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The narrator of this video gives me the heebie-jeebies. He's also the narrator of dozens if not hundreds of other similar videos on different topics, and although the video production is decent or better, right up to super-slick like this one, his voice contains many subtle hints of arrogance and lack of education, if not more.

It seems impossible for him to say the word "hundred" without it coming out as "hunnert". Saying long vowels in "the" and "a" may be some attempt at authority, but they betray an ignorance of vocal discipline. I think his native language is English, but he has altered his production voice into something similar to the old-fashioned "Mid-Atlantic Accent".

For me, it robs any other authenticity. Ignorance does not speak wisdom. The artifacts themselves are wonderful, beyond my vocabulary to describe them...but I've learned that if I want to keep inner peace while seeing these videos, I must turn on the closed captions; to coin a phrase, "this guy's a phony".

I've no opinion about the truth of the script content; but it's grating to listen to this boorish speaker, and it robs the whole thing of quality.

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Sound's like you're accentist. I know what you mean. Some accents, am I right?

I don't know if he's a phony so much as a bad voice actor. Maybe one day, just as YouTube has auto-transcribe, and Google has translate, and auto-tune for pop music, perhaps there will be auto-correct for accents. Then you could listen to all your documentaries with southern accent, Elmer Fudd accent, Marilyn Monroe whisper, or whatever tickles our fancy.

Or write a javascript that takes the auto-transcription and plugs it into your preferred text-to-voice app in the meantime.

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Sometime YouTube really pushes the same "recommended for you" videos. I guess they're popular or promoted in the algorithms.

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Ancient mystery "impossible carvings" are obviously NOT IMPOSSIBLE! These small polygraph duplicating devices for dual hand written pages could easily be scaled up for large construction projects, set at other angles than just side-by-side AND with templates to guide and limit the resultant shapes. /s/AlternativeHistory/comments/emu/ancient_mystery_impossible_carvings_are_obviously/

It's not fucking rocket science! I'm so tired of stupid people pushing ancient mysteries being impossible!

Even modern day totem pole carvers still use the same techniques to "mysteriously" carve their totem poles with magical geometric symmetry.

IT'S NOT MAGIC! It's just clever and it's simple.

That's how they get those perfect corners and such. And if you change out the carving heads you can carve the impossibly hard materials.


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