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I like super tall buildings. Is there anywhere where there aren't regulations against them?

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Like castles in the sky.

You may like my #1 project - a story that has a mega tower.

"They" say that since the turn of this century we've easily had the technological and material ability to build a tower 20 miles tall. Apparently this is not controversial thought I have no idea if this is true. Obviously there is no practical purpose or motivation to build a 20mile tall building...

Until my story. But that's not the focus of my story. It's only a little element of it.

I'm not spoiling the story by telling you the purpose - it's a "space bridge". A hyperloop that shoots a "space train" or "space arrow" aka "trarrow" around and up and out at high speed into a dramatically less dense atmosphere 20 miles high with FAAAAR more fuel efficiency and regular space missions to build and develop the corporatocracy's new zero-G space factories and industires, not to mention communications, space weaponization, sustainable habitation, tourism, telescope arrays, space debris retrieval, Lunar, and Lagrange explorations, among several other areas.

And the location: Venezuela.

If you want a more specific location and details why, ask.