they know they can safely escalate, play vigilante, get upvotes, and force mod action. But for what? Derailing threads for no gain is what I'd consider self sabotaging and frankly, anti-asian. Not to mention what a huge PITA it is for mods when some troll loses it and spams 50 comments/reports overnight to clean up the next day. We get enough trolls, thank you. Take that crap to other subs if you're feeling brave. Don't hostage the mods into fighting your battles for you.

Fucking xmaf porn-collecting f&gg0t who clicks [remove] on reddit EVERY SINGLE DAY claims "I diDn'T REmOVe It". Only jenkem-huffers would believe aiNCELs still has "FrEE ThouGHT".


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u/ Kronoform: deleted

This user has deleted their account.

168 fucking days of this currycel cockroach waste of air f&gg0t spreading his diarrhea all over aiNCELs.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #169: Summary of AlasKKKUNT91's worthless as fuck LiFE: "REEEEEE asiANS REEEEEEEEeee" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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hola to an Asian by lust4life1108 in aznidentity

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 12 hours ago East Asians have zero racial awareness. If there actually was racial awareness, east Asians would be in a better place in america today I've written alot about this in my posts and comments if anybody cares.btw Never doubt yourself in convos with esp. fob east Asians.

i think i’m still recovering from self-hate by rxnsnce in aznidentity

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 12 hours ago I have a response but too busy to write it out. It's in my comments history though. About half white Asians and their mentality.

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 12 hours ago East Asians have zero racial awareness.

Really odd situation with my sister. She gave her Latina friend crap for finding Jet Li attractive. Do you deal with family of friends that shut down other women for finding asian men attractive? by Green_Drummer9000 in aznidentity

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 15 hours ago It's simple. Ur father failed. He didn't do enough, somehow.

Any fucking opportunity to sperg at Asians. Don't ever believe aiNCELs' bullshit "We'Re Pro-AsiANn" when this short bus ANTI-ASIAN LU BITCH is STILL A MOD on there.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #168: ArcPOOCEL purges his "ACtiVist" mods by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Just shows being an aiNCELs "MoD" is one of the dumbest fucking decisions you can make.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #85: Subversive (((flamer's))) diarrhea permitted on r/ "am" thanks to the worthless sjw INCELnem by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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New “Wicked” movie casts gay Asian maleOC self.AsianMasculinity

submitted 14 hours ago by Jbell808619

[–]MajesticUniversity76 -1 points 3 hours ago Now this is why this sub has a bad rep. Yall are complaining because a well known gay again man is cast in a role? 1, you have no idea what's going on in the movie -"oh he's gonna be an effeminate gay man" there's nothing wrong with that it's well known that bowen yang is a gay man. If a character he's playing is gay or not shouldn't matter he's an Asian male booking roles. Simu Liu was a Ken in barbie the highest grossing film of that year and an Oscar contender. SNL's first asian male cast member is gay. There's nothing wrong with that. What does him being gay matter to a comedy show. In the same year he was cast they had Simu Liu as a host. That's progress. In the past 2-3 years we've had more asian led and asian male led TV series and movies, but younwant to specifically single out the gay male out of all of them? This is just blatantly an attack on a gay man when there are more straight asian men in Hollywood right now. And instead of lifting your fellow men up because obviously women don't matter in a sub with this name, you tear him down because you believe 1 singular asian actor is going to destroy asian men. This is truly what you could call fragile masculinity if one thing can break it for you.

[–]Hunting-4-Answers 4 points 2 hours ago This isn’t one thing. This is a consistent thing. First Asian guy gets casted on SNL after 50 years or so. Gotta make him gay. There are way better Asian male comedians like Henry Cho and Eliot Chang. But nah, hire the unfunny one just because he’s gay. John Cho gets to be a protagonist in Star Trek, one of the most popular sci fi movie series. Gotta make him gay. God forbid that any of the precious WMs like Captain Kirk or Scotty be gay. Heterosexuality and women are reserved for WMs only. Fire Mountain is released which has two Asian guys as the protagonists in a love story. Gotta make them gay. Jimmy O gets casted on the movie Fantasy Island. His WM friend gets his fantasy fulfilled of getting to party with women in bikinis. Jimmy O gets his fantasy fulfilled of getting to get it on half naked men. Yep, gotta make him gay. Lana Condor has a bunch of movies on Netflix about her hooking up with WMs. The only time an AM is allowed to be in her movie is when they want a gay guy. Yep, all the WMs get to bang the Asian girl. As for the AM, gotta make him gay. And as expected, when someone calls out the consistent emasculation, along comes the gay police.

[–]MajesticUniversity76 0 points 2 hours ago Not gonna respond to all this dumb shit but check how many roles john cho has and check how many are gay. Sulu is not his original character as well. You can't just make an Asian comedian gay. The only other prolific Asian comedian who wasn't already a TV star because snl takes upstarts usually, is also gay. The others are already bigger stars than SNL. You're just starting to sound homophobic. permalinkembedsaveparentreportreply [–]Hunting-4-Answers 2 points 2 hours ago Of course. Anything standing up against the emasculation of Asian men is considered homophobic to you. Stop your hatred for heterosexuals, you heterophobe.

[–]MajesticUniversity76 -1 points 2 hours ago Doesn't exist

[–]Hunting-4-Answers 2 points 2 hours ago You’re evidence that it does.

[–]MajesticUniversity76 -1 points 2 hours ago Everything you say only backs up that your just masking homophobia when hetero asian male representation far outweighs gay asian male representation and there's a thread posted like yesterday about amww relationships in media. Where I happily provided examples. You however have only shown ire to asian gay men for seemingly seeing too many for your liking.

R/ "am" was fucked the moment retards like INCELnem and CUCKsunblue trusted the beaknosed little shit named (((CUCKsiple888))). Fucking who else brought in all of these (((flamers))), xm, Lus, and cucks?

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #84: xm-blower r/ am eunuch claims "AsiANs NEED To CoOpErAtE WitH BlKs" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Japanese reactions to the new AC GAME with yasuke as protagonistOC self.AsianMasculinity

submitted 15 hours ago by Reasonable-Eagle-857

[–]Independent-Pay-2572 -74 points 12 hours ago As Japanese When Nioh had a white protagonist, I didn't hear any complaints like "A white guy playing a samurai?!" so I don't think it's a problem.

[–]anaknangfilipina 30 points 10 hours ago The differences there is that AC is a western game, where Asian representation is minuscule. Nioh is a Japanese game and having a straight up white protagonist is rare. Also, like a Redditor said here before, each game has a theme of their protagonist matching their locale. Enzo is Italian like the location, the first had a Muslim during their Crusades in the Middle East, etc. Why not the same energy here? Also, why not share the spotlight? There could be a male Japanese ninja alongside the samurai Yasuke. It could be an ancient version of Rush Hour. Why do this when there are better ways?

[–]Independent-Pay-2572 -32 points 10 hours ago There are already plenty of games set in the Sengoku period with Japanese protagonists, so I'm not really hoping for more. I never had that high of expectations for foreigners anyway. And above all, Black people have a history of oppression, whereas Japanese people, among non-whites, have relatively more power. Japan's strength was demonstrated well enough during World War II, so I don't need anything more. Furthermore, we Asians need to cooperate with Black people. We shouldn't fall for the white man's tactics of dividing Black and Asian people.

[–]Kuaizi_not_chop 15 points 8 hours ago Your view point is copy and paste liberal popcorn BS. I would like for you to use 1 brain cell.

[–]Austronesian_SeaGod 2 points 4 hours ago

I would like for you to use 1 brain cell.

Ah that's the problem. White liberals are brainless.

"wE AsIAns". This kind of subversive shit ALWAYS happens under cuck fggit "moDeRation".

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #167: Only reason for retard LU BANSHEE BITCH AlasKKKUNT91's existence: "AsiANs REEEEEE rEEEeeeeeeeeeee" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Was the entire Asian "immigration" to the West a big mistake? by Direct-Beginning-438 in aznidentity

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] an hour ago Plenty of non asian POC come to America illegally and then change it to benefit their ppl in policy. Asians are obssesed with Rule following, to our own detriment. Just by saying that we are the majority is very asian. Asian mentality is to always go by facts, whereas any other would be gaslughting and saying we should be in more places around the world. Ur beig way too fact driven. Other non asian POC always skew facts to say they should take up more space. Ur mindset is actually defeatist. It accomplishes nothing for the diaspora. And ur facts r wrong. How much of European ancestry is in non European areas? Let's forget even north America. Australia, many parts of south America. Parts of Africa. Asians are barely outside of Asia to the extent Europeans are outside Europe. There is plenty of space, it's called making space and asian refuse to do it then go online and complain. How many south Americans crossed the border and then displaced former blacck Americans in southern claifornia and Texas? Life is a struggle for power abd space, a d Asians don't even try.

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 4 hours ago Asian engineers and overworked health care workers and professors, scientists, are the modern day version of slaves. Emasculated, underpaid for the value they bring shareholders. To bad Asians don't realize that and think it's a good label. Just bc ur living standards r higher doesn't mean $hit. To make matters worse, Asian men go ahead and promote worship or authority and obedience to their daughters, and then act shocked when they marry mediocre Whyte males.

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 4 hours ago Whose fault is that? Every Asian women I know who married an Asian man wants MORE kids, while the dude just sees risk after risk and needs every miniscule duck lined up in a perfect 180.0 degree row with no deviation prior to even conceiving s kid. I think the asian lack of appetite for risk and lack of ability to analyze and compress risk (thru gossip and seeing if older thought patterns held up or didn't), just makes Asians blindly avoid risk. This includes kids. Other groups see risk as an everyday get used to it thing, but Asians fear it more than death. The only Asians I know with greater than 2 (rarely 3) kids, are married to non Asians males. I know a handful of Asians that put off having kids until their student loans were paid off but the non Asians didn't wait. They all have 2-3 kids while the asian has 0. Mea while prez Biden forgave student debt. In America, u don't need to produce or create to make urself valuable like in china or Korea. U can have value simply by protesting and complaining! Asian males also never help each other out under the table. I've written alot about this. It's our fault really.

Lung cancer in non-smoking Asian women rising by Diligent_Army_2243 in aznidentity

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 4 hours ago Living near warehouses with stalling deisel trucks. Common in port cities. Many Asian enclaves are in valleys or adjacent to port cities. Buddhist shrines with burning incense. Lack of overall health awareness. Refusing to refrigerated food past two hrs and doing 1970 village shyt like leaving rice in the rice cooker all day. Yes heating up that rice may kill bacteria, but not the byproducts (poop if u will to make thing ultrs over simplified) of said bacteria that multiple exponentially, not linearly. Al those toxins accumulate and build up multiple mutations that trigger cancer. Asians hate changing their ways. Yll need to wake up, and keep it moving. This isn't 1960 rice growing village where nothing changes for generations.

"claifornia" "ultrs" "gaslughting". ABSOLUTE FUCKING RETARD. Completely laughable whenever the aiNCELs fggit mods spew "We'rE PrO-AsIAN" when this braindead shitstain ANTI-ASIAN LU KKKUNT is STILL a mod.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #83: R/ am xm-blower claims Asians "OwE blks EvERYtHing" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Is anyone else seeing an influx in Afrocentric posts?OC

submitted 22 hours ago by Old-Change-3216

[–]hoangkelvin -6 points 13 hours ago Without Black Americans, alot of us wouldn't be in this country with the rights that we have. Sure, it's not perfect but all minorities in this country owe the black American community.

[–]JerryH_KneePads 3 points 12 hours ago What? Owe blacks what?

[–]hoangkelvin -4 points 12 hours ago The whole Civil Rights Movement lol come on.

[–]JerryH_KneePads 6 points 12 hours ago Civil rights? Did it stop Asians from being mistreated? It was fresh from WW2. Asians don’t benefit shit from them. Who was looting Asian store fronts whenever there’s a riot? Who’s continuing to harm and attack Asians? You crazy.. don’t tell me you’re the type to attend a BLM and never went to a anti-Asian hate rally.

[–]hoangkelvin -4 points 12 hours ago Hold up. The Asian population exploded after the Civil Rights acts. It literally allowed many Asian Americans to come. Asians got to take advantage of the policies that Black Americans fought for. A huge reason why there is beef between minorities is due to the majority white population pitting them against each other.

[–]JerryH_KneePads 6 points 12 hours ago You sound like someone I know. Reasons there’s beef between minorities are due to whites? Whites made all those blacks attack, robbed or murder Asians in the states? Whites made blacks create songs on how to rob Asians? You’re out of your mind if you think Asian benefit anything from the black community. Asian work their ass off especially first gen. Asian earn everything they have thanks to no one but themselves. I will not give credit to no blacks and civil rights for the hard works Asians put in. Asians still face discrimination from blacks, whites and Latinos. Don’t give me that BS.

[–]hoangkelvin -3 points 12 hours ago Yeah, no. Alot of Asians would not even be in the country without the Civil Righrs movement. They literally opened the doors for all minorities to get to the top by curtailing overt discrimination. White society has pitted minorities against each other all the time. Whites praised Asians but always put down black americans while keeping them down.

Every time an "aSiaN" sub is under cuck management, these sjw f&gg0ts show up.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #166: Cow-piss drinking f&gg0t arcel insists POOs are "AsIAN"! by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Canadian Racists Caught Lying about Indian immigrant and food bank (self.aznidentity)

submitted 10 hours ago by archelogy

Racists are not known for being honest. They rely on the principles of their historical leaders such as Repeat a Lie often enough, it comes the Truth. Recently, Canadian racists have been circulating a lie about an Indian-Canadian student- claiming he was actually earning $98,000 CAD at TD Bank. And was abusing food shelters for free food despite his wealth. Which would be immoral and wrong. Except he IS a student, the food shelters are meant for students, he doesn't earn $98,000, he was a mere intern at TD bank for a few months, no longer there. He was never fired for TD Bank for what he did because a) he doesn't work there, and b) what he did was what students are supposed to do. This is all explained here: Keep in mind these "nice, kind" Canadian lowlifes are still circulating this lie en masse: Social media is run by profit-driven billionaires and major MNCs's for whom censorship is inconvenient because in the West it would mean banning a large segment of the user base for racism & hate-speech. So hate speech and racial misinformation is justified under the false banner of "free speech". When you hear people sh*t-talking Asians, always DOUBT as a first reaction.

[–]fcpisp [score hidden] 6 hours ago Not a racist thing. Indian international students are known to raid food banks even when they have money. It's a well known secret in Canada and many food banks are now verifying citizenship. International students had to attest that they can support themselves before entering. Indian international students are also likely to go to diploma mills schools to get PR and work instead of study. These aren't the type of international students that go to America for STEM degrees. Indian international students in America are different.

R/ aiNCELs no longer has any purpose. KUCKture has been dead for years. Aznid "TwiTteR ActiVISm" also dead for years. Zero posts of worth on the front page. Constant influx of subversives, xm, Lus, and simp f&gg0ts. Worthless as fuck mods who think clicking [remove] on reddit every single day is "aCtiviSM". Fucking ANTI-ASIAN mental retard LU BANSHEE KKKUNT remains a mod on an self-proclaimed "Pro-AsiAN" sub. An absolute joke. R/ aiNCELs proclaimed "We'Re GonnA BE HiGh QuALiTY U SHITs", when it has consistently been low quality. A fucking street-shitter run "asIAN" space was never pro-Asian to begin with.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #82: Poos and other non-Asians a permanent fixture of r/ am thanks to arcel's handpicked eunuch BITCH INCELnem by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Help me to look max and suggest me some good hairstyle OC

submitted 20 hours ago by Elegant-Akki6359

[–]Full_Strength_3891 15 points 13 hours ago reddit r SouthAsianMasculinity

[–]Jbentansan -11 points 12 hours ago I don't get why you can't give advice to this dude lol south asians and east asians have similar hair types I really dont' get this divide here bro is probably from india where they are taught that indians are asians so he looked up asian subreddit + this subreddit is more active then the other one

[–]warmpied 5 points 1 hour ago

south asians and east asians have similar hair types

not true. it's very very different and if there's a sub that's more specific to his needs he's better off cross posting there

Eunuch xm-blowers/simp cancer f&gg0ts in the mod board are always the cause of an Asian sub's decline.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #165: "Asia REEEeeeeee reeee" time again because that is the short bus tard LU BITCH AlasKKKUNT91's only fucking purpose by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Target of theft in Europe by FantasticFudge3357 in asianamerican

[–]Alaskan91 2 points 21 hours ago I have written alot in my comments about Asian being targeted for theft while abroad in Europe. I know some pickpockets intentionally target Asians bc Asians are stereotyped as less likely to lass out. Pickpocket a Russian tourists and the whole group will go after you without regard to consequences. Pickpocket an asian and the other Asian in the group will just breathe a sigh of relief they themselves are not pickpocketed. To avoid pickpocket it's best to be rude to anybody that could be potential pickpockets. This isn't east Asia where most ppl are polite for polite sake. If anybody is offering to help u with something it's usually a trick u less they are tipped hotel staff. My friend got pushed by a crowd away from his girlfriend, this was done on purpose to pickpocket the girlfriend after isolating her. But most asian guys won't push their way back to the woman bc that would seem impolite. And hence their fiance gets pickpocketed.

Oreorangs vs Bananarangs by UnapologeticRiri in aznidentity

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 22 hours ago Sadly, the asian concepts of avoiding shame and pride intersect to creat one where girls that's want to date Asian again after a Renaissance are blocked. But in other cultures that don't have these concepts of shame and pride, guys glady marry single moms, divorced mom's, etc, and evolutionarily benefit bc they then have more kids with these women. If east Asia got over the shame associated with single motherhood, it would help with the low birthrates. But Asian can't think in big terms, rather focused on the smaller terms of the same associated with dating an asian that used to date white. Ultimately none of that matters, it's who carries ur kid that matters. So what if she dated white,? If she has a kid with u, then she choose to have her legacy with you. An asian guy dating a white trophy women that he never has kids with is no evolutionary winner btw. But yll seem to think it is.

[–]CozyAndToasty [score hidden] 10 hours ago Get out of here with your orientalist Asian-culture-blaming garbage. "But in other cultures that don't have these concepts" Yeah tell that to the white single moms with half black babies and see how they get treated by white men. You think they wanna marry a race fetishist? You think this is about shaming single moms. Keep your projections to yourself. This is about not wanting a family where the kids get influenced by someone with racist tendencies and view different races of men as different means to different ends. Asian single moms with a full-Asian kid and an Asian history are way more trustworthy than a never-married Asian woman with a white dating history. The first one literally has a child vouching for her attraction to AM. The second one has what? Her own sob story on Huffington post?

am i welcome here? by rxnsnce in aznidentity

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 22 hours ago I also never understood the struggle of these half Whyte hapas who can't fit into either side but they never talk about their immense amounts of white privilege and proximity to whiteness +also privilege. BUT U KNOW WHY???? Every non Asian culture fits for their rights and pushes for their own benefit WITHOUT being morally bound or considering WHAT is reasonable. Archeology said it best, being reasonable had never gotten people places, I mean the dominant majority worldwide is not reasonable, hence colonization and imperialism to create power Meanwhile Asians are all about what is reasonable and am I asking for too much blah blah. This has gotten us nowhere A hapa talking about not fitting into either side but neglecting to mention their white privilege or downplaying their white privilege is also them pushing for their rights regardless of being reasonable or NOT. They aren't thinking "I shouldn't bring this up, after all, I get other good stuff like white privilege " This is the part of Whyte culture that we as full Asians don't learn and don't benefit from. I was at a practice field the other day and this asian-apearing kid basically came and monopolized the field and didn't give a shyt to who else wanted to use it. Then later I saw this kid, a girl, leaving with her Whyte dad. I realized she was an asian passing hapa. This same girl, somebody else pointed out, was high up in her division for her sport. Surely her lack of reasonableness in monopolizing the field helped her get more practice time. Too much reasonablebess doesn't benefit Asians. Some would even say it's better to push ur own issues and gaslight others their issues aren't that bad. After all, it works for many non Asian minorities in asserting their rights. And they get their rights heard above Asians.

