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I think NATO should be dissolved, personally. It's done its job, the USSR is gone. Having said that doesn't mean I support Putin/Russia. I think it's crime that he invaded Ukraine, even though I can see that a big part of that decision was based on his fears of NATO expansion. I would have rather the US and Russia come to some mutually beneficial relationship that would have prevented this invasion, but from my perspective, Biden's Administration was actively anti-Russian even before all this. Not a Trump supporter, but I do believe a second term would have prevented or maybe just delayed this invasion.

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You can't be both anti-autocract-putin and anti-collective-defense-of-democracies.

If you don't want there to be a NATO then there's not going to be an Estonia anymore. There are 1.3 million Estonians who don't want to live under ruzzian autocracy. NATO is the solution to their problem.

If you're anti-nato then you're pro-Putin. It's as simple as that.

You cannot say "Putin must stop, but first let's dismantle the security architecture which acts as a governor upon his limitless expansionism"

If you want to replace NATO then let's do that after beating Putin. Because today right now Denmark, Netherlands and Belgium are prepping a F16 delivery to help stop the war - they won't send even a single artillery shell if NATO stops existing.

If you value the free world, the livelihood of Americans and all free people, human dignity and hope for the future, then you should be pro-nato at least until it's not an urgent necessity in the world, as it is right now

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I don’t think NATO or its controllers are pro humanity or freedom anymore. And I don’t Uni l anybody wins in war except those who promote it and those who profit from it. Neither of whom ever fight in them.

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You're a troll.

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You’re wrong and obsessed with trolls, maybe leave the spliffs for a bit, clear ya head.

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You cannot say "Putin must stop,

I don't. I say Putin should nuke the capital of every country sending weapons to Ukraine to support the genocide and torture murders of Russians.

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Thanks for your reply, I have no allegiance to any country/political set up, I’m just 1 of 8billion enslaved humans, trying to survive the asylum as a free man alive. None of us get outta here alive, why waste it on division, insults, anger and negativity.

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So dramatic.

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It's more complicated than that. (1) It would not benefit those countries if Russia lost its war of attrition over a long period. A diplomatic solution would benefit those countries, as would Russia winning the war. EU countries would want the war to end. (2) War profiteers in those and other countries are making $billions. (3) Countries owed money by Russia are trying not to get directly involved, while indirectly trying to help somewhat. They could do so much more than they are currently doing with a few tanks, planes &c, and instead are trying to mitigate the situation. (4) Countries owed money by Russia aren't against all of Russia, but against Putin's supporters. (5) They are NOT in favor of Ukraine getting Crimea or any other advantage, helping only with minor gains at the front. (6) If EU countries were truly in support for war against Russia, they'd be in a direct war with Russia, as part of NATO.

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Thanks for the info/education many valid points 👍

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80 years ago US and it's allies loved USSR, so much they gave much of eastern eroup to them. In the 60's the US started the aniy USSR movment saying they would kill us all.

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so much they gave much of eastern eroup to them

After Hitler betrayed his alliance with Stalin and invaded ruz-occupied Poland and Belarus, the USSR pushed Hitler back to Berlin and captured every capital city on the way.

If you've read gulag archipelago you might remember Solzhenitsyn recalling how at his gulag prison camp (wasnt he in lefortovo at the time? Can't remember) the Soviets did a celebratory cannon blast every time they captured a capital city. The author remember hearing the cannons and the cellmates guessing - which city would that have been, Warsaw or Bucharest?

After the Nazis fell it was clear that the ruZ did not intend to de-occupy anything, and so the allies had to think the unthinkable, an extension of the war until Americans and Commonwealth troops took Stalingrad?

It was not out of love that the Soviets captured eastern europe but the typical orcish Z thinking, which holds the following. Muscovy, being the lead tax collector for the golden horde among the principalities during the tartar yoke period, is the third Rome, inheritor of the kyivan rus, and a superpower entitled to its sphere of influence.

Actually it's over now: Putin and the siloviki have set the stage for a catastrophic disintegration of Ivan's (and Peter's and Catherine's) bloody empire.

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Thanks for a very informative/educational read read 👍

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Probably just to add more strain to the banking systems.

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Are you fucking retarded? In the recent decades the Z has invaded and captured land from Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Syria, Ichkeria and has invaded Ukraine three times. Every time involved the same orc horde behavior of rapes and mass graves.

They've conducted literal acts of war against Czech Republic (2014 munitions storage), United Kingdom (2018 released enough novichok to kill the whole city), Montenegro (2016 they tried to assassinate the prime minister), United States (2016 they poisoned ten million Americans that can be proven and probably far more) and many, many other such acts of war.

The Wagner system (which is far more than frontman Prigozyn) are extending the Z imperial domain in Africa and Latin America.

  • they've helped put down protests in Venezuela

  • they use slaves to mine gold in Ndassima slaves mines in Central African Republic

  • their slaver operations are embedded with Libya's rebel government under Kalifa Haftar in Libya

  • they conduct slaving attacks on villages throughout West Africa where they are currently deeply embedded

It's a huge network of death and slavery in the overall goal of Z imperialism

I wonder why there’s so much support for War against Russia?

