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So what about septic systems? I think it was claimed in this movie that earthships have their own septic systems, but they didn't spend too much time on it.

Do you think they just made traditional leach fields/septic drain fields? I doubt it is anything under the house, since they are collecting rain water there, not that you couldn't do both.

These ideas are really cool, making homes out of discarded materials. All of those tire pile fires that can't be put out could instead be making energy efficient walls.

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They touched on it. It's no secret. Septic systems aren't brain science. Anywhere rural has them. My Uncle has one in Muskoka. It's just part of life. Most normal rural non-alt-homes have them.

Naturally each system may have different configurations and needs. Some houses are designed so the grey water is economized so washing dishes drains into the indoor garden. That means you may not want too much meat rot going there nor toxic soaps. Poop might even be recycled in composts.

In their desert I wouldn't let water go.

Like Bucky Fuller said, "Waste is a resource we haven't found a use for."

They didn't get into the heat-sink part of the tires much. There are lots of other docus like this. Lotsa channels too.

Off-grid living is getting stomped on. Florida especially recently. Don't know why there.

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" Garbage Warrior is a 2007 film about architect Mike Reynolds, inventor of the Earthship style of building, directed by Oliver Hodge. It follows Reynolds and how he developed the Earthship style of building and his struggle with the laws of Taos, New Mexico, the location of his experimental Earthship community, in order to be allowed to build homes that do not match the structures of local building codes. The film concludes with a postscript showing Reynolds and his team of builders travelling to the Andaman Islands in the aftermath of the Boxing Day tsunami to assist the locals with disaster recovery and teaching them how to construct extremely low-cost earthships. " ~ Wikipedia

I've always disliked the "Garbage Warrior" title. It almost sounds like you're criticizing his martial arts or calling him an SJW. Further, I've been looking to verify the quote along these lines by Buckminster Fuller (alegedly), "Waste is just a resource we have not found a use for." So if he's using the garbage resourcefully then it's no longer waste.

Available in a voiced over language: "[Dokument] Architekt odpadu - Garbage Warrior" (corncob houses) (straw-bale buildings in Ontario, Canada) (for straw-bale walls) (there's an establishment war on off-grid living) a magazine dedicated to preparation and survival

I would like to bring to your attention these other documentaries and many more things, but I'm waiting for more weekly sub additions. I intend to create an entire sub for "Earthships". But for now I thought it important to at least introduce the most under-rated architect in our lifetime, Mike Reynolds.