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Cat people are the worst. Why are you wasting time taking care of a useless animal?

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Isn't it awful? I mean pets can't produce a profit for the military or the pharmaceutical industry! They don't make good slaves, either!

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It is not just that they are of no value, it is the fact that people who otherwise have potential to be valuable are wasting thier potential taking care of them. If you add up all the time you spend working to pay for thier upkeep, and all the time you spend shopping for them, fixing the shit they break, cleaning up thier shit. It is insane.

On top of that they carry parasites than can potentially infect you.

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Cats provide low maintenance love and companionship. When my wife goes to sleep first she says "Bed Time" and Gizmo goes scrambling for the bedroom. He likes to lay touching me when I come in, and he'll stay by my side until I wake up. Then I have to feed him breakfast. There's something important to him about me offering him food. Like a little ritual.

Then he likes to go outside, probably to take a satisfying morning dump in my plants. We have play time till he gets tuckered out, and then it's nap time. He often likes to perch on the back of the chair so he can be next to me, or in some place he can keep an eye on me.

He knows his name, comes when called, can do some minor "tricks." Cats aren't necessarily the solitary loners people think they are. I think most people don't read cat's well, they don't adapt to humans as well as dogs. Some of their natural behaviors are downright inconvenient to humans, like clawing things for fun. Biting. I suspect when we make them repress this nature for a lifetime they go a little addled.

What's not awesome about that? And I don't have to walk him and he takes plenty of naps so I don't need to tend to him 24/7.

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You have substituted having kids with a cat. That is pretty sad. And proves my point.

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Not all people can have children.

As for me, I have two children and my wife helped convinced me to get pets for their sake. I think pets are good for children, to add love to the home, and give children something real to do, helping them learn responsibility by keeping the pet alive, giving them experience in caring for someone other than themselves so that they are better prepared to in the future become parents themselves.

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People can have pets and kids, and love them both.

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Sure thing, MITTENS 😶

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I appreciate your comments! It looks like you and your wife both enjoy having a cat, so that's something you have in common and that helps your relationship, too.

My wife played a big part in convincing me to get a cat. Now we have six cats!

Your cat likes to keep contact with you while sleeping in bed. Some of my cats do that, too. And that's actually a benefit to me during cold weather because they help me stay warm, especially on those occasions when my wife wasn't in bed with me.

Yeah, my cats scratch stuff, too. I recently made a scratching post out of free wood and they direct some of their scratching toward that. YouTube video

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My wife played a big part in convincing me to get a cat.

Same here. Although I love animals, I didn't particularly want the responsibility of caring for something, especially something so long lived as a cat. She had us adopt her sister's problem cats, that lasted nearly two decades, and now Gizmo, he's a 2yr old now but we got him as an abandoned kitten, only 4 weeks old and still being bottle fed.

Cool vid, we had a Kiki too. I don't know why I never thought of using actual wood for a scratching post.

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What a cute and fluffy cat!

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wholesome post

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Good post clouds

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What a majestic looking cat

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but not important enough to tell us his name?

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His name is Sugar. (He's sweet.)

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Sugar is a females name, why would u give a male cat a girls name

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Haven't you ever heard a woman say to a man, "What's up, Sugar?" It's a friendly greeting and men should not be offended to be called Sugar. It's like being called Honey. Anyone can be called by a sweet name, especially if they are sweet.

But there is nothing sweet about war and poisonous pharmaceuticals, which is the theme of this thread.

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ya but thats a women calling a man sugar so its ok. it means the women wants you to fuck her.

if a man call you sugar it also means he wants to fuck u and is probably gay.

so a male cannot have an actual name "sugar" because its a females name

you need to change the cats name to like a cool name like spaghetti

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You can have your own opinions, but I am not changing his name, and none of this will matter to you if you are still here when WWIII breaks out in your area. War is serious.

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ww3 will not happen. biden is not in control of the military. the insurrection act of 1807 is in play

you will not be able to pick up any women if they hear you call your cat "sugar" they will most likely think you are a gay bot

you need to get yourself together and change the cats name. i know it might be difficult at first but it has to be done

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ww3 will not happen

The fiery kickoff event will happen at any moment.

you will not be able to pick up any women if they hear you call your cat "sugar"

I'm already married and don't want to commit adultery, so I will continue to call him Sugar.

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    There is a part of mankind that does that and far worse, and these kind of men typically like war and drugs. Those are the men that will gladly take the mark of the beast, because they are more perverted and violent than a domestic house cat, therefore they are called beasts.