No you don't retard. You know exactly why. You're just virtue signalling and dog whistling to your fellow Ztards. You sound like a moron

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Thanks for the insults, I feel educated which is kinda why I’m here, by the rest of what you’ve posted, just having a brew and educating myself some more, nice and calm here, no retards. I’m not sure about novichok, seems to convenient. As for the rest, The U.K., US, NATO etc etc are no angels, all looking for regime changes and countries to annex for whatever purpose their capitalist masters dictate. Unless they’re all owned/funded by the same hierarchy and it’s all just a rich mans game/experiment. It never affects ‘Them’.

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Also thescum tabloid is a rag I have no affiliation to or respect for, it’s an arm of Murdoch propaganda and lies.

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It's a map, asshole. Find what you disagree with the map, not the img host. Such a low, dimwit move, to pretend you can discredit the demonstrable truth about Wagner's African slave mines, because you don't like that particular img host. They use slaves to mine gold in Ndassima....and your response is "but I don't like the img host"

Which part of the truth about Wagner's African operations, as displayed in that map, do you disagree with? Troll.

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And the US/U.K. haven’t raped Africa for decades? Gaddaffi was killed because he had plans to help Africa as far as I’m aware, I don’t doubt you’re educated as ti what you’re saying, I’m not on your level, I’m no troll, I’m just stating there are no innocent western nations when it comes to raping/pillaging other countries, or indeed causing wars for regime changes… troll my arse eejit m, and Hager help for your angry paranoia.

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why don't people like ruzzia?

It's because of their ongoing wars and enslavement

Yeah but whatabout whatabout whatabout

You're just thick.

I told you why ruzzia is the baddy.

We are the goodies because the west does not have slaves. We have human rights. The things that happened in the past are lessons which we've built upon to improve ourselves. The ruzzians revel in blood and murder and slavery and that's why people hate them. So, fuck off with your whataboutism tankie filth.

Your persecution complex about the new world order is a totally fake lie which you read about online

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And you’re so fkin stupid you can’t read properly what I posted. We’re all fkin enslaved from birth. And then slaves to the wage, happy little working sheeple. ‘I want a nation of workers not thinkers’ as some corrupt fkwit once stated. Read remember repeat, don’t think, that’s dangerous. It was the same with Convid. I’ve told you ‘Mr American hero’ I have no loyalty to any country or political affront as I’m simply a human trying to survive the asylum we call earth. You however seem demented by your love of borders/politics and hatred of Russia. I’ve wasted enough time reading your insulting angry drivel, and respectfully responding, now find a corner somewhere quiet and go fuck yaself with ya star spangled banner. I see you for exactly what you are cupcake. ❤️😘

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I see you have trolls and CIA propagandists here too. (have been over on voat for awhile) That guy must be new, or is actually a Russian out to discredit US regime supporters.

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I don't believe you. You're not fooling me, asshole. Nobody gets to 2023 wondering why the world seems pissed off at ruzzia. You're a troll.

Stick your fake rashist althistory and whatabout nonsense up your Z hole (that's how you guys operate right? )

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I couldn’t give 2 fks what you think/believe, you’re wrong, a paranoid clues fkwit (I respect your education/knowledge on the subject) I wouldn’t know how to troll anyone, nor do I have any reason to dickhead, I have no nationalistic, or political masters, I’m just a fkin human trying to educate myself and survive this asylum we call life. Maybe take a chill pill or have a spliff and a break fella, ya gonna burst a blood vessel 😉

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He is a known troll just ignore him

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If that’s for me thanks, I’m getting that, he’s throwing the troll tag too much, an he’s thinking his anger an insults will put me off, I’m goin nowhere, I’m here to share an learn 👍

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I am chilled just fine, blazed up, touching grass, all the good stuff. But I am able to recognise when a fake troll presents themselves as something totally impossible to the world: someone who made it to 2023 wondering why people think ruzzia is the baddy - who, when reminded about the Ndassima slave mines operated by ruzzia multiple times, still makes posts insisting you're the enslaved victim.

Nobody is as stupid as you present yourself to be. In reality there's no Illuminati and by virtue of your supposed life in the anglosphere, you're one of the most privileged and powerful people on earth. You're not a slave, like what the enemy does, the enemy of us in the free world.

Yet you called yourself that and act dimwitted about the Z and post to s/antiwar

So I know you're a troll. Ïдï на хуй

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You know fk all, I’d suggest you the troll, must be horrible bein controlled to promote ya shite ❤️

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You should throw in some "Christcuckery" and "flat earth" so your act doesn't get too stale.

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His "education/knowledge" is propaganda and bullshit. Ask him about all those Ukrainian videos of them torture murdering ethnic Russians, until they finally had enough.

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Voat could use another troll. The only brain dead libtard over there right now is an Aussie that probably fits the description of a 'wanker'. Your style of CIA propaganda would be a great addition.

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Kick him in the heart, kick him in the head, the only good commie is one that is dead! /s

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More educated shite, I though Twitter was an asylum, fk me this is a special ward of distracted/divided loons.

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It's just a list of big economies