Stray Kids not standing up for themselves is the reason why this keep happening. by mrevilla in aznidentity

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 22 hours ago In corporate environments u need to show restraint and understand the manipulation and games. In everywhere else, showing some muscle can be beneficial. When I was in high school, non Asians would beat up Asian boys at least twice a month. The saddest part is the moment the non Asians teamed up to beat up an asian dude sophomore (or junior, whatever), his Asian male pals would scatter. I actually asked one of them one day why he ran off, and he cited risks of arrest jeopardizing college. Asian guys never helped each other cheat in high school, they rarely ever shared test answers from previous periods, and they didn't help each other fight off bullies. It was low risk behavior every day from period 0 to period 7. Low risk behavior all day every day. Asian men just hate taking one for the team, it seems. I hate to bring this up, but some kids all beat up this Hispanic dork kid and his saludictorian (ivy league bound) buddy helped him and best the other kid back. I also asked him if he was scared of ruining his college chances. Il never forget his expression , He looked at me confused and said, I didn't have a choice I had to help my homie. East asians would never. The asian girls witnessed this happen. All I can say is that every single east asian girl from my high school married a mediocre Whyte male. They weren't even marrying up that much tbh. Alot of the same east Asian dudes that got beat up alot, did get into a decent college. But they are still unwed, and their life's work as an engineer will cumulate in an inheritance for their hapa niece, the product of their sisters kids with some Whyte dude. I don't know a single hapa girl that didn't marry a white guy. Contrast this with the south Asian males. They helped each other on the down low, analyzed risks thru gossip and thinking outside the box, thereby compressing risks and being able to take more risks while being rewarded. (East Asians just avoid risk). They are all married and every single one got with s pretty Indian girl from a good college and they all have kids and seemingly happy families. The south Asian kids dad's Al got together and organized community stuff to bring their south Asian (in America) community together. South Asian boys did soccer while the girls did Indian dance in teams, together, at a bustling community center celebrating their own religion. The east asian kids dad's just told the kids to study and to listen to authority didn't offer any social advice. Any community was based upon Christian churches. Back then, team sports weren't even encouraged. East asian boys played piano and violin, sometimes chess, and occasionally tennis. Zero team sports. When u emphasize deference to authority so d@mn much (thank u socially unaware east asian dads, it shouldn't be a shock that the life goal of an east Asian girl is to worship whoever is in power--hence the mass flight towards marriage with mediocre white males I don't know a single east Asian guy that prospered under this parenting. That's all I'm going to say. It's not like the women are doing that well either.

[–]CommitteeNo1010 [score hidden] 8 hours ago This so much. Asian American male demographic are just straight up cowards and have been raised incorrectly their entire lives. I can't wait for younger gens to weed out this sort of behavior

"AsiANs REEEEEeeee AsiaNS ReSpOniBle FoR FUKiNg EvERThInG REEEEEEeeee". Every single fucking time this shitstain on the human race logs in her worthless as fuck account. R/ aiNCELS will NEVER FUCKING BE PRO-ASIAN with this mental retard KKKUNT and cow-piss drinking f&gg0t poojeet in the mod board.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #81: Why it is a waste of time interacting with a cancer cell cringe simp f&g like owlcel by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Asian men are now the first choice of Asian being the second choice everytimeOC self.AsianMasculinity

submitted 2 days ago by accountistempo

[–]flippy_disk 27 points 1 day ago "Bu-but not all Asian women!" Honestly, I would be glad if those Asian men who simp for Asian women died alone because they are the ones giving birth to the next round of East/Southeast girls that become like this.

[–]owlficus -12 points 1 day ago what the heck? If you parent/brother correctly, an AF daughter wouldn’t be self hating. but anyway are you saying you’d rather breed out Asian Americans by not dating AFs than risk the chance of having a self hating daughter? That’s wild.

[–]flippy_disk 5 points 18 hours ago More than half of all East/Southeast Asian women in the US date, fuck, or marry men outside of their race. You seriously think it's because Asian men aren't parenting/brothering correctly? Come on now lol. Yes, I would rather breed out Asian Americans because that's our fate already thanks to weak link Asian women. That's why we are stuck as a first/second generation people. It's only right that more Asian men do the same. Even now, the numbers aren't even close to being the same between the Asian women that do this vs. Asian men, despite more Asian men finally dating out as well. Why should we continue the East/Southeast Asian race when half of the women don't want to? I'm not going to help give birth to and raise a full Asian daughter just for her to turn out like these weak link Asian females. Fuck that.

[–]owlficus -3 points 16 hours ago Only 46% marry out- even though AFs are only 3% of the population, combined with the high prevalence of the Asian fetish. you really need to think this through. It’s unhealthy to incorrectly assume that all AFs- or even most- with WMs hate AMs or wouldn’t date one. Are there AFs like this? sure, but they are in the minority- and they always have issues with their parents, or a grew up with a brother who they thought was weird

[–]flippy_disk 2 points 7 hours ago "Only 46% marry out." Lol, do you hear yourself buddy? East/Southeast Asian women are the unhealthy ones here with their propensity to date, fuck, and marry outside their race. Something that's not observed as much with other race and gender groups, including East/Southeast Asian men. Why would I ever want to procreate with one with the high risk of spreading the WMAF/XMAF infection with any daughters I have? Look at the James S. C. Chao family. 5 out of 6 of his daughters married White men. Stop making excuses for them.

[–]owlficus 0 points 5 hours ago Again: 46%, when AMs are only 3% of the population, is an incredibly high nbr

Again, the f&gg0t who thinks "1% chance" of saving the std-ridden LU banshee is "WorTh iTt". Only the dumbest fucks alive would think owlcockroach's retardation is "iNsiGhTfUll".

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #164: TosWORTHLESSFUCKINGEUNUCHFGGITKUCK again screeches the laughable "SeRVe aSIaNs NoT PaRtiEs" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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If you’re Asian and use neoliberal pro western talking points against China you’re a little bitch (self.aznidentity)

submitted 2 days ago by blueboymad

[–]toskaqe[M] [score hidden] 6 hours ago - stickied comment

Since this seems necessary, this is a reminder that this sub does not encourage pro-china or anti-china positions. As per rule 6) Serve Asians Not Parties (including other states):

Gauge support based on their direct utility to our collective, and avoid carrying water for political groups simply for being the lesser of two evils.

Also, foreign-themed content should be kept to a minimum. This is a diaspora-centric sub, after all, not a nationalist debate space. Too much cheerleading for others to fix our issues will be removed for slacktivism and self-defeatism.

[–]jackstrikesout [score hidden] 14 hours agolocked comment Unless you are from or ethnically one of the many countries that have disputes with China. Like India (Bharat), the phillipines, Vietnam, the republic of china, Japan, South Korea, nepal, and Australia (it's in the area, im counting it). Here is a counterpoint. Stop being a little faggot. China isn't asian people in general.

[–]noodlesforlife88 [score hidden] 15 hours ago look as horrible as the US is, on one hand the truth is that China is ruled by an oppressive regime and acts as an aggressive bully towards India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, or Taiwan. All of those countries have issues with China, that being said, its kinda ironic that there are a bunch of idiotic Western centric morons that accuse China of human rights violations when their ancestors and civilization is responsible for brutal colonialism, slavery, genocide, and exploitation so at the end of they have no right to claim a moral high ground

[–]TheNextGamer21 Indian [score hidden] 16 hours ago Bro China isn’t the only source of hope in the world…

Cow piss drinker poo head mod openly shills for his political parties. First thing fucking thing the short bus tard Lu mod "91" does upon waking up is ch1mp at Asian people. The aiNCEL "RuLes" are a fucking JOKE. The shit-munching poocels above just shows aiNCELs will NEVER FUCKING BE PRO-ASIAN period.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #163: COCKLESSCOCKROACHEUNUCHFUCKINGFGGITmovement claims he "Won'T" take back a Lu! by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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What would you do if your only dating option was an Asian single mother who had a child with a white man? (self.aznidentity)

submitted an hour ago by NewMobileDon

[–]asianmovement [score hidden] 31 minutes ago I'd rather be single. If it was an asian child, I'll raise it as my own. I'd also rather not date any white women with a child either.

#Members of r aznidentity what do you think of AFBM / AFIM other AFxM relationships?Relationships (self.aznidentity)

submitted 2 months ago by -AskRedditThrowaway

[–]asianmovement 3 points 2 months ago AFXM is fine in my book

Imagine believing anything an xmaf porn enthusiast spews.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #80: More xm and the same eunuch simp f&gg0ts allowed on r/ am cause the Hong KUCK "MoDs" need users to be castrated like themselves by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Asian men are now the first choice of Asian being the second choice everytime OC self.AsianMasculinity

submitted 1 day ago by accountistempo

I know some of you rejoiced when a recent study claimed that Asian men are now the top choice of Asian women. I'm sorry to burst your bubble but when looked at more carefully, things aren't actually that great. According to the study that was featured on the Fung Bros, Asian women constantly ranked non-Asian men over Asian men. However, they gave Asian guys second place in their rankings. Because of this, when it comes to overall average, Asian men scored highest. This makes it seem it seem that AF are now more accepting of AM, but in reality, AM are still the backup option. The only AF who ranked AM above others were the non-political ones. This is in-line with what I claimed in one of my past posts-- which some of you disagreed with

[–]Zealousideal-Ad6165 14 points 1 day ago

Lol they wish

Exactly. They know they are seen as "easy" and "not beautiful" to the most attractive WM and therefore can never compete with WF for their attention and love. What's the alternative? To have the same outlook and preferences as the average MSM watching WF.

[–]Advanced_80 -7 points 22 hours ago

They know they are seen as "easy" and "not beautiful" to the most attractive WM and therefore can never compete with WF for their attention and love.

No they aren't. AF are considered the most attractive and more desired. They have higher self esteem than White women.

One study found that East Asian women in the United States are closer to the ideal figure promoted in Western media, and that East Asian women conform to both Western and Eastern influences in the United States.[112][113] East Asian men were found to be more impacted by Western beauty ideals then East Asian women, in the United States. East Asian men felt as though their bodies were not large enough and therefore deviated from the Western norm.[114] East Asian men and white Western women were found to have the highest levels of body dissatisfaction in the United States.[115]

[–]Hot-Eagle-8175 12 points 17 hours ago Not even AF themselves believe that lmfao. AF simps like you are completely off the rails.

[–]ElimDegens 6 points 12 hours ago it's a white or black "passport bro" on an AM forum for whatever reason

[–]Hot-Eagle-8175 3 points 12 hours ago lmao

[–]ElimDegens 3 points 12 hours ago if they start citing studies about how apparently AF are all so popular and shit and most desired over WF than you've probably identified one of those sex pests. it's crazy because we get accused of spiting AF but the amount of spite they have for WF is insane and dysfunctional

[–]TinyAznDragon 28 points 1 day ago We are #1 for being the #2 - No Thanks.

[–]flippy_disk 22 points 21 hours ago "Bu-but not all Asian women!" Honestly, I would be glad if those Asian men who simp for Asian women died alone because they are the ones giving birth to the next round of East/Southeast girls that become like this.

[–]owlficus -6 points 13 hours ago what the heck? If you parent/brother correctly, an AF daughter wouldn’t be self hating. but anyway are you saying you’d rather breed out Asian Americans by not dating AFs than risk the chance of having a self hating daughter? That’s wild.

[–]owlficus 1 point 13 hours ago Flawed study on some many levels, and flawed conclusions you are all drawing: - study is asking women who they prefer to date, not an actual study of who they’re dating. In this woke culture of course Gen Z are gonna shy away from saying WM. of course they will feel pressured to say BM or LM so as to not appear anti black/brown and of course they will put AMs as #2 so as to not appear insular. LMs are gonna be ranked most attractive on surveys when asked, because they’re not black and not white. They are the safe woke choice. Not to mention these random AF “researchers” prob fudged some nbrs to fit their agenda. This “study” is no different than those dick size surveys- with western men self reporting inflated nbrs and Asian men being more truthful/non obsessed with their nbrs The only objective figure we have is the census, with 46% of AFs marrying Asian- which is an incredibly high percentage given that it can easily be just 3% from population demographics alone

[–]Viend 9 points 1 day ago In the time it took for you to look this up and write up the post you could have gone out and met another woman, but instead you chose to externalize your problems. Do you think the Asian immigrants to the US in the late 19th century sat around opium dens complaining about how white men had it easy? Nah, they just accepted that they were playing the game on a harder difficulty and went out and found successes anyway. They’d be rolling in their graves going through all the hardships to get a better life for their descendants only to see their great grandchildren blaming Asian women of all people for their difficulties.

Every fucking time cancer cell nutless eunuch f&gg0ts are on the mod board of these "Pro-AsIANn" subs, the xm, Lus, sjws, and simps start flowing in.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #162: All criticisms of Endia censored thanks to the fragile head cow-piss enthusiast by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Solidarity from a 3rd gen British Indian (self.aznidentity)

submitted 23 hours ago by BritishSAsianMalePod

[–]TheExplicit [score hidden] 22 hours ago i'm chinese but it always pains me to see the constant bickering between china and india. they'd both rise much faster if they could just work together.

[–]BritishSAsianMalePod[S] [score hidden] 22 hours ago i think its just the governments. the CCP are adamant of picking fights with India for some reason. but yh idk. i have no idea what east and south asian relations are like in USA but they should be good given theyre so similar. in UK i simply do not know many east asians. they’re a tiny % of our population. i have no idea about their lives to be honest.

[–]LibsNConsRTurds [score hidden] 12 hours ago What kind of horseshit are you peddling. You been watching Palki Sharma? If this is about the border issue go read some actual history.

[–]Sanguinius___ [score hidden] 10 hours ago That woman is so everywhere. I have never clicked on a single of her video thankfully but used to get it recommended. Ive come across her footage and face even from other third party videos.

[–]aureolae [score hidden] 22 hours ago “The CCP are adamant of picking fights with India”… what? Some bullshit solidarity bro. The narrative about an aggressive China is just DC/Downing street propaganda, chief. And then a mateguarding but “just kidding” later on… with allies like you we don’t need enemies. The truth is it’s your premier who has to turn to jingoism and nationalism to stay in power. After all, you western toadies are so proud of your “largest democracy in the world” status, no surprise you have a leader there relying on populism. Oh and your English-speaking status. Keep running those call centers and sending your brightest to become back office drones for the western world, ya WOGs. Keep failing to build anything and relying on infrastructure that your colonial masters left you almost a century ago. It’s true that in the west, East Asians and South Asians are treated similarly by the white establishment. I have had plenty of Desi friends and lovers. But if India had the role that China does now in leading the Global South against European colonialism, we’d be in sorry shape because of people like you. Rethink your perspective or East Asians have no need for your allyship. You’re just another WOG, a Trojan horse for the west. [removed]

[–]born_to_die9 [score hidden] 16 hours ago This is literally a sub against anti-asian racism. Asians being racist against other asians is the antithesis of that. You could have just explained to him how what he said was wrong, not gone on a rant about how terrible India is.

[–]BritishSAsianMalePod[S] [score hidden] 18 hours ago yk this is just racism lmao. i’m literally not indian.

[–]aureolae [score hidden] 17 hours ago You come here, make pretend noises about solidarity, promote western lies about China fucking with India, and when told to educate yourself, your defenses are (1) that’s racism and (2) I’m not Indian? Not only do we not need your allyship because you’re full of western-worshipping delusions, we don’t need your allyship because you rely on non-sequitirs to defend yourself. In your headline you describe yourself as a 3rd generation British Indian and here you say you’re not Indian? And so what does that makes you? British only? And now you’re here trying to convince us of Asian solidarity? Dude, you’re the ultimate coconut. Do you even speak your grandparents’ language? How many times have you been to India? I’m probably more Indian than you. You’re just another deluded whitewashed WOG looking for solidarity from other WOGs because the white man mistreats you, while your only perspective on the world is the white man’s lies that you’ve absorbed. I’m cool with south Asians but not you. Try better. [removed]

[–]GrafZeppeln [score hidden] 19 hours ago Bro won’t even bother actually taking the time to address issues between our two people and yet keep virtual signaling about “solidarity”. Typical South Asian liberal ass

[–]aureolae [score hidden] 16 hours ago 🎯 Headline is “solidarity from a 3rd gen British Indian” Comes here to repeat the west’s imperialist lies. When challenged, says he’s not Indian. So what’s that leave? A Briton? Wtf do we need solidarity from a British WOG?

[–]BritishSAsianMalePod[S] [score hidden] 18 hours ago issues like what? i’m not indian what do u want me to do about it?

Did anyone think a poocel-led "aSIaN" sub was actually going to be for Asians?

aznidentity Lu-chase #30: Fucking who else but cancer cell worthless simp owlcockroachf&gg0tcel jizzes to subversive Lu? by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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saying AW fetish WM desensitized what Asians go through. (self.aznidentity)

submitted 3 days ago by iwannacry69

[–]owlficus [score hidden] 22 hours ago OP- I know you’re gettin piled on here, but I completely agree with your entire post, and have said almost identical things in my posts/comments. I especially agree (and have said) that those who claim yellow fever doesn’t exist, and that the problem is white fever, they are absolving white men. You called it “bootlicking”- in my posts I’ve said that those AMs who believe this are cowards. They feel powerless and castrated by WM “winning” and so they turn their attention to berating AFs. Instead of standing up to the “stronger” bully (WMs), they turn to bullying those they see as weaker (AFs). Classic (and sad) Freudian stuff

It is worthless cringe simp f&gg0ts like the one above that set back any fucking progress. Fucking cancer cells who think PORNO LUS are "WoRTh iTt". Claims saving STD-RIDDEN BANANARANGS is "BeIng A reALsS MAnn". What does a fucking f&gg0t who jacks off to xmaf porn 24/7 know about "BeIng A ReaLs MAn"? Most fucking pathetic castrated fuck to ever crawl into these subreddits.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #161: Cow piss drinking arc proven again to be pro-currycel, not "Pro-AsIAN" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Does anyone have any advice on how to leave Australia? by SerpentEmperor in thebronzemovement

[–]archelogy 1 point 8 hours ago Was going to say this. Going to another Western country misunderstands what the root problem is.

