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They're probably struggling to find a large enough pool of STEM candidates that have any interest in working for weapons contractors. Girls are generally better students (let's be honest), and they're an untapped population pool.

This shit is never going to work. The average girl is probably twice as compassionate as the average boy. If the boys aren't even signing up, then they're fucked.

The criticism of younger men concerning a lack of machismo is a positive development for the antiwar effort.

Military recruiters are less welcome than ever on campuses. This story is likely spin, but I'm glad you posted it so we are aware of their scheming.

They're desperate, and the cracks in the system are visible.

I'm glad to hear it. Let's keep it up.

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This seems like an excuse to find semi-psychopaths and sociopaths and turn them over to full blown insanity.

I truly believe the percentage of people who are psychopathic or sociopathic has been rising in the last 20 years - that where it was once less than 1% it is (somewhere between) 1 and 5% now.

They are breeding minions from our children.

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i think of it as applied satanism

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Applied Satanism makes it sound semi-acceptable.

I'd go with something more like "Brainwashing minors" or "Mental rape" - or "Being an evil prick" :D