F&gg0t copes in his currycel sub while aiNCELs goes down the shitter.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #79: Subversive r/ am fggt 'johnkim5042' claims Joy Luck Club is "GuD" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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What are the best Asian or Asian American movies or tv series you have seen?OC self.AsianMasculinity

submitted 20 hours ago by johnkim5042

I’ll go first, Beef, crouching tiger hidden dragon, eat drink man woman, the wedding banquent, joy luck club, rising son tv series, picture bride, lion, the namesake, minari, letters from iwo Jima, the last dragon, ninja assasin, kung fu hustle, the donut king, the last days of Vietnam

[–]JerryH_KneePads 12 points 19 hours ago Asian movies I have so many. Asian American I got shorter list as many of these films always fucks over the Asian male representation and fetish the Asian female. Minari, warrior, beef, the last dragon and the crow..

[–]johnkim5042[S] -16 points 19 hours ago My list is just about movies that I enjoyed watching. Good storyline, entertaining… I didn’t really think about Asian male representation I guess… I liked the movie’s bloodsport and the last samurai too,just for the fighting and action scenes

Yet another pmaf porn collecting r/ am simp cancer f&gg0t. What keeps happening under simp f&gg0t moderation.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #160: Why aiNCELs should never be fucking taken seriously, tosWORTHLESSCOCKLESSF&GG0TKUCK screeches "We'Re Pro-ASIANn" when the sub is the furthest thing from it by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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US president Biden just called Japan India China xenophobic countries that dont want immigrants in attempt to appeal to Asian american voters! (self.aznidentity)

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[–]ssslae [score hidden] 6 hours ago What American idiots (western idiots in fact) don't understand (suffer from an extreme cognitive-discordance) is that north America and western European countries are empires. The nature of all empires require slaves (free) and low costs labor to maintain the status-quo. As empires, they stole non-whites' lands and import other non-whites to work their industries. Many Asians are successful in the U.S., but who's in charge and why do Asians work in a gilded cage or under a bamboo ceiling? China hasn't stalled, not according the professor Richard Wolff. What the U.S. wants from China is similar to what they wanted and got from Japan, and that is for China to be another of America satellites. Japan's lost decade was a result of the U.S. monetary policies directed at weakening the Japanese's Yen. I would go as far as suggesting that the Covid Lock down might be part of trying to weaken China. I don't know anything about India so won't get into it. I have no doubt many Asian countries are Xenophobic, but it has more to do with lack of experience rather than some grand racist eugenic bullshit. I will give credit to North Americans for their tolerance of multiculturalism. It's not perfect.

[–]TheWiseSquid884 [score hidden] 2 hours ago By quoting Richard Wolff on China you have basically said you do not know what you are talking about. He's a deluded Marxist when he speaks on China (as well as on a bunch of other topics, so basically, a deluded Marxist). He buys the official stats published by the CCP, which anyone who actually knows a thing or two about them knows that they are garbage. The real estate sector in China is in essence their main financial sector, because most mainland Chinese don't invest in the stock market. Now that Xi has shut down the real estate sector fearing a future even greater real estate collapse that was bound to happen and potentially be the catalyst for the CCP's downfall, hence he did what he did, on top of that most of the money was tied to his political opponents in the Shanghai gang, weakening the real estate sector on his terms was a way to weaken his opponents within China and have a real estate meltdown on his terms. But anyways given that the Chinese financial system is in meltdown, GDP growth, let alone around 4-5%, is absurd. Dr. Richard Wolff is either lying or an ignoramus on this topic if he believes that China is still growing. Reality does not match the absurd claims from Beijing on current Chinese growth. China probably has a large youth unemployment crisis. It fits what's going on. Japan benefited immensely from economic ties to the US during the Cold War. It grew a ton with US help (their own culture and society being the most essential aspects but the US was a very important extra to get to even higher places), but that made Japan more dependent on the US. Economics has trade offs. China's economy since a few decades ago depends immensely on exports to maintain the level of prosperity they have, and the largest consumer market in the world is the US. Like Japan, it has a dependency on the US economically. Its just the way things work. Majority of Asian countries are relatively xenophobic, and East Asian cultures historically have been very xenophobic, with a strong emphasis of their own nation versus the "foreign barbarians". America, while having a very racist past, is at its heart a country that has a long history of absorbing tens and tens of millions of foreigners into the American nation, including Asian Americans for the past number of decades. China instituted its own covid lockdown, which was far harsher and more stringent than in America or anywhere else in the West, especially for the duration it lasted. Was that also part of a conspiracy to weaken China? The US wants China to weaken, and one of its main strategies is to let the Chinese shoot themselves in the foot repeatedly, which they have been showing tremendous ability in doing so over the years.

[–]toskaqe [score hidden] 13 minutes ago Hello and welcome to the sub. This is not a china oriented sub. It is a pro-asian, diaspora sub. If you are non-asian and are only here to make purely geopolitical comments like these, go elsewhere. China should only discussed in relation to diaspora concerns, see rule 1.

Brain damaged ANTI-ASIAN LU KKKUNT mod. POOCEL non-Asian head mod. Pathetic simp f&gg0t mods. Lus and xm allowed in because "mUh VieWss". R/ aiNCELs is not fucking "PRO-ASiaNn" and never will be.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #159: Yet another gaslighting KKKunt allowed in by tosWORTHLESSWASTEOFLIFEFGGTKUCK, can't stop jizzing to them ALL by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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saying AW fetish WM desensitized what Asians go through. (self.aznidentity)

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[–]magicalbird [score hidden] 7 hours ago Nice gaslight job OP. This sounds like your typical Asian woman trying to justify the relationship when Asian men got thrown under the bus for years and decades. So naw. I’m downvoting.

[–]iwannacry69[S] [score hidden] 7 hours ago “Trying to justif” did I say once I’m pro Asian women and white man??

[–]magicalbird [score hidden] 7 hours ago It’s a stereotype because Asian women date interracially way more than any other combo.

[–]iwannacry69[S] [score hidden] 7 hours ago Can you not read? This post is talking about the word fetish and how it’s dangerous to devalue what it means.

[–]iwannacry69[S] [score hidden] 7 hours ago So you genuinely think Asian women fetish white men? You don’t think that dismiss the real fetishes Asian men and women actually go through. So when an Asian boy is only picked for being sexualised guess u can’t be mad when u used the word fetished so wrong it looses it values

[–]magicalbird [score hidden] 7 hours ago Yes

[–]kev_556 [score hidden] 10 hours ago What you’re trying to do is remove accountability from those AF who do fetishize having a white partner.

[–]appliquebatik [score hidden] 2 hours ago exactly. I'm like gurl really, it's the erasure of asian female accountability for me. how infantilizing.

[–]iwannacry69[S] [score hidden] 10 hours ago Is having a racial preference fetishized or just a preference? Do you genuinely belive every white man just wants an Asian girl and not looking at what all of fetishized Asian girls through ?

[–]kev_556 [score hidden] 10 hours ago Not everything is black and white. Racial preferences and fetishes are not mutually exclusive. Your second sentence makes no sense to me, so I’ll answer those two things separately: Quite obviously, not every white man is just looking for an Asian girl, and of course Asian women are victims of fetishization. However, other Asian women perpetuate this fetishization and thus Asian women as a whole aren’t without blame. While your peers continue to make themselves available to these men at the cost of their dignity, you will unfortunately continue to suffer the consequences. Hold them accountable.

Now the simp f&gg0t is labeling his fap material Lus "CaTaLySt". Fucking hell, the sub really is lu-chasing simp fggit identity, not "asiAN idEntitY".

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #158: SimpKUCKF&GG0T43 claims his cringe as fuck shitposts are "ThE beST aiNCEL PosTs EvEr" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Stop complaining about WMAF: why we should all start embracing "white adjacency" (self.aznidentity)

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[–]Siakim43 [score hidden] 4 hours ago In addition to the comment I made before, I think the below link is one of the best posts we've had. See point number 6 there - as well as the rest of the items in the list - on how to approach framing the conversation around WMAF and the common issue we face alongside other marginalized communities.

[–]toskaqe[S] [score hidden] 4 hours ago The disparity in reception between this and that thread you linked shows the damage that algorithmic sorting has done to readership. Thanks for referencing it though. I've been considering a repost series of quality posts from the past to help onboard new users.

[–]Siakim43 [score hidden] 4 hours ago I agree wholeheartedly and have been pushing this approach for years. The common "enemy" other POC communities and feminists face is the white male hegemony and the privileges bestowed and inequality as a result of it. It's important to get them involved - and join - in the fight. No one's going to care if it's a "boohoo Asian men can't get dates because of white male favoring biases" thing. BUT if we frame it in terms of an overarching issue that impacts many marginalized communities, the broader population will get it. Trust me, folks in other POC communities see what's going on in our Asian communities in regards to WMAF. But the outreach could be even broader when we frame it in the way you mention.

This is the simp cancer fucking f&gg0t behind the phase "mUh CosMiC And GoDlY EYYefFFFf". Only fucking delusional fggit aiNCELs would think their own diarrhea shitposts are "The BeSt PoStS aiNCELS EVER haD".

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #78: Most schizo cringe xm allowed right into r/ am because CUCK f&gg0ts like INCELnem were never on the side of Asians by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Boba liberals and self hating asiansOC self.AsianMasculinity

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[–]Icy-Account-7084 41 points 13 hours ago the “white liberal AF” you’re describing is genuinely my two sisters. Even tho i self identity as liberal, it’s always just be white for their dating lives.

[–]AcanthisittaTiny7029 -17 points 13 hours ago I'm sorry to hear this- Keep your head up though...try to love them "where they are" this effort, perhaps you can be the AM example they need to reconsider the exclusionary personal choices they've been living so they will see that there are fantastic AM who are far better suited to be their partners than any WM. . .(coming from a place of empathy myself--I want to see my Asian brothers and sisters succeed and have the fullness of equity in their lives. . .this is unattainable thru the lens of the WMAF dichotomy. . .no one receives justice from this)

[–]Hot-Eagle-8175 16 points 12 hours ago Nah bro they're lost.

[–]AcanthisittaTiny7029 -9 points 11 hours ago I wouldn't disagree, in fact, I'd probably have my own personal disregard for them as fully autonomous individuals. However, to forever dismiss them (to include both sides of this coin, the AF {and} the WM) would be to give up hope for the justice and equity that the Asian diaspora dignantly deserves. People can change; albeit, (especially after perpetual patterns of exploitation) unlikely, everyone is deserving of forgiveness and a hope to respect themselves and others to the fullness of their humanity. Where both his sisters are currently, of course, this cannot be. Perhaps the humility they need to deface their own pride and internalized selfishness is the love and empathy from a fellow Asian brother (either figuratively or their biological sibling) to change the narrative towards a direction of genuine Asian unity and pride- Peace, brother

[–]Hot-Eagle-8175 9 points 9 hours ago Experience taught me that people don't change. And even if they did, I don't see why we should accept them unless they come back groveling on their own.

[–]matchalover04 2 points 42 minutes ago bro the guy you're talking to is a white man that has a history of dating and objectifying asian women and he's married to a white woman. he alsooo has been having affairs with asian women on reddit or is attempting to while being married with two little daughters. he's batshit crazy

Upset by lack of focus on anti-EAST asian racism in politicsOC self.AsianMasculinity

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[–]UltraMisogyninstinct 18 points 12 hours ago South Asians never had it bad, especially in comparison to east Asians. The US alone has an extensive list of inhumane policies towards east asians. There hasn't been any political rifts towards south Asians worth mentioning And now that immigration from east asia is drying up, south Asians are already the largest Asian ethnic groups in the US too. They will be gaining more opportunities for representation in positions of power while avoiding political scrutiny. They have the privilege of not facing the brunt of a cold war with the west as well as having the backing of domestic liberal movements for being brown. There's also no conflict of interest so they don't have to sell out just to make it. On the contrary, there's an ongoing McCarthyist witch hunt for Chinese people where you're either a yes boy or you're a "CCP spy" Saying south Asians have it "worse" than east Asians is so ludicrous that it's offensive. It's also the reason why removing all my south asian social circles was one of the best decisions I've ever made for my social life

[–]Legitimate-Gears -2 points 9 hours ago

South Asians never had it bad, especially in comparison to east Asians.

I mean they did have it bad for some years after 2001. I don't think the west gave them any benefit of the doubt just like what's happening to us now. They don't have it worse, but they definitely know what it's like.

Nothing good ever comes from appointing ass-kissing f&gg0ts associated with arcPOOCEL.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #157: tosFUCKINGRETARDFGGITKUCK is surprised users are not viewing the autistic shit he pins to the top of the sub by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Monthly Free-for-All (self.aznidentity)

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[–]toskaqe [score hidden] 7 hours ago To app users: 1) Does this new comments feed for AI work for you? 2) Do you still see this thread after it's been pinned? Been noticing pinned threads are not getting traffic so maybe it's better if I don't pin them. However, the problem with that is they don't get enough upvotes to stay near the top for more than a few days.

F&gg0t is demanding upvotes for his diarrhea now. Once again, anything involving the aiNCELs mods is guaranteed to fucking fail.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #77: R/ am to remain buried in poocel cowshit indefinitely thanks to arcel's BITCH INCELnem by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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‘Sophisticated’: Four men arrested after break-in string targeting South Asians in 25 Mass. towns (

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The very fucking reason why you don't let xm-blowing eunuchs near a mod board. Cancer cell f&gg0ts like the one above always enable xm/Lu/simp infestation along with sjw subversion.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #156: The end result of arcPOOCEL bringing in "more intelliGent posteRs" with mass-censorship by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Asian Diasporic Mercantilism (self.aznidentity)

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[–]historybuff234 [score hidden] 12 hours ago I think it is absolutely valid to discuss whether or not we in the diaspora should have a preference for imports from Asia. Suppose we go to the supermarket to buy canned sardines. There are cans from Scandinavia, Spain, Morocco, and Japan. There is no diaspora owned sardine can manufacturer as far as I know. How does it serve the purposes of Asian identity to insist on between neutral among the four choices? And except when we specifically need the services or goods of a local business like a car repair shop or restaurant, we typically will not have any choice to buy from diaspora. Furthermore, should the same indifference to foreign Asians apply, by the way, when an Asian-American graduate student is making a choice after being asked out by an Asian student from Asia and a white student? And then when does a foreign Asian become part of the diaspora anyway? The CEO of TikTok is frequently discussed on this subreddit. He studied in America and he gets dragged up to Congress for ritual humiliation. He married an Asian-American. Is he one of us? We used to discuss the CFO of Huawei here as well, back when Canada detained her. She owns houses in Canada and in fact stayed in her properties during her house arrest. Does she count? Anyway, it seems to me to be quite unfair if OP was banned and punished for the post when a moderator see enough worth in it to actually approve it. If the original decision to approve is wrong, then deleting the post and giving a warning ought to be enough. And if someone had to be temporarily banned, it should be the moderator who approved it. But I really don’t see anything ban worthy in the original post.

[–]toskaqe [score hidden] 11 hours ago Well, one, moderators can't ban other moderators without demodding them, and two, what would be the point? To prevent them from modding for a period of time and create more work for the others? Some mods are more willing to dole out punishment for grey-area content from new users. It's not a goal to alienate intelligent posters, but also, sometimes unavoidable.

Driving away "mUh EfFoRt PosTErs" is now "UnAvoiDABlE". Exactly why listening to the aiNCELs worthless mods is a fucking waste of time. Every thing they touch turns to fucking shit proven time and time again.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #155: No one more fucking pathetic than SCHIZOID LU BITCH AlasKKKUNT91, gotta ch1mp at Asians literally each day and each second by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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DO NOT BE WEAK by leesolovely in aznidentity

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 5 hours ago Disagree . U can analyze the micro all you want, but chinas lack of imperialism is not bc of its own success. That's a subjective veiwpoint. If anything, countries who are successful should want to be even more successful. The Europeans had never ending want for control and power, enough was NEVER enough. It seems to be a psychological genetic need that isn't present in Asian mentality. What Asian spends 25k to buy hunting lessons to hunt exotic large game? Let's b real. Providing a bunch of data and historical facts makes a theory come off as intelligent, and makes for a high grading college essay, but it cannot speak to the real reason behind the lack of imperialism. Perhaps china Is a land where agression is not advocated for and rewarded? Going back to the all the rebellions that were quashed and confusican mentality of focusing on bettering their own lives within their own lands? Perhaps it's genetic and there are simply less sociopaths and pyschopaths in the population that yearn for power across foreign lands (Imperialist tendencies)? There are certainly less serial killers in china than in the USA. Regardless, it's nothing to be proud of. The ancestor of those that conquered are far better off than Asians are, spinning in place.ij their own lands and having to compete with each other without subsidy from imperialism (African minerals, Hawaiian fruit exports, subsidizing banana republic) like the USA and Europe had. It's such an asian tendency to analyze the micro to the extreme in essay format and conclude that is why XYX didn't happen. Ppl need to zoom

"agression", " place.ij". "AsIAns REsPoNsIbLE FoR FuKIn EVERYtHInG REEEEEEEeeeerEEEEEEEEeeeeee". Get this fucking retard LU bitch back on the short bus where she belongs.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #154: More worthless tosF&GG0TKUCK excuses after user calls out ban and censorship of poster by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Asian Diasporic Mercantilism (self.aznidentity)

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[–]historybuff234 7 points 1 month ago This topic deserves a lot more discussion than we are having. One thing we need to realize is that, while we are politically separated from Asians in Asia, subject to different governments and even political systems, our social standing here in America is inextricably tied to the overall standing of Asian groups in the world. For example, if a particular group in Asia is suffering from poverty or war, the social standing in America of any Asian who looks like belonging to that group suffers. Conversely, the prosperity and achievements of a particular group in Asia, say, the Japanese, enhances the social standing in America of Asians who looks like a Japanese. It is important to emphasize, by the way, that this is based on looks than actual ancestral ties, and this judgment is based on American standards rather than on Asian standards. For example, Asians in America who look like Chinese to Americans were attacked by racists during and after the pandemic, even if no actual Asian would confuse such Asians with Chinese. We therefore have every incentive to root for the success of Asians in Asia who look like us to Americans. It is not just an issue of solidarity in general with Asians or with one’s ancestral group, but it is a matter of self-interest and safety. Buying Asian products is a easy way to help out.

[–]mbathrowaway_2024[S] [score hidden] 12 hours ago My post was removed and I was temporarily banned from posting in the subreddit.

[–]historybuff234 [score hidden] 9 hours ago Amazing they did that after first approving your post.

[–]toskaqe [score hidden] 9 hours ago We can disagree. Another mod thought it was too foreign themed, which, to be fair, it wasn't clear which brands OP brought up were diaspora owned.

Just goes to show why obeying aiNCELs' "RuLeS" is fucking pointless. So much for "mUH AcKTiViSMm".

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #153: TosWORTHLESSCOCKLESSSIMPFGGITKUCK predictably mashes [remove] when users rightfully shit on his autistic post by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Stop complaining about WMAF: why we should all start embracing "white adjacency" (self.aznidentity)

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[–]greenhornet888 [score hidden] 20 minutes ago White troll? [removed]

[–]Violet0_oRose [score hidden] an hour ago This scenario doesn't affect me. AF will never give me much attention to begin with. I'm AM ABC. I've been largely ignored my whole life by AF. I have never once seen AF show any level of interest. And into my adult years even less so. WF is the only one that has ever shown interest in my life. "My Kind" has betrayed me as far as i'm concerned. [removed]

[–]Ok_Measurement6342 [score hidden] an hour ago Sounds like it's written by an AF or a WM in a WMAF relationship. LOL [removed]

[–]toskaqe[S] -8 points 1 day ago Sounds like you didn't actually read it.

Just wouldn't be tosWORTHLESSF&GG0TKUCK without censoring shit 24 fucking 7. Gotta censor to "ImpRoVe ai's non-ExiSTeNt QUAlITY". Must "SiLEnCe anYoNE OFFeNdINg MUH gOdLy HOlY LU lADEEEeeEEEEESSssSSSS". Must censor in order to function. R/ aiNCELs' fggit mods are the most pathetic group of retards to ever exist.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #152: Can't criticize boba leftards/pmaf because the aiNCEL mods were never fucking "pRo-AsIAN" and never fucking will be by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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John Ong now sentenced to 2 1/2 years prison (self.aznidentity)

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[–]whymedschool 40 points 1 day ago Absolutely disgusting verdict. Thanks to all the boba liberals letting my elders and brothers and sisters get fucked by the judicial system. Equity and Justice is a joke for Asian Americans. Especially for males. Love these WMAF boba libs with 🌾 🗑️ preaching AA, BLM, and antiblackness lmao. [removed]

[–]aznidentity-ModTeam[M] [score hidden] 7 hours ago locked comment Your post was removed for violating rule 1) Relevance to AI

Of course the blks/xm, leftards, and "HoLY pmaf LAdEEEeeeEEeeeeeSs" are the priority on aiNCELs, not Asians.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #151: aiNCEL mods fucking proven to be worthless simp f&gg0ts by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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John Ong now sentenced to 2 1/2 years prison (self.aznidentity)

submitted 1 day ago * by Snooopineapple

[–]Aureolater [score hidden] 12 hours ago Some lessons from the Ong case: 1) There are also a lot of Jews in NYC who are small-time landlords who also face this kind of hate. I can't think of any instances where they met violence with violence. Keep your wits about you. The prosecutor was able to pursue John Ong because they could argue there was a break in the fight. 2) If you do choose violence, know that this country does not look kindly on bladed weapons. There is a saying "The loser of a knife fight dies in the streets, the winner dies in the hospital," meaning even if you win the fight, your life is over. Pepper spray, a blunt weapon like a bat, even a gun is better. Look up Jared Ha. Another knife fight involving an Asian guy. 3) For all the crying here, I don't think anything will change. Look at the pic in OP's post. It's all old people. No one cared when it mattered. Some people saying they'll vote the DA out. Again, where you were you when Bragg was first running? No one cared. Many of y'all can't even support Asian women when they're being abused by non-Asian men. "I don't care, they're all race traitors, they're on their own" you'll say. That's your choice, but let's not have any illusions. You'll get mad at something like this, but when the time comes again, you'll make up a reason in your own mind to do nothing. Just be realistic with yourselves.

[–]ElimDegens [score hidden] 4 hours ago

Many of y'all can't even support Asian women when they're being abused by non-Asian men. "I don't care, they're all race traitors, they're on their own" you'll say.

Are you butthurt about something? This came out of nowhere. This is completely orthogonal to the subject, we're talking about defending ourselves and our "community." But I might agree, a lot of AM in a relationship with an AF can't take care of things when they get pressed in public, and sometimes if it's some XM twerp trying to flip the AF will even entertain him. It's the fault of both.

[–]CommitteeNo1010 [score hidden] 23 hours ago boba liberals arent just women and they all deserve to be criticized

[–]BringBackRoundhouse [score hidden] 3 hours ago I get it, I get annoyed too. I’m really referring to the WMAF thing there’s an entire sub for that. My point is, this is an Asian interest sub and this post is a really serious issue. It would be great to see the Asian community mobilize around this instead of pointing fingers at each other as if that’s the priority. At least that’s what I was hoping for out of this sub. Plenty of other subs for partisan and hateful rhetoric (especially to Asian women wtf). Maybe it’s cultural? Be hypercritical first and then right above everyone. I admit I react, but I won’t take it there first. That’s why we lack the solidarity other groups have. You don’t see BLM blaming Black Republicans first thing as if they’re the biggest problem. Let’s prioritize here at least and then go back to fighting each other.

[–]pinkrosies [score hidden] 14 hours ago Aren’t just women? What does that mean? What’s an AF with a WM or another race got to do with this? Always wanting to hate on Asian women for dating.

"GoTTa SAVe MUH xmaf LADEeEEEee U AM FUKk". Every single one of the aiNCEL mods aside from the poocel and KKKUNT LU are cancer cell simp FUCKING F&GG0TS. A poocel-created controlled opposition sub was never going to have mods that are actually pro-Asian.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #150: Another cringe post from pmaf porn collector tosWORTHLESSSIMPFGGTKUCK, anything shitted out by the aiNCEL mods is guaranteed to be shit by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Stop complaining about WMAF: why we should all start embracing "white adjacency" (self.aznidentity)

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[–]Ok_Measurement6342 [score hidden] an hour ago Sounds like it's written by an AF or a WM in a WMAF relationship. LOL

[–]toskaqe[S] [score hidden] an hour ago Sounds like you didn't actually read it.

[–]Tasty-meatball [score hidden] 2 hours ago To briefly talk about WMAF. WMAF is really weird. They even go against their own male offspring whom is 'half Asian-half white'. It's an identity politics cult where they think Asian females are superior to non-Asian females, and white males are superior to non-white males. Their entire community will 'normalize' a few generations down the road. And, go extinct. Short term they are nuisances. Medium term(200 or so years). They are basically gone. In terms of white adjacency. That's also a thing. However, there are 1,000,000 different ways to define something. The root of it is this. Who sides with evil. Who sides with humanity. Whites are at the helm of a scamming caste system. Anyone that signs up with them. Sides with bad. They step into the plantation. Meaning, there is only 1 way to make a real dollar bill. You have to do things exactly how they need to be done. Don't engage with white nuisances, don't emulate their behaviour, and don't be a hired henchman for them.

You can always count on aiNCEL "moD" f&gg0ts being fucking cringe pmaf porn-collecting simps.

aznidentity Lu-chase #29: aiNCEL ch1mping simp f&g 'BringBackRoundhouse' demands users STFU about his sacred "pmaf coSmic laDeEEEeee" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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John Ong now sentenced to 2 1/2 years prison (self.aznidentity)

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[–]whymedschool [score hidden] 13 hours ago Absolutely disgusting verdict. Thanks to all the boba liberals letting my elders and brothers and sisters get fucked by the judicial system. Equity and Justice is a joke for Asian Americans. Especially for males. Love these WMAF boba libs with 🌾 🗑️ preaching AA, BLM, and antiblackness lmao.

[–]BringBackRoundhouse [score hidden] 10 hours ago Can we not make this about our fellow Asians and what’s wrong with them please? There’s already an entire sub for complaining about Asian women. Part of the problem is we’re too divided to have any political power. This is not a good mobilization tactic. It’s a distraction in a sub meant to lift Asian voices.

Once again we see the actual "ACtiViSMm" of aiNCELs on display. The active thrist for the "fAultLess aNd hoLy LaDEeEEeee".

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #76: Cringe as fuck f&gg0t SimpNEunuch1 claims his holy pmaf lAdEE "isn't" a Lu if she "DoeSn'T aCt lIkE onE" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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What are some Asian comedians that don't make fun of their own race?OC self.AsianMasculinity

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[–]GinNTonic1 9 points 5 hours ago Just off the top of my head, Ronny Chieng, JR De Guzman, Atsuka Okatsuka. Atsuka is in a wmaf relationship though. I know that triggers some of yall. lol...But she doesn't really act like a Lu. I didn't hear any anti-Asian jokes last time I went to her standup and the audience and her staff were very nice and polite. I was actually surprised cause I got the tickets for free from a friend and I didn't know who she was. I just expected her to be like Margaret Cho or something.

Yet another pmaf porn enthusiast confirmed, fucking f&gg0t pays to listen to Lus speak!

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #149: Worthless 24/7 ch1mping SCHIZOID LU RETARD BITCH AlasKKKUNT91 proving yet again why aiNCELs should never be taken seriously by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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John Ong now sentenced to 2 1/2 years prison by Snooopineapple in aznidentity

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 4 hours ago Have more kids. In a democracy asians lose. The kids truth is, won't care unless they are at least 3/4th asian or full. White passing wasians aren't gonna care. Asian men need to be less passive and promote their own to their daughters instead of sitting idly while their kids date out with more passion than winning a million dollar lottery. Outmarriage can be lessened by promoting more socialization amongst asians. Every American born asian male that married an American born asian girl met at a house party, that I know of. This gives the girl a chance to see the guy as a personality first rather than whatever online dating apps put forth, which is image first. Asian males need to help other asian males, sometimes on the down low. I will never forget a networking even I went to where the asians were avoiding each other so as to not make themselves seem to ethnic in front of their company's yt peers. But what did the more out of the box thinking indian Americans do? They briefly exchanged numbers to other Indian Americans to network outside of the event so they didn't look too ethnic to their yt coworkers but also gain the benefits of ingroup. East Asians should learn from them, they have stronger communities and less outmarriage. Even the hottest Indian American girls rarely marry out. It starts with having racial awareness, which east asians obviously lack. There is nothing to be gained by rejecting asian women to feel like I can suck up to yt ppl. Better than u. We all know that's emotional based. But asians hate risk and having more kids is risky, so less kids it is......... Meanwhile other ethnic groups look at risk as an everyday thing. But honestly God thing he defended himself. It sends a message to ppl to not mess with asians. Defend ourself, or if ur a woman, sue those that wronged u. Show some teeth. Fung bros on u tube has talked extensively about being passive in america and how it doesn't always work. Like Romani gypsys targeting asian bhuddist temples to rob repeatedly.

"AsiaNS REsPOnIBle FoR FUkIN EvERYThING REEEEEEEeeeeeerEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee". Absolute fucking waste of an existence. "We'RE PrO-AsIaNn DamIt" when this mentally-ill fucktard KKKUNT Lu is a mod on there. Incessant and worthless praise of the raping currycels because aznid was poocel id from day one.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #148: xmaf porno enthusiast COCKLESSCOCKROACHEUNUCHFGGITmovement now claims he "wOn'T tAkE BAcK a LU"! by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Do most Asian men disqualify potential Asian female partners if they’ve been with non-Asian men in the past?OC self.AsianMasculinity

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[–]asianmovement 4 points 1 day ago If her history is: all white men. Automatic rejection. I'm not spending my time or energy on a self hater. Or someone who suddenly finds Asian men attractive or for cultural reasons after. mix of different ethnicities. It's a pass. Who hasn't dated other races? I've been with other races of women. all of a specific race ( non white) She has a fetish of some kind for whatever race, and it's not that bad honestly, but she's probably wasting my time?

asianmovement 3 points 2 months ago AFXM is fine in my book

Nothing the aiNCEL fggit mods spew is credible. Everything they touch turns to fucking shit. Poos, LUs, and simps have no business running an "PrO-AsiAN" sub.

aznidentity Lu-chase #28: More spazzing Lus and subversives crawl into aiNCELs because the sub's only purpose is being controlled opposition by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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I Don't Get the Hype Over Yt Girls (self.aznidentity)

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[–]toskaqe[M] [score hidden] 1 day ago* - stickied comment This thread (especially the comments) is low quality and is generating reports left and right. I won't take this post down or lock the comments since it's already played out, but want to remind people to not engage with bait.

[–]StatisticianAnnual13 [score hidden] 6 hours ago This was posted here a long time ago. There is no equivalence between Amwf and Wmaf. This isn't some kind of gender equality debate. The fact is Wmaf has the affect of emasculation of Am, while AMWF does not devalue AF. In the earliest colonial days, dominance over the women of another people exerts your dominance over them. So if WM date AF in such large numbers, the fact that Am can't do the same with WF emasculates and humiliates us. This is just racial, post-colonial dynamic that most people understand. WF are placed on pedestal due to a) white media b) wf generally being wealthier and unlikely to be attracted to money, status and migration opportunity c) non-white races struggle to date them equally...Therefore to date WF redresses this balance and inequality. It's really that simple.

[–]flippy_disk 24 points 1 day ago Correct title should be: "I Don't Get the Hype Over Yt Boys" and ask Asian girls why they obsess over White guys, even over their own men. Because, the problem is more pronounced for Asian women than it is for us. Asian men and White women are hardly a thing, yet we always have clueless guys like you white knighting for Asian women when they would happily choose a mid, fat, balding White bum over you lol. A "pig" as you call it. But on a serious note, the only reason we need to see more AMWF, and AMXF in general, is because of all the weak link Asian women out there. Seeing Asian girls with Asian guys is not enough. It does not make WMAF more palatable. That's just the status quo. Asian men are still the bitches in this situation because we are letting non-Asian men have their way with our race of women, while we are not engaging with their women. It's a zero-sum game. You are right that East/Southeast Asian women are on average prettier and healthier than White women. I feel the same way. It's only natural to be attracted to your own after all, but that's not the case for East/Southeast Asian girls. Half of them have consistently shown that they don't find us attractive with the choices they make of their own volition. While, the other half are crickets and don't uplift us, even if they are with an Asian man.

[–]SilverDove28 5 points 1 day ago I’m an Asian girl who lives in a place with mostly Asian and white people so I don’t think you’ll find my view trustworthy. Which is fine, I guess. i just wanna add my point (For what it’s worth, I’m Chinese and so is my boyfriend and I’ve never dated a white guy) There are definitely some Asian girls who only like white guys. Maybe some of it is for the reason you stated — white worship. But other times it’s because they have a preference like what what y’all have for Asian girls But most Asian girls I know would date any race as long as they’re a good guy. Most girls I know have dated both Asian and white guys. Some of them (me included) stick to dating Asian guys only bc we are attracted to our own. (Tbh I find Asian guys the most attractive) My point is, Asian girls aren’t a monolith. Most of us date people because of preference or personality, not because they’re white. To make a generalization is kind of presumptuous and weird.

[–]flippy_disk [score hidden] 23 hours ago I don't despise Asian women as harsh as my rebuke may seem. I am just pointing out facts. You even restate some of the points I made. The key one being that Asian girls are more open to non-Asian men than Asian men are to non-Asian women, regardless of personality. Because, there are plenty of Asian women with horrible White men. I'm sure you've seen examples of that, even if they are not in your immediate circles. That is the essence of what I take issue with. The huge disparity between the genders when it comes to interracial relationships. You said it yourself. Most of the girls you know have dated both Asian and White. Meanwhile, how many Asian men do you know who have dated out? I bet you it's not even a fraction compared to those girls. It isn't just Asian women's fault that things are the way they are. It's also on Asian men for keeping the status quo by not dating/fucking/marrying out as much ourselves and for remaining blindly loyal to Asian women who aren't as loyal back. It's on guys like OP, even though I don't disagree with what he has to say. That's on us, but the demise of Asian America is on you since Asian women are the ones who date and marry out a lot more. Asian women aren't a monolith, but these patterns are obvious for everyone to see.

[–]SilverDove28 [score hidden] 16 hours ago Actually, for what it’s worth, most of the Asian men I know have dated both Asian and white girls. I still find your response kind of disingenuous because you continue to make generalizations about a huge group of people. I don’t know what OP did wrong (well I do but not in the way you say). When did he say he’s staying with an Asian woman who isn’t loyal to him? The main thing is, Asian women don’t owe Asian men relationships. I think you should stop worrying about who other people date in general.

[–]hahew56766 16 points 1 day ago Here's what I don't understand. You said yourself that you've been with the same girl, since high school. That's a rarity, and good for you. Not to mention, you said that you hang out with mostly other Asians, which is cool. However, I don't think that gives you credibility for experience with white women. No, don't hype up white girls just like don't hype up Asian girls. Treat girls by individuals. But to say Asian guys shouldn't date white girls is just your narrow opinion without support.

[–]SuperStonkPlay[S] -8 points 1 day ago First of all, I said if you find one attractive by all means go for it. However, all I'm saying is I just don't understand the hype over them. It seems like Asian guys are willing to bend over for one and honestly, that's just sad and unattractive.

Of course tosWORTHLESSCOCKLESSF&GG0T "wOn'T ReMovE" this shitpost if it means bringing in more Lus he can fap to.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #75: Owlcockroachfggitcel demands users "hEAR hiS AutISM OuT" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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My rant about the asian girls who say 'Asian women don't owe Asian men anything'.OC self.AsianMasculinity

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[–]IAmYourDad_ 58 points 6 hours ago AF: 'open minded' to all races Also AF: only date/marry WM

[–]owlficus -3 points 5 hours ago The truth is they are , and white men are the problem, hear me out: spend time in any diverse city: you’ll find AFs will all races of men, however, in those same cities anytime WMs are not with WFs, it’s almost always an AF. My point being, AFs date out a lot, in particular with WMs, because everyone’s wanting to try out an AF- in particular WMs

How many "HolY LaDEeEESss" has fucking porno LU defender "won back" with his tiring as fuck autism?

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #74: Reminder that r/ am is currycel "InCluSiVe" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Are Sri Lankans welcomed in this sub???OC self.AsianMasculinity

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[–]Igennem[Moderator - speaking officially.] 1 point 7 hours ago Yes

All the xm-blowing, Lu-chasing, and flaming sjwism found on these "aSiAN" subs can be traced back to the cancer cell simp f&gg0ts in the mod boards.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #147: Here we go with another SCHIZOID LU BITCH AlasKKKUNT91 fucking pathetic ch1mpanzee screech at Asians, literal shitstain of an "exiSTeNCe" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Why do so many Asians have crystal chandeliers in their homes as from what I’ve noticed? by Wumao_gangv2 in aznidentity

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 15 hours ago Every once in a while a post just makes me so incredibly depressed. This post is one of them. Why? Grab a handful of upper middle class Asians off the street in any west coast city who own a two story house, in the suburbs. Out of every handful, at least one will have, or be realted to somebody with, a gaudy crystal chandelier in their foyer. VISIBLE through the front top windows that frame the top of the door. U know what I'm talking about, those open to below open floorplans with a high ceilings in the foyer or living room not matter how big or small the rest of the house is. Criminals in west coast cities literally target Asians for break INS. Bay area places like Cupertino, Pleasanton, Palo Alto, , Seattle, San Gabriel valley just had a rash of break in I believe last summer. some Orange county upper middle class enclave just had 30 break in last month, majority east asian!!! Same with the asian area of Seattle near the big Japanese market/total wine I have talked to ppl in all those areas and chandelier are ubiquitous and the asian population is around 10-30 percent but make up the majority of break INS!!!!!!! Criminals literally look for chandeliers that as the sign of an asian family to break in a rob! No different than how about 10 years ago, hood criminals went to silicon valley and looked for Indian families to rob by peering through windows and checking for gold stuff on the mantel or wherever they put them They like Asians as targets bc Asians 1) rely on alarm systems that ring the police who come after the criminals have filed. 2) Asians don't have guard dogs. Asians like little cute fluff balls preferably less than 10 lbs. While the white families in middle and upper middle class suburbs get German Shepard or schuazers. Send them to training so they can be guard dogs. Some white families even go a step further and send the dogs to attack dog training school after locking up their assets in a trust. 3) Asians don't have guns. This is improving now thought. 4) Asians r overly rational and always weigh risk vs reward unlike other groups that get mad and react with agressive protection tendencies. This makes the cirminals scared to rob the same type of agressive ppl. 5) west coast Asians thinking is always, usually to give in. The robber just sees this as a sign to rob the next dude! No different than how some tenants even target asian landlords bc Asian landlords aren't angry enough to take tenants to court. Asians can spend thousands on gaudy crystal chandeliers but you can't afford to use decent padding underneath ur bedroom carpeting? U don't have time to socialize with other Asians to get access to info that not on the internet, but you have time to wash the dishes by hand every night wasting 5 hours a week minimum? In one TV news blurb they showed the San Gabriel valley Chinese fob family that got broken into and I could see the crystal chandelier through the living room window looking into the foyer!! But nobody is gonna change until they see a peer reviewed study pointing this out bc Asians and studies go together like Asian and rice. Wake y'all!!!! See the patterns! See the big picture!

"realted", "cirminals", Absolute fucking RETARD LU BITCH. "AsiANns REsPonsIblE fOR aLLs MUH ProBleMS REEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee". This caved-brain KKKUNT sets the human race back with each cringe as fuck ch1mpout at Asians.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #146: Questioning "m'LU" NOT ALLOWED on aiNCELs by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Got banned from a popular sub for questioning Lu tactics (self.aznidentity)

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[–]aznidentity-ModTeam[M] [score hidden] 6 hours ago - stickied comment locked comment Your post was removed for violating rule 1) Relevance to AI

Thristing after "mUH HolY LU lADEeeeEEEeeeeeE" 24/7 is all there is to r/ aiNCELs' pathetic as fuck "ACtiVisMm" now.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #73: More non-Asian subverters allowed into r/ "am" because poo-taster INCELnem was never on the side of AM by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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White Female/Asian Male Couple DiscriminationOC

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[–]Illiniboy1 -8 points 5 hours ago I noticed many comments about white men hating to see white women with any other race on this post I got more glares (I'm African American) from Asian men when I was with my Asian wife than any white man if I was dating a white woman.

What's Going on with Asians/Dating in Seattle?OC self.AsianMasculinity

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[–]Alternative_Wing_906 -5 points 1 day ago Indians are also asian though. Also did you count the number of AMAF couples? I live nearby and there are so many!! I personally know asian girls who wouldn’t date anyone but asian men. I think there are enough women interested in asian men.

[–]Most-Cabinet7954 2 points 17 hours ago Technically they're from the same continent but Indians don't face the same issues a lot of East and Southeast Asians do. The outmarriages aren't anywhere as lopsided, although this could be because of arranged marriages, and outmarriage being much more taboo. The IMAF vs AMIF ratio could even be more lopsided than WMAF/AMWF since I hardly ever see AMIF. In Seattle, the IMAF and BMAF ratio is probably even higher than AMWF. Apart from that, Indians are even considered Caucasian in terms of the racist Caucasian/Black/Mongoloid race theory, and their language is part of the indo-european family. Obviously not saying that IM are white passing and don't have their own problems though.

[–]Zestyclose-Repair-86 14 points 20 hours ago Indians are desi. If you want to be pedantic, then can use south asian, east asian, SE asian. There is a southasian masculinity sub for indians

[–]Alternative_Wing_906 -4 points 15 hours ago and desi is asian

[–]shinjiii_ikari -6 points 19 hours ago Indians are Asian and there is nothing "pedantic" about stating that fact. Why should we use the South Asian masculinity sub when this is way more popular? We're Asian. If you're going to split Asians into different subgroups then why don't you also advocate for SEA using a SEA sub and EA using their own EA sub? Hell, why not go further and have one per country? But, you don't advocate for that. So why do you isolate us from the rest of the Asians? There's a reason you see tons of the high school and college kids of EA/SEA/Indian ethnicity all hanging out with each other; it's because the cultures are so similar that they all understand each other's situations. Most of my friends are EA/SEA and a big part of why we're so tight is because we get each other.

Another one of INCELnem's "BlK AlliEss". Exactly why flaming sjw f&gg0t simps should never fucking be allowed near a mod board.

aznidentity Lu-chase #27: Yet another worthless aiNCEL simp cancer F&GG0T 'SuperStonkPlay' betarages at AMXF by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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I Don't Get the Hype Over Yt Girls (self.aznidentity)

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[–]flippy_disk [score hidden] an hour ago Correct title should be: "I Don't Get the Hype Over Yt Boys" and ask Asian girls why they obsess over White guys, even over their own men. Because, the problem is more pronounced for Asian women than it is for us. Asian men and White women are hardly a thing, yet we always have clueless guys like you white knighting for Asian women when they would happily choose a mid, fat, balding White bum over you lol. A "pig" as you call it. But on a serious note, the only reason we need to see more AMWF, and AMXF in general, is because of all the weak link Asian women out there. Seeing Asian girls with Asian guys is not enough. It does not make WMAF more palatable. That's just the status quo. Asian men are still the bitches in this situation because we are letting non-Asian men have their way with our race of women, while we are not engaging with their women. It's a zero-sum game. You are right that East/Southeast Asian women are on average prettier and healthier than White women. I feel the same way. It's only natural to be attracted to your own after all, but that's not the case for East/Southeast Asian girls. Half of them have consistently shown that they don't find us attractive with the choices they make of their own volition. While, the other half are crickets and don't uplift us, even if they are with an Asian man.

[–]wassemasse [score hidden] 41 minutes ago This is the cringiest shit I’ve ever read. Like seriously. What in the world are you yapping about

[–]godchild77 [score hidden] an hour ago Average cringe AMAF guy

[–]Hunting-4-Answers [score hidden] 7 hours ago This pedestalizing post is lame. There are beautiful women of all races.

Remember folks, this is the true aiNCELs "aCkTivisMm", thrist after every fucking "eYeFfFF lADEeEEEeEEee" under the sun. "1% chaNcE oF SaViNG HEr iS WoRth Itt"!

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #145: tosWORTHLESSCOCKLESSWASTEOFLIFEKUCK "Can'T ReMeMbER" posts about XF because the simp cancer censored all of them by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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I Don't Get the Hype Over Yt Girls by SuperStonkPlay in aznidentity

[–]toskaqe [score hidden] an hour ago

Is this sub totally about getting white women?

Maybe AM is, but I can't remember the last post about white women here. Dating is not a common of a topic here, though optics are, a subtle but important difference.

No topics are "common" on aiNCELs when every fucking thing is censored.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #144: Why aiNCELs' "post restrictions" continues to be a joke by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Why do so many Asians have crystal chandeliers in their homes as from what I’ve noticed? (self.aznidentity)

submitted 18 hours ago by Wumao_gangv2

When ever I enter a south Asian/vietnamese/ chinese house that has a large foyer it almost always has a crystal chandelier. Or another one over the dinning room. I rarely see white people houses have them even if theyre are larger homes. I can’t seem to find any cultural connection regarding big foyers and always adding a chandelier in it. My house and along with most of my Chinese friends house if big enough will always have some big ass crystal chandelier

What did this have to do with "MUh QUALiTy And AcKtIviSMmm"? Once again, everything involving the aiNCELs retard mods is bound to fucking fail.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #143: Another fucking pathetic schizoid LU BITCH AlasKKKUNT91 retard spasm at Asians cause that is the only purpose of her "ExisTencE" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Young Korean-American in critical condition after unprovoked attack in Paris by Bysmiel in aznidentity

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 10 hours ago If asians stopped going to France then maybe France will punish the attackers more. But nope!Asians don't care as long as they themsleves r ok.

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 10 hours ago Message doesn't matter. Outcome does. I see you are interested in accuracy/details. Very asian. Also very counterproductive. Truth is what you say will only encourage Asians, strong and weak, to go there, and more victims will be lying in hospitals , unreported by any type of mainstream press and media. Is dissecting the post important or is preventing more Asian attacks important

[–]Oraduq [score hidden] 8 hours ago What do you propose then? Do something

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 10 hours ago Asian tourists/ people need more self worth. They will step over each other to get in line to get an LV bag there even though the sales clerks don't even like them and we're caught limiting the amount sold to Asian tourists a few years ago. But Asian tourists love to conform (the life goal of an asian unfortunately) and buy whatever they are told to buy there. It's Paris is dirty, cold, musty, food is overly creamy and salty, but Asians love going there to breathe in the vast amounts of free second hand cig smoke that shrouds the sidewalks. I will say, though, Italy and the UK is even worse. Purely pathetic.

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 11 hours ago Absolutely NOT. Your post REEKS of " I can assimilate and do fine, so why can't you??" It also REEKS of "I want to keep the discussion pleasant, so I will use a sample size of 1 to steer the conversation in a pleasant manner" This is such an east Asian/Chinese mentality. I grew up around east Asians westerners, and everything is a competition on who can ignore race the most and be the most racially clueless. Hence why u get posts like "was it racist what I experienced at 3 pm last Thursday at the grocery store blah blah " Just bc u r fine doesn't mean most are. I know so many west coast born Asians, female, male, straight, gay, whatever type of study abroad for the semester kids, and majority of them got pickpocketed, robbed, and one even beat up. I'm the only one that didn't encounter shit in Europe, having gone everywhere there, and I don't say that it's safe to anyone bc the majority of Asians ARE targeted much more than other races. I'm just personally untrusting as Fck otherwise I would have been robbed too. I even witnessed somebody try to rob my friend right in front of me. It's also dirty and ful of second hand smoke. My friend even overheard a north african migrant robber in France chatting to his friend one day. What did he say??? "Oreintals are so easy to rob, you rob one from the group and the others don't care as long as they themselves are safe!" But with Russians you rob one and the whole group will chase u!

[–]ElimDegens [score hidden] an hour ago

This is such an east Asian/Chinese mentality

hey, we got a real east asia and china expert on here guys! everybody listen up

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 11 hours ago Information about who targets Asians (esp east Asians) in Europe is HIGHLY CENSORED. Asians reliance on internet information rather than info from friend groups of same gender, same race friends will be the death of us.

Standup Comedy about Asian identity by donghuap in aznidentity

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 11 hours ago Non Asian POC know how to handle losers like him. Some 'stranger' beats him up at random. But Asians hate risk and hate agression even more, ignoring the fact that we r all just animals, so there u go. Let's be real there r zero consequences for him. Why would he stop his crap? He seems happy getting expired stale breadcrumbs pooped out by pigeons from his masters. Letting guys like him go on is 50 percent of the reason why Asian women flee asap and Asian men have issues. There's nobody to check him. There are no repurcussions from his community. Hell, there is no repurcussions for self hating Asian men and women from within their community like there is for non Asian POC. No wonder non Asians POC, they have more political power and the women are not fleeing the tribe with every last ounce of energy like Asians r.

"ASIANss REEEEEEEEEEEREeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeREEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEeeeEEeeeeeeeeeee AsiA RespOnsiBle For EvErY ThinG WroNg wIth MUH lIFE rEEEEEEEEErEEEEEEee". Fucking pathetic retarded LU KKKUNT continues to be a shitstain on the human race.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #72: Yet another "mUH EYyEfff U FuKks, REEEEEEeee" fucking pathetic shitpost because r/ am is run by simps for simps by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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We need to stop perpetuating this myth that Asian women hate Asian men and prefer white men self.AsianMasculinity

submitted 18 hours ago by Hot-Eagle-8175

[–]ElimDegens 72 points 12 hours ago Strongly disagree, while it's not 100% white-worship you can find white-worshiping elements in Asian women anywhere across the globe, and there are many documented cases you can see publicly and online. Let's not delude ourselves to some of the truths here.

Kpop only got popular because of their female fanbase in Asia and in the Asian diaspora

Nope, it got popular worldwide because of women fanbases across Africa, North Africa/Middle East, and Europe. Just look at who all of the "stans" are and you'll find Asian women underrepresented. It's all non-Asian women thirsting over those dudes, accountistempo posts some of those thirst traps and can attest to this too.

The vast majority of Asian women worldwide prefer Asian men

Not quite, Asian men love Asian women but that love isn't quite returned, and that's fine but it shows how things are. Don't try and defend Asian women or something when it's something false like this. You can't change preference but don't underwrite the massive amounts of white-worship and worse still existing out there. AF need to face the music for the mass worship that they conduct and/or condone

[–]create-----username 68 points 13 hours ago White washed self hating Western born Asian women definately. They are human garbage and the enemies of AM worldwide. AF in Asian countries to a lesser extent, but some big portions can still be problematic. Thailand is known as the sex capital of the world. Men from all over the world, of all ages, of all body types of all ugliness flock there to get young women literally 3 times younger than them. And the AF there will throw themselves and give themselves up easily for these revolting White men. It is a stereotype and meme with truth. White sexpats/ passport bros also love other Asian countries and they are generally successful too because the AF there in Asia are stereotyped as 'easy'. They wouldn't be getting that much success and recommending Asia to all their other sexpats/passport bros otherwise. Legitimate expats also generally have no problem getting local AF. There are multiple 3+ hour long compilation videos on Youtube totalling more than 10 hours of AF being interviewed boasting about how much they love White guys and don't date Asian guys ( here and here and here and here and here) There is a good mixture of both Western born and Asian born AF in all those videos. Is it possible to find similar videos and compile them into 10+ hours of AM, or men or women of other races saying that shit. Absolutely not. AF, whether Western born, or to a lesser extent Asian born are the massive fucking problem here, not AM.

[–]GinNTonic1 4 points 6 hours ago That's why when these guys rant about AF I just assume that they are the Whitewashed kind that got left behind. The majority of Asian dudes in the enclaves are totally happy. That's why it's so hard to get any kind of solidarity in the first place. Dudes living in bliss. Lol. Hey we warned them so many times to stop trying so hard to be White.

[–]SakiOkudaFan 2 points 3 hours ago I just assume that they are the Whitewashed kind that got left behind Absolutely. I figure most guys struggling here live in the midwest or some other place with a low asian population and try to "act" white to fit in.

[–]Holly9276 4 points 8 hours ago Sigh...I know I will get down votes. But this place is heading to incel world.

[–]upanddownallaround 6 points 4 hours ago Always has been. I've seen so many posts and comments about random social media comments hating on interracial relationships with Asian males. This sub is obsessed with it. People here need to stop fixating on this shit so much. It's terrible for mental health for one thing. There has always been and always will be trash racist losers on the internet. This sub constantly shines a spotlight on all of it and amplifies it. Stop. Giving. A fuck. This sub rants about Asian women being brainwashed and whitewashed while so many here are clearly brainwashed to hate Asian women. That's not helping either.

[–]upanddownallaround 0 points 4 hours ago Thank god someone finally said it. This sub hates Asian women so hard. Seen so many highly upvoted comments straight up angry and taking it out on Asian women. Constantly hating on AFWM while always worshipping white women. It's so black and white in here. Asian women bad, white women good. This attitude just makes the discrepancy between AFWM and AMWF larger. This sub is always so extreme and biased.

[–]ChefCurryGAWD 1 point 40 minutes ago I remember I got heavily downvoted and someone got super pissed at me here because I said something to the lines of, not all asian girls who date white guys are bad, just the ones who talk shit about asian men and refuse to date them.

[–]upanddownallaround 1 point 7 minutes ago Exactly. We can acknowledge the significant difference and discuss the nuances and reasons for it without all the villainizing of Asian women. This sub straight up looks down on every single Asian woman with a white man. Definitely people in here who think they are "race traitors". Definitely people in here who think an Asian woman with a white man automatically means they don't find Asian men attractive. Incel-like attitudes.

[–]CatholicSolutions -12 points 13 hours ago There are also the Asian men who prefer white women over Asian woman. From my experience, you can tell which of them do: - generally, have a fade haircut with a side part - physically fit - classically dressed in slim fit clothing (polo shirts, dress shirts, chinos, etc.)

Every time a sub is flooded with simp cancer f&gg0t "mODs" this shit happens. "mUH eYyeeffFF REEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeREEEEEEEEEEEEEEErEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE". Poos, xm, (((sjws))), LU subversives, and cancerous simps through the fucking gates. 24/7 censorship. Nutless eunuchs are the fucking cause of a downfall.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #71: Instant owlfggitcockroachcel and r/ am simp cancer ch1mping when user dares criticize "mUH HOlY CosMIC LU lAdEeeeE" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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What's Going on with Asians/Dating in Seattle?OC self.AsianMasculinity

submitted 11 hours ago by AntelopeBig9250

[–]WomenPickMales 41 points 10 hours ago From experience, XMAF (non-Asian man + Asian woman) only exists because these guys can't get any other women. I have friends and family who are WM and you can tell that even if they do have GFs, WF, AF, whatever, there's this sort of "struggle" they have, it's not raw burning sexuality, it's one of the reasons why many non-Asian guys are on edge compared to Asian guys. Asian women, for better or worse, are culturally born and bred to simply be bought and sold, and they pride themselves on it at worst, and at best just accept it as "how life is". I wish I was exaggerating. Asian women are basically the borg, they have ZERO qualms about prostituting themselves (even if it's with an Asian man); whereas with non-Asian women, they may do it, but will go out of their way to cheat or pretend it's something else. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING, an Asian woman does is out of nothing but pure nihilistic pragmatism. I literally have a woman in my family (from Asia) who threatened her dad to send her money while in the US, or she would prostitute herself.

Would it be full of mixed children raised by weird, saved from the brink of inceldom men? With such high out-marriage rates, are these saved from inceldom men from other races the first thing people are going to think of when they think of Asian America?

I am a WMAF hapa. My dad could not get a white woman, to not mince words. He had several autistic problems. I look predominantly Asian, which ironically saved me I think. There are a lot of hapas who are raised by unattractive incel guys, and their golddigging mothers also raise them to be self loathing. Like Elliot Rodger. Not good. I know a bunch of these hapas, they're basically all aging and alone. What do AF get out of it? Well basically they get a punching bag they don't have to sleep with, and can take his money, integrate, and avoid being seen as an outsider. So it fits Asian women's cultural mentalities very well. As far as I understand Seattle and most American cities are extremely expensive, but these tech nerds have extremely high salaries. So Asian women basically prostitute themselves for money. I have AF in my family, and I assure you - no woman, of any race, can come close to the utter and completely nihilistic manner in which Asian women simply matter-of-fact agree to sell themselves, to any man. These Chinese saying was: "I'd rather cry in the back of a BMW, than smile on the back of a bicycle." That explains A LOT about Asian culture and women. They know perfectly well they could love a man for who he is, but they choose not to. Asian men should understand that there are non-AF who can love us even when we don't have much, where as AF will go for a man she literally hates, just so long as it benefits her. That's just how the world is. A great example is Asmongold, who has a golddigging AF girlfriend who won't even look at him. Meanwhile his ex dumped him for being gross, and married a broke, nobody AM who she is deeply in love with.

[–]Sanguinius___ 22 points 9 hours ago Sad to see how asian women do this, and bring down the community with them while at it.

[–]owlficus 6 points 7 hours ago Wt heck with equating AFs with prostitutes. Holy hell…Asian women are not all “mail order brides .” As far as your username- women pick males yes, but out of the subset of males who approach them. And guess what- WMs are gonna be the vast majority, that’s objective math at play. You say your dad isn’t a catch,with his autism and whatnot- but I guarantee your mom has issues too that perhaps were dealbreakers for most men. She didn’t look past his autism because he was white, they looked past each other’s issues

[–]KoXin 3 points 4 hours ago How the fuck did this reply get so many upvotes? Materialistic women exist everywhere, it is not exclusive nor inherent in Asian women. Find whoever you want, date whoever you want, but for fucks sake hating on AF is not the fucking answer.

[–]nycguy0001 -2 points 9 hours ago Is this mainly from the older generation ? I feel like the AF with WM these days are pretty good looking , wealthy and social circle

[–]owlficus 7 points 7 hours ago We tend to overanalyze the dating situation and apply an undercurrent of blamefulness. Truth is, AFs give everyone a shot, and wind up with those who shoot their shot. Apart from isolated cases, most AFs are not going around automatically rejecting the AMs who ask them out

[–]Sihairenjia 8 points 6 hours ago This is a lazy argument - pretty sure they are not giving black men & Latino men the same shot; or Indian men, for that matter, if they're East Asian. In tech. communities where Asians make up ~40% of the population, and Asians + other minorities combined make up ~50%, the amount of WMAF relative to other interracial couples is alarmingly high. Nothing can explain it outside of racism.

[–]owlficus -3 points 5 hours ago Did you even read the original post? OP is saying he saw AFs with all types of men- as I do whenever I go to NYC, including black men. Doesn’t matter how much the population of AMs are when they’re not putting themselves out there in the dating world- to be fair yt men would be just as incelly if they weren’t extremely motivated by their fetish for AFs- esp the tech bros The study you linked states that Asian Americans tend to consider relationships later in life than other races (which further supports my point that the fetishizers are beating AMs to the game) and that women all prefer taller men. Neither point to active exclusion of AMs, or as you put it, “(self) racism”

Same worthless as fuck simp f&gg0ts constantly allowed in because the sub is run by two rang-chasing fucking cuckolds.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #70: Another LU allowed in, more "AMXF REEEEEEEEe REEEEEEEEEeeeee" all thanks to simp cancer/poocel-blowing mods by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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asian 23F nyc perspective on short asian men and also recent postsOC self.AsianMasculinity

submitted 1 day ago by amaikai

[–]jawnny-jawz 7 points 1 day ago i mentioned in another post here how many guys here lack confidence and see that they have to change themselves to date or even get a date. Not true. all you need is a positive attitude and have some self confidence. easier said then done i know . most of the issues the guys speak of here are self attributed. dont get me started on putting white women on a pedestal ... the amount of "wow youre an alpha" when an asian guy post a pic with a white girl here is very telling on how those red pilled men view asian women. its honestly sickening and ive debated blocking this sub a few times over it. in the end, no guy or girl should measure their self worth or have assurance by dating a particular girl of any race.

[–]peezatimee 14 points 23 hours ago I haven't seen Asian guys put white girls on a pedestal here. I just see Asian guys being supportive of other Asian guys when they succeed in dating. This sub is majority pro AMAF.

[–]jawnny-jawz -2 points 9 hours ago have you been looking?

[–]Holiday_Wonder_6964 2 points 23 hours ago I've said it many times... I don't know what's with the obsession with dating white girls in this sub. I absolutely feel you. If it wasn't for the deep and thoughtful posts that I see from time to time from a few specific members I wouldn't want to be here.

[–]jedi_ bunny _ 1 point 8 hours ago white women are better though

[–]kjchu3 0 points 4 hours ago Nope. They will divorce you in a heartbeat.

[–]amaikai[S] 0 points 21 hours ago absolutely. the white girl worship is crazy to me and a little icky.

Simp cancerous "mOd" f&gg0ts are always the cause of these eunuch, non-Asian, and LU infestations. Fucking worthless tards who obey a street-shitting poojeet and fap to MuH RanGs 24/7.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #69: Cringe as fuck simp cancer f&gg0t owlcockroachfggitcel allowed to spew his tiring diarrhea because r/ am is a sub run by CUCKs and for CUCKS by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Another successful AM passport bro king of Europe: PolyglotPickupOC self.AsianMasculinity

submitted 1 day ago by Careful-Toe-7783

[–]GtaTran 18 points 23 hours ago The Asian Lu gonna go ballistic if they see these clips lol 😂

[–]owlficus 4 points 13 hours ago They wouldn’t care that he’s dating yt women- if anything that validates their preference for yt ppl/yt men. The women you’re talking about would just hate that he’s dating anyone at all- if he was dating a black woman they’d pull her aside and be like “Asian guys are misogynistic, what are you doin?”

[–]GtaTran 3 points 9 hours ago Actually the one that say “I don’t date Asian guy” is the one get triggered if Asian guy date women from other ethnicity. I see a ton of nasty comments from those Asian chick on TikTok.

Fucking pathetic the f&gg0t who claims "1% pErCeNT ChANcE Of sAVINg MuH LU iS WoRTh ITt" gets upvotes. Anything run by simps is guaranteed to be shit.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #142: r/ asianamerican schizoid LU BITCH AlasKKKUNT91 an example of why aiNCELs will never be "Pro-AsIANn" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Do your parents deny racial trama you experienced? by B_Wing_83 in asianamerican

[–]Alaskan91 2 points 2 hours ago Bc Asians r taught to assimilate and not to rebel .other minorities don't blame themselves they blame.society for racism Asian culture has issues

The "moD" of aiNCELs people. Fucking r/ aa LU BITCH who has no other purpose in life other than ch1mping at Asians every second of each day. Fucking street-shitter head mod, worthless cancer simp f&gg0t mods, 24/7 censorship, and shilling of (((western politicians))). Long dead KUCKTUREMedia and "TwiTTer ACtivISM". Frontpage is a goddamn joke. R/ aiNCELS was not "pro-Asian" and never fucking will be.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #68: The pmaf porno collector throwcockroachfuckingfggit calls someone else a "SiMP"! by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Steve Harvey - unapologetically racist by BeerNinjaEsq in AsianMasculinity

[–]throwmiamivelvet -15 points an hour ago We are looking at 8 year old articles because??? We are grasping straws?

Should I try to help a girl im interested in get a job in my company( we wont be working together)? by Altruistic_Point_834 in AsianMasculinity

[–]throwmiamivelvet -3 points 2 hours ago OP is a loser and gives Asian guys a bad rep.. forget about Hollywood. People just need to look at him as a bad example

[–]throwmiamivelvet 2 points 2 hours ago There's nothing wrong with helping people. But helping people with ulterior motive sounds like a simp. You need to ask yourself whether you're helping her because you really want to help her or because you want something in return if the latter then you are simp

This f&gg0t's account has absolutely nothing of worth and yet the worthless Hong KUCKER mods still keep him on the sub. Anyone associated with arcPOOCEL is an guaranteed insidious eunuch f&gg0t.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #67: Another subversive LU 'Big-Coconut-Woman' approved by the Hong KUCKs cause the "HolY lAdEeeEee's opiniON" matters more than AM by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Alot of the men here need to understand how much Asian women get harrassed on the streets. Please help intervene!OC self.AsianMasculinity

submitted 1 day ago by Big-Coconut-Woman

[–]Double-Raisin-4323 101 points 1 day ago Lmao, even in a harassment post you gotta do the regular WM servicing without fail. Truly hopeless for AF.

[–]Full_Strength_3891 86 points 1 day ago 100%. And 39 upvotes so far from AMAF simps getting cucked as she boasts about getting hit on by White male professional models. (She already edited that part out). That's like praising an Asian woman while she kisses a random White guy right in front of your face. Those AM are fucking hopeless as well.

[–]PickleInTheSun 44 points 23 hours ago Cucked simps in here for sure. To people sympathizing with OP, read her post again. She’s basically relegating you into the “you look like my brother” role. She’s saying that Asian guys need to protect her from unwanted advices without any of the benefits of a male/female relationship, and Asian guys are “safe” (like a brother). Wake the fuck up.

[–]shinjiii_ikari 0 points 5 hours ago How are you going to act like you care about Asian men’s issues then call out Indian men specifically for something that has nothing to do with their race? Did you forget Indian men are Asian men too? You’re Asian too right? You should know what harmful stereotypes feel like.

[–]magicalbird 98 points 1 day ago I agree but the topic feels more relevant for aznidentity where Asian unity is more encouraged. This subreddit focuses on Asian male issues. Many other Asian subreddits do not welcome Asian male struggles so why are we suddenly having to hear Asian female topics here?

[–]Aureolater -14 points 1 day ago Why not both subs? Asian women's suffering at the hands of non-Asian men is definitely a masculinity issue. Asian women get this treatment because non-Asian men think they won't be rebuffed by their fathers and brothers. If you don't want to fight for them, do it for yourself.

[–]magicalbird 60 points 1 day ago No. This subreddit always had more polarizing views when it came to that misguided Asian unity. A lot of Asian women would gladly throw us under the bus if it meant a white guy looked at them more.

[–]Aureolater -11 points 1 day ago

A lot of Asian women would gladly throw us under the bus if it meant a white guy looked at them more.

I actually agree with you there. But you don't have to fight for them, you're fighting for yourself. My one sister may be a complete slag but I'm not going to let anyone disrespect her because she's family, and for the sake of my other two sisters who aren't slags. (Theoretically, I don't have three sisters). If someone disrespects the slag sister, they're still disrespecting me and my family. No one stands alone. The fact that so many of us go it alone is why we get challenged and defeated so often. It also explains the slags and the Asian women throwing us under the bus.

[–]magicalbird 18 points 1 day ago Then that’s a discussion about family which is different than just random females that OP is stating. A lot of women want Asian men only for the benefits like protection and harmony while sleeping around with non-Asian men. Life is that competitive and in my opinion it’s up to each individual to make sure surrounding people are safe. The point is that these topics are on a predominantly Asian male subreddit.

[–]Prize_Ganache_8138 8 points 17 hours ago Only someone so entitled with her head so far up her own ass, does she think she deserves to hijack the only public space online for Asian male-specific issues.

I also did not want to detract from the focus on men's issue's here in the sub. I just thought you guys might be interested to hear this perspective.

Go fuck yourself.

[–]owlficus -11 points 1 day ago Thank you for this post- a lot of women think it’s just white men who have the Asian fetish, and they turn a blind, naive eye to black and hispanic guys like they’re automatically safe. Also I wanted to say- white women get harassed a lot, but for very different reasons, and I would argue Asian women have it a lot worse. With white women the guys are just trying to hook up- with Asian women the guys just want to hook up too, BUT there’s the added layer of total objectification and disrespect, thinking that you’re submissive and will do whatever they want (in bed and out). White women don’t face this. There’s also an added motivation/desperation from these guys for Asian women because you’re seen as rarer, so these guys will try hard to sleep with any Asian girl they see (this doesn’t happen with white girls)- your friend who got hit on might be pretty, but trust me that guy also hit on some not pretty Asian girls.

And we have the aiNCEL F&gg0ts owlcockroach and Aureoretard jizzing to "MuH GoDLY LadEEeEEEEEEEeEE". Raging poocel f&gg0t 'shinjiii_ikari' as well. The exact type of shit that happens when cancer simp f&gs like INCELnem are made mods. Lu, xm, and simp fggit galore while any progress of the sub is shitted away.

aznidentity is NONaznidentity #21: Pinkcel's shitpost approved by the aiNCEL mods, so much for "mUh QuaLiTY" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Ask AIAdvice on how something could be viewed (self.aznidentity)

submitted 12 hours ago by McMeMeorMcScream

Imma keep this brief. If I'm wrong/offend I anyone, sorry. I'm a white guy, work in a diverse restaurant. I normally have to wear a beard net. I have 2 of those neck gaiter things that started popping off during covid. One is of Japanese design. I just now realized you can't add images on this sub. but it's a white background, with a red sun, and a black gate (reminds me of something during the shogun time), then the samething repeated but down the mask a bit. In this restaurant, there is a group of outsourced food service guys that are only, from I have seen, of Asian heritage. Normally, I never even have to talk to them, and when I do it's a quick conversation (there's a bit of a language barrier, and I don't like getting behind to much). I guess what I'm asking is, do you think it, my mask, could be considered offensive? I've studied enough history/current events to know that some people don't have the best feelings toward Japan, but I don't wanna wear a beard net. I don't wanna get in trouble or piss anyone off either. Also, important to note, the mask has a clear difference from the flag of the rising sun, and there is no references to imperial Japan, the then emperor, or any other govt/military leader (like Tojo for example, he wasn't the emperor, but still had a considerable amount of power)

[–]toskaqe [score hidden] an hour ago I doubt anyone would think twice about the torii + sun pattern, especially if it's a neck gaiter and not a headband.

And of course it is this waste of fucking life eunuch who let the xm in. R/ aiNCELs was never about being "Pro-AsiaN" and never fucking will.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #66: POOCEL f&gg0t's diarrhea still allowed up because what did you expect from Arcel's BITCH INCELnem? by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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So proud of being East AsianOC self.AsianMasculinity

submitted 14 hours ago by MadeInChina6999

[–]v7g7lantt 8 points 9 hours ago This is a post I'd like to read. Not men complaining about Asian female fetish in foreigners and Asian men not being represented.

[–]Detroitpunjabi_ -15 points 8 hours ago East Asian women love Indian men beta

[–]v7g7lantt 11 points 8 hours ago No offence but Indian men are not women's fantasy in general. Every white girl I've known in college told me how creepy and stalkerish they are.

[–]Detroitpunjabi_ -14 points 8 hours ago every Asian girl in collleges and school try’s Indian meat even in most western countries IMAF IS MUCH MORE COMMON CHEENKY BOY

[–]Excellent-Ad5594 5 points 5 hours ago As an indian dude, we dont claim this disgusting incel goblin

[–]v7g7lantt 4 points 4 hours ago According to all the dating app data, Indians are the least desired by women of all races. So you can pretend women want you, but I will bet you don't get any women.

Exactly the fucking reason why these cancerous simp F&GG0TS should never be allowed near any mod board. Lus and xm infestation. Creeper currycels considered "AsiAN".

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #141: Here we fucking go, same fucking tiring AlasKKKUNT91 "AsIA REEe reeEEEEEEEEEeee" retard spasms cause the Lu bitch has no other purpose in life by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Is asian identity compatible to European nationalities? by yellowlightsab in aznidentity

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 12 hours ago Cringe AF.

Experienced anti-Asian bias during a job interview today — feeling disturbed. by pearlstonerite in aznidentity

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 12 hours ago Why not help disadvantaged Asian students???? Go interview in central valley of California where alot of Hmong, Laotians, are. It's way less dangerous than being stabbed and raped by east coast inner city kids (I seen this myself decades ago). They will really appreciate another Asian face as a teacher and the students are pretty community minded. And parts of the central valley in California are similar to the Midwest.

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 12 hours ago I heard a female teacher (clueless white woman). Get raped at my school after class one day. Yes. Raped. I spent one year in that district and that was enough. The OP is feeling offended, but it's bc she doesn't even know how bad it could have been.

[–]Alaskan91 12 hours ago They did that on the west coast too. Knives of all kinds got snuck on to campuses. Everybody was stabbing each other! It's been decades and I am still traumatized..

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 12 hours ago I had the misfortune of going to an inner city school for 1 grade year and the stuff you see is not even close to kosher. Stabbings, stabbing the teacher, stabbing the janitor, stabbing each other, throwing chairs at teachers, jumping teachers, esp female ones, and beating them up, they even attempted to rape a teacher and succeded. U honestly need to know how to handle craziness. They weren't wrong. I heard a white petite female teacher get raped in an empty storage room, and didn't even know until after what the noise was about. I'm still traumatized from it. The school covered it up nicely. If I ever tell you which district, you wouldn't be shocked. Luckily my parents switched schools for me a year later and everything was better after. I literally hid in the bathrooms at lunch.the whole year. It was that bad. The trauma was a motivating factor for never be poor and end up in the situation ever again. Whenever ppl tell me how awesome and historical that city is, I literally want to slap some sense into them. Honestly, it's for the best. Life is too short to deal with that. You are only offended bc you don't know what you could have gotten yourself in. Yes, they displayed ingroup preference. this shouldn't be a shock. Every minority has in group preference but Asians. It's why Asian tribes r weak and the women flee. But in this case, it is for the best.

'succeded'. Absolute fucking tard STILL on the aiNCELs mod board. No fucking chance in hell aiNCELS will ever be "pro-Asian' when an ANTI-ASIAN Lu Bitch is a mod on there.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #65: The simp cancer spotted yet again on r/ cucked "am" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

[–]Chousiyindu[S] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

Why Asian men are better than white guys in relationshipsOC self.AsianMasculinity

submitted 14 hours ago by unsettledgradient

[–]TestingBlocc 33 points 10 hours ago I literally tell my girl I love her everyday. This is not a race thing but rather an individual thing. A common aspect of Asian women (and in a broader aspect, all women) is that they love to make blanket statements about men based off the men they chose to date.

[–]el-art-seam 12 points 8 hours ago Dates 3 white guys and breaks up with them recently. Dates one XM that didn’t work out in high school. Now she’ll say: Avoid XM. You don’t want to date them- they all are x- how do I know? I dated ONE. I know. What? Avoid WM? Why are you generalizing? No that’s just Cody, Josh, and Billy being assholes.

[–]Immediate_Ad1835[🍰] -1 points 5 hours ago And men don’t do the same? All human beings do this no matter to some extent what gender or race, it’s part of who we are. People also have preferences, to each their own

[–]Hunting-4-Answers 5 points 3 hours ago No, men do not do the same. An AM who dates WF, LF and BFs is usually still open to AFs, even if that AF cheats on him with her white coworker.

[–]Immediate_Ad1835[🍰] -4 points 3 hours ago From the vast majority of comments I’ve seen in this sub, most AM call out AF, calling them Lus and other names. May not be the case outside this sub for AMAF but holy crap the amount of AM hate towards AF in here is insane

Almost always the reason why these kind of subs turn to shit. "mUH HoLY LAdEEee REEEEEEEeeeeeeeEEEeEEEEEEEeeeEe". Then comes the post restrictions and influx of cucked pmaf porno collecting f&gs like the one above.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #64: pmaf porno-collector throwcockroachfuckingfggit STILL ALLOWED on r/ am because subverters matter more than AM according to the Hong KUCKS by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | April 07, 2024OC self.AsianMasculinity

submitted 4 days ago by AutoModerator

[–]broadnoodles 10 points 3 days ago David Chang bringing out the Lu's.. 😂😂

[–]throwmiamivelvet -1 points 11 hours ago I just find it despitable that some fat ugly ass Korean guy is trying to monopolize a CHINESE cooking condiment. He can't even cook worth shit, ever saw his Netflix live show? You guys need to stop grasping straw on your AF hate and realize that it has nothing to do with them.

[–]ElimDegens 1 point 27 minutes ago

You guys need to stop grasping straw on your AF hate

you need to stop grasping straws on your AM hate, love to tear down a brother don't you? find me one asian guy like him and I can find 10 white guys tenfold more unscrupulous than he is

[–]throwmiamivelvet 0 points 9 minutes ago Another whataboutsm argument. How about focus on the issue which is a Korean guy trying to capitalize and cancel Chinese ingredient name which has been used for decades.

Absolutely NOTHING OF FUCKING VALUE from this roach f&gg0t's account. Incessant worthless ch1mpouts when users rightfully call out his "HoLY GoDlY" Lus. What happens when POOCEL-appointed cuck fggts are put on an "aSiAN" mod board.

aznidentity Lu-chase #26: The same old owlcockroachfggitcel mental retardation because ALL AM "mUsT" think like him according to arcPOOCEL by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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An analysis and guide on dating Western raised Asian women (self.aznidentity)

submitted 1 day ago by joistheyo

[–]owlficus 6 points 1 day ago I agree on your main point that women (on the younger side) value social optics above other criteria. But on the point that it’s easier to get a top tier WF than a mid tier AF- how true is that exactly? The AFs aren’t rejecting all AMs who ask them out- that’s not why there are so many WMAFs. The reason is because all these WMs are asking them out, while AMs stare from afar and then eventually convince themselves that they didnt want AFs anyway.

[–]ssslae [score hidden] 21 hours ago

I agree on your main point that women (on the younger side) value social optics above other criteria. But on the point that it’s easier to get a top tier WF than a mid tier AF- how true is that exactly? The AFs aren’t rejecting all AMs who ask them out- that’s not why there are so many WMAFs. The reason is because all these WMs are asking them out, while AMs stare from afar and then eventually convince themselves that they didnt want AFs anyway.

You're overly simplifying the problem. AM have the ick stigma attached to them more than any other group of men living in the west. In addition to that, the media portrayed and society consensus of Asian men as bland. If you have been conditioned since birth to see yourself that way, it's not easy to approach women, especially when toxic Asian women on social media publicized their 'No Dating Asian' policies. You don't have to take my word for it, just ask White male internet daddy Jordan Peterson. He's making millions off the insecurity of young men. It's not a doom and gloom. It's slowly changing for the better for Asian men. It just takes time, and it doesn't help when people say "If I can do it, so can you." That method of tough love doesn't work for, just ask the people who use that method on fat people.

[–]owlficus [score hidden] 13 hours ago Trust me, I do understand where you’re coming from. Unless you grow up with positive reinforcement yea it’s going to affect you. This deserves a much deeper discussion. My only point with my original comment is that AMs need to stop coping by running away from the real battle - WMs - and finding comfort in raging on AFs instead

Funny how this cringe as fuck simp f&gg0t claims others are "CopInG". F&g copes by fapping every day and night to "mUh HolY PORNO LU lADEEeEEeeS".

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #63: r/ am simp cancer fggt CUCKshen88 claims the Lu laDEee "isn'T" STD-ridden, source: "TRuST Me DaMit" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Sexpats who disguise themselves as "cultural travelers" and "language learners" are a serious issue on YoutubeOC self.AsianMasculinity

submitted 1 day ago by padorUWU

[–]Full_Strength_3891 82 points 20 hours ago However it must also be said that it takes two to tango. The Asian women in these videos and countries should not be given a free pass. They are not blameless. They suck up to these foreign sexpats just as much because they believe in the 'Whiteman is so gentlemen' stereotype and still have an inferiority complex believing 'Western' is better. For example, the disgusting and abhorrent women in Thailand who throw themselves like free candy to the most revolting foreigners (men 3 times their age, bald, obese, with grand daughters) enable the 'Asian women are easy lays' stereotype which promotes and enables the industry and culture of these foreign men sexpatting to these countries in the first place. Here is another example of two local Japanese women willing to throw Asian men under the bus to impress some loser White guy in a shitty street interview saying White men are better because Asian men have small dicks (Link). With women like this is it really any surprise that these foreign sexpats have so much success in Asia? I saw a quote from another AM here once which sums up why Foreigners love sexpatting around Asia without any consequence: "Asian women act meek, shy, reserved, humble, pure, when they are with Asian men, and expect Asian men to be perfect gentlemen and saints. But when they are with White men and Black men they are willing to throw all that out the window and perform the nastiest, dirtiest, sexual acts and kinks you can think of, hence why they have the highest STD rates of all races of women."

[–]CaiShen88 4 points 17 hours ago

they have the highest STD rates of all races of women."

This is actually false if we're talking about East Asia. AF are some of the most healthy and clean women in the world as far as East Asia is concerned. AF actually have the lowest STD rate in their respective countries. I don't have sources to back this, but it's pretty obvious seeing their attitude/approach to sex in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, HK, and SG. Not to mention our attitude/approach to cleanliness in general. Other XM try to twist this, and ironically, they are actually the STD sex pests that infest our countries with filthy. Just compare that to the average WF, single mom, birth control, abortion epidemic in the US where you're seeing more and more STD cases gynecologists are reporting. It's your typical racist dogs making more propaganda on Asians.

[–]ElimDegens 3 points 34 minutes ago

This is actually false

idk man, I really don't care to "defend" AF on this one like some of you do. not like they defend us on many important matters, including all of the sexual falsehoods relating to AM

Once again it is these simp cancer fucking f&gg0ts who set back Asian subs.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #140: ArcPOOCEL thinks dead KUCKtureMedia is "StILL ACtiVe" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Float: A wonderful original movie about finding yourself, living life to the fullest and escaping the social imprisonment by Asian parents (self.aznidentity)

submitted 2 days ago by Hunting-4-Answers

[–]archelogy [score hidden] 8 hours ago The Erasure of Asian Men continues Similar incidents: www kulturemedia org / category / gender/

[–]Hunting-4-Answers[S] [score hidden] 45 minutes ago That’s a great page. It’s kind of concerning though that it was only last updated in 2019.

KUCKTURE has been in the ground for five years thanks to shit-muncher's back-pedaling.

PSA: 128lbLUKKKUNT offs "hEr" worthless ass account, GOOD FUCKING RIDDANCE by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

[–]Chousiyindu[S] 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

u/ 128lbs: deleted This user has deleted their account. BACK TO REDDIT

In before the aiNCELs and Hong KUCK r/ am fggts let in yet ANOTHER insidious Lu KKKUNT "aLLy".

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #139: Another user silenced by the aiNCELS-FggitModTeam for talking back to "mUh HolY LU" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Degrading (self.aznidentity)

submitted 3 days ago by Th3G0ldStandard

[–]SirKelvinTan [score hidden] 23 hours ago Asian women are always defensive - because they’ve spent their whole lives fighting for the white patriarchy and for the privilege to be absorbed by it. The uncomfortable moments where they had to look in the mirror and realise what they represent in “post racial” America isn’t idealistic or courageous (it was however the most realistic decision they could make) . Those Japanese women in 1946 were never going to stay with their families and help rebuild their country - it was a comfortable surburban life in middle American for them I don’t doubt you as an individual are doing your best for yourself and your boyfriend to go against the trend - but from my point of view the dye is cast - the generations of “Asian sisters” before you threw in their lot with white men and thumbed their noses not just at Asian men but at other women of color and only now are they rightly being called out for it. It should make you uncomfortable - I don’t expect Asian women to accept the charges laid before them lightly You speak of being Vietnamese so you’d understand white American imperialism better than say a Chinese or Thai American - again literally yesterday we drove to Ha Long bay from Hanoi and the bus driver was telling my fiancé in Vietnamese that you can paddle to certain beaches in canoes and see shrapnel remnants of USAF bombs still in the rocks Again it mostly isn’t your fault because it was the generations of Asian sisters who came to America before from 1945 on that did the damage - they’re the ones who made all white men think Asian women belong to them and that Asian men were disposable - not you personally. I don’t see what i said as gaslighting but that’s up to you. End of the day I’ve always said on this sub - the white patriarchy is slowly sinking but it’ll be Asian American women who will gladly go down with the ship. That’s the better future I’m looking forward to

[–]Austronesian_SeaGod [score hidden] 19 hours ago I applaud you for wasting your breathe on that woman. This entire conversation is the equivalent of a black person explaining their plights and injustice to a white person, and the white person just keeps saying "WeLl wE'Re OPpRessED TOo".

[–]toebeans0611 [score hidden] 16 hours ago so silly. so ignorant. that's not at all what I'm saying. you need to understand your friends, foes, enemies and partners in order to make any strides toward an actual solution. I'm not saying "hey look at me we're oppressed too" I'm saying stop putting us in a box and calling us out for not doing shit when in actuality there are a bunch of asian girls fighting the same fight as asian men but in a different way. Unfortunately our way isn't recognized as "fighting" but they'd rather have us yell and scream in the comments or online to get the message across. Clearly it still isn't working so.... At least SirKelvinTan is taking his time to have some sort of conversation. If you're asian yourself, you're just trying to tear down your own community. It' s pre sad. I truly feel sorry for you.

[–]Austronesian_SeaGod [score hidden] 14 hours ago

when in actuality there are a bunch of asian girls fighting the same fight as asian men but in a different way.


If you're asian yourself, you're just trying to tear down your own community.

You're the ones who fucking sold out to white patriarchy and imperialism. Don't even dare say this garbage. I hate to break it to you but the ones whos gonna bring down white patriarchy and white imperialism are definitely not Asian women like you or your "sisters" who completely sold themselves to White Imperialism.

It' s pre sad. I truly feel sorry for you.

This is hilarious and adorable. Don't feel sorry for me. I'm living my life to the fullest, feel sorry to your community because no other group of women on earth marries or dates Neo-Nazis/white supremacists more than Asian women that even brown/black feminists have noticed and hated your group lmfao. Maybe try and actually better your own community than lecture us here with your gaslighting bullshit because I can assure you Asian men knows what Imperialism did to Asia more because we still keep fighting to this day while majority in your community sold out. [removed]

[–]aznidentity-ModTeam[M] [score hidden] 4 hours ago Your post was removed for violating rule 2) Friendly Fire.

[–]toebeans0611 [score hidden] 13 hours ago Ya don’t give Asian women rights, capture and enslave them, use them as collateral for your brothers and fathers debts since the beginning of time and you blame them for seeking a better life elsewhere. If you get rid of all the noise and boil it down to the essence, you’d realize you share similar mentality to Asian women. You’re telling me if whatever country you’re living in right now went to shit due to something out of your control, and you and your family has to suffer you wouldn’t get out? A million Vietnamese men left their country when it went to shit and sought refuge in western countries, building lives in western workplaces, seeking opportunities where their own country couldn’t provide, assimilating to western cultures so that our 2nd gen ass could thrive. And many of them have never looked back to help out their own country. You’re effectively saying these men are also sell outs to western society. You act like all Asian guys are 100% innocent in this mess. All of Asia was calling war on each other which resulted in outer influences needing to step in. An Asia ran by Asian men I must add. You’re just a 2nd gen kid raised by the internet, sitting comfortably in the confines of your own room, never had to go through tough times making tough decisions like your parents or their parents parents. Dealing with such first world problems. Racism will always exist and will continue to exist but at the very least understanding all perspectives of YOUR OWN PEOPLE makes it a little better. You sound like a first world kid that has nothing better to do than to cry about what thousands of mental health issues you have. Get over yourself, recognize everyone played a part and move the fuck on. You’re not offering solutions you’re here being edgy and punching your fists into a wall. People who are in denial, who can’t own up to your mistakes and spin it as gaslighting don’t wanna understand. Label it every which way but don’t wanna look at themselves. We all played a part. People been acting confused asking for years why the majority of AFWM couple more prevalent than any other types. I’ve just answered it. But you guys go ahead and keep denying how history shapes our today, denying your own mistakes, denying your people’s perspective, denying other forms of efforts within the community and you can continue going about your lives asking the same goddam question. I along with other Asian girls are out here listening to Asian guys perspective, we try to understand it, start a discourse, reject the Asian bimbos who don’t get it, try to build up the Asian community rather than to tear it down and own up to our mistakes. We don’t “call out” people in our own community for lacking in effort or flat out disregard differing perspectives because all of it needs to be addressed in order to build a unified community. If we’re not unified, the same thing will happen as it did in the past; war within the Asian community and then white people see an opening when we’re at our weakest and step in to take more…. That’s at the very least what I’m trying to do so don’t just disregard the effort. I’ve had many Asian men reach out through dms saying they read all my comments on Reddit and appreciate my support for Asian men whilst being able to support Asian women as well but I’m having a hard time figuring out why there are other Asian guys that just flat out deny it… oh well u can’t reason with them all…

[–]Austronesian_SeaGod [score hidden] 12 hours ago Blah blah blah blah nothing but a bunch of bullshit and gaslighting. Just shut the fuck up. [removed]

[–]aznidentity-ModTeam[M] [score hidden] 4 hours ago Your post was removed for violating rule 2) Stay civil.

Yet another gaslighter KKKUNT the aiNCEL simp cancers "CAn'T AFforD tO LoSE". Front page is fucking dead, "mUh actiVisM" dead, KUCKTUREMedia dead for a long ass time. The only fucking thing "pRoDuCtiVe" about aiNCELs is the Lu-chase.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #62: Yet ANOTHER shit-and-run by prowling worthless LU BITCH 128lbs cause the Hong KUCKs need something to jizz to each night by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Bilingualism and Pride in AMXF children OC self.AsianMasculinity

submitted 5 hours ago by Baphomette__

[–]128lbs -21 points 4 hours ago

As a non-Asian mother to an Asian-passing boy, I worked my ass off to make sure he retained the language and access to his culture, even sacrificing my comfort level to have him around the slew of WMAF hafu kids and their moms (lmfao).

Are you expecting a pat on the back or something? The self-congratulatory tone in your post rubs me the wrong way - as if you are better just because you are an AMXF. But remember, AMAF will always be better than XMAF and AMXF.

It’s also something you can never see in a boy coming from a WMAF household

At the end of the day, your family is the exception and not the norm for AMXF households as well. Mixed race Asians - products of both XMAF and AMXF - are rarely raised with an Asian upbringing. The families almost always speak in English, and the Asian parent is usually whitewashed/very Westernized. Edit: I find it very interesting that you didn't specify you are a black woman lol.

[–]Baphomette__[S] 18 points 3 hours ago Do I need to specify myself as black? I think everyone knows I am, I post here enough. And I definitely don’t think I need a pat on the back. I specifically said I don’t think I am better but I put in a huge amount of effort to make sure my son is adjusters and healthy. And frankly, I’m talking to the specific group of men who are in similar situations as myself and my husband. I totally get that that’s not you but there’s no need to be so passive aggressive about it.

[–]godchild77 11 points 3 hours ago She is an Asian woman, she is just mad because you got with one of our bros. As you must have noticed IRL too as an AMXFer, they are very hypocritical in this area. Ignore her. She has been crying about AMXF in the subreddit for a while now.

[–]128lbs -4 points 2 hours ago

She is an Asian woman, she is just mad because you got with one of our bros.

I honestly don't give a damn if a black woman "got with one of our bros". Also, I would NEVER be with a Japanese man as a Chinese woman. I just despise her superior tone in this post as if AMXF is the best pairing - even better than AMAF - when that's not true.

She has been crying about AMXF in the subreddit for a while now.

I am a pro-AMAF Asian woman as I have previously said MANY times. I treat XMAF and AMXF equally as both have the same result: the end of full Asians in the West. No, hapas are not equivalent to full Asians. Live your life, but don't complain about "no more full Asians" decades from now 🤡🤡🤡 Also, pointing out white worshipping behavior in Asian men and the like is not "crying about AMXF".

[–]Baphomette__[S] 4 points 1 hour ago I didn’t mention AMAF one time. You’re caught up on something that wasn’t even said, and obviously have a real issue with Asian men interested in non Asian women. AMAF is nowhere near threatened globally. Do you really care about pure bloodlines or are you just upset about a minority of AM who are living differently? And even if there were thousands of white worshipping Asian men, how does that affect me or you? Focus on your own relationships.

Absolutely nothing of fucking value contributed by 128lbLUKKKUNT and yet the Bitch is still allowed on r/ am. Fucking worthless as fuck simp cancer fggits are the reason why Asian subreddits turn to shit.

aznidentity Lu-chase #25: owlcockrochfggitcel predictably spazzes when users describe him and the aiNCEL simp cancers by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Degrading (self.aznidentity)

submitted 21 hours ago by Th3G0ldStandard

[–]Penetrator_kun [score hidden] 9 hours ago Asian women in the comments aren't even offended and you're here simping for them like a knight trying to protect their dignity. Let them fight their own battles. Why are so many Asian American men such simps?

[–]magicalbird [score hidden] 9 hours ago Aznidentity leans unity for AMAF although it’s funny how a lot of users project and hate Asian woman dating choices too. If an Asian woman has this deep of a fetish and is okay with the public display of that then let Asian women fight the fight cause the public aspect of it and how the OP discussed it was the disgusting part. The funny thing is if an Asian male did similar most Asian women wouldn’t care.

[–]Penetrator_kun [score hidden] 9 hours ago Asian American men will always be on the losing side trying to maintain AMAF in the US. They're at a huge disadvantage, it's pointless. They need to let that shit go or they'll still be here even after 50 years crying about Asian Women with White men and be a laughing stock.

[–]owlficus [score hidden] 30 minutes ago This is defeatism

[–]magicalbird [score hidden] 8 hours ago Tell the subreddit this cause that’s their mission even if it’s misguided in my opinion.

[–]Penetrator_kun [score hidden] 8 hours ago I'm just voicing my opinion out of frustration, I don't see much hope in them honestly. As an Asian guy myself, it's just frustrating to see fellow Asian men(mostly Asian American) being so pathetic.

[–]ElimDegens [score hidden] 1 hour ago I mean that's what the mods and the mod-adjacent users literally support. This whole "AMAF unity" is just AM unrequited simping.

[–]owlficus [score hidden] 30 minutes ago Being pro AMAF is not simping- it’s recognizing that this is the strongest way to uplift the asian community. Literally and by definition anything else increases the rift and makes the community- esp AM- weaker

Once again, worthless Lu-chaser simp fggits are the cancer of Asian subreddits. All progress shitted away in favor of thirsting after "mUH FaULtLesSS GoDlY LADEeEEeEEEeeeEeeeEEesssSSsSssSS". Post restrictions and censorship of anything offending "mUh HoLY GoddESS LAdEEeSSssSsss". Three pmaf LU KKKUNTs allowed in recently and more in the near future because aiNCELS is what happens when the simp cancers are in charge.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #138: Schizoid btich Lu AlasKKKUNT91 censors user for calling out her retard bullshit, so much for "BeinG DiFFeReNt From r/ aa" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

[–]Chousiyindu[S] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

Why are some Chinese women still looking to the West for love - Basically Mail Order Bride, Leftover (self.aznidentity)

submitted 3 days ago by IndependentRip722

[–]Alaskan91 -1 points 1 day ago It's not my job to spoon fed u. U can shift thru my extensive comment history and piece it together. May take a few hours.

[–]lllkill [score hidden] 23 hours ago Fair enough, I am in line with your view points. That being said it doesn't hurt to help the bros out here instead of being super antagonistic.

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 18 hours ago Not a bro and also I get asked to explain things on a consistent basis. When one could do the work themsleves. The issue with asians is lack of initiative. It's cultural. Asians like to take a straight and narrow path.

[–]Wide-Grapefruit-6462 [score hidden] 7 hours ago Translation: I'm talking out of my ass. [removed]

[–]aznidentity-ModTeam[M] [score hidden] 15 hours ago locked comment Rule 5) Activism not slacktivism AI is for Positive Change, Not Passive Outrage. Unproductive ragebait of anti-Asian racism, without a call to action will likely be removed. Venting is allowed, but low effort posts about violent crime, racism online or in the news, should be posted in the Weekly Free-for-all, not as standalone posts.

An "aSIaN" sub shitted out by a POOcel was never going to be Pro-Asian.

aznidentity Lu-chase #24: aiNCEL simp fggt cancer demands AM sign up and rescue the bachelorette LU "lADeEEEeeEE"! by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

[–]Chousiyindu[S] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

The new Bachelorette is Asian American so we need Asian men to apply! (self.aznidentity)

submitted 2 days ago by steevadz[🍰]

Because it's not gonna be great to see her and 32 white guys courting her....

[–]Fit-Zone-6030 [score hidden] an hour ago Asian American women? Insta GG to any Asian contestants…but will probably virtue signal to black contestants though.

[–]B-ILL2 [score hidden] 3 hours ago Like she would pick an AM 🤣

[–]SmallWhiteCod [score hidden] 5 hours ago I almost rolled my eyes all the way back when I saw it on facebook. Oh wow, so unique, so diversity! Trophy asian woman is the prize! I've never seen this trope before, truly the first Asian American woman on TV, so brave and trailblazing! Did they put a full AM on The Bachelor yet? If yes, then I'll respect it. Otherwise, it's just another Asa Akira sausage fest for the WM fantasy. Asian kings should apply to The Bachelor instead, not fight for scraps

[–]JerryH_KneePads [score hidden] 5 hours ago Another good example of how western media are trying to oppressed the Asian men. They still couldn’t shake off Bruce Lee taking a white woman.

"MuH aiNCELs QuALiTy" right there. Anything for "mUh VieWs" right POOCEL?

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #61: More worthless as fuck prowling by insidious LU KKKUNT 128lbs because the aiNCELs and Hong KUCKs will never stop fapping to "m'lADeEE" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Why are some Chinese women still looking to the West for love - Basically Mail Order Bride, Leftover by IndependentRip722 in aznidentity

[–]128lbs[score hidden] 3 hours ago

middle-aged divorced women still face significant struggles

No shit, Sherlock. Very few Chinese men (and their parents) would accept a divorced woman, especially one with children. Western men essentially get the undesirable Chinese women a.k.a. damaged goods.

The new Bachelorette is Asian American so we need Asian men to apply! by steevadz in aznidentity

[–]128lbs [score hidden] 3 hours ago

we need Asian men to apply!

Why encourage Asian men to partake in these trashy shows? Why stoop to their level? Because it's not gonna be great to see her and 32 white guys courting her..... Just...don't watch it? I have never watched and will never watch shows like this - it's low-class behavior. Chinese and Korean shows are significantly better.

Moving to California or false hopes? by Lazy_Antelope6243 in AsianMasculinity

[–]128lbs 1 point 3 hours ago

Once you're married, bay area is awesome.

I doubt it. WMAF and their children are inescapable there.

Vancouver or Montreal by Suitable-Finger-7949 in AsianMasculinity

[–]128lbs 5 points 3 hours ago

and dating WF

I find it funny when people here say AM do not white worship 😂😂😂

[–]LMAO-SPIDERMAN 4 points an hour ago Expressing any interest in dating WF isn't equivalent to the white worship that we see in Asian females, or the Asian woman worship we see among White males. Asian males generally don't white worship like Asian females do. It doesn't "go both ways" as a phenomenon.

[–]iemg88 0 points 27 minutes ago On god i was about to say vancouver has the baddest asian girls but to each their own

[–]louielouie222 0 points 2 hours ago I know right

[–]dkfjlaf83r3jn 0 points 54 minutes ago AM do not white worship 😂😂😂 Definitely we do. It's the world we live in

Been Living and Dating in Eastern Europe for 7 years, AMA by zshane1125 in AsianMasculinity

[–]128lbs -15 points 3 hours ago Massive cringe 🤮🤮🤮

And there are the cancer f&gg0t simps upvoting this subversive batshit LU bitch. These "aSIaN" subs are guaranteed to be fucked when these cancer simp f&gg0ts show up. All progress out the fucking window for "mUh HolY FaUltLeSS EYeFfff lADEeEEeeEEeEEEEEeEEE".

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #137: Nonstop schizoid AlasKKKUNT91 tard spasms at Asians because r/ aiNCELS was never a fucking "pro-Asian sub" to begin with by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Interesting observations on Japan born Chinese experiences compared to ABCs (Western born Chinese) by joistheyo in aznidentity

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 9 hours ago How is that gonna happen when asians delightfully rejoice in low risk actions like not having kids much. Asians gotta get every quacking duck in the perfect 180 degree row b4 they even start attempting pregnnaxy. Sad. And don't get on me about Europe low birthrate, bc America Canada, parts of Mexico and South Africa. Australia, Argentina, and new zealand are effectively the same population and ppl b reproducing. All the time. Unlike east Asia. Each east asian country is in an academic decathlon competition for who can have the lower birthrate. Sad.

Why are some Chinese women still looking to the West for love - Basically Mail Order Bride, Leftover (self.aznidentity)

submitted 3 days ago by IndependentRip722

[–]lllkill [score hidden] 21 hours ago can you explain the optics and manipulation on lineage work practices

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 15 hours ago It's not my job to spoon fed u. U can shift thru my extensive comment history and piece it together. May take a few hours.

[–]Wide-Grapefruit-6462 [score hidden] 7 hours ago Translation: I'm talking out of my ass.

"pregnnaxy". What a fucking tard. Nothing is more "sAD" than a mentally-handicapped Lu bitch who spends each second of every fucking day sperging at Asians.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #136: Same old schizoid AlasKKKUNT91 retard ch1mps at Asians, exactly why aiNCELs remains permafucked by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Interesting observations on Japan born Chinese experiences compared to ABCs (Western born Chinese) by joistheyo in aznidentity

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 11 hours ago I traveled extensively in Japan years ago and also met a few Japanese born Chinese. They seemed extrmeley well adjusted. Totally normal. None of that ackward shy weirdo asian kid vibe u sometimes.get from formerly bullied asian Americans. This shouldn't be shock to anybody at all a d the fact that this is even surprising says alot about asians not focusing on race. Sorry to have it smack you in the face but race Is everything!! It's so sad to hear asians tell me about a bad situation and then ask why it happened to me when duh, it's bc of u being asian and what they thought they could get away with (classic asian passivity steretype) and bc they don't like asians. It's why so many hapa women I know would rather get eye job and nose job and hair bleach to look completely white rather than buy a better car. Its about race privilege not even asethics at that point. But of course u won't know this unless u got personal with them. Ur phenotype affects you life more.than ANY education and hard work. This is why it's so important to advocate for asian american issues. but classic asian thinking says if there isn't a study to back it up then it's not evidence. Race is everything. Just bc Americans don't always bring it up to the forefront doesnt mean it true. This is where asians FAIL. No. U are NOT unique. Yes, every body is judging u based on looks. NO, nobody is going to say that out loud. Blacck ppl are way better at understanding this than clueless asians. I got treated more normally in random Asian countries than in non asian parts of the USA speaking in a midwestern english accent!!(which is most). Had I spoken those asian languages I prolly would have 95 passed as a local.

Why are some Chinese women still looking to the West for love - Basically Mail Order Bride, Leftover by IndependentRip722 in aznidentity

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 20 hours ago The last sentence just got me. Unlike in the usa, Chinese jobs often. Depend on lineage like Hou tai.... ?????!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?! U r serious here. Jobs in the usa are lineage dependent too! It's just more covered up bc Americans and esp whyte culture is WAY better than asians at understanding optics and manipulation, which asians are much more poorer at. Asians get a 2/10 at understanding manipulation and optics, Hispanics a 7/10, blaccks get a 11/10 (much more socially aware than asians thats for sure), and whyte ppl get a 10/10. It's why Asian men and women work in modern day slave labor rice growing type jobs like engineering (albeit paying enough to live okish), while whyte women with an easy liberal arts degree with the right family and connections get paid 3 times (quarter million to 400k is not unusual, ive seen 3/4th of a million even) in hotel management, Public relations, investor relations, marketing, country club management, etc etc. I don't care what ego filled asian guy says, but his job is paid less and is at least 3x as hard and at least 30% more hours than Megan the millenial white girl with a trust fund model blonde husband who work in one of the above fields and is swimming in perks galore. And you are seen as a literal replaceable technical worker they can dump at any point, whereas Megan the white girl in public relations is seen as a real human being who is granted extra months of maternity leave compared to her asian female Coworker counterparts in lower positions who work even more hours and might even have an extra graduate degree. LMAO. Chinese culture is naive. They have no idea how America really works. It's so Chinese to assume things are as they seem to be on the surface and not look several layers below. Setting these women up for failure. Or severe issues upon arrival.

[–]ElimDegens [score hidden] 8 hours ago

Chinese culture is hilarious

Hey look guys, we got a real China expert here

Why are some Chinese women still looking to the West for love

I don't care what ego filled asian guy says When they turn an AF into an AM problem again

The mod fggts whine about "mUh QuaLiTY" yet turn a blind eye to this tard LU Bitch's diarrhea posts. The aiNCELs f&gg0t ass mods were always the root cause of aznid's failure. Every single "iDeA" they shitted out had fucked up the sub.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #135: Post praising Asians shows up, AlasKKKUNT91: "REEeeeeeeeeeeEEEeeeee" by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Asian family culture system works way better than western individualistic society in my opinion and experience by Wumao_gangv2 in aznidentity

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 17 hours ago The issue with this awesome asian family plan is when you report it to the census HONESTLY and all of a sudden your family income seems high bc there are more intergeneraitonal memebrs and so the govt thinks asians are doing great and suffer from no racism. If asians were smarter about optics we would UNDER report our income to the census. Nobody is verifying the income on that anyways. But asians are honest and get burned. Good Ole usa. This reminds me of a half chinese half viet neighbor who was BLOCKED from free local preschool of some sort. Don't dig me, not sure on details. Why? She taught her toddler all of the benchmarks and so when the toddler went in for a free evaluation, they said he already passed and so they had to save the spot foe those that deserved it. SmH. Sometimes asians lack social awareness and working hard actually BACKFIRES!! For example so many asians are trying to get Into real estate and scrimp and save only to be fked over by a professional tenant bc other landlords discriminate in a way that they can get away with while asians try to go by the book. Sad

But of fucking course the schizo Lu Bitch of a "mOD" would ch1mp at anything uplifting Asians on an "AsiAN" sub. This is the fucking reason why aiNCELs is dead. Why post knowing there is an anti-Asian Lu bitch on the mod board? Fucking 24/7 censoring worthless fggt simp mod named 'toskaqe'? Worst of all a non-Asian poocel head mod? R/ aiNCELs has ended up in the garbage dump all thanks to the "leadership" of these useless and insidious fggts.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #134: Fucking pathetic fggt tosWORTHLESSRETARDKUCK cries once again when subversive pmaf troll deletes thread by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Monthly Free-for-All (self.aznidentity)

submitted 25 days ago by AutoModerator

[–]toskaqe [score hidden] 4 hours ago Another deleted thread despite civil, high effort replies explaining why wmaf is stigmatized.

One of the worst aiNCEL "moDs" to date. The fuck has this fggt done other than censor shit 24/7 and fapping to ALL THE xmaf/pmaf Lus in his jizzed up basement?

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #133: Schizoid Lu bitch tidyingup92 STILL ALLOWED on aiNCELs cause it wouldn't be aiNCELs without the pathetic Lu-chase by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Schizoids Unwarranted Indignation Towards Asian Men and Asian Culture. by ssslae in aznidentity

[–]tidyingup92 [score hidden] 6 hours ago Still using it in a derogatory way. It's not right.

[–]tidyingup92 [score hidden] 6 hours ago He really is a contributor tho

[–]tidyingup92 [score hidden] 6 hours ago You seem to have too much time on your hands to worry about these people, also calling them "schizoid" is fucked up, there are people out there with schizophrenia and you are just using this as a way of name-calling.

Thirsting after literally EVERY fucking Lu in existence counts as "aCtiVisM" on aiNCELs.

AsianMasculinity is CUCKED #60: Prowling Lu bitch 128lbs back at it while the Hong KUCKs fap in their corner by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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Anyone here had to work menial jobs. Do you think it matters what kind of job an Asian male does? by CrayScias in AsianMasculinity

[–]128lbs 0 points 2 hours ago Congrats on making over 150K. Only lead engineers and coders make that much. This is not true at all...plenty of professions pay more than $150K/year.

Next season of bachelorette is an Asian woman. by chaeah08 in AsianMasculinity

[–]128lbs 19 points 7 hours ago I never watched these shows in the first place and still do not understand the appeal of them 🤷🏻‍♀️

[–]128lbs 26 points 7 hours ago

But will having an Asian woman open doors for future Asian man?

You are very naive if you even have to ask this. The only correct answer is no.

[–]128lbs 5 points 5 hours ago

There's usually never Asian men or much Asian people in general that shows up to audition and if there are, it's going to be the Asian

American crowd, most of us aren't interested in being on reality TV, there's not much of us to pull from if we're not showing up to audition. Exactly. I am honestly not sure why Asians would be interested in these trashy shows anyway, especially if they are looking for AM/AF.

[–]128lbs 0 points 20 minutes ago

Notice how KOREAN shows are so inclusive to white folks

Yep, it really sucks when I have to skip over parts of episodes in Chinese and Korean dramas because there are non-East Asian actors there.

[–]128lbs 1 point 25 minutes ago I agree with you, especially this part:

I don't think the personal life of Jenn Tran, the star of this show, resonates with a lot of actual real Asian women who hang with other Asians in the Asian enclaves

I am an American born Chinese woman born and raised in NYC's Chinese enclaves. I strongly prefer Chinese and Korean dramas over (trashy) Western media. But then again, international Chinese are pleasantly surprised I am not a "banana" even though I am an ABC when they meet me so I guess I'm a bit unusual? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Don't want to see af/xm influencers/couple on social media? Here is a tip to not to see them. by GameOfGoral in AsianMasculinity

[–]128lbs 2 points 7 hours ago

I think my social media feed is broken because I don't see any X/X at all

Social media is not broken; it's just that you are interested in bodybuilding, which is much better than those obsessing over XMAF and AMXF.

[–]128lbs 6 points 7 hours ago

I'm just sick of seeing tons of them on my discover/fyp and how they are trying to be "influencers" based on nothing but their relationship. You understand these are curated based on what you like watching and/or interact with, correct? So you are to blame for all the XMAF you see in your feed.

I only watch food and fitness content, so I never see XMAF and AMXF 🤷🏻‍♀️

[–]128lbs 2 points 36 minutes ago

the white worship is insane within asian women. Like the most generic white guy is treated like a 8 or something 😂

Unfortunately, the same can be said for Asian men and white women.

And these cancer simp f&gs continue to upvote this insidious fucking KKKUNT LU. It is always the worthless as fuck simp fggits responsible for the decline of an "aSIaN" sub.

aznidentity mod behavior exposed #132: Nothing but the same retard banshee "aSiAns REEEEEeeeeeeeeeEEEeeee" from AlasKKKUNT91 after getting owned by Chousiyindu in AsianIdentityWatch

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WM with a fetish takes the life of AF after he takes the lives of her parents by Hunting-4-Answers in aznidentity

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 15 hours ago Modern asian populations outside of Central Asia don't have many mongol or hun genes. It's mostly passive, soft. Communal rice farming agriculturalist genes. The small amount of hun, xiongnu and mongol genes are dispersed in northern China and Korea and its too small to make an impact. Modern asians are too soft.

[–]CaiShen88 3 points 9 days ago All you've done is talk over me and past me. You haven't even quoted and replied to any of the points I've made. You might be talking to yourself. If that's what you're trying to achieve, I won't judge. Whatever satisfies you.

Asian Chinese parents have ZERO counterculture and confucions was am overweight, diabetic loser who taught asians to be passive and conform. So u teach asian women to worship white people (thanks confucious and chinese obedience to authority oriented parenting), and then you are surprised asian females race to marry out??

Great, now you're undermining Korean and Japanese out of my arguments and generalizing all Asian cultures because you mentioned toxic Chinese values, but that somehow speaks for all Asian cultures. Sure there's similarities but you paint the bad apples of Chinese AF representing all toxic AF. You really like to give AF the benefit of the doubt. You never explained how they're influenced to make these decisions. Do you think toxic Chinese values are the only part of the equation? You might the naive one, not me.

In history, men conquor other tribes, and if they win, they get to absorb the womrn of the opposing tribe.

It's called divide and conquer, its 3 words. What are you blabbering about Einstein? You can't even spell Confucian, and you're lecturing history. Give me a break. I've already explained this, but now you're pretending to lecture me using the points I already made.

Clearly you think women carry society, not men.

That's all you interpreted from my comment? Your comprehension skills might be lacking. Maybe It's clear you don't read much, looking for points out of context? None of my points ever mentioned this. You're derailing the discussion. You're either trolling or just went full retard now.

Don't listen to what ppl say. Most don't even realize what they are saying.

You clearly do

But clearly asian women are disappointed with asian men, or else they won't be so upset and spend energy bashing them.

This is a popular belief. Maybe you LiStEnEd tO OtHer PeOplE, perhaps. You're missing half the equation again. In case you don't know, most AF who sell out were already leftover AF, white washed damaged, poor, desperate, the list goes on. It really looks like you don't account for any of these factors. The entire Asian population isn't turning white anytime soon, I hope I didn't burst your bubble. You're going back in loops after everything I said. It's ironic that you're believing in narratives. I've fed you enough troll. No more.

[–]Alaskan91 [score hidden] 15 hours ago Clearly attacking line item by line item is a trait that was encouraged in high school debate/essay class, and while this would get an A plus in school, you are missing the bigger picture. Clearly this isn't an Intuition based comment. Asian culture generally lacks the intuition to see the bigger trends that shape our lives. I don't know what to say except to blame in on asian rice farming culture, where details were worshipped and the bigger picture was considered useless. But in west cost usa, even the extrmeley hot AF are marrying out so it's not looks based. I know too many.

Course the fucking Lu tard would never admit wrong. Same old "AsiANs rEEEErEEEEEEEEEeEEeeeee". Absolute waste of fucking life shitstain of a "moD".